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If you find this podcast, this if for you.

If you find this podcast, this if for you.
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If you find this podcast, this if for you.








"I Lost My Identity" - Part 2 | Solocation

This episode is the 2nd part of a conversation around identity and self discovery. In this episode I talk (your ear off) haha about the importance of self discovery. I share my own journey, tools you can use if you currently find yourself in a similar season and if you stay tuned to the end, you get a passenger seat into my actual trip - yep I recorded daily - everything just for you! Stay tuned to the end! Enjoy.


"I Lost My Identity" - Part 1

Bae is back ya'll! On this episode my husband returns to the show to help me sort through my introspections on a topic that I have been wrestling with and struggling through for years: Reclaiming my identity, and myself again. As a wife and mother it is so easy for our identity to be overshadowed by those two dominate roles that define us. In that last 10 years, marriage and motherhood stripped away everything I knew about myself and left me standing in a shell I could no longer identify...


Body Positivity: "Who YOU are RIGHT NOW is Worthy of Being Loved"

July is here and summer is in full swing ya'll - Suns out, Bums out! And that means one thing - its time to talk about loving these the body we are in AS IS! Today on the show, I have the pleasure of chatting with my guest Arielle Estoria about Body Positivity, what the movement is all about, and she share her own "Body Love Journey", and teaches us how we can learn to love ourselves without the filters, diet pills, and impossible media driven standards of beauty. About out guest: Arielle...


"Sis, Get Out!" - Letting Go of Toxic Relationships

On Todays Episode, I sit down with my friend, Camille Robinson - actress, model, and beautiful soul both inside and out. Join me as she shares her vulnerable story of leaving her marriage, which she describes as toxic and abusive. Camille describes the symptoms she overlooked, how she was able to finally make the necessary exit from her marriage, how she healed from that trauma, and how that healing has allowed her to walk in the full confidence of who she is today. (And how you can do...


Give Yourself Permission to Become.

#IssawordWednesday On This Episode: Host, Tania shares some deep truths about the Process of Becoming why who we are becoming matters more than we think. Episode Preview: "There is a chasm that often exist between who we are, and who we want to be...and often times we fall short of loving the former. But you are worthy of love today. You are enough today. And it's in the process of learning to fully loving who we we are right now, today...that we become the person we envision ourselves...


13 Years of Waiting. Grace's Infertility Story.

We are continuing on in the month of May to discuss all thing Motherhood. Including the parts we walk in silence. No part goes the most unspoken then the pain of a "mother-in-waiting" So many women, desire to become mothers, yet silently struggle with the grief pangs of infertility. Today on the show, I sit down with my good friend Grace as she shares her journey of battling infertility for the last 13 years and her journey with IVF. Listen in.


Mama, You're Not OK. It's time to get some help.

On this weeks episode I sit down with my good friend Kaylee Kanning to discuss Motherhood and Mental Health. We open up and share our stories as mother of have both been impacted by mental illness. We are pulling back that curtain on the stigmas that cling to that words "mental illness - depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and ideations etc" We talk about postpartum depression, when to see the signs, and when to seek help, and what you can do if you know a mother or friend who is showing...


Finding Contentment within Our Home

Today on the show, we have a special episode. Join me as I sit down with my good friend Kennesha Buycks, @Restoration House. We are talking about her new book, fittingly named Restoration House, that just released yesterday! She shares how God used her restoring of forgotten furniture to simultaneously restore the broken places in her life as a young military wife and mother. She also share how the Lord told her about this forthcoming book the same day she lost her mother, and so so much...


I Didn't Sign Up for This

The month of April is Autism Awareness Month, and often we use this month to celebrate the many achievements of these exceptional individuals. But there is another side, often walked in silence and that is parenting a child with Autism. As a mother of a child with Autism, I wanted to give a raw and honest portrayal of what it is like to raise a child on the spectrum. Today on the show, I share my story. Listen in.


Surviving a Sexless Marriage

As a society we talk a lot ABOUT sex, we may jokes about it, dish out all the "How To" bedroom tips... But it is extremely its RARE to see examples of someone discussing sex WITH the person he or she actually is actually having sex with. Let's just be honest, it's awkward. How do you communicate to your spouse "I am not happy with our sex life" How do tell the person you love that you feel sexually unfulfilled? This is not easy stuff friends. No one teaches us how to do that. Well...


Marriage is a Trap

...I love you too much to leave, but it's hurting me too much to stay. "At times marriage is painful. You give someone else access to the most intimate part of you - your heart. And you trust them to care for it like their very own. But, because we are human it doesn’t always happen that way…we hurt each other, we say things we never meant, and suddenly a cement barrier begin to form around our chest. We don’t want to let go of that pain. We don’t want to accept that they are just a human...


T*ts, Toddlers, and Tigerstripes

Ours do. Mamas…they didn’t tell us …why they ain’t tell us that our bodies would not only occupied, but fully manhandled, mangled, and marred by tiny little leeches with chubby cheeks, and soft skin. We are talking about all of that and more on todays episode. Mamas, this one is for you. (And if you haven't crossed over into the world of motherhood yet, you’ve been warned.)


Why I took a year off Instagram

Join me today as I share an old journal entry that led to me getting off social media for an entire year.



Join us every week as we push past fear to vulnerably share our narratives and introspections on identity, purpose, dating, marriage, motherhood and everything in between. Welcome home, friend. This space is for you.