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A comedic podcast that mostly talks music and the songs that served as the soundtrack of our lives. We get into the lyrics and history of all varied types of artists. Copyright ©All Rights Reserved. These recordings or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the artist.


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A comedic podcast that mostly talks music and the songs that served as the soundtrack of our lives. We get into the lyrics and history of all varied types of artists. Copyright ©All Rights Reserved. These recordings or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the artist.




Episode 60: Gilligan's Island Trivia

On this episode we discuss the show Gilligan's Island and try to figure out why the Professor couldn't fix the boat but he could charge the radio's batteries with coconut milk! --- Send in a voice message:


Lt. John C. Martin: Please Say and Remember His Name...

Yesterday I attended several Memorial Day services. I talk to people, pay my respects to those who have died while serving in the United States Military, and always leave there feeling a sense of enormous gratitude to those who sacrificed their lives for us. I met a man, Bill Martin, who shared a memory of his brother, Lt. John C. Martin, and his story served as a reminder to me that sometimes people get lost and forgotten in time and it is up to us to help them live on by keeping their memories and names alive within us... --- Send in a voice message:


Reporting Live From the Cemetery!

Today I’m visiting family and friends at the cemetery. Take a walk with me as I introduce you to some family and friends, talk about some great memories of them, and in that way, gain a greater appreciation for the blessing in my life, the honor of knowing them, and by sharing those memories with you I get to keep them alive in our hearts and minds! Have a fantastic day and get motivated! Get out there and live your life!!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻 #motivation #motivationalpodcast #mindfulpodcast #personaljournal #personaljournalpodcast #mindfulness #inspire #inspiration #inspirationalpodcast #liveyourlife #liveyourbestlife --- Send in a voice message:


Achieving Success: Singer Tyreese Kadle

Today in our continuation of our ‘Achieving Success’ series we talk to singer Tyreese Kadle about achieving success as he shares his passion of singing, the journey he’s been on, and his career goals. --- Send in a voice message:


Episode 59: Achieving Success in Life

On this episode we talk about the meaning of success, what it means to me and possibly you, then we break down the reasons some folks reach their goals and why some simply settle for what they deem as success. Also... the song 'The Desk' is at the end. #love #passion #desire #Success #Mindfulness #Committment #Drive #Fire #Empathy #Understanding #Kindness #AchievingGoals #Objectives #Reachinggoals #Life #Lifecoaching #Lifecoach #Settinggoals #Successissubjective #findingsubjects --- Send in a voice message:


Episode 58: Beatles Trivia, Random Music Factoids

On this episode we talk some music news, factoids, trivia, we get into some Beatles trivia and then play the music from everyone we talked about. Correction: I incorrectly suggest on this episode that Duane Allman died in a collision with a 'Peach' truck as the album artwork suggests...however, a guess might be that it was taken from a poem by T.S. Eliot, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," which includes the following lines: 'Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach? I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach. I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each,' which he quoted in an interview. For your FREE Spotify version of this episode, to hear the music we talk about...please visit, set up your free account, subscribe and follow us there...did I mention it's all FREE??? #AllmanBrothers #ElvisPresley #TheBeatles #TheTramps #HeyJude #Followthesun #ChrisCornell --- Send in a voice message:


Episode 57: The Wheel of Misfortune (No Music)

This episode we get right into 'Name the Lyrics' and then we add the infamous 'Wheel of Misfortune' as punishment to one of our losing contestants. To hear the songs we discuss please sign up and follow us on its FREE!!! --- Send in a voice message:


Episode 56: The Terrence (Terry) Bowers Murder

On April 26, 1970, 11-year-old Terrence (Terry) Bowers, Jr. was killed in his sleeping bag while out on a camping trip with his fellow boy scouts, Troop 275 from Darby, Pennsylvania's Blessed Virgin Mary Church (BVM). To this day, no suspects have been confirmed in this case as it remains open for investigation. For over 53 years this family has been praying for answers. John (Bink) is a co-host here at Finding Subjects Podcast, Terry is his oldest brother. John decided to share his story with us in the hope we can help regenerate traction into the investigation of this case and hopefully reveal solid leads that might have slipped through the cracks over the years. We also briefly discuss the recent death of 15-year-old, Michael Garr from Drexel Hill, Pa, to encourage all of our listeners here in Delaware County, Pa (DELCO) to please come forward if you heard anything or possibly saw anything that may seem insignificant to you but could be a vital piece of evidence in solving either one of these tragic cases. We encourage you to share this episode with your friends here in Delaware County, Pennsylvania to help us bring peace and closure to both of these families. Thank you in advance for listening and sharing this episode. Respectfully, Bink, Bob, and Tony Finding Subjects Podcast #TerryBowers #TerrenceBowers #TerryBowersMurder #ScoutMurder #BoyscoutMurder #TrueCrime #TrueCrimePodcast #UnsolvedMurders #PennsylvaniaUnsolvedMurders #PennsylvaniaStatePolice #PACrimeStoppers #Delco #DelcoUnsolvedCrimes #UnsolvedCrimes --- Send in a voice message:


Talking to Dead Musicians (Non-Music Episode)

