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S4 Episode 23 - Chris Harris PCH: Community Protector, Vocalist, Pastor

Chris Harris (PCH) is a self-proclaimed son of the soil within the Bronzeville community, a historic neighborhood near the South Side of Chicago. Decades ago, Bronzeville was the destination for thousands of black southerners migrating North to find better employment, education, and living opportunities. Harris has spent his life living and working alongside the South Side community as they continue to tackle many of the social issues that plague low-income residents, including unemployment....


S3 Episode 13 - Kelsey Timmerman: Author, Activist, Manufacturing Spy

Kelsey Timmerman is the New York Times Bestselling author of Where Am I Wearing? A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People That Make Our Clothes and Where Am I Eating? An Adventure Through the Global Food Economy. His writing has appeared in places such as the Christian Science Monitor and has aired on NPR. Kelsey is also the cofounder of the Facing Project, which seeks to connect people through stories to strengthen community. Kelsey stopped by the global Rule29 headquarters to...


S3 Episode 12 - Karen Sabo: Soccer Star, Youth Trainer, American Ninja Warrior

Justin and Wills hang out with Karen Sabo – a humble midwesterner with a unique hobby: she's an American Ninja Warrior. We learn about how an ASU soccer star went from the field to the Ninja pit, and how she's using her passion to inspire the next generation of Ninjas.


S2 Episode 11 - Josh Higgins: Facebook Creative Director, Punk Rocker, Do Gooder

How many hours do you spend on Facebook per week? Afraid to say? Now imagine you're the person creating the Facebook experience that 1.3 billion people use every day. On this episode of Design Of, we speak with Josh Higgins, one of Facebook's top Creative Directors, and how he went from playing punk rock in San Diego, to designing for the 2012 Obama presidential campaign, to leading creative teams for one of the most prominent brands in the world.


S2 Episode 10 - Von Glitschka: Illustrative Designer, Creative Director, Monster Wrangler

Von Glitschka is principal of Glitschka Studios, a boutique design firm located in the Pacific Northwest. His diverse range of illustrative design has been used by some of the most respected brands in the world. He creatively collaborates with ad agencies, design firms, in-house corporate art departments, and small businesses to produce compelling visual narratives.


S2 Episode 9 - Pete Docter: Pixar Director, Master Storyteller, Kid at Heart

Pete Docter’s imagination is capable of some pretty incredible things. As a director at Pixar Animation Studios, it brought us Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and UP. It makes us wonder, it makes us dream. Justin and Wills travel to California to sit down with Pete and learn about how these films originate in his imagination and end up on the big screen.


S2 Episode 8 - David Gould: Educator, Artist, Las Vegas Dreamer

As the Obermann Public Scholar at the University of Iowa, David Gould helps students plot the course to their dream career and a fulfilling personal life. He previously led a collaboration with Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh in rebuilding the social and economic structure of downtown Las Vegas.


S2 Episode 7 - Father Richard Rohr: Author, Friar, Gentle Revolutionary

Known around the world for his teaching, counsel, and compassion, Friar Richard Rohr, O.F.M. is a Franciscan Priest who has devoted his life to helping people walk the challenging road of self-acceptance and understanding. Justin and Wills traveled to the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM to learn firsthand Richard's take on life, faith, society, and knowing our true selves.


S2 Episode 6 - Mike Erwin: Founder of Team RWB & The Positivity Project

Justin and Wills hang out with Mike Erwin, part military veteran, part nonprofit leader, part Superman.


S2 Episode 5 - Alice Cooper: Rock Legend

Alice Cooper is one of the most recognizable and iconic musicians of all time. As the Godfather of Shock Rock, Alice continues to break new ground in creating an unforgettable show experience for audiences both young and old.


S1 Episode 4 - Justin Narducci: CEO of Lifewater International

The global water crisis is one of the most complex and demoralizing challenges present in our world. Thousands die each day from disease, infections, and dehydration, all easily preventable with adequate safe water and sanitation resources. Justin Narducci and his team at Lifewater International are not content with this reality. On this episode of Design Of, we'll get to hear how one organization is rolling up its sleeves to not only help people get clean water, but transform lives forever.


S1 Episode 3 - Christian Vande Velde: Tour de France Cyclist

Few people know what it's like to pedal up a mountain in France with legs throbbing, heart pounding, and a world championship title on the line. Even fewer know what it's like to stand on the podium alongside one of the most decorated cycling teams in history. Christian Vande Velde is one of those few people. In this exclusive interview, Christian brings us into how his father's cycling legacy paved a way for a new era in American cycling, as well as the unseen challenges and triumphs of...


S1 Episode 2 - Victor Saad: Education Innovator

Victor Saad believes there’s something wrong with conventional higher education. A few years ago, Victor took a leap and wasn’t sure where he would land. He quit his job and set out to learn about how organizations can focus on people and flourish. Now a few years later, Victor leads an experiential learning community called Experience Institute where he helps students create their own higher education with the help of some of the most innovative companies and organizations in the world.


S1 Episode 1 - Ryan O'Neal of Sleeping At Last

Justin and Wills sit down with Ryan O'Neal, the mind behind the successful indie music outfit Sleeping At Last. Ryan fills us in on the inner-workings of his creative process and how he balances well-deserved fame with a growing family.