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54: The Lost Mines of King Solomon

One of the most legendary of all biblical tales in the old testament is that of King Solomon, his great wisdom passed down by God... while his unfathomable wealth was known across the ancient world. He amassed a great treasure of precious stones, silver, spices and most importantly gold, over 13 tons per year flowing into his empire from a place called Ophir... But where was this epic source of gold located? Join us for a look into the ancient past for a mystery of biblical proportions and...


53: Film Friday: Annihilation

Welcome to another instalment of Film Friday, where we look at films that fascinate, that intrigue and films that haunt your nightmares! This week we had a change of plans and took a look at a complete mind bender.. so join us for a discussion of 2018 film Annihilation (The Wailing to follow next week!) Promo: [CrotchRocket Radio]( For more information and resources visit our website []( Proud members...


52: Rise of the Gargoyles

Gargoyles have many dark associations. Inspired by Gothic traditions and marked by their often grotesque nature, these stone representations have an important role in many cultures throughout history not just simply serving as waterspouts. However, could these terrifying stone creatures be inspired from all too real encounters in our ancient past? Join into the Portal for a historical look at one of architectures most fearsome features and real life accounts of such creatures identified as...


51: Film Friday: What We Do In The Shadows

Welcome back Into The Portal for another Film Friday listener-suggested episode! Film Friday: where we discuss films that fascinate, films that intrigue and films that haunt your nightmares! This week we take a turn towards the humorous side of the paranormal... So join us and get your vampire on as we look at 2014 mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows! For more information and resources visit our website []( Proud members of the [Podfix...


50: Incursion of The Sea Peoples

The close of the Bronze Age was marked by drastic transitions, brutal falls of imperial powers that had been operating in the region for centuries. One mythical force that has baffled researchers for centuries is the invasive marauders known as The Sea Peoples. The devastation of these invaders occurred during one of the most tumultuous, important, and influential periods in our human history, creating power vacuums that opened up spaces for new eras of development in the cradle of western...


49: Film Friday: The Void

One of the strangest films we have looked at so far on this Film Friday journey! As we look at films that fascinate and films that haunt your nightmares. Join us this week for a look into the mind bender that is 2016 film The Void Spoiler alert & viewer discretion advised For more information and resources visit our website []( Proud members of the [Podfix Network]( Official Into The Portal...


48: The Clarenville UFO Incident

In October of 1978 the small town of Clarenville, Newfoundland would become the location of one of the strangest UFO sightings in Canadian History. After several reports of a massive unidentified object appearing over Random Island NL, Officer Jim Blackwood of the RCMP responded to a call that would change his belief forever. Join us on Into The Portal for an investigation into Officer Blackwoods account and try to decipher what it was he saw that day, in one of Canadas most odd unidentified...


47: Film Friday: The Ruins

Join Into The Portal for the Fifth instalment of the Film Friday series, where we explore films that fascinate, films that probe into the unknown... This week we discuss The Ruins (2008, directed by Carter Smith), a film that takes on the horror of man eating plants. Set in the outback of Mexico at an unmarked site of Mayan ruins, a group of American tourists find themselves at the hands of natural forces far beyond their understanding. Spoiler Alert! For more information and resources visit...


46: The Antikythera Riddle: Decoding Ancient Technologies

Ancient technologies can be cryptic and wonderfully complex, often revealing the hidden ingenuity of cultures long passed. Some defy the conventional narrative and revolutionize modern conceptions of our ancient brethren, while others are relegated to the dark corners of psuedo-science. Join Into The Portal for a look at some examples of seemingly anarchistic technologies found in the depths of oceans and in caverns long abandoned by human civilization. For more information and resources...


45: Film Friday: Donnie Darko

Welcome to another Film Friday episode at ITP, where we discuss listener suggested topics of the bizarre variety… Films that fascinate, films that intrigue and films that haunt your nightmares. Join us as we dive into the cult classic Donnie Darko. Time travel, inter-dimensional portals, crazy Kitty Farmer, nothings off the table. Into The Portal is a Proud Member of the [Podfix Network](! For more information and resources visit our website...


