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Startup Recruitment Failures is about challenges and failures faced when hiring people. Every startup founder has a story or two on how they were burned by a hire who went sour. Listening to these stories, you will not only find relief (in case you are going through similar situations), but also get insights on how to improve hiring practices and reduce your share of recruitment failures.




Startup Recruitment Failures is about challenges and failures faced when hiring people. Every startup founder has a story or two on how they were burned by a hire who went sour. Listening to these stories, you will not only find relief (in case you are going through similar situations), but also get insights on how to improve hiring practices and reduce your share of recruitment failures.




EU Bureaucracy Demystified

In this episode, get ready to gain invaluable insights on overcoming the challenges of EU bureaucracy and making the most of your startup's EU funding. Drawing from his extensive experience, Bruno Miguel Pires dives into the critical factors startups must consider when applying for EU funding.


The Power of Connections

In this episode, we interview Miguel Morgado, the CEO of Hunter. We delve into the fascinating world of hiring strategies and the challenges faced in securing investors in the US. Discover the untold stories of hiring failures and the determined efforts of Hunter to attract investment opportunities.


Navigating Web3 Hiring

Pedro Cerdeira is the Founder of, a boutique consultancy that specializes in bringing web3 technologies to the corporate world. Curious to learn about web3 hiring? This and more in this episode.


From Fixed to Agile

With an astounding track record of personally hiring over 700 individuals, Kunal Gupta is a true luminary in the world of talent acquisition. In this captivating conversation, Kunal Gupta delves deep into the realm of hiring, shedding light on the paramount importance of agility in today's fast-paced business landscape.


Scaling for Success

SheerME is a revolutionary platform that has disrupted the beauty and wellness industry and has recently launched in Brazil. During our conversation with Miguel, we explored the intricacies of hiring and recruitment in the startup ecosystem, particularly in contrast to corporate environments. Miguel provided valuable insights on the significance of cultural fit and how it can significantly impact team dynamics.


The Art of Networking

In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of featuring Edmundas Balčikonis, the Co-CEO at TripAdd, a leading digital marketplace for all travel-related needs. During the episode, Edmundas shared his expertise on a wide range of topics, including the unstoppable impact of AI and the importance of building a strong professional network. He also highlighted the value of hackathons in fostering innovation and shared his insights on the hiring process.


Avoiding burnout

In this podcast episode, we talk with Bernardo Tavares, CTO and Co-Founder at and mentor at Startup Lisboa. He shares his insights on avoiding burnout, building tech teams, hiring entrepreneurs, and the importance of connecting with candidates during the interview process. With a focus on growth and mentorship, Bernardo's experience both as a mentor and founder provides valuable lessons for anyone looking to build a successful startup.


Grit & Transparency: The Power Duo

In this episode, Steven shares valuable insights on overhiring, leaving a lasting impression on candidates, and the importance of grit in individuals working for small early-stage startups. He also emphasizes the power of clear and transparent communication to make hiring processes more efficient. So if you want to level up your hiring game and build a strong team for your business, give this episode a listen now!


Unlocking your potential

Whether you are looking to improve your career, relationships, or overall well-being, this episode provides valuable insights on how to unlock your full potential through personal growth. We had a conversation with Briony McKenzie, the Founder of Untapped. Briony shared her personal story of transitioning from corporate law into coaching and entrepreneurship.


Interview the Company

In this episode, we talk about how important it is for candidates to be honest about whether they would be happy and prosperous working in a small company. Small companies often require employees to be flexible, wear multiple hats, and work closely with a tight-knit team. Ultimately, both the candidate and the company should be invested in ensuring a good fit before making a hiring decision.


The generation for change

For the 28th episode of the Startup Recruitment Failures podcast, we sat down with João de Sousa Aroso, Founder and CEO at Leadzai. He talked about the differences between generations with regard to how they perceive their career development and specifically about Portuguese societal dynamics.


Working at the same pace

In this episode, we talked with Pavel Racu, a Co-Founder at Flair, an early-stage AI startup. Listen and find out how to get your team working in synch and what is important when hiring your core team.


Fierce fight for talent

A company's culture is at the forefront of every decision. If you want to attract and retain top talent, constantly work on your culture so you can walk the walk and not just talk the talk - states Ross Jardine, CEO and Founder of Architus. Showcase not only the growth opportunities or day-to-day tasks, but paint the picture of what it's like to belong to your team.


Don't force the match

In this episode, Pedro Henriques, CEO and Founder at Bridge In shares a few recruitment failures and talks about how important it is not to force a match between an employee and a company. Sometimes it's better to let people go in a kind way and then find them thriving someplace else.


Internship essentials

In this episode, Vitor Soares, CEO at Tap My Back talks about interns and what they should bring to the table. It's hard to make up your mind and to know exactly what your career aspirations are while young, but one must know how an internship can help one grow and develop.


Global Mindset in Business

In this episode, Afonso Pinheiro shares the 3 hiring failures that he faced during different stages of his career. Why the Portuguese market is more open than Spanish, the importance of language and culture in business, and why is it critical to learn from people with international mindsets - all in this episode.


Impact of employer branding

Onboarding begins with the first interview - you present your vision, culture and see if both parties are fully aligned. As Pedro Pinho Veloso, CEO and Founder at Near Partner says, they had quite a few near misses when having doubts proved to be a bright red flag for hiring somebody. Being sincere on social media, managing your company's image right, and retaining people - this and more on this episode.


Managers on Board

The 21st episode of Startup Recruitment Failures brings us to Portugal, where we'll talk with the local startup founders. Mindaugas, a CEO at Coho and an ex-recruiter, will share his insights into the startup recruitment process. He's convinced, that the worst mistake is not carving out the time for the recruitment process while being a hiring manager.


Diversity as a business strategy

In this episode, Olegas, Engineering Manager at Meta, shares multiple tips on how to hire, lead, and be open-minded in a super diverse workplace. According to him, we should not focus on our differences but search for the common ground and things that unite us.


Dealing with a know-it-all

Turing College is the first Lithuanian company backed by Y Combinator, at the moment having students from 20 countries. In this episode, Benas Šidlauskas, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer shares how Turing College developed, encountered a few tricky hiring failures, and talks about the importance of in-depth screening and having insightful data about the candidate.