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Mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, and dramatic radio. Hosted by Glynn Washington.

Mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, and dramatic radio. Hosted by Glynn Washington.


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Mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, and dramatic radio. Hosted by Glynn Washington.






Watching Over Mountain Village

Mountain Village is an Alaska Native town in the middle of nowhere. One woman is the town’s only police officer and she alone is responsible for the safety of everyone there. Her track record is perfect until one day when she responds to a call that changes everything. This story discusses suicide, violence, and contains strong language. Sensitive listeners, please be advised. We can’t thank Anna Bill and Jim and Eunice Bryan enough for sharing their stories with us. We also want to thank...


Senior Year Mixtape - Snap Classic

It’s Senior Year and Alex, Damaris, and Brantin have been waiting for the day they get to leave Mission High and enter adulthood. Snap follows the three students for a whole year as their dreams turn into reality. A very special thank you to our heroes: Brantin, Damaris and Alex. Thank you also to Mission High School Principal Eric Guthertz, everyone in the Wellness Center and our guide Chandra Shivakumar. Donate here to support Alex's Education Fund Produced by: Adizah Eghan, Liz Mak,...


The Pink Palace

A young, newlywed couple on their honeymoon around the world is faced with a choice. Either take the airplane back to where they came from and miss their dream of seeing the Amazon River, wait three months in a threadbare town for the next boat, or do what the man in the white suit suggests, which is to take a raft by themselves down the river. They take the raft. What could go wrong? Find out on the Ruthless River. Thank you, Holly Fitzgerald, for sharing your story with us! Read more...


Raft of Passion

Mary needed to get away from her husband. A handsome stranger offered her a way out. All she had to do was participate in the strangest group experiment of all time. Thank you, Mary Gidley, for sharing your story with Snap. Mary just released a memoir titled Point to Point. You can learn more about the Acali experiment in the incredible documentary The Raft. Hear from Mary and other participants as they relive the experiment on a life-size recreation of the raft. The Raft opened in...


Night at The Mirage - Snap Classic

A Chicago newspaper establishes an undercover bar to catch officials in the act of corruption. They soon acquire a cast of characters looking for more than just a drink. Snap presents, "Night at The Mirage." The story of the famous undercover Chicago Sun bar, as told by two reporters posing as bartenders. Produced by Joe Rosenburg and Anna Sussman, original score by Leon Morimoto Snap Classic - Season 9 Episode 21 The beat doesn’t happen without YOU. Support Snap storytelling... stories...


Space Rocks

There’s something special about the small town of Montrose, surrounded by the majestic mountains and quiet mesas of western Colorado. One night, an explosion in the night sky draws townspeople out to search for something more. Something bigger. Something… out of this world. Special thanks to Brendan Borrell for his original reporting in Montrose and Delta, Colorado. You can read more about the continuing fall out between Steve Curry and Blaine Reed in his article in The Verge. Additional...


The Performers - Snap Classic

An openly gay luchador full of talent faces an uphill battle to get the crowd and the press on his side. A woman takes on superhero duty, serving as a heroine of the streets. And Neal Brennan rocks three mics. Snap Judgment presents, “The Performers.” Exploring the magic behind the stagecraft. STORIES Magic Lamp Glynn's good luck charm goes missing. Produced by Mark Ristich Cassandro El Exotico Cassandro is an up-and-coming luchador, a professional Mexican wrestler. He wants to get to...


Tell Christy I Love Her - Snap Spotlights "Ear Hustle"

Tom was a cop. Jason was a teenager in a gang. One night in 1997, they had a violent encounter that Tom describes as “inevitable.” Tom and Jason relate the story of that night and the series of events that unfolded in the years afterward. Snap Judgment presents, “Tell Christy I Love Her,” a special spotlight on the Ear Hustle Podcast, from PRX’s Radiotopia. Content Advisory: This episode contains graphic descriptions of violence. Listener discretion is advised. Thank you to those who...


Notorious - Snap Classic

A loan shark crusades against the dark side of the payday industry, after running a risky business. A student discovers a kid named Hitler at college orientation, leading to a search for more Hitler’s. And a survivor of criminalization and state violence takes the stage as a means of healing. STORIES A Loan Shark’s Debt From the heyday to mayday, of payday loans. Special thanks to Gary Rivlin, a reporting fellow with The Investigative Fund for bringing this story to Snap Judgment. For...


The 2019 Look Back Special

A poet delivers a devastating portrait of the relationship that made him who he is today. Two men come face to face one night in the dark canyon-lands of southern Utah. And a dangerous anarchist steals, kills, and escapes, until one day when he can run no further. It’s Snap’s 2019 Look Back Special... time to look back before we move forward. Happy Holidays to all! STORIES A Little Time Glynn and his son stumble upon an incredible creature in the woods. Produced by Lauryn Newson My...


