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This is a new podcast designed for organizers of TEDx events around the world. We're launching on 4/13 and only featuring Itunes, TuneIn, Stitcher and Soundcloud on the site

This is a new podcast designed for organizers of TEDx events around the world. We're launching on 4/13 and only featuring Itunes, TuneIn, Stitcher and Soundcloud on the site
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This is a new podcast designed for organizers of TEDx events around the world. We're launching on 4/13 and only featuring Itunes, TuneIn, Stitcher and Soundcloud on the site




TEDxECUAD - Scott Mallory - Organizer

Scott Mallory is the lead organizer for TEDxECUAD. This is a university event held in Vancouver at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. This year was their second event, and the interview was just a few days after the event concluded. Scott talks about how art and design permeate everything about the event, so much so that Will Davis took many of the ideas presented and put them into his 2017 Innovation talk that he took on tour last year. Specifically, the Coloring Book (seen...


Paul Rispens TEDxAmsterdam 5:15:18, 11 30 AM

I'd been looking forward to posting this conversation with TEDxAmsterdam's organizer Paul Rispens for some time now. I'd heard such great things about the event, and it's on the list of TEDx events other organizers would like to attend. Paul has been involved with TEDx since 2009 and works with a core team of 30. This episode is a lively conversation with someone who believes that their event is a perfect blending of the best of TED with the best of Amsterdam. I thought it was interesting...


TEDxBuffalo Alexandra Opiel Organiser

Alexandra Opiel started at TEDxBuffalo as a volunteer, eventually replacing the original license holder and has run the event for the past three years. By days she's a project manager for a local Buffalo real estate development company, which is a perfect skill set to bring to the role of a TEDx Organizer. She naturally seeks out more responsibility, and it was this attitude that led her into the leadership position. Alex explains that they go about selecting a theme a bit different than...


TEDxAugusta – TEDxGeorgiaTech -Grace and Chloe Belangia – Mother Daughter Team

This was the first mother-daughter podcast we've done. Mom is Grace Belangia, organizer of TEDxAugusta and Chloe Belangia, her daughter, is the organizer of TEDxGeorgiaTech. It was great to meet them in person at TEDFest and have the opportunity to enjoy the family dynamic in action. You'll love the back and forth between these two energetic TEDsters. Both are highly accomplished in their fields and bring a lot to the table with skills that help them produce their events. There was a lot...


TEDxPrague Samuel Titera

Samuel Titera came to TEDxPrague through the route of being one of the four original Czech translators for TED talks. When he learned that TEDx was being organized in Prague for the first time, he offered help as a volunteer and soon became one of the core organizers. His first brush with TED was Barry Schwarz's talk on the Paradox of Choice. Nowadays he focuses on supporting team communication, finding and preparing speakers and organizing TEDxSalons with scientists. Samuel now lives...


TEDxLilonge Vincent Kumwenda Organizer

Vincent Kumwenda is the Organizer of TEDxLilongwe, located in the capital city of Malawi. Because they are next to the second largest lake in the world, they focus on ideas that address local issues, such as Agriculture, Fishing, and the burgeoning startup economy. An interesting fact that you won't be able to tell from listening is that Vincent called me on his cell phone while the city was in one of their frequent blackouts, and I could only see him from the light of his phone. It was...


TEDxBrisbane Juanita Wheeler Organizer

When Juanita Wheeler attended TEDxSouthBankWomen in 2012, she was at a crossroads. She was a director of global marketing for a multinational corporation, but she had fallen out of love with her work. She wanted to do something bigger, something more important, and something that would change the world. Enter TEDxBrisbane. Now, in 2018, Juanita is a full-time organizer and has enlisted her entire family to help. Let's back up. This started in 2012, then in 2013, she became a TEDx Advocate,...


TEDxBlumenau Humberto Cardoso Filho Organizer

Humberto Cardoso Filho is the organizer for TEDxBlumenau located near the capital of Brazil. He and his team have produced 11 main events and 7 salons, all under 100 people. He recently attended TEDfest so the population limit will be removed. The event held in March 2018 had 300, they're going to take it slow as they expand, especially into a new venue. Blumenau is a city of 400,000, with a vibrant TEDx community that has been developed strategically to keep everyone engaged by using...


TEDxTUM -Dora Dzvonyar Organizer

Dora Dzvonyar is the Organizer for TEDxTum (Technical University Munich) in Germany. She's been organizing since 2015 and has several events and produced Salons including a TEDxLive event. There are 40,000 students at TUM which is bigger than some of the towns that provide a TEDx event. She's a grad student and teacher. She watches one TED talk a day and saw an announcement about a TEDx in a flyer and took the leap to be an organizer and never looked back. One of the significant challenges...


TEDxLuanda Januario Jano Organizer

Januario Jano is the Organizer for TEDxLuanda, which is a beautiful city on the western coast of Angola. He is a global soul, born in Angola, with homes in London and Lisbon. Angola is a former Portuguese colony. The TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson changed everything for him and incited him to be an activist. In 2012 he wanted to get a license for Luanda and applied, however, he wanted a more significant event than 100, so he invested in attending TED ACtive in Palm Springs. He came back home...


TEDxKazimierz - Richard Lucas, Organizer

Richard Lucas is a British businessman and social entrepreneur. He has lived in Krakow for more than half of his life, having grown up in Oxford. He has been involved with TEDx as a speaker, sponsor, and organizer, with TEDxKazimierz since 2015 and other TEDx events since 2010. Kazimierz is the Jewish district of Krakow and provides a fascinating cultural context to the TEDx event. Richard says that he curates Talks that focus on community building, offering ideas that are coming out of...


TEDxCampinas - Mario Giotto - Organizer

TEDxCampinas held their first event in March 2018. We had this conversation precisely 16 weeks before the big day. Mario Gioto, the Organizer, is also a TEDx Translator. There are over one million people in this city that is about 2 hours outside of Sao Paulo in Brazil. He and two friends applied for the license and built a team with some of their close friends. Within four days of posting a call for volunteers on Facebook, they had over 60 people sign up. Campinas is the Silicon Valley of...


TEDx Sydney Fenella Kernebone Head of Curation

Fenella Kernebone is the Head of Curation for TEDxSydney, responsible for leading the programming for what has become one of the most significant TEDx events in the world. She also curates the youth program, TEDxYouth@Sydney and TEDxSydney Salons. Fenella manages a team of over 20 curators and producers dedicated to spreading great ideas and strong stories in fields including science, technology, arts, business, and design. Fenella is also a noted television and radio presenter and...


TEDxLahore – Syed Irteza Ubaid – Organizer

Syed Irteza Ubaid is the Organizer of TEDxLahore, the TEDx Ambassador for Pakistan and a TEDx Translator. That's a lot of TED. He has been involved with at least 18 TEDx events and has one of those personalities that we see so often when we talk to Organizers, passionate, curious, interested and helpful. TEDxLahore is the oldest TEDx in the city of 15 million people. If you search for Lahore on the TEDx event page, you'll see there have been over 90 events in the city. Lahore is a major...


TEDxVienna - Réka Artner - Co-Organizer

Réka Artner and her team of 70 have been producing TEDxVienna for several years now. She joined the team after attending TEDxVieannaLive in 2012. It's one of the TEDx events that other organizers would love to visit. Set in some of the cities most amazing historical venues, this TEDx also features Adventures (see video) and workshops. TEDxVienna has been around since 2010 and has produced 23 events, including Salons and Live simulcasts. Réka has an infectious laugh, and her first job was...


TEDxRosario - Javier Yunes - Organizer

Javier Yunes, whom I met at TEDFest last year, is the organizer for TEDxRosario in Argentina. His town has over 1 million citizens, and thousands of them come to their event each year. He’s most excited about a recent Organizers’ workshop he attended in Bariloche and told us the story of his first workshop in 2010 on a floating hotel in Amazonia. Javier tells a great story about a big surprise at his most recent event. TEDXRosario 2017 was held outside, and a sudden rainstorm forced the...


TEDxLagunaBlancaSchool - Kiki Tolles - Student Executive Producer

Kiki Tolles is the Student Executive Producer for TEDxLagunaBlancaYouth, an event held here in Santa Barbara, California, home of the Hacking the Red Circle podcast. Kiki is a member of a TEDx production class this semester, led by Anna Alldredge, their faculty advisor. Kiki has the type of passion and energy that we've come to expect from other organizers and more pronounced in Youth event teams. She was first introduced to TED Talks by her teachers, and when the opportunity to produce an...


TEDxYaba Emmanueal Adegboye Organizer

Emmanuel Adegboye is the organizer of TEDxYaba, which is a community located in Lagos, Nigeria. He has a long relationship with TEDx, going back to 2014 as co-organizer of TEDxIfe. He is also the TEDx Ambassador for West Africa, and once you get to know him, you'll understand why he was singled out to represent this vital part of the world for TEDx. He's been on the team of five TEDx events in Lagos and in 2017 took the lead as the sole organizer and leader. Yaba, located in the center of...


TEDxChristchurch Kaila Colbin Co-Organizer

Kaila Colbin is the Curator of TEDxChristchurch (New Zealand) and TEDxScottBase. She's also the founder of Missing Link and the New Zealand Ambassador for Singularity University, a co-founder and Chair of the non-profit Ministry of Awesome, and a force of nature. I learned a lot about Christchurch during our conversation and how she came to NZ in the first place. In 2009 she did a talk at TEDxAuckland and was hooked. She'd set a goal to speak at TEDx and achieved it. She also set a goal to...


TEDxPorto Norberto Amaral

Norberto Amaral is the organizer of TEDxPorto, located in Portugal and formally known as Oporto. It's a long story. Norberto tells us about how they were not able to get into the venue until midnight the night before the event started, on March 31, 2017. The production crew worked all night and the opened for 1,100 people the next morning on April 1st. No fooling. They do something that we've not heard in all the shows before, which is to have a stand-up comedian do a seven-minute wrap up...