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This show is for multicultural couples who are planning to blend their life together! Mixed weddings and supporting diversity, that’s what the ‘Getting Married Multiculturally’ Podcast is all about! Being in a multicultural relationship means we get to live life with so many diverse experiences! We learn new languages, survive long distances, become traveling experts, and get to enjoy a variety of food, music, and traditions. We call another culture our family, we raise global children, and we become socially open minded. Your host, Edit, is Hungarian. She was born in Serbia, studied in Italy, and now living in the States with her American husband and two daughters. On this Podcast she is sharing some inspirational mixed-couple stories to support and encourage you along this exciting journey. Edit is a wedding photographer with a passion for documenting multicultural stories, and she is also bringing you wedding experts to talk more about blended wedding ideas and tips.


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This show is for multicultural couples who are planning to blend their life together! Mixed weddings and supporting diversity, that’s what the ‘Getting Married Multiculturally’ Podcast is all about! Being in a multicultural relationship means we get to live life with so many diverse experiences! We learn new languages, survive long distances, become traveling experts, and get to enjoy a variety of food, music, and traditions. We call another culture our family, we raise global children, and we become socially open minded. Your host, Edit, is Hungarian. She was born in Serbia, studied in Italy, and now living in the States with her American husband and two daughters. On this Podcast she is sharing some inspirational mixed-couple stories to support and encourage you along this exciting journey. Edit is a wedding photographer with a passion for documenting multicultural stories, and she is also bringing you wedding experts to talk more about blended wedding ideas and tips.




063: Blended Indian-American Wedding with Mahesh and Charis Naidu

Charis and Manesh shared their love for each other’s culture and how they managed to embrace both. They talked about how they were able to enjoy both wedding traditions while adding a little personal touch to it. Connect with Mahesh and Charis Naidu: YouTube: I Am Naidu Instagram: @i_am_naidu_007 Facebook: iamnaidu007 Blog: Wanderlust Naidu Tiktok: @i_am_naidu *** Show Notes: Podcast website: GMM Community: Instagram: Tiktok:


062: Long Distance Relationships and Moving in Together as an Interracial Couple with Chery and Nathan

We have a ton to talk about in today's episode. From long distance relationships, to moving in together in a foreign country. My very first interracial couple, Chery and Nathan share their experience about learning each others languages, habits, cultural differences, and how important it is to have the same goals in life. “We get looks sometimes, but as I always say - it’s because we are good looking!” - @cheryandnathan Connect with Chery and Nathan: Website: Blog: Instagram: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: *** Show Notes: Podcast website: GMM Community: Instagram: @editvasadi Grab Ten LDR Wallpaper Quotes:


061: Talking about racism as a white European women living in America

Today is Juneteenth. The day when African Americans celebrate their freedom in the United States! Commemoration of the ending of slavery in this country. And here we are more than 150 years later still fighting against racism! As protesters begin marching in the streets, people all over the world are starting to speak up against racism. In this episode I’m sharing my thoughts and feelings with you. I’m a white European woman, living in American for 12 years. Yes, I do have white privilege. But I also carry pain for being judged for who and what I am. African Americans, Black people all over the world! I’m here listening to your struggles. I feel hope for you! You are welcomed to this podcast to share your story, to speak up, and to educate others. My promise is to share and feature even more African Americans and interracial couples during this difficult time. I continue being open minded to understand you better. *** Apply here to be my guest: Join our community: Getting Married Multiculturally Community DM me on Instagram: @editvasadi


060: How to Plan Your Wedding in the Middle of the Coronavirus with Michelle Isabel

A great conversation with California based cross-cultural wedding planner, Michelle. We talk all about how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting multicultural couples who want to get married. And more importantly what do they need to look for after the Coronavirus restrictions are over and weddings are allowed. Show Notes: *** Connect with Michelle: Website: Instagram: Blog: Blog posts mentioned: *** Podcast website: GMM Community: Instagram:


059: Getting Married at Home During the Global Pandemic with Nadia from Lebanon

Nadia, from Kuwait, wanted to have the perfect wedding with her Lebanese partner in beautiful Italy. But their dreams fell apart as the Coronavirus came about, so they decided to get married at home. *** Connect with Nadia: Instagram: Loyac Lebanon: *** Share your Quarantine Wedding Story with us: *** Show Notes: GMM Community: GMM Website: Instagram:


