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Figuring out life on a boat with 3 teenage daughters, a dog, a cat, and a gecko. It's an adventure! Join us as we figure this out, and maybe learn a thing or two with us! www.dropanchorpodcast.com


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Figuring out life on a boat with 3 teenage daughters, a dog, a cat, and a gecko. It's an adventure! Join us as we figure this out, and maybe learn a thing or two with us! www.dropanchorpodcast.com




Ep 58 - Winter is Coming

Whoa. We accidentally went three weeks without a new episode! So sorry! On this one, Kendra talk through some of her concerns about continuing to live on a boat - the impact on the kids, the loss of some old traditions, etc. Is it all worth it?


Ep 57 - One Year In

By the time next episode rolls out, the Culleys will have been on their boat for an entire year. They talk through the ups and downs of boat-life through the first year, and give hints about their next-summer destination. Also, what did Kendra step in?


Ep 56 - First Time for Everything

If you wondered who would be the first in this boat-family to fall into the water, wonder no more. It was Josh. Of COURSE it was Josh! Also, it looks like Josh and Kendra might be trading places in the first-time role-reversal for the household. After weeks of waiting, job-statuses have changed!


Ep 55 - Anchored Out

They did it! The Culleys have finally anchored out, which means that the title of this podcast actually makes sense now! They also talk through their kids' wisdom teeth, an encounter with a porcupine, and... did Josh bury a body in his backyard when he was younger?


Ep 54 - Kidney Stones

On this special episode, Kendra and Josh celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary, Josh's 42nd birthday, and of course, the sudden attack of the kidney stones. What a way to celebrate! Between being at the Island, spending a week in Poulsbo, and encountering a cross wave big enough to clear the counters on the boat, it was quite a week. Sorry for the late episode!


Ep 53 - Stink or Sink

There's only two major concerns you have when you live on a boat. STINKING or SINKING! On this latest episode, Josh and Kendra run against both! Between an overly detailed explanation of the holding tank (thanks, Josh) and a harrowing tale of nearly losing the boat, this episode has it all.


Ep 52 - Going Backwards

Josh and Kendra talk through the impact of Covid19 on their lives. Between school, work, and general boating, almost nothing has gone untouched! Fortunately, they're able to laugh their way through it with boat projects, dreams of blue water, and each other!


Ep 51 - Family Vacations

It's been TWO WEEKS since we last recorded! That's the longest we've gone without an episode, and we have a lot to cover. Family vacation #1: Road trip down to California for Kendra's baby brother's wedding. Family vacation #2: Boat trip up to Poulsbo to celebrate the 4th of July. Great fun, lots of goofs, and a very relaxing time. Don't mind all of the firework sounds booming in the background! Link to the website with photos:...


Ep 50 - Boathouse Break In

There's been a burglary! The Culleys are safe, fortunately, but the neighbor two boathouses up had a rude awakening. Between the newly installed security cameras, the sewing projects, and some new pet-grooming tools, they are ready for anything now. Also, was that a penguin under the boat?! Link to the website with photos: https://www.dropanchorpodcast.com/2020/06/16/episode-50-boathouse-break-in/ ** There was an error in uploading the latest episode, but this has been fixed!


Ep 49 - The Great Escape

The Culleys fled from the heart of downtown Olympia to escape the potential fallout from the protests. Where did they go? To the Island, of course! Stories of crab catching, failed fishing attempts, and... some odd smell in the fridge makes us all wonder: could they really survive out there as pirates? Link to the website with photos: https://www.dropanchorpodcast.com/2020/06/08/episode-49-the-great-escape/


Ep 48 - Memorial Weekend

The Culleys are back at the Island again. With the weather turning nice, this may become a regular weekend getaway! That is, unless Kendra convinces Josh to pilot the boat down to the Bahamas somehow. In the meanwhile, this weekend brought more paddleboarding, some red rock crabs, and some frisbee-throwing on the shore.


Ep 47 - Projects

The Culleys took a break last week to celebrate Mother's Day, but they got one recorded tonight. Between a slight misstep coming into the boathouse, and another shower pump failure, it's been a couple of weeks of boat projects. But also some creative projects: rock painting, boat upgrades, and Josh's weird 3D-scanning project. Maybe he'll scan something interesting and share it!


Ep 46 - Keeping Busy

What's the best way to pass the time? Keeping busy. Kendra has been painting even more, only instead of the boathouse, she's painting nails, painting rocks, and with her newly acquired body-markers (for temporary tattoos), she and the girls have been painting themselves! In the meanwhile, the gang are getting ready for a Mother's Day weekend by heading out to the island. Hopefully, there's no unexpected leaks along the way. Link to the website with photos:...


Ep 45 - Spring Cleaning

Even pirates have to swab the deck! It's spring-time, which means that it's time to make everything pretty again. Kendra takes charge this time, and does a major overhaul of the boathouse. With a fresh coat of paint, and a remodel of the entry way, it's looking a bit more like "home" every day. Not to be outdone, Josh gets in on the action and redesigns his work bench (although you can't really tell the difference!) Link to the website with photos:...


Ep 44 - Pirates

The Culleys are becoming pirates! Well, sort of. They're hanging laundry off their back deck, anyway. After spending a few days out of the boathouse, it was a little challenging to want to go back in. So... they spent a couple of nights out on the marina guest dock and enjoyed the sun.


Ep 43 - Easter

Happy Easter! This one sure was... different. Josh and Kendra talk through how they celebrated this year. The kids have been on spring break, so there's been a lot of Netflix and Disney Plus. Probably too much. Also, anybody else losing track of the days? PARENT ALERT: We mention that the Easter Bunny, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy are all made up. Just a heads up!


Ep 42 - Sunshine

It is officially SPRING BREAK! Of course, during this crazy time, it really doesn't mean much change for the Culley family. However, it sure was nice to have the sun shining so brightly! On this episode, the Josh and Kendra talk through their limited power supply, failed science experiments, and cold showers. YouTube link to the video we posted this week: https://youtu.be/S4OjR2Id2zE


Ep 41 - You Stink

When both of the showers on the boat start to leak, there's bound to be a problem. A stinky problem. The Culleys talk through making those repairs, stocking up on more food, and figuring out how to manage their time while maintaining social distance.


Ep 40 - Stay Home

As the novel coronavirus outbreak gets worse, the Culleys are staying at home on the boat a lot more. Well, except that they need to pick up a propane tank. And a wash-down pump. And a banjo? They also talk a little bit about how people are coping with the stress. Special Feature: YouTube video alert! https://youtu.be/FRS3lKQbbEE Laundry has never been so exciting.


Ep 39 - Quarantine: Day 1

In Washington state, schools, businesses, gyms, etc., are all closed due to the containment measures for the coronavirus. So how do the Culleys deal with this on a boat? Is there enough Spam? Or toilet paper? Also, is Kendra going to have homeschool flashbacks?