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GenX Stories is a podcast about how the so-called “Lost Generation” found itself at midlife. Join hosts Eve, Lori, Chris & Courtney every other Wednesday for a fun and frank discussion about what made us and what’s next. We all have a GenX story. What’s yours?

GenX Stories is a podcast about how the so-called “Lost Generation” found itself at midlife. Join hosts Eve, Lori, Chris & Courtney every other Wednesday for a fun and frank discussion about what made us and what’s next. We all have a GenX story. What’s yours?


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GenX Stories is a podcast about how the so-called “Lost Generation” found itself at midlife. Join hosts Eve, Lori, Chris & Courtney every other Wednesday for a fun and frank discussion about what made us and what’s next. We all have a GenX story. What’s yours?




So that happened

We have something embarrassing to admit - we got our publish dates a little off. While we have a kick ass Halloween episode ready to go, we're actually going to publish it next week (because, ya know, Halloween) which left today's scheduled episode sorta up in the air. But have no fear because now you get to be a fly on the wall for this special BONUS ep - a little glimpse into our we're planning session for the rest of season three! We're keeping this short and sweet both because we want...


What it's like for a (GenX) girl

Is this episode a PJ party or just good old fashioned girl talk? What’s for sure is that the ladies of the podcast (Chris was traveling) chat openly and honestly about feminism & what it’s like to be a GenX woman. Between growing up with Gloria Steinam's influence on our mothers, watching Katie in The Way We Were, "Leaning In" w/Sheryl Sandberg at work and stressing out with Ada Calhoun at midlife, we share our expectations, experiences and how we're feeling about everything right now. If...


Wait, What? Our favorite misheard song lyrics

Singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs is awesome, but did you always get the lyrics right? (Especially before you could look them up online). In this episode, the GenX Stories podcast gang finds out what a Mondegeen is, what a Raspberry Beret is not and which songs we embarrassingly just learned the right lyrics to. Plus laugh your ass off at the best misheard lyrics our Facebook group members shared at a recent happy hour. Episode links Facebook group for misheard song...


Love, GenX Style: Let's Get it On

"Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today”. Thanks to the Princess Bride, we all had a vision of "tru wuv” when we were growing up, but was it the fairy tale in reality? This week the gang gets way personal (with the help of our outspoken Facebook happy hour crew) and digs deep into the truth about love, marriage, divorce, long distance relationships and SO much more. Get ready to face what's next in the second half of life with us, the snarky bridesmaids/man you never knew you needed. Episode...


We Can't Drive 55

It's the podcast gang's 1 year anniversary and we're celebrating! Between drivers ed, first cars, stick shifts, speed traps and sex in the back seat - you'll drive yourself nuts for missing this one. Catch a ride with Eve, Chris & Courtney (Lori was traveling but sent notes!) as we remember when we had the wind in our hair, slid across bench seats and cruised around with our best friends, blasting 80s tunes out of the sunroof. There’s even a surprise appearance at the end of the show, plus a...


We Will Rock You: Our Fave Concerts

The gang is back this week to talk all about our first concerts, missed musical opportunities and flat out not remembering the biggest show of our lifetime, LiveAid (Guess who that was?). We even have a surprise guest with the best concert story ever (and a magic microphone). Lean hard into that contact high and listen to this crazy episode on repeat. We won’t tell. Episode links The 50 Greatest Concerts of the Last 50 YearsMusical acts from the 80s who are still playing todaySting solo...


The Agony of Defeat: GenX & Sports

Remember playing sports as a kid, with terrible equipment, unexplainable injuries and fields littered with gopher holes? We definitely do! Cheer us on from the sidelines as Eve, Chris, Courtney and Lori share both our athletic triumphs and defeats along with memorable sporting events and mishaps (Nancy Kerrigan anyone?). Plus thoughts on 2020/2021 Olympic brouhaha, obsolete sports we’d like to see again (can you say Skijoring?) and so much more. Grab one of those useless helmets and drive...


But it’s totally true. Right?

You know the story - something happened to your best friend's 3rd cousin and OMG it’s sooo true. And yet. On today’s episode, the GenX Stories gang starts season 3 digging into all our favorite urban myths. Where did they come from? How did we find out ? And why did we believe them? From Mikey dying from mixing pop rocks and Coke, to gerbil adventures, to UFO’s & Nessie, and even the birth of fake news, we’re on it. But just in case, have that Ouija board handy, cuz you never...


Our Afterschool Special (with snacks)

New episodes may be on mini-hiatus til season 3 drops on July 14, but today’s bonus episode is full of goodies that will make even the most sarcastic GenXer smirk. Hear how GenX is taking over TikTok (oh hello @whiteyy18!) get a sneak peek of an upcoming episode and be a fly on the wall for some never before heard podcast outtakes. As if that weren't enough, you’re gonna love what our Facebook community had to say during a particularly wild zoom happy hour. So, see you on the other side....


