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Sole Source is a podcast by Red Shoes Inc. that is made by women for women. We're looking at the topics that are influencing women and the world they live in and we are shedding a light on those topics in an educational and entertaining way that leaves you inspired after each episode. This podcast is hosted by Emmy award-winning former journalist, Raquel Lamal. A new episode of Sole Source is released each Monday. Subscribe to be alerted when the latest episodes come out!


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Sole Source is a podcast by Red Shoes Inc. that is made by women for women. We're looking at the topics that are influencing women and the world they live in and we are shedding a light on those topics in an educational and entertaining way that leaves you inspired after each episode. This podcast is hosted by Emmy award-winning former journalist, Raquel Lamal. A new episode of Sole Source is released each Monday. Subscribe to be alerted when the latest episodes come out!






108: We're Taking a Break

Sole Source is taking a break, after more than two years of weekly shows. This is not goodbye forever, it's just ta ta for now, or as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh would say, TTFN! It's been an honor and a privilege to bring you Sole Source each and every week. Listen in to hear what's next.


107: Understanding Yourself Better with Human Design

There are a ton of quizzes out there that you can take that will try to tell you about yourself, the type personality you have, etc. But, there are some things that you are just born with and understanding those parts of your make up can help you better interact with others and operate better in the world. Human Design is system that brings together principles of The I Ching, astrology, chakra system, Kabbalah and quantum physics to create a Human Design Chart. I'm breaking down what this all means with Human Design expert and energetic alignment coach, Miranda Mitchell. Connect with Miranda at


106: Parenting Without Shame or Comparison

We've all done it. Looked at another mom and thought, "How does she keep it all together? I wish I could do that." It's not fair to hold ourselves, as mothers, to these standards of perfectionism and Lisa Sugarman, author and radio show host, is here to help women find the beauty in the imperfectness of parenting. To learn more about Lisa, or listen to her show or purchase her book, visit


105: What Makes Good Sex with Sex and Relationship Therapist Liz Dube

Life can get crazy, tensions and can rise and our physical relationships with our partners can take a back seat. That's not always a good thing though and sometimes you need to make time for sex. Sex and relationship therapist, Liz Dube is sharing tips on how to spice up the bedroom when you've been in a long-term relationship and the importance of making time for physical intimacy with your partner. To connect with Liz Dube, visit


104: Diversity365 Because The Battle for Equality is a Daily Struggle

In this week's episode we're talking with Kimya Nuru Dennis, the founder of a company called Diversity365. We're discussing her unique approach to diversity and inclusion training and why she says the traditional methods for this type of training don't work. To connect with Diversity365, visit


103: Age Reversal for Middle Aged Women. The Closest Thing to the Fountain Of Youth

We may have found the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth! Kate Milne is a healthy aging specialist with a special focus on women. In particular, she focuses on middle-aged women (35-55) and she teaches them ways to reverse bad habits from younger years, stop and even reverse health problems as well as improve your life so you feel younger as you age. If you want to learn more or get in touch with Kate, visit her LinkedIn at or check out her website at


102: "A Little Closer to Home" with Ginger Zee

Ginger Zee, first female chief meteorolgist at a major U.S. television network and the face meteorolgy at ABC News is back again on Sole Source. She is sharing a much deeper look into who the woman on the other side of the camera lens really is and exposing that even though things might look perfect through the camera, her life has been far from perfect. Ginger is sharing her battles with some heavy mental health and life struggles, including: a 10-year battle with an eating disorder, her parents divorce at a young age and how that lead to seeking constant approval from others, an alleged rape, an abortion and two suicide attempts. She is exposing it all in her new book "A Little Closer to Home" the sequel to "Natural Disaster I Cover Them. I am One." We talk with her about the traumas she's faced and how she is hoping to help others in this week's episode. Find "A Little Closer to Home" wherever you buy books.


101: Getting real about mental health

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode covers, pregnancy loss, PTSD and suicide. Mental health has been focused on a lot since the onset of the pandemic and it is just starting to get the attention it deserves as society tries to break the stigma around talking about mental health struggles. In this week's episode, Katie and Tracy are getting real with their personal struggles with mental health and ways people can support someone struggling with mental health issues. If you're personally struggling with mental health or thoughts of self-harm, depression or anxiety, reach out to someone and always remember to be kind to everyone. You really never know what people are dealing with.


100: It's Valentine's Day. Show Your Vagina Some Love!

Sole Source is celebrating it's 100th episode of bringing women news they can use by celebrating a woman's body. We're talking about caring for your vagina ladies. Dr. Nicole Williams, OB/GYN and author of the book "This is How You Vagina" is spilling all the details on the myths we're told as women about this part of our body and the things we should be doing for our bodies. To connect with Dr. Williams, visit


99: It's Not Your Fault You Don't Know About Your Vagina!

