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A message from Dom Bettinelli of Starquest

We need your help to continue to produce our great Catholic shows that explore the intersection of faith and modern culture and look at the world from a uniquely Catholic perspective. The post A message from Dom Bettinelli of Starquest appeared first on StarQuest Media.



Join Dom and Melanie as they discuss their kids seeing real fireworks for the first time; their latest homeowner challenges; a better Taco Bell Mexican pizza; Sanderson and Butcher novels; Nick Fury's return; and a special announcement about the podcast. The post Fireworks appeared first on StarQuest Media.


We Were Enemies

On Sunday, St. Paul declared us "enemies" of Christ who yet died for our sins, so Dom and Melanie unpack the enormity of that truth, and discuss this week's message of mission. Plus a good recipe that failed to win over the kids, more homeowner woes, and books and TV. The post We Were Enemies appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Make Your Amen Matter

The story of a Eucharistic miracle gives new insight into the Feast of Corpus Christi for Dom and Melanie, who also discuss a book by a Japanese Christian; a new Bond-like spy series; Midway; two quick chicken recipes; and red skies. The post Make Your Amen Matter appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Fireball Facial

In yet another cooking mishap, Dom got a face full of a fireball, but he's okay. He and Melanie discuss what else they've been cooking: some new shows and old movies they're watching, new and old books they've read, and a Trinity Sunday homily that doesn't stray into accidental heresy. The post Fireball Facial appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Shaking the Rafters

An amazing trilingual Pentecost Mass shakes the rafters of Dom and Melanie's parish church and leave them in awe of its beauty; the kids are taking karate; Melanie loves CODA while Dom loves Babylon 5; and together they love Thai grilled pork skewers. The post Shaking the Rafters appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Birthday Girl

Their oldest turning 17 and getting a senior citizen discount combine to make Dom feel old. Meanwhile, Melanie has found her new favorite novel. Plus they reflect on the news of the passing of a good man as well as the quite grounded First Communion homily at Mass this week. The post Birthday Girl appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Hanging with Hounds

After a weekend with Scouts learning about wilderness search and rescue, including bloodhounds, Dom and Melanie talk about Pillsbury biscuit donuts, the books The Last Green Valley and Game of Kings, and the movies Dungeons & Dragons, Howl's Moving Castle, and the classic Cinderella. The post Hanging with Hounds appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Is Fiction A Waste of Time?

Are novels frivolous? Dom and Melanie discuss an essay that argues that fiction is vital to creating understanding and empathy and return mystery to our lives. Plus, an anti-Narnia children's book, the new series Silo, and an easy BBQ beef sandwich recipe. The post Is Fiction A Waste of Time? appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Art, Trauma, and Beauty

How much should a family of 7 spend on food? Dom and Melanie discuss their menu planning and food budgeting; discuss how art is a response to trauma and how the art of Kintsugi compares to the wounds of Christ; and talk about how we all journey on the road to Emmaus. The post Art, Trauma, and Beauty appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Seek Him

With a brief glimpse of summer weather, Dom and Melanie went on a brief adventure to Cape Cod and a military cemetery; visit with family for Easter and Divine Mercy; discuss Wakanda Forever; and talk about not-so-doubting Thomas. The post Seek Him appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Christ is Risen!

Happy Easter! Dom and Melanie take a break from Easter festivities to talk about what they saw and heard at the Easter Vigil and how they were reminded that even the most humble Easter liturgy is a grand foretaste of the rejoicing of heaven. The post Christ is Risen! appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Dive Into Holy Week

Even if your Lent hasn't been great, now is a great time to dive into Holy Week and make it a great Easter. Dom and Melanie discuss their preparations and ideas, plus address an article that takes a highly negative view of Mass-going Catholics. The post Dive Into Holy Week appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Jesus Wept

At the raising of Lazarus, Jesus wept, so Dom and Melanie discuss how this gives us permission to mourn loss and death while also believing in the Resurrection. Plus, they discuss WW2 books, Sigrid Undset, Six Frigates, the movie The Father, and more. The post Jesus Wept appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Danny Boy

Because of St. Patrick's Day, Dom and Melanie heard an unusual song at church, which prompted an unusual reaction from Dom, which they discuss. Plus lots of ending and beginning TV, some new books, a pledge to cook out of cookbooks, and the blind man at the pool. The post Danny Boy appeared first on StarQuest Media.


All is Wells in Scripture

Water wells show up a lot in the Bible and Dom and Melanie discuss why as they talk about the Gospel of the woman at the well. Plus, keeping a bored boy busy; cooking French onion soup and bagels; and watching Willow, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Prometheus, and The Last of Us. The post All is Wells in Scripture appeared first on StarQuest Media.


How’s Your Lent Going?

A couple weeks in, how is your Lent going? Dom and Melanie catch up on their spiritual practices for this Lent; discuss another family birthday; find a tasty mahi mahi recipe; watch the return of the Mandalorian; and talk about the Transfiguration. The post How’s Your Lent Going? appeared first on StarQuest Media.


It’s Wicked Hot, Y’All

When a Texan goes native in Boston, her speech gets interesting, as Dom and Melanie discuss. Plus, they talk about their latest cooking adventures, including chicken fajitas, plus a Pinewood Derby win, watching The Ark and Hello Tomorrow, and reading Willa Cather. The post It’s Wicked Hot, Y’All appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Endings and Beginnings

This week, Dom and Melanie attend the funeral for his Mom, but also celebrate the birth of new niece and the birthday of a sister. They also continue to discuss The Last of Us and the Murderbot series of novels. The post Endings and Beginnings appeared first on StarQuest Media.


Remembering Mom

Just a few months after losing his dad, Dom's mom has died, so Dom and Melanie take time to remember her place in his life and his family's lives, especially the gift of her faith. The post Remembering Mom appeared first on StarQuest Media.