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Every week, BuzzFeed’s Ahmed Ali Akbar gathers folks together to drink tea, tell stories, and talk about being Muslim in America.

Every week, BuzzFeed’s Ahmed Ali Akbar gathers folks together to drink tea, tell stories, and talk about being Muslim in America.
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Every week, BuzzFeed’s Ahmed Ali Akbar gathers folks together to drink tea, tell stories, and talk about being Muslim in America.





Ahmed and See Something Say Something are leaving BuzzFeed News — so we’re taking a moment to reflect with Bim Adewunmi, Tabir Akhter, and Sara Yasin. Ahmed talks candidly about what the show set out to do, the future of See Something Say Something, and more. Plus, we read mail from our super smart and wonderful fans. Stay subscribed to the feed for future announcements or potential episodes of See Something Say Something. No promises, though! Keep in touch with Ahmed by emailing...


The Power Of Anger (And Comedy) with Aamer Rahman

Comedian Aamer Rahman’s viral stand-up bit on “Reverse Racism” is a sharp, thoughtful, and hilarious take on a microaggression that has always been a struggle to respond to. Aamer joins us on the show this week to continue schooling us on political change, why Muslims have a right to feel angry, and why Desi food and Coke go oh-so-well together. And, some sad news. See Something Say Something will soon be ending its run at BuzzFeed News. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be...


It’s My Party and I’ll Run if I Want To

This week, we've got an elections update! Ahead of midterm elections, we're checking in with BuzzFeed News reporters on the Muslim candidates that ran for office this year. Talal Ansari gives us an update on everyone from Ilhan Omar to Rashida Tlaib and Abdul El Sayed. He tells us who's still in the running and what they're facing in their respective regions. Then, reporter Hannah Allam returns to the show to discuss her latest piece about Muslims in the Republican party. Check out...


Mangoes & Memories Vol. 3: Preserving Culture Through Food

We're back with the final installment of our food series! Each episode of Mangoes & Memories explores food through the lens of culture and politics. This week’s episode is about the Gullah/Geechee community and their fight to maintain their culture and history. First, BuzzFeed News reporter Hannah Allam discusses her reporting on Sapelo Island, Georgia and how the present-day Gullah community is taking legal action against the state to protect their land. She also introduces us to their...


Mangoes & Memories Vol 2: The Great Secret WhatsApp Mango Trade

Mangoes are one of the world’s most treasured fruit, but for Indian and Pakistani immigrants, it’s nearly impossible to get the beloved Alphonso and Chaunsa varietals in America. In this episode, we explore why some people are willing to pay nearly $9 a pop for a taste of home. We talk to food writer Myles Karp about the complications Indian mangos have faced entering the US, from political bans to regulation to the plain old ravages of time and rot. Then, Ahmed calls up his cousin Medeeha...


Mangoes & Memories Vol. 1: The Lambs of Eid Al-Adha

It’s a new food mini-series! Each episode of Mangoes & Memories will explore food through the lens of culture and politics. This week’s episode is about Eid al Adha and how some American Muslims are taking a more ethical stance towards meat consumption. First, a visit to the farm! Diane Abboushi of Halal Pastures walks us through a day of Eid celebrations at Halal Pastures, where she raises and prepares organic, grass-fed halal meat with her husband Samer. Then, Ahmed talks to Nuri...


Mental Health in the Muslim Community

This week, we’re tackling a sensitive topic: suicide and mental health services in the American Muslim community. A few weeks ago, BuzzFeed News reporter Hannah Allam published a piece on the rise of suicide rates in the community and what can be done in terms of prevention and awareness. Ahmed talks to her about her reporting and also brings in rapper, chaplain, and artist Mona Haydar, who recently released a song about a friend who took her own life. If you or someone you know needs...


Brown Girls, with Fatimah Asghar

Fatimah Asghar is a Pakistani-Kashmiri poet, writer, and co-creator of the web series ‘Brown Girls,’ which is currently in development with HBO. Her new book of poems, ‘If They Come For Us,’ released this week. Ahmed talks to her about the challenges and joy of creating for your own community, depicting queer love on screen, and what so many people get wrong about being an orphan. Buy Fatimah’s new book, “If They Come For Us”:...


The Queer Type

It’s time for another pop culture round up! This time, we’re checking in with TV Guide’s Krutika Mallikarjuna and Condeé Nast's Muna Mire about two queer Muslims currently on TV. First, we discuss *the character Adena El-Amin from the social media-obsessed, openly feminist dramedy, "The Bold Type".* Then, we discuss the *phenomenon* of "Queer Eye" and *the highs and lows of the show's fashion expert, Tan France.* Plus: we take a BuzzFeed quiz and discuss what else is good to watch right...


Taking The Numb Out of Numbers

Have you ever wondered how many Americans are married to their cousin? How hairy the average woman of color is? Well! Data journalist Mona Chalabi has the answers to all your weirdest queries, often with whimsical and witty illustrations. Ahmed and Mona talk about how opinion polling has been used against Muslims, double standards of shame across cultures, and her contentious friendship with Sesame Street’s Count von Count. Follow Mona on Twitter and find her illustrated data sets on...


Good immigrants and The World Cup

In this week’s episode, special guest host Sara Yasin steps in to discuss the most burning questions we all have about the World Cup. Like: who do you root for when there’s only European nations left in the tourney? Can we use colonial injustices as a rubric to decide when the majority of the players are immigrants from ex-colonial states? How can you create a future Palestinian soccer team when there’s never been one before? She brings on BuzzFeed News’ Kovie Biakolo and AJ+’s Aisha Gani...


The Rise of Muslim Biker Gangs And Other Lies

In this week's episode, Ahmed discusses how anti-Muslim propaganda makes its way from Europe to the U.S. with Ishmael Daro of the BuzzFeed News Debunking Team and BuzzFeed's VP Legal and Associate General Counsel Nabiha Syed. They also go head-to-head in a game of 'Fake News or Not?'. Read Ishmael's story: Follow Ishmael @iD4RO Follow Nabiha @nabihasyed Follow Ahmed...


Banned Together: SCOTUS Edition

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you think our civil liberties have eroded this past month? These are the kind of things Ahmed worries about at night. So, he invited brother-in-law, ACLU lawyer, and real-life Supreme Court WINNER Nathan Freed Wessler and CUNY-CLEAR’s Tarek Ismail on the show to help make sense of recent legal challenges around immigration and surveillance. Discussed in this ep: the Muslim ban, ICE separating children from their families, and Nate’s landmark digital privacy...


'Terrorist #1' in A Chuck Norris Movie

This week Ahmed talks with comedian Maz Jobrani about growing up in America with Iranian parents, turning down terrorist roles, and why he’s re-thinking using accents in his stand-up. Follow Maz at @MazJobraniFollow Ahmed at @radbrowndads, Follow the show at @seesomething and watch our new videos at more episodes at us at music is by The Kominas. Follow them at @TheRealKominas...


Fan Fav: Ghee Something Say Something

Ahmed is on vacation, so he wanted y’all to hear his favorite episode: Ghee is having a moment right now. People call it a magic food that will melt your fat away. Kourtney Kardashian swears by it. Whole Foods is selling it. And the marketing language always comes back to how “ancient,” “pure” and “authentic” it is. And Ahmed can’t stop thinking about it. So this week, we’re spending the whole episode tackling one question: Why is this happening to ghee? We do a taste test with the brain...


Ramadan Mubarak, with Fatima Ali

Eid mubarak! Concluding our Ramadan series is a very special guest, ‘Top Chef’ contestant Fatima Ali. Join us for a ‘mental quickfire challenge’ where Fatima composes an Eid meal for 6 using Ahmed’s fridge leftovers. We chat about her time on the show, how her Pakistani heritage influences her work and her recent battle with cancer. Read Ahmed's essay on dhabas and diaspora:...


Ramadan Mubarak, with Oddisee

Growing up in the oasis of the DMV, rapper Oddisee, aka Amir Mohammad, was surrounded by other black, immigrant, and Muslim families. On the show, he chats about how this influenced his viewpoint as a rapper and the in-between space he occupies as a Sudanese-American. Plus: he talks about making music during Ramadan and how touring in Europe made him realize — wow, white people actually have culture! Follow Amir @oddisee. Follow Ahmed @radbrowndads and the show @seesomething. Watch our...


Ramadan Mubarak, with Halima Aden

From posing in Rihanna’s Fenty campaign to gracing the covers of magazines like British Vogue and Allure, supermodel Halima Aden is taking the fashion industry by storm. The 20-year-old Somali-American legend joins us to talk about her favorite parts about Ramadan, being elected homecoming queen in high school and teaches Ahmed how to take the perfect selfie. Follow Halima on Twitter @Kinglimaa and Instagram @halima. Follow Ahmed @radbrowndads. Follow the show @seesomething and...


Ramadan Mubarak, With Ayman Mohyeldin

In the second week of our Ramadan spotlight series, we talk with Ayman Mohyeldin, anchor and host at MSNBC. Ayman has spent years as a foreign correspondent and in front of a national audience, so Ahmed asks him about objectivity in media, covering the Trump administration, and some of the most moving moments he’s had observing Ramadan abroad. Plus: a quick fake news quiz! Plus: See Something Say Something is hosting Ramadan Lunch Break, a weekly live show every Wednesday at noon EST on...


Ramadan Mubarak, With Ibtihaj Muhammad!

RAMADAN MUBARAK!!! We’re so excited to kick off our annual, award-winning Ramadan series by speaking with Olympic bronze medalist, sabre fencer and future Barbie doll (!) Ibtihaj Muhammad. We talk to her about her conviction to fast while training, navigating white spaces as a black hijabi woman and her family’s modest, ethical fashion line, Louella. Plus: See Something Say Something is hosting Ramadan Lunch Break, a weekly live show every Wednesday at noon EST on our Facebook and Twitter...