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The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones. S. Botello Productions (SBP) is a pioneer in the mobile filmmaking industry.

The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones. S. Botello Productions (SBP) is a pioneer in the mobile filmmaking industry.


San Diego, CA


The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones. S. Botello Productions (SBP) is a pioneer in the mobile filmmaking industry.




Comic-Con International in San Diego Stories with Aaron Nabus

Inspired by our experience in San Diego’s Comic-Con International just weeks after our 2022 edition of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, our brand ambassador Aaron Nabus and I share stories from SDCC and IMFF. I bring up my smartphone video experience during the convention and Aaron shares his experience as a moderator in a special panel with Kid-Comics creator Keithan Jones, Listen to Episode 127 of the SBP Podcast in your favorite podcast...


You Can Shoot A Live Action Film with iPhone with Art School Dropouts

If you are looking for motivation for a live action made on a smartphone film, stop here and click play. Joey Min and Stephanie Pham of Art School Dropouts, based in Jersey, are our guests in episode 126. Art School Dropouts has created an iPhone shot series on the web, using YouTube. They’ve created a community, and they are blowing people away with what they’ve accomplished with an iPhone and a gimbal. What we discuss: Art School Dropouts are offering our listeners a deal from their...


Celebrate Your Smartphone Movies in San Diego with Caroline Spence and James Smith

Three days of entertaining and inspiring presentations, screenings, workshops, celebrations and more! It was the last weekend in April and as is tradition, a new edition of the festival took place in San Diego, California. They came, they laughed, they cheered and they even shed a tear or two, but they all said they had a “blast.” James Smith and Caroline Spence experienced the vibes at the annual film festival which only accepts films shot with smartphone cameras. All brands. James and...


The Thrill of Mobile Filmmaking and Teens with Quinn Friedman

A heartwarming story turned into a film with 17 year-old Quinn Friedman participating in the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego. We discuss how he made a film that showcases skills normally seen with more experienced filmmakers. Listen to a young inspiring actor and filmmaker discuss the power of storytelling in film and how he made his film with his younger brother and sister. The film has already been accepted in a traditional non-mobile film festival. What we discuss: The...


Empowering Women and Mobile Filmmaking with Antoinette Van Sluytman

Today is International Women’s Day and our guest, Antoinette Van Sluytman, shares her mission to empower women in the creative industry. We discuss the power that smartphone cameras give everyone to share their own stories through film. I met Antoinette in San Diego’s Black Com!x Day 2022 in February. Antoinette was part of a panel called, “Black Women in Comics and Publishing” and she discussed the challenges or being a woman of color in the industry. Antoinette and her sister Rose are the...


iPhone Wildlife Photography and Video with Scott Bourne

In this episode I pick the brain of a nature and wildlife photographer Scott Bourne. Scott is also a professional videographer. His extensive experience is inspiring and he recently had an experience where he turned to an iPhone 13 Pro and now he insists on using it as his camera. Scott’s quote during our conversation: “Nobody cares what you do, they care why you do it.” Simon Sinek from his book, “Start With Why.” I bring up a bit about where we are in the International Mobile Film...


Dare Yourself To Make Smartphone Feature Films - James Demitri

It’s not common that we record an episode for the podcast with a fan. James Demitri is in Australia, and made a feature film with a smartphone inspired by our podcast and the stories from our guests. Misplaced, has won awards around the world and was recently selected in the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, California. Find out more: James shares intimate details about the making of the film. For someone who had never...


Audio Check Smartphone Film Production - Julian Bate-Vergette

We met Julian Bate-Vergette in episode 115. Julian’s experience and studies make him a great resource to get motivated about audio quality for your mobile films. Audio quality can make or break your film. Mobile filmmakers who are not experienced filmmakers do not always have the resources to make their films sound amazing. But that doesn’t mean your audio needs to be so poor it distracts from the overall quality of your film. Listen to episode 120 as we have a serious discussion about...


The Smartphone Content Creator Featuring Ant Pruitt

Ant Pruitt works as a podcast host for a large podcast network. He researches the camera and photography industry, which he’s passionate about. Ant is a valuable resource for the content creator. Ant Pruitt is a judge in the shorts mobile film competition for the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, California. His expertise brings an added value to the judging process. We discuss many interesting subjects around the expectations of mobile film and video with smartphones. Ant...


Making Smartphone Movies Building Trust with Ross Perkins

Have you made your first film? Have you tried but things weren’t working out on set even though you thought you were well prepared? Do you want to cast good actors but not sure how? In this episode, we talk to Ross Perkins, actor and filmmaker in Sydney, Australia. His feature film Mad House, shot with his iPhone premiered and won in San Diego’s International Mobile Film Festival’s 2019 edition. The success of his film had to do with a great story, fantastic acting and…his tribe. This film...


In The Weeds Series: Character Development with Jason C. Marshall

In our newest episode, and the first in the new year, from our In The Weeds Series: Story Structure and Formula with Jason C. Marshall, we go all in with character development. Pardon us if you share a few laughs with us in this fun conversation about mobile filmmaking, the art of character development and our references to some films. One of the films we discussed was The Matrix Resurrections and the new, but not, Morpheus and Smith. We really go in-depth with character development in this...


Mobile Filmmaking in Russia with Maxim Mussel

We have a great discussion with the leading voice for smartphone movie making in Russia, Maxim Mussel. He’s made three feature films with smartphones and launched the only festival for mobile films in Russia. Incredibly, Maxim was inspired when he made a short film which won an award at the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, California in 2014. He was so impressed with the festival in San Diego that he went all in on smartphone filmmaking. He launched the Filmmaker’s...


When the Characters Shape the Film - Introducing Julian Bate-Vergette with Jason C. Marshall

2021 has been a great year for our podcast. We passed a couple of milestones like our 100th episode. But another milestone is how many wonderful guests we’ve had on the show. We also introduced our listeners to a new series called “In The Weeds” with Jason C. Marshall discussing story structure and formula for narrative screenwriting. The series aims to help filmmakers make unforgettable captivating films. In our episodes with Jason, he brings up his partner in filmmaking: Julian. In this...


NFT and Mobile Filmmaking - Robert David Duncan

What is NFT? It’s a Non Fungible Token and it authenticates your digital media as yours. This is one of the most attractive features. The other attraction to this is that you can build in a royalty to your art and media. If it gets sold, built into the code is that royalty so that you are paid as the original creator. Filmmakers are accustomed to royalties but most original creators are now able to gain the benefits of affirming ownership and receiving royalties for your work online. There...


In the Weeds Series From Idea to Concept in Film - Jason C. Marshall

Making movies can feel intimidating. One way to reduce that overwhelming feeling is by understanding there is a process which will guide you into believing in your idea. Coming up with an idea for your movie will lead you into creating the concept. You may need to go back to your idea as you develop your concept. But here’s the magic though. It’s while you are developing your concept that you may realize it’s not such a great idea! And isn’t it great to find out before you start writing a...


How Do You Find Your Passion to Make Great Films - Susy Botello

There is no doubt that after speaking to countless filmmakers in and outside this podcast, the most successful filmmakers are passionate about making films. Passion is a term you hear about a lot. If you are wondering if you need passion to make memorable films, I am going to help you answer the question. In this episode 112, I share my own experience and what I’ve learned about passion, how I discovered it and why it’s important for you to recognize your own passion in order to succeed as a...


In the Weeds Series How to Start with Story in Film - Jason C. Marshall

Concept, Character and Theme are the big three concepts to keep in mind before you even think about the structure and formula in filmmaking. In this episode 111 of the “In The Weeds” series with Jason C. Marshall, we discuss those elements and then we discuss an exercise we conducted in Clubhouse: What if the Blair Witch Project was filmed today with smartphones? A very interesting discussion film students and indie filmmakers may enjoy. Also a little Halloween fun around filming during this...


Breakfast of Champions Smartphone Filmmaker - Beraat Gokkus

Fleeing from Turkey as a journalist while vacationing in Italy, our guest is Beraat Gokkus. Beraat is a journalist based in France turned multi-award-winning mobile filmmaker. He shares his story from 2016 with his first mobile short, Breakfast of Champions to The Lost Pen now streaming on Mobile Film Stories. His story is captivating and inspiring. His film The Lost Pen was shot in one long take through a building with multiple participants and an elaborate story. The film is almost 15...


In the Weeds Series: Get Your Acts Together - Jason C. Marshall

Part of The Mobile Film Podcast Series: In The Weeds, Episode 109 features Jason C. Marshall with Get Your Act(s) Together. Jason’s contribution to the series, “Story Formula and Structure” brings mobile smartphone filmmakers to the next level of filmmaking. In this episode Jason takes us into the weeds of the acts and introduces us to the beats, coming in the next session of the series. We discuss the Acts, are there 3, 4 or 5 Acts? The midpoint and setup and much more are discussed....


In the Weeds Series Formula is Freedom - Jason C. Marshall

This episode is an introduction to a series which will accompany our regular episodes of this podcast. The Mobile Film Podcast Series: In The Weeds, Episode 108 features Jason C. Marshall with Formula is Freedom. Jason’s contribution to the series, “Story Formula and Structure” will bring mobile smartphone filmmakers to the next level of filmmaking. We cover the outline of what we’ll be discussing in future episodes in the series, bluetooth technology for content creators, how Jason uses...