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Running from Comfort is a show about the importance of exploring your passions and not staying in your comfort zone.

Running from Comfort is a show about the importance of exploring your passions and not staying in your comfort zone.
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Running from Comfort is a show about the importance of exploring your passions and not staying in your comfort zone.






Episode #6 - Logan Sneed - "Thank You Cancer"

Welcome to today's show our guest is Logan Sneed founder of Fusion Lean. He runs two coaching businesses, is a public figure in the world of keto and to top it all off he has just finished authoring his first book coming out later this year that is being published by the same team behind David Goggins best selling book 'Cant Hurt Me'. Oh and did I mention Logan is only 22 years old? There's something else you may have guessed about Logan's life if you have read the title of the show and that...


Episode #5 - Goodybeats, Goody speaks chasing dreams

Hey guys, today's show we had Logan Delgado, better known as 'Goodybeats', Youtube vlogger, instagram influencer, keto bodybuilder "but first and foremost a proud father, husband and son." Logan is a full time content creator and through years of grinding Youtube and social media has created his dream life. Goody is always producing content providing useful keto tips and promoting positivity, constantly reminding his audience that, "you woke up today so you are winning". We talk about his...


Episode #4 Angad Kandhari - Born Outside the Comfort Zone

Today's Guest is Angad Kandhari. Born in India in a time when terrorism was at it's peak, his family had to leave behind their wealth and seek refuge within their own country. Growing up Angad had a very difficult time being the poor kid growing up amongst children from wealthier parents who had more. Angad decided that he was going to go out, work hard and make a life and a living for himself. He founded his first business at 15 years old, he now lives in Australia where he is a founder of...


Running from Comfort - Introduction to the Show - My Mission Statement

Hey guys and welcome to my show 'Running from Comfort'. This episode is an introduction to the show where I explain what my show is about, why I am making the show and what you can expect from future content. I also explain my mission statement and explain why I decided to step out of my own comfort zone and create this show. I hope you all enjoy and if you do be sure to subscribe.


Episode #3 - Chris Dalton - 200km Ultra Marathon for Charity

In today's show I chat with Chris Dalton a Tasmanian man who decided to run 200km from Launceston to Hobart to raise money and awareness for the cause Bears of Hope. We discuss in today's show his run, the mindset he adopted to complete the run and discuss some of the challenges he had to endure to overcome his mind and complete this epic 200km feat. To donate to Chris' run and Bears of Hope you can do so by clicking the following link:...


Running from Comfort Episode #2 - James Video Why - Quit your Job and Find Your Why

In today's show we have James founder of Videowhy. James quit his job at the age of 23 to pursue his passion of videography and start Videowhy. James is on a mission to help businesses express their purpose through his video content. In this episode we discuss the importance of finding your purpose and discovering your why. The second half of the interview we discuss how James decided he was ready to quit his job and what he did to make sure the transition would be smooth.


Running from Comfort Episode #1 - Milo from Sesame N Soul - Find a Job You Love and Never Work Again

Welcome to Episode 1 of Running from Comfort. On today's show we have Milo the owner of the Lebanese Bakery 'Sesame N Soul'. Here Milo makes the traditional Lebanese Kaake bread. Shaped "kind of like a hand bag" and covered in sesames. In todays show we discuss how Milo was able to save his business from early struggles and also the importance of doing something that you are passionate about for a living.