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The Disability Download is brought to you by pan-disability charity Leonard Cheshire. We respond to current topics, share stories and open up conversations about disability.

The Disability Download is brought to you by pan-disability charity Leonard Cheshire. We respond to current topics, share stories and open up conversations about disability.


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The Disability Download is brought to you by pan-disability charity Leonard Cheshire. We respond to current topics, share stories and open up conversations about disability.




Sport, doughnuts and finding your passion with Paralympians Livvy Breen and Mo Jomni

Follow Livvy on Twitter: @BreenOlivia And on Instagram: @livvy_breen Follow Mo on Twitter: @MoatezJomni And on Instagram: @mr_jomni Follow Leonard Cheshire: @LeonardCheshire Find out more about Leonard Cheshire: Check out Livvy's 15 minute home work outs: Find out more about the Paralympics:


Episode 22 - Dating apps, inclusive sex education and motherhood with Cathy Reay

Follow Cathy on Instagram: @thatsinglemum Cathy's Patreon account: Follow Leonard Cheshire: @LeonardCheshire Visit our website:


Episode 21 - 'Never Mind the Gap' - My Employment Journey with Ruth Owen OBE

Find out more about Ruth: Our employment research: Follow Ruth on Twitter: @Ruth_owenOBE Follow Ruth on Instagram: @ruthowenobe Follow us on Twitter/Instagram: @LeonardCheshire Email us:


Episode 20 - Addressing the Accessibility Gap with Access Rating

Find out more about Access Rating: Follow Access Rating on Twitter: @access_rating Follow Leonard Cheshire on social: @LeonardCheshire Visit the Leonard Cheshire website: Email us:


Episode 19 - My Traumatic Brain Injury - mental health and motivation

Find out more about Headways, the Brain Injury Association: Find out more about The Prince's Trust: Visit the Leonard Cheshire website: Follow Leonard Cheshire on Twitter and Instagram: @LeonardCheshire


Episode 18 - University challenge - how has the pandemic impacted disabled students?

We reached out to London School of Economics and Durham University for their response to some of the topics raised in this episode. A Durham University spokesperson said: “During her time at Durham University we worked with Amelia, both as a student, and in her role as a Sabbatical Officer for Durham Students’ Union, to understand and seek to address concerns that she raised. Whilst respecting the experiences that Amelia has discussed, we are resolute that inclusivity is at the heart of...


Episode 17 - Reshaping the experience for disabled musicians

Some of the links mentioned in this month's episode: - Youth Music Website - Reshape Music Report - Higher Frequency Podcast - Adaptive Musical Instrument Guide Follow Nick on Twitter: @Nick_Wilsdon Follow Youth Music on Twitter: @youthmusic - Carol's website Follow Carol on Twitter and...


Episode 16 - The journey to inclusive travel

You can read the 'Breaking Down Barriers to Travel' report on Leonard Cheshire's website. You can listen to Sophie Elwes' A Life Less Ordinary podcast on the Apple Store. You can find out more about Makingtrax and Jezza Williams on their website. You can read more about Expedia Group's diversity and inclusion initiatives on their website. Find out more about Leonard Cheshire on their website. Follow Sophie Elwes on Twitter @sophieelwes, or Instagram @sophieelwes Follow Makingtrax on...


Episode 15 - Crohn’s and Colitis’ hidden challenges - mental health and stigma

Find out more about Crohn's & Colitis UK's 'Not Every Disability is Visible' campaign: Find out more about Leonard Cheshire: Follow Leonard Cheshire: @LeonardCheshire


Episode 14 - The Change Makers Takeover

This month we're doing something new and exciting with our first ever 'takeover' episode. We're hearing from the Change Makers, a group of citizen youth reporters who have been investigating the main challenges facing young people with disabilities today. Mia Stevenson, Pasha Richards and Arthur Lawson talk about their experiences as young reporters during the lockdown. Change Makers is supported by the Act for Change Fund, a £3.6million partnership between Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Esmee...


Episode 13 – Why is inclusive education so important?

This month we’re talking about the value of inclusive education, both in the UK and around the world. We hear from disability rights advocate Maria Njeri about the difference inclusive education would have made to her school experience. We also chat to Kyle Eldridge to get his views on integrated schools in the UK and catch up with Orpa Ogot who works on the Girls’ Education Challenge Transition programme in Kenya. She tells us how they’ve been keeping children learning throughout the...


Episode 12 - The Future of Assistive Technology

What does the future hold for assistive technology? We hear how it’s changing the way we live our lives. Nick Bishop chats to Leonard Cheshire Director of Assistive Technology Steve Tyler, who works with tech companies Google and Amazon to make their products accessible. Find out more on our website:


Episode 11 - Video Games – a game-changer for disabled people?

Find out more about Stack Up: Follow Alex on Twitter: @WallsiesDGP Follow Josh on Twitter: @JoshuaReevesDCMS Please send your questions, comments and podcasts ideas to


Episode 10 - Isolation and coronavirus

Guests Josh Wintersgill @Able_MoveUK– 01:42 – 15:55 Jamie Woods @jamiewoods77 – 16:27 – 33:22 Sophia Kleanthous @soph_campaigner – 33:57 – 41:29 Chloe Timms @clotimms – 42:15 – 58:20 You can donate to our PPE appeal on our website: Check our website for more information around coronavirus: Contact us at


Episode 9 - 'Disabled Looks Like Me' - Non-visible Disabilities and the Media

For more information about Leonard Cheshire's 'Disabled Looks Like Me' t-shirt campaign head to: Check them out on Everpress here: Check out our guests: Mimi Butlin - @cantgoout_imsick Lucy Dawson - @luuudaw / @ludawinthesky Sophia Kleanthous - @soph_campaigner For enquiries, email...


Episode 8 - International Women's Day with Judy Heumann

Crip Camp documentary and memoir (01.51 – 15.23) International Women’s Day (15.26 – 22.52) Leonard Cheshire and international work (22.55 – 24.03) Crip Camp debuts on Netflix in the UK on Wednesday 25 March. Check out the trailer here: For International Women’s Day, we’re challenging stereotypes of what disability looks like in our #DisabledLooksLikeMe t-shirt campaign. Find out more on our Everpress site. Please give us a review, like, share...


Episode 7 - Is fashion accessible enough?

For more information about Carina's business, Hands of Warriors, head to: You can also follow her business on Facebook: and Instagram: @handsofwarriors For more information about Laura's business Careaux, head to: You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the handle: @careauxofficial Want to know more about Jenny's business eScent? Head to...


Episode 6 - Social Care special – Frances Ryan

The Disability Download Special episode – Frances Ryan [Music intro] Cathy Lynch Hello and welcome to The Disability Download. The Disability Download is brought to you by disability charity Leonard Cheshire. I'm Cathy Lynch. Erin O'Reilly And I'm Erin O'Reilly and on this podcast, we respond to current topics, share stories and open up conversations about disability. This month we're all about the Paralympics. This month we’re giving you a very special episode of The Disability...


Episode 5 - Talking Assistive Tech

More info on Access to Work can be found here: If you’d like to speak to us and tell us your story, email us at