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Best. 20 Minutes. Of Your Day. Stories of perseverance that we all have faced. Make the Decision. Wrestle the goat. Don't worry about what's next. Join the movement of inspiring those around us!

Best. 20 Minutes. Of Your Day. Stories of perseverance that we all have faced. Make the Decision. Wrestle the goat. Don't worry about what's next. Join the movement of inspiring those around us!
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Best. 20 Minutes. Of Your Day. Stories of perseverance that we all have faced. Make the Decision. Wrestle the goat. Don't worry about what's next. Join the movement of inspiring those around us!






Episode 31 - Parents - Get Your Kids for This Episode with Jordan Gross and host Dave Swanson

I guide people to their Cloud Nine lives by helping them discover their true passions and purpose. By designing a creative, intensive, and FUN 9-step process, I have guided startup founders as well as employees at Google and Amazon in overcoming uncertainty and discovering what it truly is that brings them meaning and fulfillment. I am also a best-selling author of a book called Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness, I am a TEDx Speaker, and I have founded multiple companies...


Episode 29 - 9/11 is a day that brought us together as humans with CEO Joe Quinn and host Dave Swanson

Joe Quinn is the Executive Director of the Headstrong Project. Previously, he was the Director of Leadership Development for Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB). Before Team RWB, he was an Instructor in the Department of Social Sciences at the United States Military Academy at West Point and an Associate at the Combating Terrorism Center (CTC). Joe also worked in Afghanistan as a Counterinsurgency Advisor for General David Petraeus’ Counterinsurgency Advisory and Assistance Team (CAAT). He...


Episode 30 - 16 Hour Apple Orchard Days at the Age of 9 with Purdeep Sangha and host Dave Swanson

Founder of the proven Better Business System. And if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, I’m your new best friend. My one and only goal is to get you what you truly desire from your business (regardless of what stage it is in)… without expecting you to sacrifice your sanity, personal life and freedom to get there. I first recognized the power of the Better Business System nearly 7 years ago when I was a corporate executive for a multi-billion dollar organization, and I’ve...


Episode 28 - Enemy snipers can't stop this Marine: Justin Constantine with host Dave Swanson

Justin is a Presidential Leadership Scholar, was named a Champion of Change for Veterans by President Obama, and also was awarded the prestigious inaugural 2014 Lincoln Award recognizing his outstanding achievement and excellence in providing opportunities and support to our nation’s veterans and military families. Justin was also one of the wounded warriors painted by President Bush in his book Portraits of Courage. In 2017, he received the Henry Viscardi Achievement Award for shaping...


Episode 27 - Think it's too late for you? Know how to pivot with Janel (Spilker) Holcomb with host Dave Swanson

Before pedaling her way into the world of cycling camps and coaching, Janel was a competitive runner, studious kid turned enginerd, singer, and happy when spending time with family, friends or playing outdoors. While finishing up grad school and teaching high school full-time, Janel bought her first road bike in 2006. At first, she participated in Team In Training, but soon Janel’s competitive side surfaced, and she turned her ambitions to road racing. She began working with coach Arnie...


Episode 26 - Super Bowl Champion, Author, Singer and Public Speaker Ben Utecht with host Dave Swanson

It is rare to find a true Renaissance man anymore, but that’s just what you get with Ben Utecht. Ben has always chased his dreams, finding his way from a small river town in Minnesota to a Super Bowl championship field. He has established himself as a prominent corporate and motivational speaker in the areas of leadership and culture. Both of his programs, The Champion’s Way™ and The MVP Program™, stem from lessons he learned in the locker room with Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy and in the...


Episode 25 - Dalai Lama Interviewer and Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl with host Dave Swanson

Jonathan Karl is ABC News chief Washington correspondent and chief White House correspondent. He regularly contributes to all broadcasts, including “Good Morning America,” “World News Tonight with David Muir” and “Nightline.” In addition, he hosts a weekly podcast “Powerhouse Politics.” Karl has broad experience covering U.S. politics, foreign policy and the military, and has reported from more than 30 countries. His reporting drives news cycles and has been recognized with some of the most...


Episode 24 - Circling Your Impact - Ed Brenegar with host Dave Swanson

A student once told me, “You believe in us, so we can believe in ourselves.” It was a surprising and kind statement, and after some reflection, I came to see it as true. I do believe in people. I believe that everyone has the potential to offer something great to the world. But so often, people fail to spot that potential within themselves. Not only is this frustrating for individuals but it’s also a wasted opportunity for the organizations they work in. What I have discovered over the...


Episode 23 - Motorcycle Racing Legend Eric Bostrom with host Dave Swanson

Eric professionally raced motorcycles in the US and internationally for over 25 years, winning multiple championships for Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, and Honda. After years of racing at speeds up to 200 mph, he suffered several skeleton rattling crashes that left him with chronic neck and back pain accompanied by severe headaches. Backmate represents his mission to encourage others to take a proactive approach to pain and immobility. During his racing career, Eric and his brother Ben started...


Episode 22 - Creative Leader, CEO and Professional Basketball Player Marcus Damas with host Dave Swanson

Marcus Damas is an American entrepreneur, retired professional basketball player, and devoted husband and father based in New York City. Before playing in Sweden’s professional basketball league for the Solna Vikings, Marcus played Small Forward for the Towson Tigers, Towson University’s NCAA Division 1 team in the state of Maryland, where he is on the top 20 all time scoring list. Following his basketball career, Marcus returned to New York City to pursue a career in creative leadership....