On this episode we talk about what it's like being a musician and I try to express the passion that flows through our veins when playing in front of a live audience. And yeah, we also talk about talking to dead people! Ha #TheRealMe #TheWho #TheDunwells #SpaceVan #MoonlightZoo #MonaBona #AlienAnomaly #StevenMcDonald #VosRough #BurnoutWreck #TheBigDay #JamestownSaints #CassyLockhart #ScottishBands #TheLaDiDas #GerrySonandtheSmokingGun #JohnEntwissel #Spirituality #Prayer #Mindfulness #Grateful #Music #Musicislife #Musicissoul #musicPodcast #MusicPodcasts #FindingSubjectsPodcast --- Send in a voice message:


Bonus Episode: Taking Better Care of Yourself

On this episode we briefly discuss the importance of taking better care of ourselves. From getting proper sleep, to eating whole foods and laughing more, it's extremely important to incorporate health screenings as well to be vigilant for potential risk factors to your health. --- Send in a voice message:


Bonus Episode: Get Busy Taking Care of Yourself!

On this quick but important episode, we talk about the importance of taking care of ourselves by way of preventive medical testing, getting adequate rest, eating properly, laughing, destressing, exercising, and properly managing our time. --- Send in a voice message:


Are You Above Average? (Non-Music Version)

Warning: We talk about Adult Subjects on this episode. *To hear the music we talk about on this podcast please sign up for your FREE Spotify account at SPOTIFY.COM* On this episode we talk about belly buttons, spy balloons disguised as pinatas, Nuns with eyes in the back of their heads, taking a beating in Karate class, proper toilet paper etiquette, and then we discuss men's health concerns, specifically one of the top three concerns men have being the size of know...and how it is being incorrectly depicted in modern art and thereby giving the wrong impression of what 'average' actually is! #SpaceVan #TheWhispers #TheBeachBoys #ACDC #TheStrayCats #ToadTheWetSprocket #TheEagles #TheBeatles #GlenFry #TheDunwells #ScottishMusic #Scottishrock #ScottishBands --- Send in a voice message:


That First Cigarette, Drinking in the Woods of Delco, Strong Women, Delco Movie Locations, Friends Nicknames, Good Tasting Apples, Migrant Workers, Wrestling with Women, Name the Lyrics...

On this episode we talk about taking a puff of your first cigarette, drinking in the woods of Delco, great tasting apples, migrant workers, Delco movie shoot locations, strong women and wrestling with them, strong women in life, and then we play guess the lyrics... *For the best listening experience for Finding Subjects Podcast, please open your FREE account at so you can follow us there and hear the songs/music we talk about each episode. It's FREE!!!* --- Send in a voice message:


Pepsi, Where's My Jet? (NO MUSIC VERSION)

*For the best listening experience, please follow and listen on to hear the music we speak about!* Recording from Tony's Dungeon, we talk about the Netflix movie, 'Pepsi, Where's My Jet?' and the movie 'Melvin and Howard', we then talk about curing Hysteria and the Vapors, then we play guess the lyrics. #PepsiWheresMyJet #NetflixMovie #TheVapors #TurningJapanese #SlyandtheFamilyStone #TheCarpenters #TonyOrlando #KnockThreeTimes #MotttheHoople #AlltheyoungDudes #TheWho #5:15 #Styx #BlueCollarMan #DionWarwick #Heartbreaker #Squeeze #Wendy --- Send in a voice message:


Sleep With Me: Thirty Minutes of Reading to Help You Get to Sleep

A show where I read old newspaper stories and articles to help you fall asleep. Yes, this is actually a thing on the internet where people listen to someone reading stories to help them fall asleep. I've been told my voice is soothing and helps people fall asleep. Recently I was asked to read something to help someone get to sleep. Here it is! So, sleep with me and try it out for yourself! #ASMR #Sleeppodcast #Bedtimestories #SleepStories #ASMRvoice #RelaxingPodcast #Relaxingvoice #soothingvoice #Sleephelp #HelpMeSleep --- Send in a voice message:


Peace, Love, and Respect To All

Just a quickie about taking time for yourself, disconnecting to connect, and appreciating your life. --- Send in a voice message:


Eight Quick Minutes to De-Stress Yourself

On this episode I talk briefly about how important it is to be able to laugh at yourself and joke around. Stress is a very large killer and disease creator in our lives which makes laughter that much more important. So please join me for eight quick minutes as we write a song together, you sing along with your own words, and we eliminate the stress in our lives and laugh together! If you like this, please share it!!! Thank you very much! Bink, Bob, and Tony Episode will air this coming...


Get your 'Laughter Meditation' on!

We do some laughter meditation today to get you ready for your weekend! You are highly encouraged to participate! Hilarious! #Laughtermeditation #Comedy #Laughter #Laughteristhebestmedicine #Laughaboutit #Laugh --- Send in a voice message:


Ghost in the Machine

Episode 52. On this episode we play 'Guess the Lyrics' and then get interrupted by a strange sound we then play back for you. Ghost? Your guess is as good as ours. Enjoy! *For the best listening experience for this episode please go to and sign up for your FREE account to hear some of the songs we talk about and then play!* --- Send in a voice message:


Episode 51: Addiction, Sobriety, Self-Worth, and Acceptance

On this episode our special guest, Ed, talks with us about his lifetime of dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, self-worth, and finally sobriety. #Sobriety #Addiction #DrugAddiction #Alcoholism #Self-worth #Sober #Drugabuse #Acceptance #Beinggoodenough --- Send in a voice message: