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A family podcast of pirates and penguins

A family podcast of pirates and penguins


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A family podcast of pirates and penguins








Betts in Exile

This is a special episode in which Dom explains that RTB will be on hiatus for a few weeks because of water damage and mold growth in their house, which has made it unlivable until it's fixed. But the Betts will be back! The post Betts in Exile appeared first on SQPN.com.


That’s Not the Moon, That’s the Space Station

Inspired by SpaceX's Inspiration4 mission, Dom and Melanie discuss watching the liftoff and splashdown then stargazing and seeing the ISS pass overhead. Plus three soups and three apple desserts; YA novels set in Afghanistan, a Pearl Harbor book, Longmire, and a Guy Ritchie movie The post That’s Not the Moon, That’s the Space Station appeared first on SQPN.com.


Apple Season

Is apple-picking season the best season? Dom and Melanie make the case, talk about their favorite orchard, then discuss some new recipes, including apple cider donut cake and ranch fried pork chops. Plus, they talk about what picking up your cross means for kids. The post Apple Season appeared first on SQPN.com.


Blue Skies

The best New England season is beginning and the Betts are ready for it, including starting with homeschooling, getting out in the great weather, cooking all the great produce. Plus they discuss a dark episode of Marvel's What If? and a wonderful African children's book. The post Blue Skies appeared first on SQPN.com.



From summer to fall, it's a time of transition and Dom and Melanie are experiencing some of them. From long-delayed Scouting promotions to their beloved pastor getting a new assignment to schooling starting up again, a lot is changing. The post Transitions appeared first on SQPN.com.


Exploring Cape Cod Canal

While the oldest kids are off at summer camp, Dom and Melanie lear nwhat it's like to have only two kids again; go camping themselves; make grilled Korean short ribs; read books about burgers and about rebels and Redcoats; and discuss radical trust in God. The post Exploring Cape Cod Canal appeared first on SQPN.com.


Summer Camp

It's a new phase for Dom and Melanie as their oldest kids go to sleep-away summer camp for the first time; they sneak in an anniversary celebration among the packing; watch Marvel's What If?; and get an amazing Marian homily for the Assumption. The post Summer Camp appeared first on SQPN.com.


Ice Cream for Solanus

Why did Dom and Melanie celebrate Bl. Solanus Casey with ice cream? Plus it's Melanie's birthday; Dom goes to an Episcopal service; great recipes for easy BBQ pulled pork and Mexican eggplant; and book and movie reviews. The post Ice Cream for Solanus appeared first on SQPN.com.


Wild Weather Canoe Camping

On a canoe trip, Dom and some of the kids get some wild weather, while Melanie and the other kids who stayed home lose a valued "friend". Plus reviewing "Monsters (2010)"; making hot and sour soup; the miracle is in the sharing; and valuing grandparents. The post Wild Weather Canoe Camping appeared first on SQPN.com.


Crazy Critters

This week, the Betts go critter crazy with unusual animals; make some new chicken and curry dishes; re-watch all the Loki-related MCU movies, as well as Quiet Place 2; discuss a good book about the Great Migration; and see Jesus having a parent moment with the disciples. The post Crazy Critters appeared first on SQPN.com.


If It Ever Stops Raining

Independence Day party, power outage, and a birthday are just the start for the Betts this week, plus a superior potato salad recipe; finishing a great cop show series; a time travel book; and the multiple levels of the Gospel of the two-by-two disciples. The post If It Ever Stops Raining appeared first on SQPN.com.


By Georges Island

On a rainy day, the Betts visited the spooky and historic Georges Island in Boston Harbor. They also discover Looney Tunes as an incentive for the kids; remember the joy of bratwurst in beer; watch the campy but fun Tomorrow War; and discuss the Gospel of rejection and opposition. The post By Georges Island appeared first on SQPN.com.


Little Girl, Arise!

This summer, the Betts are making it a point to spend more time out of the house than last summer; plus reading The Code Book, watching Bosch season 7; and talking about Jesus' miraculous healing of the bleeding woman and Jairus's daughter The post Little Girl, Arise! appeared first on SQPN.com.


Project Hail Mary: Full of Grace

The new book, Project Hail Mary, has some surprising themes that give the Betts plenty of fodder for discussion (we give spoiler warnings); plus four new recipes; the new Pixar film Luca; and what Jonah has to do with the storm on the sea and Project Hail Mary. The post Project Hail Mary: Full of Grace appeared first on SQPN.com.


Mustard Seeds of Faith

Celebrating St. Anthony with ice cream, the Betts disagree on how best to eat it; talk about the practice of naming houses near the ocean; and discuss this week's Gospel and how the mustard seed can be the small acts of faith and grace that make the kingdom of God present. The post Mustard Seeds of Faith appeared first on SQPN.com.


Beach Stroll

On the one hand, the Betts were able to go to the beach, return to a favorite restaurant, and go swimming at a relative's pool. On the other, they also saw a hit and run and a near-drowning! So, yeah, it's been an interesting week. The post Beach Stroll appeared first on SQPN.com.


First Communion

It's time for Lucia's First Confession and First Communion, plus a niece's graduation party, and the Betts are celebrating. Plus a Nigerian-inspired recipe, Dom's thoughts on Blade Runner, and why Trinity Sunday makes them think about family and community. The post First Communion appeared first on SQPN.com.


Spring Has Sprung

A busy week for the Betts as they welcome a house guest, celebrate a birthday, prep for a First Communion, and head out on the water for some first-time Scout canoeing. Plus, Pentecost's question for us: What are you going to do now? The post Spring Has Sprung appeared first on SQPN.com.


Ready Our Empty Vessels

In the nine days between Ascension and Pentecost, the Betts discuss how we are called to ready our "empty vessels" to receive the Holy Spirit. They also talk about Falcon & Winter Soldier, Without Remorse, a great sweet and sour pork recipe, and more. The post Ready Our Empty Vessels appeared first on SQPN.com.


One Hundred

It's our 100th episode! The Betts note the milestone and then discuss a COVID scare in their family; what's fresh from the farmers market; Melanie's interesting literary take on Wandavision; Dom's take on Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch; and how mothers are our first experience of God's love. The post One Hundred appeared first on SQPN.com.