058: Quarantine Wedding During the Coronavirus Outbreak with Anastasija and Josh

Anastasija and Josh were supposed to get married in Vancouver on April 3rd in front of 135 guests. But after restrictions were put on the city, and considering their loved ones safety, they decided to cancel the wedding and have an intimate ceremony in his parents living room. Only their immediate family was allowed in the house, but little did they know, there was a huge surprise waiting for them outside. *** Connect with Anastasija and Josh: Anastasija’s Facebook: John's Facebook: Anastasija’s Instagram: Josh’s Instagram: *** Did you have a Quarantine Wedding? Share your story with us: *** Show Notes: GMM Community: Instagram:


057: Coming Out While Planning an American-Indian Wedding with Aveena and Alissa

*Intro about my current Coronavirus experience* I’m so excited to share with you Aveena and Alissa’s American-Indian wedding story, and the journey of their relationship. They are not only a multicultural couple, but these ladies had to stand up for their love in front of so many people who were against their relationship. Aveena’s Instagram: Events planners: Bright Events Photographer: Carley Jayne Photography Articles of Aveena and Alissa’s story: Dancing With Her Equally Wed H&H Weddings Dating App: Bumble *** Show Notes: GMM community: Instagram: @editvasadi


056: Dating Ideas and Love Languages for Multicultural Couples (Valentine's Day)

I got inspired by Valentine’s Day and wanted to talk about how we, in a multicultural relationship like to date each other. But I had to realize that there isn't much of a difference between cultures and nationalities when it comes to expressing our love to one another. However, discovering your partner's love language is way more fun and interesting. In this episode I’m talking about how people around the World celebrate love. I’m sharing ideas to express your feelings with the 5 love languages, and some dating tips for couples in long distance relationship. *** Grab your special gift and 5$ coupon code from Dating Divas here. Book recommendation: “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman *** Show notes: GMM community: INSTAGRAM: @editvasadi


055: Hungarian-Chinese Wedding with Ágnes from A-Mia Handcrafted

In this episode, Ágnes from Seattle shares her Hungarian-Chinese wedding and all the beautiful ways she was able to blend the two cultures together. I was so excited to interview my very first Hungarian guest and chat about her long distance relationship, raising trilingual children, accepting cultural differences and misunderstandings with Chinese in-laws, finding similarities and connections between western and Asian culture, and her Hungarian folk art jewelry business, “A-Mia Handcrafted”. *** Show notes: *** Connect with Ágnes: Website: Instagram: @amia.handcrafted *** GMM Community: Instagram: @editvasadi


054: Salvadorian-Tunisian/Italian Jewish wedding with Karen from Canada

Karen talks about her challenges when it comes to finding elements of wedding traditions that are not religious. Between her husband’s Italian-Tunisian roots, Jewish religion, and her Latin culture, it was really difficult to incorporate some things that are important, but don’t quite fit their beliefs or vision. *** Show Notes: Connect with Karen: Bridechilla community: GMM community: Instagram:


053: Why is having a website so important for your multicultural wedding?

The wedding planning can get overwhelming when you are inviting people from all over the world, while trying to communicate in different languages, explaining a variety of cultural traditions, becoming a tour guide, and food expert. So why not put all of this information on a website and direct your guests to it? I've played around in my favorite platform, Zola and collected a bunch of ideas that will help you set up a multicultural wedding website. Press play! *** Shownotes: GMM community: Instagram: Sponzor: ZOLA Grab your Wedding Website Checklist: Episode 32: Introducing that unknown culture on your wedding day Episode 16: Gift giving traditions in Multicultural Weddings Bilingual Wedding Invitations:


052: Naira's Colombian-Egyptian Wedding

Naira Bonilla shares the story of how she met her Egyptian husband in her home country, Colombia, and about their multicultural wedding in Cairo, Egypt. Two very different cultures, and I loved listening to how she blended the Latin and Egyptian music together, since for her that was the most important part of the event. Naira spiced up her wedding with the Latin American tradition called “La Hora Loca”. She also ended up wearing a very unexpected accessory that some people may consider as a curse or bad luck, but Naira turned it into a blessing and positivity. And if you are planning a destination wedding, make sure you listen to this episode, because Naira will be sharing some of the logistical side of the planning and also how she did everything with the help of her mother-in-law and a wedding planner. Who, by the way, had a completely different style than her. *** Show Notes: *** Connect with Naira Bonilla: Instagram: @traversing_life Amor Diverso Podcast: @amordiversopodcast *** GMM community: Instagram:


051: Holiday Celebrations from Around the World with Intercultural Families

Friends from all over the World! Which holiday are you celebrating? Christmas? Diwali? Eid? Hanukkah? Chinese New Year? Kwanzaa? … Or I should say HOLIDAYS! Because multicultural people don’t just celebrate one holiday, right? No matter which holiday you celebrate, in the end it’s about spending time with family. And eating good food! I invited 7 amazing guests from different cultures to talk about holiday celebrations from all over the World: First you will hear from Mary, who is Canadian Chinese talking about her experience living in a country that mainly celebrates Christmas. As somebody who grew up in a Chinese culture celebrating Chinese New Years Eve, instead of Christmas, she feels pretty confident to teach her daughter that just because everybody else is does something, doesn’t mean that you have to follow! *** Show Notes: *** Connect with Mary: Website: Instagram: @organizedsoundproductions Podcast: The Homestay Kitchen Podcast Instagram: @homestaykitchen My second guest (or guests I should say) are Charis and Mahesh, an Indian-American couple, talking about their Christmas and Diwali celebration. Connect with Charis and Mahesh: YouTube channel: I Am Naidu YouTube video about Diwali: What is Diwali Instagram: @i_am_naidu_007 Facebook: After them I have Lolitta who is originally from Uzbekistan. She spent 4 years in Israel before moving to the States, so I invited her to talk about the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. She is also sharing a little bit about the New Year celebration in Russia. Connect with Lolitta: Instagram: @hairwithloveby_lolitta After Lolitta you can listen Petronella’s story about her journey from Uganda to the United States, and how the constant moving shaped the way her family celebrated Christmas. Connect with Petronella: Website: Instagram: @petronellaphotography Podcast: I Am Multicultural Podcast Podcast Instagram: @iammulticultural My next guest is going to be Nivi, who was born in South India, but moved to America when she was only a year old. Nivi is going to tell us about the holidays she grew up celebrating and how they transformed over the years. Connect with Nivi: Website: Instagram: @soapboxproject Podcast: Get Schooled Then you will hear from Aneesa (also known as ‘expat panda’) who is from South Africa currently living in the Middle East. I invited her to talk about Eid and her journey celebrating different holidays with her Christian partner. Connect with Aneesa: Blog: Instagram: @expatpanda My last, but not least guest is going to be Diana from Romania. She is one of my friends here in Arizona. Diana will be sharing her orthodox Christmas traditions and how she adopted some of the American holidays. Connect with Diana: Website: Instagram: @diangelmakeup Facebook: *** Last year I shared our Hungarian-American Christmas traditions, feel free to check it out if you are interested. (Episode 9.) *** GMM community: Instagram:


050: Managing money as a multicultural couple with Kate and Val

I had such a great conversation with Kate and Val about how finances affect you emotionally, and how it can form your relationships. Because in a multicultural marriage we come from a variety of backgrounds. We were raised differently, or lived in a country with different level of lifestyle or attitude toward financials. Kate and Val are also in an intercultural marriage, and I’ll let them tell you more about why they’ve decided to help multicultural couples manage their money. *** Connect with Kate and Val: Instagram: Facebook: Family Business Strategies Summit (Dec. 12-14): Teach your little ones about money E-Book: Free Masterclass: 3 pillars to live a debt-free life *** SHOW NOTES: *** GMM COMMUNITY: INSTAGRAM:


049: Getting engaged during the holidays with Allison Whitaker from The One Occasion

Many couples get engaged in December, and I think we can ‘blame’ all the romantic festivities and family gatherings for that. If you are one of these lovebirds; hoping to get the ring, or nervously planning to pop the question, this episode is for you! I invited an Arizona based wedding and proposal planner, Allison Whitaker, from ‘The One Occasion’ to chat with me and help us prepare for this important moment. We talked about... -should you pop the question privately or publicly? -ideas for a Christmas or New Years Even proposal. -how to respect your partner’s culture when asking for marriage? -what to do after she or he says I DO? ...and more! *** Show Notes: *** Connect with Allison Whitaker: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Website: *** GMM Community: Instagram:


