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29: Alien Big Cats

Since the 1800's there have been stories of massive predatory cats roaming the forest lands of the Australian outback. And even earlier indigenous folklore told of creatures such as the Yarri, a dangerous marsupial cat that perhaps once inhabited mountainous areas thousands of years ago. To this day there are reports from witnesses who have spied felines that do not belong to Australia's plethora of deadly fauna, as well as evidence in the form of dead livestock, footprints, and scratch...


28: UFO Encounters: Vallée and Trace Evidence

The UFO phenomena is an incredibly dense and complex subject, one that often leaves us with more questions than answers. In some unique cases, we are left with material traces from close encounters with the unknown. Join Into The Portal as we explore such cases as presented in a comparative survey by prominent Ufologist Jacques Vallée, and discuss ideas related to The Interdimensional Hypothesis in a follow up of the Maury Island Incident of 1947. Special Guest: Chris Birkinbine from [Dash...


27: The Maury Island Incident

In 1947 there were a series of bizarre encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects across the United States. Roswell, New Mexico became a household name. In Washington, a spree of sightings would unfold bringing to the modern world the concept of the ‘flying saucer’ and possibly the first instance of Men in Black. Join us on Into The Portal as we explore one of the lesser known encounters in UFO history, the Maury Island Incident.


26: Ancient Explorers: The Irish Connection

So many explorers have fallen through the cracks of history, shunned away into the dark places that lie somewhere between reality an myth. The tales of early Irish Christians spoke of one such man name St. Brendan, who sailed the North Atlantic establishing very real monasteries along his way. But legends also tell of Brendan embarking on another journey, one much more dangerous; a mission to a new world. Encountering monsters and giants, braving balls of fire and strange creatures, the...


25: Ancient Chinese Explorers

In Part I of our Pre-Columbian contact series we will be looking into ancient China and the great adventures made by numerous explorers, some perhaps making it to the other side of the world. The great voyage made by Columbus to the New World in 1492 has been taught for centuries as the supposed start of a new era. However, there is evidence to suggest that other explorers made their way across the Oceans to the shores of North America long before Columbus ever set sail. Join us on Into...


24: The Strange Mind of Nikola Tesla

The brilliance of Tesla is difficult to quantify. His ideas often extended beyond the reach of the normal, the acceptable, far beyond the grasp of his peers in many accounts. Tesla's esoteric concepts and innovations in electricity and harnessing energy often led him down a strange path that ultimately led to his estrangement from society. However, he never ceased in his research which has become the basis for numerous modern technologies and has led Tesla to be associated with an endless...


23: Gremlins: Creatures Of The Skies

During the late 1940's the world became aware of strange flying entities that had been harassing RAF and American pilots in all kinds of strange and menacing ways. These creatures would later be dubbed, The Gremlins. Said to sabotage aircraft by sucking fuel out of gas tanks, banging on the fuselage, jostling controls and messing with navigation and radio systems... Just to name a few of their preferred activities. Numerous pilots claimed to experience Gremlins and share them to be very...


22: The Bunyip

The outback of Australia is known for its deadly creatures. From the poisonous puncture of the Sydney Funnel Mouth Spider to the fatal sting of the Box Jellyfish, Australia is teeming with creatures with the power to eradicate humankind – or, at least cause the early demise of those most unfortunate individuals to encounter them. The legendary Bunyip is no exception. Known for centuries by Australian aborigines, the giant creature is said to lurk in swamps and billabongs, letting out a...


21: The Invisible City

The Invisible City of Kitezh was borne out of a 13th century legend involving the Mongols, a fervently religious group , and a city disappearing into the depths of Lake Svetloyar. The Story goes that the city of Kitezh was founded as part of two twin cities, Maly Kitezh (Small Kitezh), and Bolshoy Kitezh (Big Kitezh). Not long after, a descendent of Ghenghis Khan caught wind of the two cities and decided to invade and ransack them. The first and smaller of the two was quickly captured, but...


20: Amelia Earhart: Disappearance and Legacy

On July 2nd, 1937 Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan disappeared over the Pacific Ocean without a trace. They had been circumnavigating the globe, making successful flights across South America, Africa, and so many of the places that Amelia had dreamed of as a little girl spinning her globe and wishing to one day travel to all these exotic lands. On the final major leg of their journey Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan lost radio contact while struggling to get a bearing on Howland...


19: Real Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Bonny and Read

The life at sea is no place for a lady. However, this was hardly the way to describe Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two fearless female pirates that lived during the Golden Era of Caribbean piracy of the 1700’s. What brief record exists of the lives of Anne Bonny and Mary Read were filled with enough notorious deeds to qualify the women for a place of honor beside Blackbeard and other well-known male pirates…. Read had humble origins in England as the illegitimate daughter of a poor widow who,...