Under Pressure

After traumatic experiences underwater, a diver falls in love with the ocean again by building a secret kingdom for seahorses. BIG thanks to Roger Hanson. Roger’s writing a children’s book, called “A Seahorse of a Different Color,” about a unique seahorse who was born different. It comes out in June. Roger has previously been covered by the LA Times and Spectrum Channel 1, which called him the “world’s foremost expert on the Pacific Seahorse.” Seahorse Update: In September, pregnant Deep...


Pt 2: The Search for No Name Aporva

A woman arrives in India only to discover that the baby she’s there to adopt has just been rescued from an orphanage tied to a child trafficking ring. Listen to Part Two of this amazing journey. BIG thanks to Danielle and Annaporva Green for sharing your story with Snap. Read more incredible stories from Danielle in her book, A Magnificent Obsession. Produced by Nancy López, original score by Renzo Gorrio Season 10 Episode 35


Pt 1: The Search for No Name Aporva

When 14-year-old Annaporva finally decides to ask her mother about her biological family a story so unexpected unravels - there’s kingpins, death threats, and Maneka Gandhi. A HUGE thank you to Danielle and Annaporva Green for sharing your story with Snap. For more stories from Danielle, check out her book, A Magnificent Obsession. Produced by Nancy López, original score by Renzo Gorrio Be sure to listen to next week's Snap episode to hear Part Two of this story. Season 10 Episode 34


Leap of Faith - Snap Classic

An aid worker is held hostage in Iraq, a detective’s toughest case turns out to be an investigation into his own past, and a hauntingly beautiful story of a simple piece of fruit. Snap proudly presents a classic, "Leap of Faith." Amazing stories from real people who absolutely, positively have to take a big chance. STORIES Sorry Pops Glynn scours the earth for new ways to disappoint his Dad. Produced by Pat Mesiti-Miller Nahoko Takato: Hero Held Hostage In 2004, aid worker Nahoko...


The 2019 Gratitude Special

A headless chicken proves sometimes urban legends are true, playground bullies expose dark secrets during a “pantsing” epidemic, and a young man comes out to his parents. Snap Judgment presents, “The 2019 Gratitude Special." We are grateful to tell stories and we are so so thankful for you Snappas! For all the love and support you have shown this crazy ridiculous enterprise that is Snap Judgment, thank you. STORIES Anti-Traditions Glynn has an amazing Thanksgiving tradition... and it...


Diamonds in the Sky

Fans and journalists embark on a seven-show tour with Rihanna... in seven countries, over seven days, on a Boeing 777, to celebrate her seventh album in seven years. Did we mention this is the seventh anniversary of the tour? Fasten your seat belts, it’s time for liftoff... Special thanks to Kristen Gwynne, Lawrence Bull, and Elizabeth Nakano. Produced by John Fecile, original score by Renzo Gorrio #rihannaplane Season 10 Episode 32


Return To Kuku Island - Snap Classic

In the 1970s, thousands of Vietnamese refugees were left on the remote Anambas Islands in Indonesia. They were stranded without food, water, and shelter, forced to survive off the land. Now, almost 40 years later, one woman wants to go back to those distant islands, one last time. Check out the photo gallery from Kuku Island by Liz Mak. You can also listen to Liz's HowSound piece, “Interviewing For Emotions” about how she structured her interviews and asked questions that provided the...


The Lamb, the Lion, and the Fox

Amaryllis was fast on track to become an established journalist when her mentor was kidnapped and killed by a terrorist group. She decided she had to give up the transparency of journalism if she wanted to truly help curb terror, and instead joined the shadow world of the CIA. But the shadow world had its own cost. Snap presents, "The Lamb, the Lion, and the Fox." A big thanks to Amaryllis Fox. You can buy her book on Knopf, Amazon, or anywhere books are sold. Produced by Nikka Singh,...


Godsend - Snap Classic

A woman’s voice changes forever, following a stroke-like episode. A man living in Alaska continues to hear rumors about the elusive blue bear. When he goes out searching for one, he ends up finding... something much different. And a girl gains magical powers that lead to an irreversible and terrible chain of events. Snap Judgment presents a classic, “Godsend.” STORIES The Garbage Man Glynn's first day at a new school is rough... until he meets a girl who knows how to take out the...


Spooked - Sharp Tooth Boy

Bonnie Blagg and her two friends call for Bloody Mary in the mirror on her dresser during a middle school sleepover. Bonnie thinks nothing of it until a ghost boy with long, sharp, bloody teeth appears in her bedroom every single night after that. Happy Halloween week! Enjoy this Spooked tale... and don't turn out the lights. Produced by Chris Hambrick Original score by Leon Morimoto Artwork by Sanaa Khan Want more Spooked? There are 26 new episodes of Spooked coming this season each...