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18: Bas Yun Hi - 02

In part 2 of Bas Yun Hi, a series of selected poems, we present two acclaimed poems namely, Kaise Ho Dwarkadhish by Surendra Sharma and Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal by Tanveer Gaazi. Kaise ho Dwarkadhish is a dialogue between Krishna and Radha where Radha explains Krishna's transformation from Kaanha to Dwarkadhish. Tu Khud Ki Khoj Mein Nikal, is an arousing poem where the poet asks women to set off for self-discovery and not letting anyone suppress them.


17: Maa - Taken for Granted

Maa, the most meaningful word in entire universe. Mother is Annapurna, Sankat Mochak and Saraswati. But as we grow up, we start taking her for granted. Busy in our lives, we sometimes unknowingly hurt her. The irony is, she never feels hurt. That's Mother.


16: Bas Yun Hi

This time we bring you a relaxing and heart-warming narration of two beautiful poems. Reason?? Bas Yun Hi Koshish Karne Walon Ki - by Sohan Lal Dwivedi Baith Jaata Hun Mitti Par - By Harivansh Rai Bacchan


15: Jo Na Samjhe Woh Anadi Hain

Air Quality is getting worse everywhere. In India, the festive season of Diwali brings lots of joy but also brings a scary threat of suffocating pollution. Though everyone knows the perils of celebration in form of bursting crackers, people still consider celebration incomplete without them. This pollution is adversely affecting the health of children but even knowing the grave outcomes people are not deferring from the use of crackers. In this episode, we will try to show such people the...


14: StoryTokri - Ramayan Part 3

In last episode of Ramayan, we heard how Raavan abducts Sita and takes her to Lanka; Ram and Lakshman meet Sugriva and ask for help; Hanuman delivers Ram's message to Sita in Ashok Vatika and sets Lanka on fire. In this episode, we will hear how Ram and his monkey army build a bridge over ocean to reach Lanka. Raavan denies to release Sita and accepts war. Kumbhkaran gets killed by Ram. While struggling to defeat Meghnath and almost dying, Lakshman kills Meghnath. Raavan meets his end when...


13: StoryTokri - Ramayan Part II

In last episode, we heard how Kaikeyi asked Dashrath to send Ram to exile for 14 years. In this episode, you will get to know what followed after. Surpanakha instigated Raavan to take revenge on Ram and Lakshman for insulting her. Raavan was too curious to marry Sita after hearing how beautiful she was. He decided to abduct her with Marich's help and succeded in doing so. Raavan takes Sita back to Lanka and Ram-Lakshman set out in her search. They met Hanuman who introduced them to Sugriva,...


12: StoryTokri Ramayan Part-I

Ramayan, the Indian epic about Ram and his journey depicting the victory of good over evil, was originally written in Sanskrit by Valmiki. Considering the importance and value that Ramayan holds in our culture, we decided to narrate the story of Ramayan for kids. In this part, we have covered the early life of Ram and his exile thereafter. All crucial events starting from vishwamitra's request to Dashrath to take Ram with him to kill asuras who disturb the yagnas performed by sages; to Ram's...


11: Ufff Yeh Aaj kal Ke Bacche

Childhood may be defined as the most innocent phase of our lives, where we are free from every kind of worldly idiotic stress. In fact, children are capable of relieving us from that stress. Time has changed, we have changed and so have kids. Every now and then, we compare the kids of successive generations and conclude that technology has spoiled the kids and while doing so, we don't realise that the onus is on Us to make them embrace their innocence. It's time to make amends to the wrongs...


10: Men are from Mars, Women are from Earth

The most fundamental reason behind the differences and problems between men and women is the psychological difference between the two. Author John Gary wrote the bestseller 'Men are from Mars, women are from Venus' explaining this contrast, becoming a classic guide to surviving the opposite sex. In this episode, we present only the facts about daily life conflicts that they go through without daring to touch the psychological reasons. Our detailed yet engaging account of 'Whats and Hows'...


9: Doctor Sahab Ka Safarnama

A famous saying goes - "A Doctor's profession is the only one which works unceasingly to annihilate itself". A Doctor's profession has been considered a very reputed and respected one since ages and a great number of parents in India want their children to be one. But the journey of a medical student is full of struggles and stress that lingers on for a long long time. Their's is a story that must be told. Hear out to know what goes into making a doctor.


8: Mazedaar Rishtedaar

Relatives make our lives liveable. They give a sense of completion to our existence. We share different bonding with each of them which varies from individual to individual but there are some relatives who share more or less common characteristics and that's what makes them interesting. In this episode, we are going to talk about few of them.


7: Phone Phone Everywhere, Not a Single Place to Spare

Jhuki jhuki si nazar, bekarar hai ke nahin Whatsapp ya Fb pe nayi notification hai ke nahin Can you stay away from your phone for one whole day? I think a unanimous answer would be NO. We believe that phones keep us connected with people but this belief is far from reality. Then what is the reality? Give it a listen & you might find the answer.


6: Angrezi Mein Kyun Kehte Hain

Twinkle Twinkle little star English se kyun hai hume itna pyaar? We, Indians, love English more than Hindi or any other regional language. So much so that if we make mistakes in speaking or writing our own native language, it is acceptable but doing so in English is considered a flaw. We associate English with 'class' but is it worth? Let's find out.


5: Rahul Gandhi ke Aloo aur Hamari Santra Bua

Could you ever imagine anyone giving statements that are more hilarious than Rahul Gandhi's? Well, no need to imagine anymore. Here, we present the new sensation in town, SANTRA BUA, who is desi not just by heart but her swag too. And Listeners, do check your shirts and trousers, you might find politics there.


4: Ek Shaurya Gaatha Aisi Bhi

Jai Hind...Jai Hind ki Sena A must-listen story of valour of Indian brave hearts in 1962 Sino-India war. A story every Indian should know.


3: Kaunsa Cut Lena Hai ??

Women are good at everything they do….except memorising directions. What happens when one forgets the right cut and ends up in a difficult yet funny situation? And who ditched her??? Her reliable landmark !!! Take a ride with her. You too will enjoy.


2: Naya Paisa

What will you do if you become the owner of a few crores overnight? Will you invest it or do what most people do; spending without planning? How will you cope with the expectations of the so called ‘high society’? Will you change or bring about the change? Let’s see what happened to some contenders.


1: Paisa Yeh Kaisa

We love money and that's an eternal truth. There is no denying in the fact that possession of money brings a feeling of security and confidence but it also brings stress with it. In this episode, we discuss how life was fun when people had less money or rather less care for money. Lifestyle was simple, so were our needs. How everything has transformed from homes to vehicles, clothes, social engagements and even people. Let us revisit the old lanes and take a feel of the innocence of good old...