If you build it, they will listen

Wanna go behind the scenes with the GenX Stories gang? As we wrap up season 2, we share what surprised us about this crazy podcast process, things we’re excited about in Season 3 and what members of our Facebook community really think about it all. And Tom Hanks - call us? Connect with us Subscribe to GenX Stories in your favorite podcast app Write us a review Visit our site Join our Facebook Group Follow our 80’s inspired Instagram Send us an email


Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Remember the summer vacations of your youth? Have no fear - we do! This week the GenX Stories gang reminisces about our first experiences traveling with family, to the adventures we had as young adults up until our recent and upcoming travel plans. If you've always wanted to know what it's like to party on a private yacht, travel while living abroad, see Pink Floyd’s The Wall concert at the Berlin wall, or even why the Four Corners monument is in the wrong place, you won’t be...


Prom, Pranks & Graduation (Oh My)

As 2021’s high school class approaches their end of year events, you know the GenX Stories gang had to relive our own. But here’s the big question: who loved these rites of passage from the 80’s and who was all “whatever” about them? We neither confirm or deny that these last days of senior year were filled with epic pranks, ditching class, bad silver tux rentals and graduation controversies. You’ll just have to get out that puffy shouldered prom dress out and hear what really...


Games GenXers Play

Between Legos, Superballs, Lite Brite, Spirograph, video games, Lori's Barbies, and David Mamet’s Tetris high score on Eve’s computer, it’s pretty clear that the gang had no shortage of fun things to occupy our time as kids. Unless you’re Chris, who would turn all of his toys into something new (i.e break them) when he got bored. Get ready to solve your Rubik's Cube like Courtney while you hear all about the games & toys we loved back then, which ones are still around today, and how we are...


Epic Movie Soundtracks

This week the gang waxes nostalgic about the movie soundtracks that scored our youth. And our midlife. And everything in-between. Tune in to hear why we think soundtracks can make (or break) a movie, the unvarnished truth about overplayed songs (hint: Titanic), what it takes to get picked for a Bond film intro, and how movies are our “gateway drug” for discovering great music. Oh, and CHOMPERS. (Wait, what?). Are you ready to drop the needle? Episode links 80’s soundtracksBest...


Cancel This: GenX to The Rescue?

Irony is rich as the podcast gang takes on GenX being summoned into the latest cancel culture kerfuffle. Seriously - have they met us? From the PC battles of our youth with Tipper Gore and PMRC to the recent “cancellations” of Mr. Potato Head, Dr Seuss and Pepe Le Pew, we have a ton of opinions. For even more GenX perspective, we’ve added some wayyyyy unfiltered thoughts from our FB group community. Thanks to Nikita, Spam, Alan, Allison, Krystee, Trish, Carrie, Christine & Rob for a...


As Seen on TV: The Price of Nostalgia

Between Ginsu knives, the Pepsi challenge, Life Cereal and even the 1984 Apple ad that played only once, GenX has been marketed to our whole lives. Since we’re not captive audiences anymore, has anything changed now that we're in our 50s? Or has our nostalgia become our kryptonite? The GenX Stories gang definitely has opinions (and memories). Hear stories like Lori’s brush with Grow Up Skipper, the COVID Alaska Air ad Courtney hates, Chris’s real use for his Evil Knievel toy and how AARP...


Ride or Die: GenX Friendships

This week the GenX Stories gang is talking about all our friendships. The ride or dies, the ones who hide the bodies for us, the ones we'd bail out of jail with no questions, our “outer ring” acquaintances and even social media pals. Listen in as Eve, Courtney, Lori and Chris dig into burning questions like: Are we finding our friendships more or less important during the pandemic? How DO you break up with a friend? Has politics affected friendships? What about all those "Pluto" friends?...


Harry or Sally: Who was right?

This Valentines week on GenX Stories, we ask the ultimate question from When Harry Met Sally: can men and women be friends or does sex always get in the way? Join the gang plus special guest Nikita to hear the secrets of our male/female relationships including missing all the signals, friendzoning, crossing the line, the fear of rejection, communication vs timing and picking Blaine over Duckie. Between two men and three women, you know these GenXers have opinions! Listen to find out who we...


Our Must-See TV

Saturday night appointment TV, Donny and Marie, raw eggs, talking cars and VCR’s - what do all of these things have in common? Join the crew as we discuss our favorite TV memories growing up, embarrassing on-screen things that may have flown over our heads, why Dick Clark wouldn't give anyone a full donut and what shows we're binge watching these days. GenX totally created Must-See TV back in the day so don't even think of missing this episode! Episode links Classic 80’s TV showsForgotten...


Well, That's Funny

Late night TV, stand up, SNL & other shows - what made you laugh when you grew up? Join the crew as we dig into our trademark GenX snark, hiding our feelings through sarcasm, wondering if anything can be funny, the truth about honey cake and if The West Wing has a laugh track. (Wait, what?) Episode links 80’s SNL was the best SNLThe Irony Generation What do we find funny?Things that make GenX laughGenX MemesTop 28 Dennis Miller Monday Night Football JokesCarol Burnett Dentist episode2nd...