048: Rachel & Vidur's Indian-American Wedding

When you listen to Rachel and Vidur speak about their Indian-American wedding, you will notice how effortless and important it is for them to communicate and check in with each other on every little detail. It was definitely a team effort, which you don’t get to see very often. No wonder they both wanted to be part of this conversation and share what they learned from planning a multicultural wedding. From equally balancing out the traditions, guest list, and smallest details, to accepting the sacrifices they had to make. Even her dress was the perfect blend of the two cultures. *** Show Notes: *** Connect with Rachel and Vidur: Rachel’s Instagram: @rachmillmod Wedding Album: Miller-Moudgil Wedding Vidur’s Instagram: @vid_mod Vidur’s Linkedin: Vidur Moudgil *** GMM Community: Instagram:


047: How to nurture yourself and your relationship when living abroad with Camilla Quintana

Camilla and I have so much in common as we both have a multicultural family, are raising bilingual children, and have a passion for helping others who move to a new country. Her commitment as a certified life and relationship coach is to help women who moved abroad for love, and to live a fulfilled life. “With the right attitude and mindset I think you can really make it work.” - Camilla Quintana *** Show Notes: *** Get in contact with Camilla: Website: Instagram: @coach.camillaquintana Facebook: camilla quintana TV Show Camilla mentioned: The O.C. -Set’s Christmukkah Speech *** Free Resource: Multicultural Couples Checklist *** GMM Community: Instagram:


046: My Immigration Story on the Love Beyond Borders Podcast | Celebrating my Americaversary

Today is November 17th, and that’s the day when I arrived to America. Exactly eleven years ago! I landed in Seattle and was on my way to reunite with my then fiancee, Adam, so we can start our life in Kennewick, Washington. But things went wrong at the border and I decided to cancel our wedding. I never shared this story before, because I was scared and worried. However, I had to realize that there are so many of you out there that could benefit and learn from my experience. So when Kelli form Love Beyond Borders Podcast invited me to her show, I was so excited and decided that it was a perfect place to share my immigration journey. Love Beyond Borders Podcast shares stories of couples affected by the American immigration system, families who are going through this complex process, and it gives useful information about different visa processes as well. This is a special bonus episode celebrating my AMERICAVERSARY, and it was originally aired on the Love Beyond Borders Podcast. If you want to know a little bit more about my arrival to America, or if you are filing for the ESTA program -with the goal to get married and live in this country- hit play! *** Connect with Kelli on Instagram: Listen to the Love Beyond Borders Podcast: LOVE BEYOND BORDERS ON ITUNES *** Show notes: GMM Community: Instagram:


045: Leah's Jamaican-Guyanese-Canadian-American Wedding

Today I have Leah with me, who is going to share her Jamaican-Guyanese-American-Canadian Wedding. Yes, she added traditions from all of these nationalities! And beside the cultural traditions she put so much effort into adding personal meanings, small details and family heirlooms into their wedding day. But at the same time, she didn’t get disappointed when something didn’t go the way they have planned. I think that no matter which country you are from, you’ll find some great ideas in our conversation. I definitely did! *** Show Notes: *** Connect with Leah: Wedding Website: Wedding Instagram: @thesweedestthing Leah’s Instagram: @misslocs *** GMM Community: Instagram:


044: How to create a bilingual wedding ceremony with Carly Petracco

This is the second part of my conversation with wedding celebrant, Carly Petracco. I love Carly’s advice on making sure to focus on the feelings when it comes to making the ceremony more engaging. “Language is such an important way to make your wedding inclusive. It’s how we express ourselves in the most basic way. If your ceremony has a lot of love, laughter and happiness; but people don’t know what’s going on for a few minutes, that’s ok.”⁠ In this episode Carly and I chat about: How to have bilingual ceremonies where the guests can feel included.How to write your personalized vows.What questions to ask from your celebrant.How to prepare for your wedding, if you are not hiring a celebrant.Advice for same sex-couples.Destination weddings.For which couples are elopement weddings right. Carly is sharing some of her favorite multicultural wedding stories, which is my favorite part of our conversation! So let’s get into it! *** Part 1 of our conversation: *** Connect with Carly: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Udemy courses: *** SHOW NOTES: GMM: https://www.gettingmarriedmulticulturally/ GMM INSTAGRAM: