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Join Mike and his friends as they discuss ways to make a positive impact in this world, the pursuit of dreams and many more topics.

Join Mike and his friends as they discuss ways to make a positive impact in this world, the pursuit of dreams and many more topics.


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Join Mike and his friends as they discuss ways to make a positive impact in this world, the pursuit of dreams and many more topics.






Letters from Dad II

After the interesting responses to last week's letter from my dad, I decided to share a couple more.


Letters from Dad

My dad was passionate about politics and policy and wrote many letters to politicians during his lifetime. In this episode I read one of those letters, and the responses; I'll leave it up to you to decide if things have gotten any better.


Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio

She served her country and now she is serving others. Hear how Jessica is impacting her veteran community through art as she travels the U.S. in her bus.


Grand Farm Director

Grand Farm is a platform that brings the best together (from the region and beyond) to collaborate on what the farm of the future will look like. How about a harvest that can run 24/7 with autonomous equipment? Listen and learn more.


Bushel Co-founder/CEO

Bushel is an agricultural-focused software business solving problems for farmers, grain elevators and others in the United States and Canada. Learn more about the history of the company and what they have planned for the future.


So God Made a Farmer

If you're like me, you do most of your hunting, fishing and farming at the grocery store. It was a pleasure to learn more about farming and more specifically organic farming from my friends, Tom Campbell and Wayne Rempel.


Bitzero CEO Akbar Shamji

Bitzero made a lot of headlines in June of 2022 when they announced plans to build their headquarters in North Dakota. Learn more during my conversation with their CEO, Akbar Shamji.


North Dakota, leading the energy transition

North Dakota's production of natural gas has captured the attention of Nico Duursema and his company. They plan to build a $2.8 billion gas to liquid plant in western North Dakota and we learn more about the project and the company's strategy from Nico.


Oil, part of the solution

Ron Ness has seen technology improve how much oil can be extracted from under western North Dakota. He talks about regulation, alternative energy, the importance of oil and natural gas to the nation's economy and more.


United States Senator John Hoeven

I was honored to be joined by U.S. Senator John Hoeven to talk about the exciting things happening in the energy and agriculture sectors across North Dakota. Some of the initiatives he began while in the North Dakota governor's office have developed into exploding industries and created jobs across the state.

Brian Kalk, EERC

The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at UND is recognized as one of the world's developers of cleaner, more efficient energy. As Assistant Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Brian Kalk works to build and grow dynamic working relationships with industry, government, and research entities around the world to ensure we have energy for the future.


North Dakota Lt. Governor Brent Sanford

Our Lieutenant Governor talks about how North Dakota is approaching the constant changes in the energy industry and continuing to make sure our state is a national leader when it comes to carbon capture, wind, oil exploration, and more.


Bitcoin? Could help millions of unbankable people.

If you have been wondering what all the fuss is about bitcoin, cryptocurrency and mining, Anita Posch was nice enough to answer some questions and clarify a few things on this week's show.


My Totem

Forbes defines a neobank as a financial technology (fintech) firm that offers apps, software and other technologies to streamline mobile and online banking. Some neobanks also focus on specific communities and that is what Amber and Richard are doing with Totem - creating banking opportunities for Native Americans.


Rarified Air

John Dahl is a name synonymous with golf in the Fargo, North Dakota area. His coaching skills have helped young people earn at least $3 million in college scholarships over the years and at the age of 70, he continues his legacy while coaching others.


Bison Football-Character, Community, Economic Development

Two former NDSU players and a coach join me to share some memories, opinions and life lessons to get us ready for another great Bison football season.


Changing Lives and Washing Feet

Manny's arrival in North Dakota (from Nigeria) was a memorable one. Hear his journey from Lake Region State College to corporate America to founding a non-profit that has provided over 9 million shoes to those in need around the world.


IVO Limited

This week's conversation might seem a bit spacey - we talk about technology that is, quite frankly, hard to believe. Plus, it can be used in space travel! Richard and Daniel explain their company's amazing innovations.


Naval Commander, Beauty Queen & Orthodontist

When a teacher told Corinne she should just get married instead of pursue a career, it jump-started her on a path to the military AND becoming an orthodontist. Along the way she found she enjoys competing in beauty pageants, too!

Blessed and Making a Difference

Shane and his wife Krystal have committed their lives to helping others make sure they have a life to celebrate. They sheltered addicts in their home, then found a way to open sober living homes to serve even more in need.