Episode 21 - Diligent Plans CEO Kris Yagel with host Dave Swanson

Kris Yagel is a servant leader with a proven record of winning. Believing that everyone has value and purpose, he passionately helps others to recognize the worth that lies within themselves and then equips and mentors them to achieve their highest potential. Success came early on for Kris. After building a foundation as a scholar athlete, he became his high school’s first attendee of The United States Military Academy at West Point. Following the Academy’s rigorous four-year course of...


Episode 20 - NY Times and Washington Post Bestselling Author and ABC News Correspondent Martha Raddatz with host Dave Swanson

Martha Raddatz is co-anchor of “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” and ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent. She has covered all aspects of foreign policy for nearly 20 years – reporting from the Pentagon, the State Department, the White House, and from conflict zones around the world. Prior to her current role she served as White House correspondent during the last term of President George W. Bush's administration. She has reported from a range of locations throughout the world...


Episode 19 - Clowned with Patch Adams and then became CEO of Thyme for Table - Flossie Hall with host Dave Swanson

Flossie Hall, a Navy spouse, 33 year old mother of four and Founder and CEO of Thyme for Table said, “When you make healthy food affordable and accessible, you open up the possibility for people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, feed themselves and their families without breaking the bank.” Accomplished entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience specializing in e-commerce, marketing strategy, business development, growth of operations, and sales. Generated over 7-figure revenues within first...


Episode 18 - Former Navy Seal, All Navy Basketball team and Motivational Speaker Floyd McLendon Jr. with host Dave Swanson

Founder of LegendTree Inc., professional, highly inspirational speaker with a purpose to positively affect peoples’ lives. Passionate about the development, execution, and evaluation of initiatives that inspire those who seek improvement professionally, socially, mentally, and/or physically. U.S. Navy SEAL(Retired), seeking a position in the public service sector with the aspiration of holding a seat in the legislative and/or executive branch. This riveting snap shot reveals real, life...


Episode 17 - Former Professional Basketball Player and Huffington Post Contributor Malcolm Lemmons with host Dave Swanson

Athlete. Entrepreneur. Author. Podcaster. Speaker. Playing overseas was one of the best experiences of my life. Through all of the ups and downs, I learned so much about who I was as a man and how to survive in a foreign country on my own. I gave so much to the game of basketball and it is still a huge part of who I am today. This is why I aim to give back to so many other athletes. Writing a book was never in the plan. Hell, I never even considered myself to be good at writing much of...


Episode 16 - Friday Night Lights and The Long Road Home Actress Kat Willis with host Dave Swanson

Actress Katherine Willis has built a career playing characters that are powerful, grounded and compelling. Kat is most commonly recognized for her work on NBC’s “Friday Night Lights” where she played Joanne Street, the mother of paralyzed quarterback Jason Street. She gained international attention for her roles on the Nat Geo miniseries “The Long Road Home“, and her starring role in Nicolas Sparks’ first television effort, the Civil War drama “Deliverance Creek” on Lifetime TV. She'll next...


Episode 15 - Transition Expert Scott R. Tucker with host Dave Swanson

WHAT I DO: I help active-duty military and recent retired veterans plan for healthy transitions to civilian life. Furthermore I also help individuals understand how to manage their financial opportunities as they relate specifically to veterans and military benefits. My deeper purpose, however, is to be a guide for fellow veterans in discovering their own purpose. Together, we clarify and embark on a new mission that leads to financial stability and personal life fulfillment. I do this...


Episode 14 - Fighter Weapons School Graduate Tammy Barlette with host Dave Swanson

Tamara Barlette retired from the Air Force in 2018 after 20 years of dedicated service. During her last assignment she was an instructor pilot in the T-38 Talon, the Air Force’s primary trainer for the fighter/bomber aircraft track. In addition to the T-38, Lt Col Barlette has flown the T-37 Tweet, the A-10 Warthog, the MQ-1 Predator and the MQ-9 Reaper. She is also a graduate of the prestigious US Air Force Weapons School. She has more than 3000 total flight hours and over 1500 hours of...


Episode 13 - Master of the Sword - Brigadier General (Ret) Maureen LeBoeuf, Ed.D. with host Dave Swanson

Brigadier General (Ret) Maureen LeBoeuf, Ed.D. First Woman Department Head, USMA; Former Executive Director, Feagin Leadership Program, Duke Sports Medicine Expertise Leadership development, wellness, executive coach Experience Maureen spent 28 years in the U.S. Army, where she held various staff and leadership positions, as well as flying UH-1 helicopters in the continental United States and Europe. Most noteworthy was her assignment as the Professor and Head of the Department of...


Episode 12 - Joe Peppers - CEO of Kids Hope Alliance with host Dave Swanson

Joe Peppers is a 3X deployed West Point graduate with experience at several Fortune 500 companies and the current CEO of Kids Hope Alliance in Jacksonville, Florida. Joe knows the word perseverance from a young age, while struggling at West Point and dealing with the trauma of his deployments, Joe is a pillar in the community that is bringing hope to children and teens in the state of Florida. Joe's ultimate goal is to help others reach their full potential. If I can do that, then I will...