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Not old, but no longer young. Being a woman closing in on the age of 40 can be confusing. We'll discuss navigating a career and relationships when some days you feel young and others you notice another grey hair and wrinkle and realize your youth is slipping away. Can you relate? New content posted every Monday!


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Not old, but no longer young. Being a woman closing in on the age of 40 can be confusing. We'll discuss navigating a career and relationships when some days you feel young and others you notice another grey hair and wrinkle and realize your youth is slipping away. Can you relate? New content posted every Monday!






Eviction Notice

At 39 weeks pregnant and my induction scheduled in two days, the eviction notice has gone out and we'll be meeting our little girl soon! Today marks the last episode of Season 2 and we'll be discussing what I've learned throughout this pregnancy as well as what's to come! Listen today!


To Post or Not to Post

As I've been exploring the pregnancy and mom social media options since being pregnant, I've noticed there are consistent topics that I'm so confused why they are on social media at all. In today's episode, we talk about posts and conversation that beg the question, "Should this be a post?"


How Things Have Changed

After taking four prenatal classes, it's amazing to me how recommendations have changed so much between generations. In today's episode, we discuss these changes not only in childcare, but in technology and even language. Listen today!


Priority Shift

As we get older, our priorities shift. Maybe it's a major milestone like having children, or maybe it's just because. Either way, it's important to really do the work to figure out the impact this shift has on how you spend your time. Listen today!


Baby Showers & Birth Class

It's been a busy couple of weeks between hosting my baby shower and attending our first prenatal class. Join me this week as I discuss my favorite and least favorite parts about being pregnant as well as what we learned in class.


40 Years Young

It's official! I'm now 40 years old. But instead of feeling sorry for myself, today we are celebrating life's greatest gifts, the lessons we learn. Join me in a little gratitude and growth practice to celebrate my 40th and maybe get inspired to do a little self-reflection of your own!


The End of an Era

This week marks the end of my 30's and the start of my third trimester. How did we get here so fast? In today's episode, I discuss separating fantasy from reality, matrescence and other second trimester revelations. Listen today!


Taking the First Step

When it comes to your career, you may get to a point where you're not sure what the next step is. How do you figure it out? In this week's episode, we talk about how I took my first step to figuring out what comes next in hopes this episode helps you prepare for your next step!


Creating Your Mommy Tribe

When we are pregnant, there is a desire to connect with others that are in the same life stage. And if you're the only one you know that's pregnant, that raises a challenge! How do you create your mommy tribe?


Dependent on Independence Day

On this Independence Day, I'm having to reconcile the fact that I'm financially dependent on someone else for the first time since I was 21. It's a very uncomfortable feeling but I need to also appreciate I have the support to focus on myself right now.


The Adventure Begins

Getting pregnant later in life comes with some hesitancy at getting too excited, too early - especially if you've had failed attempts in the past. But once you get through that first exam and genetic test, the adventure officially begins.


Are Millennials as Progressive as We Thought?

Each generation becomes more progressive than their parents, but what happens when we start to be the ones that are challenged by our younger cohorts? Are we as progressive as we thought? Or is this just a part of getting older?


Pregnant at 39

Pregnancy after the age of 35 is called geriatric because there are increased health risks to having kids later in life. But there are also benefits that don't always get talked about. It was a journey to get here, but being pregnant at 39 is an exciting time and I hope me sharing my experience will help support others in the same boat.


Laid Off. What now?

Season 2 is officially the start of my midlife crisis. I was laid off about a month ago, I'm pregnant and I have no idea what's next. Join me on this journey to figure it out!


Are we old?

As we get older, we have more moments that make us feel old. It can make us feel nostalgic or just ancient. In this episode, we talk about some of the things that make us feel old and laugh about it. Because it's better than crying about it!


Bull in a China Shop

Being a leader is challenging, but being a female leader comes with additional considerations. In today's episode, we talk about how women are held to a different standard than men in leadership positions in what's called the workplace double-bind.


Wine Down

According to the 2022 State of Wine Industry Report, Millennials are putting the wine industry at risk. In this episode, we chat about wine, why we love it, which ones we love and what can be done to help the wine industry! So pour a glass and listen today!


Romance Isn’t Dead

Valentine's Day is a day with big expectations and sometimes big budgets. This year, maybe we release ourselves from the expectations and just focus on love.


Time Spent

GenX and Millennials spend their time differently in multiple categories, like playing video games, sleeping and lawn work? But what I'm interested in is how that changes for both cohorts as we age.


Deal Breakers

Deal Breakers. We all have them. But as we get older, they evolve along with our expectations. What are your deal breakers? And are you honoring them?