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The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Religion, Responsibility, Blame & Shame / S2 E13

Is drug use immoral? Can religious leaders and communities help people recover from addiction? And can we hold people responsible without blame and shame? Guests: Pastor Steve Gallimore, Tennessee Valley Community Church; Kayla Kalel, in recovery from opioid addiction and a volunteer for Young People in Recovery; Bill Kinkle, health care provider who's in recovery from opioid addiction; Father Luis Barrios, Holyrood Episcopal Church-Iglesia Santa Cruz and co-founder of St. Ann's Corner of...


The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Can we sue our way out of the opioid crisis? / S2 E12

The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Can we sue our way out of the opioid crisis? / S2 E12 by In Sickness and in Health


The Opioid Overdose Crisis / This Is America: Race and the War on Drugs / S2 E11

The U.S.'s unique history of slavery and race relations have played no small part in how we approach drug abuse and addiction differently from other developed countries--from the supposed "Negro cocaine fiends" of the early Jim Crow era to junkies in the Civil Rights years to "crack babies" in the '80s. But our history may, finally, be changing.


The Opioid Overdose Crisis / What comes after naloxone? / S2 E10

Naloxone can save the lives of drug users from deadly overdose, but what happens after someone survives an overdose? Does naloxone give users a false sense of security, encouraging them to use more? Guests: Jonathan Goyer, manager of Anchor MORE at the Providence Center, a drug recovery program, and advisor to the Rhode Island governor’s overdose taskforce; and Dr. Julie Donohue, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health.


The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Medication-assisted treatment (heroin & hydromorphone too?) / S2 E8

Medications can play an important role in helping people recover from addiction. And sometimes, those medications can be the very drug they’re trying to quit. We talk about medication-assisted treatment -- from methadone and buprenorphine to heroin and hydromorphone. Guests: Dr. Mark Tyndall, Director of the British Columbia Center for Disease Control in Canada; Paul Cherashore with the Philadelphia Overdose Prevention Initiative; and Dr. Barbara Broers, Director of the Dependency Unit at...


The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Supervised Consumption Sites / S2 E7

What if we gave drug users a clean, safe place to use? out of the alleys and off the streets? Could that be the first rung on the ladder to recovery? Or would we be creating magnets for drug-related crime? Guests: Liz Evans, co-founder of Vancouver’s InSite, the first supervised consumption site in North America; Linda Rosenthal, New York State assembly woman representing the 67th district in Manhattan and TEDMED 2017 speaker; Patricia Sully a staff attorney for the Public Defender...


The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Cops as social workers? / S2E6

What if the criminal justice system emphasized housing and social services over crime and punishment? Guests: Amy Kroll, administrator for re-entry services in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; Dr. João Castel-Branco Goulão, the national drug coordinator for Portugal and the architect of Portugal's drug policy; and Kris Nyrop, national support director for Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD).


The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) / S2 E5

In the 1990s, researchers recruited 17,000 adults to answer questions about childhood stressors and trauma and their health. What does this groundbreaking research -- the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study -- show us about how to treat substance abuse? Guests: Phillip Fiuty, Coordinator for Harm Reduction Programs at Santa Fe Mountain Center, and in recovery from substance abuse; Dr. Daniel Sumrok, Director of the Center for Addiction Science at the University of Tennessee Health...


The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Testing Drugs for Adulterants / S2 E4

Could we save lives by offering drug users anonymous purity testing of their drugs for adulterants and dangerous cutting agents like fentanyl? Guests: Dr. Carl Hart, Chair of Psychology at Columbia University, author of High Price: A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society, and TEDMED 2014 speaker; Daan van der Gouwe, a researcher at the Trimbos Instituut in the Netherlands; Tino Fuentes, freelance harm reduction consultant,...


The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) / S2 E2

Is neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) -- babies whose mothers used opioids in pregnancy and who go into withdrawal after birth -- is another form of intergenerational violence? And how can a community stop the cycle? Guests: Lieutenant Debbie Richmond, specialist in child abuse investigations at the Bristol Tennessee Police Department; Lisa Carter, CEO of Niswonger Children's Hospital in Johnson City, Tennessee; Ashlie Harrod, nurse educator with the Sullivan County Health Department in...


The Opioid Overdose Crisis / Season 2 Trailer

Over the course of my career as a doctor, I’ve been committed to working with populations in greatest need. But when nearly every community in the country is afflicted with the same illness, and when old strategies aren’t working, it’s time for a new -- a radical, creative approach -- to the crisis. I’m Dr. Celine Gounder. On Season 2 of "In Sickness and in Health," I’m looking at the opioid overdose epidemic from a number of different and novel perspectives. Join me as we seek out the...


In Sickness and in Health / S1 E4

How can social media, texting and big data be used to improve mental health and prevent suicide? And what can colleges and universities do to help their students?


In Sickness and in Health / S1 E3

How do new stressors contribute to the risk of suicide among young people? I talk to a mom whose son was one of a cluster of students to die by suicide at his high school, two teenage girls who’ve had suicidal ideation and are now doing what they can to help others, and a Stanford professor who studies adolescent stress.


In Sickness and in Health / S1 E1

How do we communicate responsibly about depression and suicide without fueling contagion? I talk to students at Columbia University, which was rocked by at least five suicides this past school year, and to experts on suicide prevention.


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This is a podcast about health and social justice. Health is wealth. Some of us have it, some don’t. Some of us will live long and healthy lives… and some won’t. But why me and not them? Why them and not me?