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Short Story Bingo 31 - “Perfume” #FridayThe13th

*Explicit Content* In this episode we read another heater out of the, “The Creepypasta Collection”! Happy Friday the 13th and podcast Friday to you. Yes, this particular day always provides a good spook or two. In this case - literally two episodes for your beautiful asses and this being the first! Creepypasta continues to pump out gems, and this one does not fail - at all! This is a story that I found myself entranced in to the point of ACTUALLY having a bit of fear from the great...


Short Story Bingo 32 - “My Sacrifice” #FridayThe13th

*Explicit Content* In this episode I dug for a good Jason Voorhees story and I found one, “My Sacrifice”! Happy Friday the 13th and podcast Friday to you. What would this self made spooky day be without one that had Jason Voorhees in it? I searched for a story that had elements normally not associated with Jason, and the most glaring one would be simply - a love story. The author - Skylar - really captured what Jason in love might remotely be like. Sure there are laughs but by the end I...


Short Story Bingo 30 - “William Topaz McGonagall (Worst Poet in British History)”

*Explicit Content* This episode is special!!! Let’s all learn about William McGonagall, who has been dubbed, the “worst poet in British History”. Happy #PodcastFriday everyone. This is the most UNIQUE episode thus far. I had a dream, the name Billy L. McGonagall came up MULTIPLE times. I thought it was just a funny throwaway name - legit I did not think it was a real name EVER held by a human being. Than…I asked Alexa, and Sir William Topaz McGonagall’s story was revealed yet again for...


Short Story Bingo 29 - “Fred West”

*Explicit Content* In this episode I read about another psycho from the, “Serial Kilers Encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia of Serial Kilers from A to Z”. Happy #PodcastFriday everyone. Alright, we are back on track and ready to rock and roll for you beautiful and loyal listeners. I dive head first, no hands pointed bullshit, into a serial killer by the name of Fred West. Oh, and his crazy ass wife Rosemary also. These two were pieces of work that terrorized those around them into silence or...


Short Story Bingo 28 (W/ Mandy Chacon) - “No Questions Asked”

*Explicit Content* In this episode we read a prison story from, “Strange Stories from Sing Sing”! Happy #PodcastFriday everyone. I took two weeks off and I am back better than ever! So let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this. I got a tiny ass book from my mother in law for Christmas as she knew about the podcast and wanted to give some content for us. She hit a home run as this book is a rare original piece - Copyright 1934. I bring Mandy back for another go around to provide some...


Short Story Bingo 27 (W/ MezcAl Escalante) - “Picture This”

*Explicit Content* In this episode we read a diddy out of, “The Creepypasta Collection”! Happy #PodcastFriday everyone. This week we go DEEP into the CreepyPasta stratosphere, courtesy of Vincent V. Cava! This story has quite the rollercoaster of emotions. From being incredibly depressing to gaining a silver lining of hope and then back to despair, put on your big boy panties people. I am joined by a long time friend of mine Alberto, or Big Al, or MezcAl, whatever the hell you call him...


Short Story Bingo 1 (W/ Tristan Manning) - “St. Valentines Day Massacre”

*Explicit Content* In this episode, my bro Tristan and I read from about the, “St. Valentines Day Massacre”. Happy #PodcastFriday. Another episode in the books! This week I bring my bro Tristan in to riff with me about the, “St. Valentines Day Massacre”. It was difficult to find an exact story about that event. Mostly because, very few witnesses were able to give accounts of this transcedent moment in organized crime. This was literally was a test for the budding FBI and...


Short Story Bingo 25 (W/ Rhyme Time & Bryan) - “6th Floor”

*Explicit Content* In this episode, my buddies Scott and Bryan from the LTR Podcast and I read from, “Small Horrors: A Collection of Fifty Creepy Stories”. Happy #PodcastFriday. I hope your weekend plans are in order and you have yourself a good final work week at the job by listening to your favorite podcast on the planet! I am once again joined by two freinds of mine, Scott and Bryan who have their own podcast focused on professional wrestling (Link Below), the “Learning the Ropes...


Short Story Bingo 24 (W/ Hemis & Echo) - “The Bloody Benders”

*Explicit Content* In this episode Hemis, Echo, and I read from the, “Serial Kilers Encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia of Serial Kilers from A to Z”. Happy #PodcastFriday. Here goes number two of this two piece for podcast Friday y’all! ffor this one we go deep into Kansas’ anals of history to chat about an unsolved mystery. Moreover a slew of killings that happend by folks that were NEVER caught! What an incredible story of the first dicumented serial killers in the United States. I am...


