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"Stories of Gumption" is a podcast focused on providing listeners with inspirational stories and real lessons that can help them with their career and personal life. This podcast is a collection of conversations with entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and just really really impressive people. Join us.

"Stories of Gumption" is a podcast focused on providing listeners with inspirational stories and real lessons that can help them with their career and personal life. This podcast is a collection of conversations with entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and just really really impressive people. Join us.
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"Stories of Gumption" is a podcast focused on providing listeners with inspirational stories and real lessons that can help them with their career and personal life. This podcast is a collection of conversations with entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and just really really impressive people. Join us.








Issac Giroux: A Total Health & Lifestyle Transformation

#23 Issac Giroux, A Total Health & Lifestyle Transformation In episode 23 of S.O.G., Issac Giroux starts off by sharing a bit of background on his upbringing and an interesting decision he made at age 17. He packed his bags and shipped off across the country. You'll have to listen in to hear why. Today, Issac works as the Right-of-Way Associate in the region, covering nearly all of the eastern part of NYS. The big story of this episode is his complete transformation. It's an amazing...


Matthew Waite, Esq.: Conquering Law School & the Bar Exam (Plus a Podcaster to Podcaster convo)

Episode 22: Matthew Waite, Esq. Ever considered attending law school? Nervous? Not sure if it's the right fit for you? In this episode of S.O.G., Matt Waite shares his personal account of pursuing a career in law and passing the Bar Exam. It wasn't an easy goal, but he mustered some gumption, didn't quit, and now is an attorney at law and Essex County public defender. Also, as a fellow podcaster himself, the conversation shifts toward the benefits of podcasting and there may be a teaser...


Corey Parent: Behaviors for Success in Business & Politics

Episode #21: Corey Parent, Client Advisor for Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group & Vermont State Senator. This episode of S.O.G. gets into the root of success, which comes down to small measurable behaviors that ultimately can produce long-term results. Corey shares how he has been able to find success in his professional career in insurance AND in politics by taking each day one at a time manageable and measurable behaviors....


Justin Ihne: Music, a YMCA Career, & Finding Solace

Episode #20: Justin Ihne, CEO of the Plattsburgh-Malone YMCA. In this episode of S.O.G., Justin tells us about his experience studying musicology and ethnomusicology in college. Then, we learn how Justin fell into his career with the YMCA, which stemmed from a love of summer camp. Finally, Justin shares his story of gumption, which is a story of finding solace in a difficult relationship after nearly 30 years. LINKS: WANNA...


Lauren Gonyea: Competition With Yourself

Episode #19: Lauren Gonyea, Academic Coach at SUNY Plattsburgh. After popular demand from Gumption listeners, I finally sit down with my better half and incredible life partner to discuss how her childhood created an intense mindset of always competing with herself. It led her to success in school, athletics, and now her career in higher ed. Lauren shares some great insight into how being competitive with yourself can be an important driver in achieving success and happiness. It's another...


Dr. Sharon Theroux: A Journey into Mindfulness

#18 - Dr. Sharon Theroux: Neuropsychologist, Psychotherapist, Certified MBSR Instructor, & much more... Ever considered the short- or long-term benefits of practicing mindfulness? If you're anything like me, you probably tried and then felt like you weren't doing it right. Dr. Theroux tells her own story of gumption and also discusses her journey into her current career. Then, she takes some time for us beginners (and maybe intermediates) to share some of her expertise on mindfulness, it's...


Bruce Garcia (CEO of JCEO): Commitment & Persistence

#17 - Bruce Garcia, CEO of the Joint Council for Economic Opportunity (JCEO). In this episode of the podcast, Bruce shares stories about how commitment and persistence are the essential elements of gumption. We also learn about how Bruce landed in the field of community action and how a little bit of gumption, hard work, commitment, and persistence have helped him become the community advocate he is today. Check out the JCEO website today to learn more about their efforts and how you can...


Gaelan Trombley: Building a Business & the "Catch-22" of Real Estate

Episode #16: Gaelan Trombley, Kavanaugh Realty. To kick off this episode, Ryan and Gaelan take some time to share their experiences as podcast hosts. Then, shortly thereafter, Gaelan explains what gumption means to him, expanding on his constant focus to improve and grow. There are many great moments of this episode but, about two-thirds of the way through, Gaelan addresses the classic "Catch-22" of real estate: How do you buy a home when you're counting on the income of selling your...


Janet Duprey: 41 Years of Public Service!

Episode 15: Past NYS Assemblywoman Janet Duprey. If you're looking to learn about an incredible career in public service, this is your episode. Ryan sits down to learn about the gumptious decisions Janet made during her tenure as the Assemblywoman for New York State's 114 & 115th district. As a native to the North Country, Janet shares stories from her childhood all the way to her retirement from the assembly a few years ago. We also learn a little bit more about her passions during...


