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21: The Invisible City

The Invisible City of Kitezh was borne out of a 13th century legend involving the Mongols, a fervently religious group , and a city disappearing into the depths of Lake Svetloyar. The Story goes that the city of Kitezh was founded as part of two twin cities, Maly Kitezh (Small Kitezh), and Bolshoy Kitezh (Big Kitezh). Not long after, a descendent of Ghenghis Khan caught wind of the two cities and decided to invade and ransack them. The first and smaller of the two was quickly captured, but...


20: Amelia Earhart: Disappearance and Legacy

On July 2nd, 1937 Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan disappeared over the Pacific Ocean without a trace. They had been circumnavigating the globe, making successful flights across South America, Africa, and so many of the places that Amelia had dreamed of as a little girl spinning her globe and wishing to one day travel to all these exotic lands. On the final major leg of their journey Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan lost radio contact while struggling to get a bearing on Howland...


19: Real Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Bonny and Read

The life at sea is no place for a lady. However, this was hardly the way to describe Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two fearless female pirates that lived during the Golden Era of Caribbean piracy of the 1700’s. What brief record exists of the lives of Anne Bonny and Mary Read were filled with enough notorious deeds to qualify the women for a place of honor beside Blackbeard and other well-known male pirates…. Read had humble origins in England as the illegitimate daughter of a poor widow who,...


18: The Braxton County Monster

In the year 1952, a particularly strange series of events took place in the area of Flatwoods, West Virginia. An unidentified object crash-landed in the hills above the heavily wooded Braxton County area and was witnessed by a group of young boys, who would later recount one of the most frightening and bizarre alien encounters of the early 1950's. Join us on Into The Portal as we team up with the Zeng This Podcast to investigate a creature that once lurked in the hills of Braxton County......


17: Underworld of Giza: Osiris' Shaft

The mysteries of the Giza Plateau continue for Into The Portal with yet another entry into the Underworld... The Shaft of Osiris, a multi-layer underground complex of chambers offers yet another intriguing case, the function of which has eluded researchers to date. Join us for a bonus episode in which we discuss theories surrounding the Shaft of Osiris, its connection to the Egyptian concept of the Underworld, as well as dive explore some fascinating listener contributions.


16: The Underworld of Giza

Deep beneath the shifting sands of the Egyptian desert lies a forgotten place… a mysterious network of catacombs known as Giza’s Underworld. Long considered purely metaphorical, the ancient Egyptian concept of the Afterlife is conceived of as an intense journey through lakes of fire, carnivorous animals, pits of serpents, and devious deities. However, no one ever thought this place could exist in the physical realm, until now… Join Into The Portal as we embark on a whole new adventure in a...


15: The Great Lakes Triangle Bonus: Listener Theories

Well, The Great Lakes Triangle sure reels them in... and not always in a bad way! ITP has had such a great response to this series that we decided to bring you all some further ideas and theories from listeners and hosts Amber & Andrew. New thoughts on the disappearance of Felix Moncla and the crash of United Airlines flight 389 are discussed as we fly even further Into The Portal.


14: The Great Lakes Triangle Part II: Vanished Aircraft

When it comes to places on Earth where inexplicable events occur The Great Lakes Triangle is by far the least known, while also being one of the most deadly. The area that forms a rough triangle shape stretching across all 5 of the Great Lakes has claimed the lives of thousands of sailors in its frigid waters, some left to be found... Others vanished never to be seen again. However, it is not only vessels on the water that have experienced bizarre phenomena within the triangle. The Great...


13: The Great Lakes Triangle Part I: Shipwrecks

There are places in our world where ships may venture and never return, where inexplicable events take place and where those who vanish are often lost forever... When it comes to the disappearance of ships and airplanes most people think of the Bermuda Triangle as the world's most renowned underwater graveyard. Very few would ever consider freshwater inland lakes to be one of the most dangerous geographic locations on Planet Earth, however... Over the last several hundred years there have...


12: Legends of the Great White North

The World is a bizarre place and Canada is no exception. Each Province and the communities within them, large and small, hold unique and frightening tales that have become a part of the land, buildings and people that have experienced phenomena some of us can only claim to have seen in our dreams. Whether it be lost gold in the mountains above New Westminster, British Columbia or haunted buildings in Calgary, Alberta, it seems that Canadian history is steeped in many things mysterious and...


11: Rock Gate : The Legend of Ed Leedskalnin

Rock Gate: known to most as Coral Castle, this momentous stone garden in Florida has been referred to as the Stonehenge of the 21st century. Built by one man, Ed Leedskalnin. Rock Gate represents one of the most remarkable engineering feats achieved by a single individual - whose work was performed entirely in secret. So the legend goes, Ed Leedskalnin claimed to know the secrets of the Egyptians and had harnessed a form of anti-gravity magnetism to lift immense blocks of limestone. Ed...


10: The People With No Fire

North Sentinel, the smallest inhabited island within the Andaman range in the Bay of Bengal and home to a bizarre and curious peoples: the Sentinelese. These people, whose population numbers are unknown, have managed to remain isolated for over 60,000 years. When attempts to contact them have taken place… the result is never favourable for the intruders. Known to be excellent marksmen, the Sentinelese choose to volley outsiders with waves of long arrows tipped with salvaged iron from...


9: Unknown Siberia: Secrets of the Depths

Many have heard of Siberia, but few can claim to know the many historic secrets and unexplained phenomena that are home to this vast hostile landscape… From ghost armies that are known charge across the frozen waters until disappearing suddenly into the fog, to the many sightings of UFO's and USO's - Unidentified Submersible Objects - that soar from the depths across star strewn skies in dazzling displays of light, the areas of Lake Baikal and Lake Issyk-Kul have become well known for the...


8: Thunderbirds - Giants of the Sky

Thunderbirds: For years, giant birds unknown to science have been reported all over North America and beyond. Indigenous mythologies tell of creatures large enough to attack and carry off whales, while in the Middle East and North Africa legendary birds were said to attack small elephants. Modern day sightings describe dark coloured creatures with raptor like features and wingspans large enough to carry away children. Could birds with these capabilities actually exist in modern North...


7: Mysteries of Voodoo

The word Voodoo conjures up all sorts of dark imagery in the minds of most people today. Dolls with needles strategically stabbed through them, wicked curses beset on unlucky victims and zombification are all common tropes perpetuated by Hollywood and popular culture. Despite this... Voodoo is indeed one of the worlds most mysterious religions, shrouded in a dark historical past of slavery and violent political transitions. What may come as a surprise to most is where most of these...


6: Curse of The Doppelgänger

A harbinger of death bearing one’s own countenance. The phenomenon commonly referred to as the Doppelganger, or double-goer, appears in human history from ancient times to present day. Encountering one’s own double is documented by many prominent people throughout history: Catherine the Great of Russia, Queen Elizabeth I, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Abraham Lincoln all claimed to have seen their own Doppelgangers with tragedy soon befalling them. Join hosts Amber and Andrew if you dare...