Short Story Bingo 23 (W/ Hemis) - “Lyndon Baines Johnson”

*Explicit Content* In this episode Hemis and I read about “Lyndon Baines Johnson”. Happy #PodcastFriday. We loaded up this Friday with Two episodes! In the first we dive into a childhood tale of LBJ that seems a little off the wall but entertaining nonetheless. Children stories are so desrciptive which is why I love this one. It details a younger LBJ trying to catch an elusive frog that just won’t settle for getting caught. Before I give away too much, I’ll stop haha. Than k you again...


Short Story Bingo 22 (W/ Patrick Bruning) - “Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano”

*Explicit Content* In this episode Pat and I read out of, “The Mafia: Encyclopedia Second Edition”. Happy #PodcastFriday. Yet again we are going deep into the mob in this episode. Mostly because my friend Pat, who sits in with me really loves to learn some new things about this sinister organization. We talk about “Lucky” Luciano who was far more ruthless than Al Capone, his name rings in mob lore, at least in my estimation a bit more as well. He had an interesting start butnothing out...


Short Story Bingo 21 - “Three Who Came Back” (John Wilkes Booth, Jesse James, Marshal Ney)

*Explicit Content* In this episode I read out of, ”Strange Happenings”. Let me be the first to tell you that I am ready to shake off the “holiday” rust. How do I do that? Drop another Short Story Bingo episode. I read today out of a book that I ONLY found on Amazon, which is only weird because I can normally find these books on Barnes and Nobles site. In this episode we read about John Wilkes Booth, Jesse James, and Marshal Ney - and the men who claimed they were them in hiding years...


Short Story Bingo 20 - “Haunted House in Chino, California”

*Explicit Content* In this episode I read again out of, ”The Mafia: Encyclopedia Second Edition”. It is that time again. Short Story Bingo is not slowing down with the material to deliver. This week is no different as we read from a true story of some paranormal phenomena! Time always tells how much we are working. That is why the new year of 2018 is so fun to look at with optimism. Thank you so much for listening on the revamp of the BEST podcast in the world. In this episode I read...


Short Story Bingo 19 - “Frank Sinatra (Mob Ties)”

*Explicit Content* In this episode I read again out of, ”The Mafia: Encyclopedia Second Edition”. Hello you beautiful listener you. Welcome back to the coolest podcast in the entire world. I have no facts to back up that claim but I have heard it once…I think. Anywho…I was driving through the snow here in Salt Lake City the other day and Frank Sinatra came on, the Christmas specials. Of course with that sultry baritone voice I felt warm and filled with the Christmas spirit. So I decided...


Short Story Bingo 18 (W/ Mandy Chacon) - “A Psychological Experiment”

*Explicit Content* In this episode I read from, ”Great Horror Stories: 101 Chilling Tales“. Damn, are w ereally only two episodes away from #20? 16 days away from 2018? 261 days until my birthday (09-03)?! Yes! They are all true. Another thing that is true, my wife and I laugh our asses aff all the time. This blip of time is no different. I finally got her on the show after 17 episodes! She did great and I am sure, will be back on soon. Her laugh is infectious and her wit is sharp as...


Short Story Bingo 17 - “Scarface Al”

*Explicit Content* In this episode I read from the infamous, “The Mafia: Encyclopedia Second Edition”. Welcome back, I cannot tell you how much I apprecaite all of you! Today we find ourselves in the throws of organized crime. As explained in this story, Al Capone was certainly not the “most” notorious, but was arguably the most recognized. We are taken through a brief history lesson to move the needle within ourselves about the man that handled prohibiton with dolaar sign in his mind....


Short Story Bingo 16 - “Busted! A Thanksgiving Mystery Short Story”

*Explicit Content* In this episode I read a little diddy called, “Busted! A Thanksgiving Mystery Short Story”. I want to say thank you to ALL my family and friends that made the Thanksgiving weekend memorable. I love you all. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get back in the Bingo sessions!!! So, Joey, AP, and I actually recorded two episodes in one night. This is the second…obviously. I wanted to read a mystery to get out of Thanksgiving to some degree but also stay in that...


Short Story Bingo 15 - “The Wampanoag Side of the First Thanksgiving Story”

*Explicit Content* In this episode I read an article, “The Wampanoag Side of the First Thanksgiving Story”. I am happy you made it this week. Welcome back to Short Story Bingo; Thanksgiving edition! I searched for a native perspective of how the whole thing went down. We don’t shy away from the truth over here at SSB. I am a big proponent of family getting together at any occasion, but I am not so keen on how the “first thanksgiving” really happened. I have Native friends and family so...


Short Story Bingo 14 - “Constantinople”

*Explicit Content* In this episode we read out of, “Amazing Tales for Making Men out of Boys”! Hey you…yeah YOU, are you just as excited as I am for this new episode?! Alright, I might be a little worked up about it, but it is hard not to be for this history lesson. I sit with my friend on this one, he happens to be a pretty talented Hip-Hop artist also, Mr. Zac Ivie. We dive into the history of the wall that protected Constantinople. This got a little Game of Thronesy, I won’t lie if...


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