Did you know you can still have a baby with one fallopian tube? Did you know there were different types of uteruses? And some can impact how you have children? Why don't women know more about our bodies? In this week's episode, we're scratching the surface of some real-life stories about vaginas with Katie and Tracy as they prepare us for a candid and entertaining conversation with an OB/GYN next week.


98: Understanding Shame and How to Talk About It

No one wants to talk about their failures. We're taught that showing vulnerability is a weakness, yet everyone experiences shame and many times it can be devastating. Strong women aren't afraid of failure and that is what we're talking about in this episode of Sole Source. To connect with Charlene Norman, visit For the link to the free resource she mentions, visit For the link to the $500 a year resource she mentions, visit .


97: The shame of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be a controversial topic. Why? We don't get it either. Katie and Tracy are talking about the lingering shame they have felt from struggling to breastfeed their children. You would think such a natural process would be easy, but it's not! From neverending pumping sessions, to using formula, to feeling claustrophobic while breastfeeding, there can be a lot of feelings of shame and inadequacy as a new mom. Listen in to hear Katie and Tracy get real about their shame.


96: Are you living a lie? Let's try confidence instead.

Are you living up to your fullest potential? Or are you living in a way that fits what someone else told you to be? These are the questions we're diving into this week with Megan Hamilton, founder of UBU Skills. It's amazing how past narratives or what someone had told us a long time ago can stick with us and influence the way we see ourselves, the way we behave and our overall confidence. Megan explains how to overcome these lies and be your most confident self. To learn more about Megan Hamilton or UBU Skills, visit You can also connect with Megan on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


95: Nervous about public speaking? You're not alone.

Some people are natural orators and thrive in front of groups of people. Other people absolutely dread public speaking. But the skills that come with being an effective speaker can help you build your overall confidence in life, and they're skills that each person can learn. That doesn't mean it's easy. Katie and Tracy are sharing their experiences with public speaking and the fears and butterflies they get when they're going into a presentation.


94: Speaking out against sexual assault at work. A real woman's story.

Kaitlyn Carlson is the founder and CEO of Theory Planning Partners. She is helping women get to the top of their financial game by using her business knowledge and financial wit to propel women to be just as powerful as their male counterparts. However, her business started from a place of pain and a desire to overcome it. She entered the financial world as a young woman at a large financial firm. She was sexually assaulted by a male senior financial planner. She decided to speak up which prompted other women to come forward and tell their stories too. Now, years later, she is sharing with the world what happened to her and helping women not only learn to speak up, but also to take control of their power and know their worth. To reach out to Kaitlyn and learn more of her story or to receive financial planning help, visit


93: Women are warriors and victims in a world of sexual assault

There's power in numbers and we've seen that in action as more women come forward with stories of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. Katie and Tracy are previewing next week's episode of Sole Source where we speak with a woman who is sharing her story of sexual assault at work and helping to show other women the importance of taking back your power and not living in fear. Katie and Tracy discuss how women are often the victims of sexual harassment but then have to turn around and be their own advocate, their own warrior, to make it stop.


92: Oh no... society's expectations... are broken

Do you ever feel like you're just going through life checking off the boxes society tells you to be checking? But on the inside, you feel like shit? Katie and Kacie from "It All Media" are hosts of the hilarious and informative podcast called "Fuck It All." This week's episode is for every woman who has ever felt unhappy with her life and wanted to just say "fuck it all" and walk away. Because let's be honest, we all want to do that sometimes. Listen to the Fuck It All podcast wherever you get your podcasts. For more information on this week's guests, Katie and Kacie, visit


91: Katie and Tracy discuss what 'having it all' looks like

Have you ever wanted to just throw your hands up and say "F" it to everything? As women, we have expectations to be the perfect mother and wife with a clean house and homemade meals. Oh but don't forget about that successful career and make sure you stay in shape. Are these things you want or are you ignoring what makes you happy to please everyone else? If it's the latter, it can lead you to throw your hands up and have an "F it all" moment. Katie and Tracy have both experienced this to some degree and they're sharing their insights with us ahead of next week's episode which will dive deeper into this concept with Katie and Kacie from "It All Media."


90: Sexual assault. A true story from a victim of clergy abuse.

Schools and churches are supposed to be places we go to feel safe, but what happens when that isn't the case? Sandy Phillips Kirkham, author of the book "Let me Prey Upon You" is sharing the very chilling details of her story as a victim of clergy abuse. She aims to raise awareness of what victims of sexual assault go through and how it has shaped her view of the church later in life. To read Sandy's full story, check out her book here:


89: The fine line between protecting your kids and helicopter parenting

Katie and Tracy are talking with each other this week ahead of a tough Sole Source episode when we talk to a woman who was a victim of clergy abuse as a young teen. As working mothers of young children, Katie and Tracy discuss the need to leave their children with other people. And while their children are left with trusted people, there's still fear around what could happen. Listen to this candid conversation around parenting, working full time and the neverending fear many mothers have when they have to leave their children in the care of others.