Zyaijah Nadler: Connecting Communities & Sharing Perspective

Episode 14: Zyaijah Nadler, Violence Prevention Education & Outreach Coordinator at SUNY Plattsburgh, Title IX Department. Episode 14 starts off with a conversation about risk... not risk management, quality assurance, or insurance... RISK. The game. Zyaijah Nadler, the 14th guest on the show, knows her board games and is a fierce competitor. After a fun discussion about her background story, Ryan and Zyaijah discuss current Title IX initiatives at SUNY Plattsburgh, as well as ways the...


Craig De Boos: Critical Thinking & Decision-Making

Episode 13: Craig De Boos -- Quality Assurance Manager, Norsk Titanium. In the 13th episode of the Stories of Gumption podcast, Ryan sits down with Craig to talk about the importance of strategic thinking and choices. Asking "why" is a critical piece to managing risk and effective decision-making. Craig shares some great stories from his time in the Australian Navy, Plattco, and Norsk Titanium. We also take time to talk about Australia and a few other fun topics along the way. Would...


Bill Owens: Stories from a Congressman

Episode 12: Congressman Bill Owens. Congressman Owens sits down with our host to share stories of his childhood (learning problem-solving right on the sandlot), his days playing college hockey, how he met Senator Ron Stafford and started the Stafford Owens law firm, and he also discusses his experiences as a Congressman for the NYS 21st (and at the time, 23rd) district. It's certainly an episode full of gumption! Want to advertise on Stories of Gumption? Send an inquiry to...


Maria Latinville: Career Coaching & Setting Goals

Episode #11: Maria Latinville, Employee Development Manager at CVPH After recently earning her Masters Degree in Organizational Development, Maria brings a ton of knowledge to the Stories of Gumption podcast. We learn about Maria's background, how she conquered 2 full marathons (including the Boston Marathon), how she landed in Plattsburgh, NY, and she shares some valuable career development advice. Enjoy! Original introduction music by Ryan C. Lee.


Sandra Geddes: Running, Perseverance, & Social Media

Episode #10: Sandra Geddes In the beginning of the episode, we take a few minutes to discuss the best and worst parts about long-distance running. Then, Sandra opens up and tells her story of perseverance as she hit a period of time she describes as one of her lowest points in life. It's a story of staying true to yourself and mustering the gumption to keep working hard every day. Eventually, hard work pays off. We close out the episode with a discussion around social media and Sandra has...


Mark Hamilton: Navigating Crossroads & Seizing Opportunity

Episode #9: Mark Hamilton Sometimes it takes gumption to navigate the crossroads of life. Mark shares his story of pursuing his dreams and how he seized opportunity along the way... ultimately taking him in unexpected directions. Mark explains how he became the Executive Director of the Plattsburgh Housing Authority, how he (and his family) decided to start a community solar farm, and shares some detail on his newest venture: Capatus, a non-profit consulting firm with connections across the...


Hannah Provost, CFP®: Pursuing Your Dream, Foster Parenting, & Volunteering

Episode #8: Hannah Provost, CFP® Sometimes taking the leap of faith to pursue your dream can be scary and exciting. How do you know when it's the right time to take the leap? In this episode of the podcast, Hannah tells the story of how she went from (what felt like) the lowest point in her life to pursue her dream career. The discussion also shifts toward the desperate need for foster parents in the North Country (NY) and around the country. As a foster parent who eventually adopted three...


Amy Kretser: "Reckless" vs. Professional Gumption

In episode #7, we dive deeper into the meaning of gumption and discuss some of the psychology behind the meaning and perception of what it means to have gumption. With years of incredible (and arguably reckless) stories and her incredible commitment to the community, Amy brings a full dose of gumption to this episode. Enjoy!


Tom J. Bull: The Power of Your Authentic Self

Episode #6: Tom J. Bull Do you need some inspiration, positivity or perspective to kickstart your day? Tom Bull is your guy. He brings positivity and laughter with him every day. In this episode, we discuss the power of your authentic self, how Tom found his passion for working as a Life Coach, and (of course) we had some great laughs along the way. Enjoy! Original Intro Music by Ryan Lee


Neal Kirby: Side-Hustles & A Fitness Business

Episode #5: Neal Kirby Ever questioned whether it's worth diving into a side-hustle? What about dropping your corporate America career to start your own business and pursue your dreams? Neal Kirby has done both. Listen in to learn more. Enjoy! Original Intro Music by Ryan C. Lee


Shatawndra Lister: Gumption in Higher Ed

Episode #4: Shatawndra Lister The college admissions process is complex and the people behind the operation must juggle a long list of tasks. For Shatawndra, a Transfer Advisor for SUNY Plattsburgh, working in college admissions often includes late nights on the road, long days of reviewing applications, hours of connecting with faculty and learning the details of each program. This episode comes packed with some great stories. Enjoy! Original Intro Music by Ryan C. Lee