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A show where we talk about life and leadership and have some laughs.

A show where we talk about life and leadership and have some laughs.
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A show where we talk about life and leadership and have some laughs.






Emily Manassah "Pick a Lane and Run Fast"

This week's episode features Emily Manassah, a friend and former student of mine. Emily just completed her first year of graduate studies at the University of West Florida where she is working towards her Master's in Student Affairs. We spend time talking about her transition from Monmouth College to graduate school, how her perspective on life has changed through her experiences, and how her leadership philosophy guides her work. You can connect with Emily via twitter here.


REBROADCAST: Frank Viscuso "Don't Quit"

Happy Monday! You're listening to a rebroadcast of Frank Viscuso's episode. If you want this week's episode make sure to visit the patreon account at Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso served more than 27 years on the Kearny, NJ Fire Department. He is the author of several books, including the best-sellers Step Up and Lead, Step Up Your Teamwork, and Common Valor. You can learn more about Frank by visiting his website and you can also follow him on twitter. As always,...


Frank Viscuso - "Don't Quit"

Happy Monday! After taking a week off for family, I'm back with a new episode featuring Frank Viscuso. Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso served more than 27 years on the Kearny, NJ Fire Department. He is the author of several books, including the best-sellers Step Up and Lead, Step Up Your Teamwork, and Common Valor. You can learn more about Frank by visiting his website and you can also follow him on twitter. As you'll hear me say in the episode, I've started a Patreon account for the show. I...


Taking a Chance on You

Doing something a little different this week on the show. Something that has really stuck out to me the last few episodes is the idea of what it means to take a chance on yourself. I share the small and big moments in which I've taken a chance on myself, and talk about some of the stories previously shared by our guests on the show. My question for you this week is how're you taking a chance on yourself to get where you want to be? Connect with me on twitter or instagram to share your story...


Haleigh McLean "The Next Chapter"

On the show this week by some strong demand, is my best friend and partner in crime Haleigh McLean. We talked about her recent career moves, shared some laughs, and learned new things about each other. You can connect with Haleigh on twitter or instagram, be on the lookout for her upcoming YouTube channel! If you want to be on the show, click here to schedule your very own interview. Art by: Sumon on Music by: Camilo GP - Master Service on & Freedom Trail Studio.


Max Seisser - "The Process"

This week's episode features Max Seisser finally opening up about his life! We talked about everything from our Game of Thrones predictions to how he ended up finding his career path in Higher Education. Want to connect with Max? Find him on twitter and instagram. Want to get on the show and share your own stories? Schedule a Skype or in person interview here! Don't forget to leave a review if any of the messages shared on the podcast resonate with you! I'd love to hear your feedback.


REBROADCAST: Dan McLean "A little trick my dad taught me"

Hello there! I took a week off to get some new things figured out for the show and the business, so there's no new episode this week. If you haven't listened to my favorite episode yet, take a listen to my interview with my father, Dan McLean! We'll see you again next week!


Darryl Bellamy - "The Evolution"

Happy Monday! This week I had the honor of speaking with Darryl Bellamy. Darryl and I chatted about his journey into entrepreneurship and how he has developed over his career as a speaker. I had the pleasure of working with Darryl when he spoke at my campus a couple of years ago. His messages are incredibly impactful and this episode definitely captures some of his energy. You can connect with Darryl using the links below: InstagramFacebookWebsiteCheck out what you'd see from the mail...


Jake McLean and Max Seisser - Giving a Damn

Hello! I'm back with a new episode this week after taking a week off to recover from an awesome Spring Break trip with the students i work with. This week, Max Seisser and I talked about topics related to "Giving a Damn." I also share an update about the future directions of the show. I hope you enjoy! In the show i mentioned the content people would receive if they joined the mail list, click here to see what that looks like! Don't forget, if you have a story to share, I want you on the...