44: Man-Eating Plants

We are all aware of the many dangers the wild presents to mankind, from carnivorous mammals to poisonous insects, the world is crawling with deadly fauna. But what about the world's most deadly flora? Such as The Man eating tree of Madagascar! Or perhaps the Devil Tree of Central Brazil... Join Into The Portal for a look into the world of Cryptobotany and some of the amazing and terrifying unknown plants that are said to prey on humans and animals alike! Promotion for [Gravity Beard...


43: Film Friday: Hereditary

Join Into The Portal for Film Friday, where we explore films that fascinate, films that intrigue, and films that haunt your nightmares! This week we have a relatively new film up for discussion, Hereditary (2018), directed by Ari Aster. The film is an exploration of the dark history of the Graham family that comes back full force with the passing of their matriarch. Listener BE WARNED, this is by far the most disturbing film we have featured on the show, please use viewer discretion....


42: Halloween Through The Ages

This week on Into The portal we delve into the ancient past of the night we know as Halloween. taking a walk through time and around the world, bringing you all some dark history and classic macabre legends. Join for this special holiday treat! And have a terrifying and awesome Halloween! For more information and resources visit our [website]( Official Into The Portal [Storefront]( Join Into The Portal on...


41: Film Friday: The Ritual

Join us for our second instalment of ITP Film Friday, where we explore films that fascinate, films that intrigue and films that haunt your nightmares! Tonight we discuss a modern day tale of horror, with an ancient evil lurking in the Scandinavian woods. 2017, The Ritual. Spoilers are plentiful! So go watch the movie and join us for yet another great listener suggestion for Film Friday. Send us your suggestions to For more information and resources visit our...


40: The Nameless Horror of Berkeley Square

Berkeley Square, one of the most prestigious and well-known neighbourhoods in all of London, where the rich and powerful brush shoulders and their estates represent a level of luxury known only to the privileged. However, No. 50 Berkeley is another story. Although lavish in its inception, the building contains a dark, horrifying history. Countless unexplainable deaths, horrifying encounters, and a faceless, Nameless Horror that dwells behind the walls of No. 50\. Debate continues over...


39: Film Friday: The Witch

Films that fascinate, films that intrigue, films that haunt your nightmares. Join Into The Portal for the inaugural episode of Film Friday, where hosts Andrew and Amber sit down to discuss films inspired by myths and legends, folklore and all things paranormal. Audience picks are first on the menu - so shoot us an email at to submit your suggested film! For more information and resources visit [our website]( Official Into The...


38: The Hexham Heads

What started as an innocent backyard discovery by two English boys in the Hexham county in 1971 soon spiralled into something unimaginable to most. The inexplicable mystery of poltergeist activity, a were-creature stalking the neighbourhoods of Britain, and two tiny stone heads on unknown origin that have since been lost in the indiscriminate shuffle of hands between academics, researchers and specialists of the occult. Join Into The Portal for a special Halloween season episode where we...


37: The Aradale Asylum

Asylums hold a special place in our nightmares. Places where those deemed undesirable were left, condemned, alone in the dark corners of our societies. The Aradale Asylum of Victoria, Australia, is one such place. People were locked away for unimaginable reasons, and subjected to horrific treatments and experimentations. Those who have resided behind the walls of Aradale continue to make their presence known, in one of the most haunted places in all of Australia. Join us on Into The Portal...


36: Las Brujas de Mexico

The belief in witchcraft is something that has existed for hundreds if not thousands of years, since the times of the Olmec and Maya of ancient Mesoamerica, long before European conquest and colonization. Terrifying legends of hideous monstrosities capable of sucking children’s souls away among other horrifying powers known as las brujas - witches - have haunted the peoples of Mexico and continue to do so to this day. Controversial 2006 video footage has reignited the discussion, go Into The...


35: The Good-Luck Man

The search for an elixir of life is common across mythologies around the world throughout history, with many stories claiming the type extreme longevity found only amongst those between gods and men. However some stories are more compelling than others... Allegedly born in 1677, the infamous Li Ching Yuen was one such extraordinary man, Who’s life quit possibly extended for over 250 years. His extreme longevity attributed to many simple things that quite possibly have roots in the legends of...