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Based on life found experiences and interviews of 1000s of diverse strangers, Richard’s short stories entertain as they inspire us to better the way we view and treat one another.

Based on life found experiences and interviews of 1000s of diverse strangers, Richard’s short stories entertain as they inspire us to better the way we view and treat one another.


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Based on life found experiences and interviews of 1000s of diverse strangers, Richard’s short stories entertain as they inspire us to better the way we view and treat one another.






Episode 38: Over The Dystopia

A seasoned career man drops his walls to speak of higher priorities.


Episode 37: Skull Stuff

A crazy weirdo artist who makes skull stuff talks of the world we are walking toward.


Episode 36: The True Meaning Of Strength

On her own, she faced her obstacles. On her own, she found a new life, and on her own, her love for a new country blossomed. Yet in listening to the compassion in her countenance and in absorbing the respect she has for the diverse people we are, it is all so apparent her eyes are not focused on herself. An advocate for the worth of the individual she is. And via the love she shares with others she examples a gateway past the barriers that transpire to separate us...


Episode 35: Might We Walk Together

At 27, his words are mature beyond his years. In them bold permission to look away from the safe-haven of popular trend and beyond the cliques of globally thrown perspectives – Even cause to inventory our own lives in realizing just how powerful our individual impact upon others can be. ..


The Caretaker In Us All

And even thought our history, race and gender are radically different, both Shannon and Heidi held me as if I was blood related family, and as I dropped my walls to breath in their light, their sisterly tenderness and love filled my chest. I gained not only a vision as to who they are, but found myself taking inventory of my own past and present. To look toward the individual responsibility we each have as part of the billions of caretakers who walk this planet – and in that, inspired to...



Through her listening eyes and seeing mind she advocates for no self-gain or grandeur. Credits her most humble outlook to the pained past and nurturing courage of goodly parents. Her very presence blossomed from seeds planted by a father, who in his own life had first hand witness the worst of what humankind can do. She is grounded. Transparent, as welcoming me into her life, I was overwhelmed by her love for the value of human life. And as we talked of the fragility this living experience...


Of Feathers Bruised and Burned

A messenger for change and a survivor of a profiling war, his stripes are worn and innocent. From the darker streets of a 1970s Harlem his disciplined heart has glowed him past the pull of drugs, his forgiving spirit beyond the murder of friends, and an ability to give credit to others, entryway to healing the trauma and temptation of the troubled birthright that has been graced upon him...



We talked of our pasts, of our reasons for doing what we do, and to that point, even shared a few hidden secrets in our closets. All the while, her listening eyes hearing beyond the noise of first impression...


Of Her Light

Within her a life-decision stretches the walls of her heart. Yet strong she is in her conviction to balance a choice, that to her, grounds the very person she is as well as the spiritual outlook she strives to live by. A palpable essence that all so real in meeting her is one that testifies of her compassion toward others, herself and her acknowledgement of a loving God...


Beyond Their IMDB

I waited a little apprehensive, even nervous, as I anticipated their arrival; two individuals of global visibility who, as entertainers and advocates for the betterment of society, carry a monumental list of life accomplishments; so as the new guy on the block of outreach, yea, the thought of meeting them left me somewhat weak kneed. The place we were not important, and the date and time irrelevant for the telling of this story. What is of center topic is the spirit I felt as I received a...


She And The Unknown Voice

So there I was, scraping the tiredness out of my eyes as I she pulled me to the truck st op cooler. Her sugar-laced beauty whispered a sweetly terrible taste as the simple thought of her awakened me. Her magic crushing my reasoning, I submitted to the anticipation of her promise. She was my compulsion, and with 600 miles of Los Angeles to Salt Lake City still ahead, the cobwebs hanging in my head exploded my craving for her...


A Butt Kicker

I’ve been stuck in a battle. A struggle that after 15 years of watching the area behind my house decompose as ignored weeds grow to the height of property destroying trees, my restrain has worn Origami thin. My families sense of security and privacy in question as looking over my now leaning and cracked wall, I watched her and a few others inventorying the property...


A Real Head Turner

Her eyes glowed a radiant blue as I approached her, and with her jaw dropped to breath the midnight air, she exhaled with the thunder of a confident and roaring voice. And as her tone settled to a purr, I began to see past her dark exterior...


At The Center Of It All

I know it’s July, but something inside me has zoomed my heart back to the week before Christmas 2011. A usual night, on a usual drive home, when without my seeking them, they popped into my view. Like a mob with a cause they crossed the street, their numbers hard to ignore, as following them a press pool of photographers worked to find their shot, their flashes further grabbing my attention, as with every pulse of light, distracting streaks of brightness bounced across my windshield......


How About A Funny Face

At megaphone volume, they laughed unmentionable concepts into the public air. At levels that anyone within 20 feet could hear, a series of most detailed and pornographic descriptions of things they would do to the woman they were staring at. Now, I’m a father, son, brother and husband, so to hear what looked like two professional-looking gentlemen go down such a perverse pathway of though toward womanhood, well, that struck me as grotesque. I pictured them with their families. Wondered if...


Fathers, Mothers, and Us

I reflect on the good and bad of my father. A good man, yet for all his positives, he was equally flawed. We all have histories, and as living #humans, experience ranging from great joy to deep pain. No one is exempt, not ourselves, not our parents, nor their parents and on and on. Some had it easy, others, not so much. Why some are dealt unfair cards? I wish I had a reasonable answer. It’s easy to analyze the hows, but to fully explain thy whys is ever daunting. A question I often explore...


The Train To Sankofa

I’ll just call her Aunty, and there we were, two people from drastically different backgrounds, sitting together in her living room. Around us walls filled with a mix of photographs, recognitions, tribal masks and musical instruments that symbolically told of African roots and her 81 years of life as a black American...


Echoes Of Her Footprint

The echoes of snores and other embarrassing body sounds bounced off the granite walls, as all around me hundreds of families huddled into makeshift homesteads. The clock struck 12:03 am, and with the second announcement of what seemed a boarding school inspired lights out, I wiggled to find any comfortable sleeping position. A sadly impossible proposition as, with perfect comedic timing, my air mattress squeaked away every pound of its firmness...



On a humble little shelf sat family photos, black and white images, some faded. On the front of the stack, an 80-year-old picture of a little boy sitting on a pony. Is that you? I asked...


Invisible Impressions

Rikki was her name,and in reviewing her narration, it seemed she tapped into a most personal and intimidating question: WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE?