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017 - Awkwardly Cringy Part 2 (Burger Stories)

We continue our set of awkward stories in this 2nd part of the “Awkwardly Cringy” episode with Sakaya and Moe. We’ve all been in awkward situations .. painful, cringeworthy, awkward situations. On this week’s ‘Burger Stories*’ we explore these awkward moments that arise from linguistic errors and a specially memorable honeymoon. Enjoy the stories (cringing included). *Burger stories are a new episode category in which all of the guests and hosts share their stories and experiences about one...


016 - Awkwardly Cringy (Part 1) (Burger Stories)

We’ve all been in awkward situations .. painful, cringeworthy, awkward situations. Whether it’s, accidentally messaging the boss, meeting the in laws or finding yourself in really uncomfortable situations. On this week’s ‘Burger Stories*’ Jamil and Moe introduce us to their friend Mohammad Sakaya who is lovingly known as the king of awkward situations. Enjoy the stories (cringing included). *Burger stories are a new episode category in which all of the guests and hosts share their stories...


015 - Dating In The Arab World (Burger Stories)

Jamil and Isra are joined by their good friend Moe, in the first edition of the ‘Burger Stories*’ series to discuss their experiences of dating in the Arab world. Isra who is married, Jamil who’s in a serious relationship and Moe, who is still more single than ever, each share stories and observations from their varied experiences. *Burger stories are a new episode category in which all of the guests and hosts share their stories and experiences about one common theme or subject. Disclaimer:...


014 - My Score With The Universe (Story Slam: Isra Abu Zayed)

When you’re younger you are taught that “Lying gets you into trouble”… In Isra’s case, lying gets her into awkward situations. Listen in as she shares a story during one of our live Story Slam events about the little white lies she told which somehow dictated her life for a few years. Huge shout-out to The Attic Studio for providing a wonderful space for us to host our Story Slam! The Attic Studio is a Dubai based art and design studio specializing in customized artisan gifts, event...


013 - How 'Basel Meets' Met Metallica (w: Basel Anabtawi)

Basel loves Metallica. No, No, Basel REALLY loves Metallica... and consistently, for 23 years of his life! In this episode, we sit down with the ever so passionate Basel Anabtawi and discover how his love for the band has taken him from the new kid in school at 12 years old, to proposing to his, now, wife, and eventually guiding him to following his passion of establishing the “Basel Meets” podcast! Can his love for Metallica really do all this? You would be surprised! You can catch the...


012 - Year Of F*ck It! Why Not? (Story Slam: George Saad)

In this special live episode, George Saad takes us through his journey of self-growth by committing to saying ‘F*ck it! Why not?’ to new life experiences. He quickly finds himself in awkward situations and far outside his comfort zone - with hilarious consequences. This story was recorded as part of Hamburger Generation’s first Story Slam event! You can catch more live stories such as this one at our next Story Slam at the Apple Store in Dubai Mall on October 5th 2018! Let us know you’re...


011 - Freedom Flotilla Coalition (w: Youssef Sammour)

‘Like’, ‘Comment’ or even ‘Share’, that’s as far as most of us go when it comes to supporting the causes we care about. On this episode of Hamburger Generation, we meet Youssef Sammour, a young Palestinian-New Zealander who decided to do more. Youssef joined the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, sailing across Europe spreading awareness and raising funds for the people of Gaza, Palestine. Listen in as he takes us through his journey, from his early onset belief in the cause, how he joined the...


010 - Refugees In Cambodia (w: Fajer Abu Zayed & Alison Stoody)

As Fajer and Alison establish their hotel in Cambodia, they come across a Syrian refugee family who has an uncompromising determination to rebuild their lives. As Fajer and Alison extend a helping hand to the family, they realise that they are the ones who are benefiting as the family's positive spirit impacts their business and brings them closer together. The story begins as Fajer first meets the family in the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Happy Listening Burgers!


009 - Love Marriage (w: Fajer Abu Zayed & Alison Stoody)

Today's episode is about the life and times of Fajer Abu Zayed and Alison Stoody who join us to tell stories about how they met, fell in love and traveled the world together! While also uncovering all the funny and cute occurrences in between. They are truly, as the Indians say, a "Love Marriage" <3 P.S. Isra and Jamil have in fact kick-started the Book Club idea (as mentioned in the episode). If you'd like to join in the Book Club follow the link here and read all about it:...


008 - Backpacking In The Middle East (w: George Saad & Moe Abu Zayed)

George shares stories of when him and his friends decided to re-explore four countries in the Middle East - in an attempt to connect with their roots as Arab expats. Through their search for adventure and their limited budgets the group’s naivety continuously has them in some sticky situations. George begins the tale of their experience in Egypt (3:45) then shares their struggle as they make their way to Jordan (22:30). Happy Listening Burgers!


007 - Isra Visits Korea

Isra shares her experience traveling around in Korea. Isra unravels certain cultural aspects through personal experiences as she discovers how "dangerous" it is in Korea and as she dives into a Jimjilbang bathhouse. Happy Listening Burgers!


006 - When I Discovered Allergy And Where Ego Took Me (w: George Saad & Moe Abu Zayed)

George shares stories from his childhood that are engraved in his mind to this day due to the hilarity of the situations he gets himself into. Moe takes us on a ride during a huge sales meeting where he inadvertently put himself in a do-or-die circumstance and his career depends on it. Happy Listening Burgers🍔! P.S. You can find us on any of your favorite Podcast App.


005 - Schoolhood (w: Moe Abu Zayed)

Isra, Moe and Jamil reminisce some of their memorably hilarious school stories. Isra kicks us off with her story about a group of girls that approached her (1:29), Moe shares a story from his school year in Canada (8:45) and a mishap with a USB in Dubai (14:55). Finally, Jamil tells his story of a tight spot and a tough decision he had to take in front of the entire class (19:20). Malda Smadi concludes the episode with a cover song performance of "Little Boxes". Happy Listening Burgers🍔!...


004 - Spiritual Healing (w: Nancy Daban)

Nancy and Isra curiously visit a Spiritual Healer in Mirdif, UAE and they recount their experience with Jamil.


001 - Getting Reiki - Ed (w: Fajer Abu Zayed)

On the 1st episode of Hamburger Generation | جيل الهمبرجر Fajer Abu Zayed shares his experience of raising his new born baby Summer in Cambodia and a little story with a Reiki master.


002 - Growing Up By The Train Tracks (w: Fajer Abu Zayed)

Fajer shares a childhood story around the train tracks in Zarga, Jordan.


003 - Dying On A Boat (w: Fajer Abu Zayed)

Fajer reminisces about a near death experience he endured on a boat with a dodgy captain and a stray dog.