Dr. Timothy Alvarez - The Invite

This week's episode features Dr. Timothy Alvarez who currently serves as the President of Otero Junior College. We talked about his journey through Higher Ed and the role of mentorship. This week's conversation was so great and I thank Dr. Alvarez for his time. If you've got a story to share, send me an email at so that you can be featured on the podcast. Music by: Camilo GP - Master Service on Art by: Sumon


Teri Ott - "That guy Jesus keeps calling me"

Happy Monday! I am excited to release this episode featuring my friend, The Rev. Dr. Teri Ott. Join Teri and I as we take a walk down memory lane from my undergrad experience, we also talk about this guy, Jesus, who keeps calling her. Teri also shares her new tagline of racial humility and the work she's trying to do to address issues of race in her world. Music by: Camilo GP - Master Service on Art by: Sumon -


Dan McLean - A Little Trick My Dad Taught Me

Potential Triggers: Death of a Parent, Health Concerns. This episode features strong language. The Podcast hits close to home this week.... This week's guest is my father, Dan McLean. We talk about his colorful career journey that has led him to Nestle Purina, growing up as the middle child, becoming a young father, and losing a parent. This episode is special to me because my parents have sacrificed so much for my sister and I. I hope that you enjoy getting to know the man who raised...


Jon Steben - "It's all about the music"

Happy Monday! This week's guest is Jon Steben. Jon and I talked all things life and leadership while having a few laughs along the way. We talked about Jon's journey to build community in a small town and we even talked about what we'd do different if we had to re-do our own student experiences. You can follow Jon's adventures on instagram by clicking here. If you want to be on the show, contact me by visiting my website. Music by: Camilo GP - Master Service on Art by: Sumon...


On Leadership: Dialogue and Thinking Gray

Welcome to the first mini-sode of the Life, Leadership, and Laughs podcast! On this inaugural episode, I talked with Emma Hildebrand about dialogue and the concept of "thinking gray" as written by Steven Sample author of The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership. Emma is a junior political science student and member of the James and Sybil Stockdale Fellows Leadership program at Monmouth College. We talk about the binary thinking that we sometimes trap ourselves into and how to escape that kind...


Jim Fry - "Not a Sponsor"

Hello there! This week I talked with my friend, Jim Fry, who serves as the Assistant Director of New Student Programs at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. We talked about the transition to working at a larger university, his passion of working with students and drinking coffee, and a little bit of everything else going on in life. You can follow all of Jim's adventures on Instagram by clicking here. If you want to know more about how Shane Dawson helped me discover fiverr,...


Kayley Robsham & Life and Entrepreneurship

This week I talked with my new friend, Kayley Robsham. I've been connected with Kayley for the last couple of months now on social media and have gotten to read and listen to her story about the journey into entrepreneurship. I've also had the opportunity to see firsthand how supportive and empowering she is to aspiring entrepreneurs. It was great to have her on the show talking about her theme for 2019 and all things entrepreneurship. If you're looking for someone to help you build your...


Anthony Ungaro Leadership and Higher Ed

Hello friends! Welcome to this week's episode. This week, I spoke with Anthony Ungaro a doctoral student at Abilene Christian University studying Organizational Leadership. We talked about his time in higher education and his experience with toxic leadership. Check out Anthony's work on "The Student Affairs Collective" Are you a rebel in the workplace? Take this assessment to figure out which kind! If you want to be on the podcast next, send me a message by visiting my website!


John Salazar and the Case of Identity

This week I spoke with John Salazar. John currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life at Monmouth College. John and I both come from similar backgrounds, so we talked about our identities and how it connects to our work, our lives, and our families. 0:00 - 17:10- Nostalgia, and other things with Max Seisser and John 17:35 - 36:00 - Growing up as a latino 36:00 - 52:00 - Identity at work 52:05 - End - Family vs. Family Special thanks to Max Seisser...


Derek Finley - Adventures of Lyfting and Streaming

*This episode contains some strong language* This week, I talked with Derek Finley who works as a Client Service Rep with the company Officite. We talked about his time at Officite, his adventures driving for Lyft, and how he is making a return to his streaming community on Twitch. Derek and I also talked video games and super hero movies, if you are not interested in hearing us nerd out I would skip from about 7:50 - 18:45. Connect with Derek's stream by visiting Twitch or following him...


Mary Kate Luzzo, 2019 Intentions, and Post College Life

Happy New Year! I started the new year by talking with my friend, Mary Kate Luzzo. We reflect on life after college and adjusting to the "normal" adult schedules. She also shared reflections of 2018 and what she hopes to get out of 2019. See more information about the work Mary Kate does here. Find and connect with Mary Kate on LinkedIn. Want to be on the podcast? Connect with me on my website or Twitter.