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GenX Stories is a podcast about how the so-called “Lost Generation” found itself at midlife. Join hosts Eve, Lori, Chris & Courtney every other Wednesday for a fun and frank discussion about what made us and what’s next. We all have a GenX story. What’s yours?

GenX Stories is a podcast about how the so-called “Lost Generation” found itself at midlife. Join hosts Eve, Lori, Chris & Courtney every other Wednesday for a fun and frank discussion about what made us and what’s next. We all have a GenX story. What’s yours?


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GenX Stories is a podcast about how the so-called “Lost Generation” found itself at midlife. Join hosts Eve, Lori, Chris & Courtney every other Wednesday for a fun and frank discussion about what made us and what’s next. We all have a GenX story. What’s yours?




Well, That's Funny

Late night TV, stand up, SNL & other shows - what made you laugh when you grew up? Join the crew as we dig into our trademark GenX snark, hiding our feelings through sarcasm, wondering if anything can be funny, the truth about honey cake and if The West Wing has a laugh track. (Wait, what?) Episode links 80’s SNL was the best SNLThe Irony Generation What do we find funny?Things that make GenX laughGenX MemesTop 28 Dennis Miller Monday Night Football JokesCarol Burnett Dentist episode2nd...


Happy holidays, ya filthy animal

To close out 2020, we get the band back together! In this nutty episode, the whole GenX Stories gang share our favorite holiday stories including Jewish girls that believe in Santa, the myth of the Hanukah bush, drinking port on New Years Eve, decorating fluffy trees and the truth about parades. As always, this episode is a kick-ass mix of killer convo topped off by Courtney’s perfect “bon mot” plus we share what single inspirational word we would each choose for 2021 instead of making...


Like, Totally

So, like, do you remember all those rad 80’s words we like, used to use? Even better - do you still use ‘em? Hang out with the GenX Stories gang (including our special guest co-host, Nikita) as we dig deep into the catchphrases of our time. If you've ever rolled your eyes and exhaled “whatever", took a chill pill or dropped a Dude or two in daily use, you won’t want to miss this one. Cuz it’s totally bitchin’. Episode links Words80's Slang80's slangWhere's The Beef?Fuckin' A,Big...


Blue Jean Babies & a Madonna Wannabe

One thing is for sure - 80’s fashion will always be in our blood (even if one of us was barred from wearing denim as a kid). With Chris away this week, Eve, Courtney and Lori talk about our look when we were growing up and how our style has evolved over the years. From Vanderbilt jeans and popped collars, to legwarmers and docs to Zoom fashion and going gray in style, you won’t want to miss this neon-colored chat. Episode Links 80s fashion trends5 Trends That Gen-X Got Totally Right (And 1...


Fooooood Fiiiiiiggghhhttt

Not sure what to expect this holiday season? According to our gang, pie is a must, kale belongs in the garbage and bathtub carp is a thing. Head down a tasty rabbit hole with us for this fun chat about the mashies vs stuffing debate, holiday tamales, matzo ball sinkers and the unexpected lure of Icelandic fish. It's time for a good old fashioned food fight. Happy Thanksgiving! Episode Links & Recipes holiday piesCreamed beef on toast with KaleCranberry sauceeating Icelandic fermented...


This is your brain on tech. Dammit.

If you don’t think our generation uses MacGyver as a verb, the GenX Stories gang will prove you wrong. How? Because we (ironically) recorded this technology themed episode using Eve’s plan D, Mercury retrograde headphone mic. No, we’re not kidding. From the truth about old school TV clickers, to long telephone cord strategies, to why we absolutely refuse to use TikTok now (even though we love Steve Nicks), this funny chat about the innovations that made us will take you wayyyy back. Or at...


I Want Candy

Boo! It’s a Monster Mash of spooky subjects on this week’s special Halloween episode of GenX Stories. The gang dives right in with haunted houses, fuzzy blue dog costumes and of course, candy corn! If that’s not creepy enough, check out the bite size versus full size candy debate, hear stories of shooting 8 lb pumpkins down 53rd street (and over to NJ), and get our grown-up take on 2020’s scary impact on Halloween. Oh and for those wondering if passing out candy is still an option this...


Bad Boys & Mother Crushes

We’ll go ahead and say it - this celebrity crushes episode may be the funniest we’ve ever produced. But prepare yourself: Courtney was ON FIRE. This week, we admit to our youthful celebrity obsessions (Jake - call me!), pre and post pubescent infatuations, and even name a few of our current hall passes. Along the way, there are bad boys, adorkable girls, Mary Tyler Moore (wait, what?) historical hotties, and finding out how to actually pronounce Elwes. There may even be a political passion...


Who Are You?

“What's wrong with you?” Who else heard that growing up? This week the gang discusses our hopes and dreams for who or what we would become, how our parents reacted to leaving stable jobs (or not entering into them at all), ways we navigated career expectations, and what really happened. From dreams of writing for the NY Times and being the first woman president, to following your heart from the beginning, each of us shares the non traditional path we took to get to where we are today. So...


BONUS: What RBG Means to GenX

Today’s show was recorded on September 20th, just 2 days after the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The original plan was just add a few minutes to our previously recorded Rocking the Vote episode, but not with this gang. We had such a great chat about RBG that deserved its very own episode. Hear about what she meant to us as GenXers, her legacy moving forward, plus a few fun little stories. Want to know why RBG fell asleep during the state of the union or why she learned Swedish? Ya gotta...


Rocking Our Vote

In this episode we dive deep into our first voting experience, our next one and everything in between. Having taped this initial episode several weeks before RBG passed, we also recorded a new intro to touch on how her loss changes everything (plus look for a special bonus off-cycle episode all about RBG next week!) For this group of podcasters, it’s clear that our politics have not changed but our passion has grown deeper. (plus doesn’t it kick ass to get that damn sticker?). This week, we...


Zen & The Art of The Mixtape

In this episode we delve into the art of the mixtape and its cultural place in our lives. Co-host Courtney may have gone a little overboard with, “the mixtape were musical vignettes to tell the stories of our lives”, but okay Court! We’re rolling with it. As for the rest of us, Eve, Lori and Chris saw the mixtape as a magical way to express our musical stylings back in the day, whether we were making the tape for ourselves or for that special someone. Take a journey with us as we remember...



You’re not hearing or seeing things - we changed things up a bit for season 2 of GenX Stories. Every Wednesday, Eve is going to have fun & frank conversations about everything GenX with a brand new gang of kick-ass co-hosts - Lori Luna, Chris Goumas and Courtney Spikes. In this episode we dig into what being GenX means to each of us knowing how pivotal the 80’s were for music, fashion, crisis and more. We'll also discuss our generation’s creativity & innovation, Halloween candy pillowcase...


GenX Stories - Season Two Trailer

GenX Stories is a podcast about how the so-called “Lost Generation” found itself at midlife. Join hosts Eve, Lori, Chris & Courtney every other Wednesday for a fun and frank discussion about what made us and what’s next. We all have a GenX story. What’s yours? Connect with us SubscribeVisitJoinFollowShareemail


BONUS: Weed & Wine

On today’s bonus episode, we’re talking all about weed and wine. We chatted with Elana Frankel of Indigo and Haze about being a cannabis entrepreneur, the evolution of cannabis for health and wellness, and cannabis and GenX. Plus, we discuss our own experiences with cannabis and wine -- then and now. A bit of news....Sacha will be stepping back as the regular co-host of the GenX Stories podcast in order to focus on her business and writing, BUT stay tuned for a set of new co-hosts in season...


Reality Bites: Movies That Made Us

Grab some popcorn and a wine cooler--we’re going to the movies! On the final episode of our first season, we discuss growing up on Star Wars, E.T, and Sixteen Candles in the 80s and then having our lives reflected back to us in 90s indie hits like Slacker, Reality Bites, and Singles. Plus, we sit down with film producer Josh Goldsmith who co-wrote 13 Going on 30 (along with his wife and writing partner Cathy Yuspa) to talk about the inspiration behind the movie, the movies he loved growing...


Come As You Are: GenX, music and memories

Music makes the world go round, even in a quarantine. In the second to last episode of the season, we throw back to the music of the 80s and 90s and talk about the music that made us who we are today. From teenage heart throbs and pop music icons to grunge, rock, punk, hip-hop, and alternative--we’ve got all the bases covered. Plus, we chat with Colleen Wright, a founding member of Gonzo’s Nose about her musical influences, what it was like to be a lead singer in a popular 90s cover band,...


Who's Zooming Who?

Dating during a pandemic. Is it even possible? And, are there any good things about meeting a potential suitor via Zoom? We sat down with Matchmaker Extraordinaire Laurie Berzack to discuss what’s has happened with dating and matchmaking since we all went into self isolation. And earlier this year, we also chatted with our good friend Mollie Mulvanity about her dating life as a GenXer. A lot has changed since this interview but some things have stayed the same, like managing expectations,...


Mad World - Pandemic living part 3

It’s been just over a month since most of us went into self-isolation. How is GenX doing under these remarkable circumstances? Is the resilience that served us well over the years enough to get us through this insane situation? Are introverts managing better than extroverts? We checked in with some of our friends during a GenX Zoom happy hour and discussed how hobbies like collecting Star Wars Storm Troopers and dressing up in costume are keeping some of us sane. Plus, we delve into our...


Don't Stand So Close to Me - Pandemic living part 2

The coronavirus crisis rages on, forcing us to shelter in place and socially isolate. The very fabric of our lives has been shredded like an old punk rock t-shirt. But we persist. In today’s special episode, we discuss what it’s like when everything is cancelled, how to give back and support our communities during the pandemic, and how GenXers are coping in sickness and in health. Plus, we share outtakes from our recent virtual GenX Stories happy hour including we're dealing with rebellious...