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Episode 16: Budding Projects

Spring flowers are ready to bloom, and so is your newest creative writing project. But where do you begin? How do you overcome a blank page? Courtney and Rachel demonstrate how to enter a story through objects. Poet Dan Brady and fiction writer Sam Nelson tell us how they start a new project. Plus, we indulge in some spring poems by Jordi Rozenman, Benjamin Brezner, and Nicki Avena.


Episode 15: What is love?

Love is in the air, and everyone wants to write about it. Love may be a powerful motivator for writing, but it's also one of the most difficult things to write about. How do you convey love without being cliché or melodramatic? Rachel reads some of her teenage poetry, Courtney talks about bleeding hearts, Peyman Allahverdizade loves loving, Alis Sandosharaj struggles to love her dark skin, and Taylor Johnson makes love universal. Plus, we hear from DC writers Timothy DeLizza, Stephanie...


Episode 14: Finishing Line

Happy New Year and happy resolution season! Instead of starting a new project this year, why not resolve to finish one? Poet Nicole Tong and fiction writer Caroline Bock join us to discuss what gets in the way of finishing a writing project and how to push through those writerly ruts. Rachel and Courtney do a "live" exercise, and we hear from DC writers Benjamin Brezner, Carolyn Supinka, and Mary Donovan.


Episode 13: Home

Just in time for the holidays, Rachel and Courtney discuss home. How do we write about home? What are some ways to convey the essence of home? What writing tools can we use to use home as setting, a catalyst, or its own character? Courtney introduces us to her dog Remy, and Rachel offers up a symphony of sound. Plus we hear from DC writers Nadia Prupis, Daniel Knowlton, Nicole Tong, and Garrett Schlichte.


Episode 12: Monsters, Ghosts, and Grief

With Halloween on the horizon and the 200th Anniversary of Frankenstein this month, we discuss monsters, ghosts, and grief in writing. Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson joins us to explore how ghosts present themselves in our writing, and how writing can be a way to work through grief and death. No tricks this episode, but we have a special treat with Dan Knowlton and Kate Heller!


Episode 11: Writing Habits

As we settle down for the Fall and turn our focus back to writing and being productive, how do we establish good writing habits? And how do we stay inspired, and keep writing even when it's hard? Inner Loop veteran Leeya Mehta tells us how she can be constantly productive, and Ellen Roche talks about her sonnet-a-day project. Plus, we hear from local writers Sam Mahone, Jennifer Clements, J.G. McClure, and Michael Tager.


Episode 10: Travel Writing

This month we discuss travel as inspiration for writing, whether it be travel writing per se, essays or poems about travel experiences, or fiction based in exotic places. Returning home from her 52nd country and her latest tour of the US, Rachel Louise Snyder shares her expertise on travel-inspired writing. Plus, we hear from local writers Kate Heller, Sherrie Flick, Toni Tileva, Joel Goldberg, Jen Fitzgerald, and Thu Nguyen.


July Hiatus

The Inner Loop Radio is on hiatus this month. Have a great summer!


Episode 9: Genre Fiction

Can genre fiction rise to the level of literary fiction? Tara Laskowski and Art Taylor give us tips on how to imbue a ghost story with deeper meaning. Plus we hear from local writers Josh Logue, Eric Kozlik, Michael Landweber, Anthony Dobranski, Mike Madden, and Megan Alpert reading satire, sci-fi, noir, and romance!


Episode 8: Conflict and Creativity

In honor of Memorial Day and those who have served, this month's episode explores how trauma and conflict influences writers, and how it can often be turned into a creative driver. Navy veteran Jacquelyn Bengfort joins us in-studio; NATOChannel editor Rob Kunzig calls in from Latvia; and we hear readings from Nancy K. Pearson, Samantha De Trinidad, Ruthi Postow Birch and Beth Spesia.


Episode 7: Flash!

Our April edition explores the art of short works, in honor of National Poetry Month and our Four Year Anniversary! What is the lure of shorter pieces? How does one convey so much in so few words? Kathy Curto explains the allure of flash nonfiction, while Paul Fauteux shows us the power of the shortest poems. Plus, flash readings by Zach Powers, Michelle Junot, and Sam Nelson.


Episode 6: Micro to Macro

This month we talk to Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Vijay Seshadri, about how to turn a moment of inspiration into a polished piece and how to turn several pieces into a collection. We are treated to moving insights, pregnant pauses, and poignant readings from his collection, 3 Sections. Plus, we celebrate the up-and-coming work of our amazing interns!


Episode 5: Animal Muses

Our February episode focuses on animal muses and character development-- we speak to Michael Collier about writing your way into any mind, and hear him read live from new works. Plus... find out what happens when a cat knows no limits, or in a world filled with wasps, or whether goldfish really die.


Episode 4: Writerly Resolutions

Our New Year's resolutions episode features David Ebenbach, who reads his story about artistic jealousy and discusses the publishing process of short stories. How many rejections does it take to get one acceptance? In one story's case sixty-one! Plus, we hear Lisa Sewell's poems inspired by her favorite books.


Episode 3: Season's Readings!

The December edition of The Inner Loop Radio is all about family! With the upcoming holidays, our minds tend toward family, whether you're going home or staying home this Christmas season. Rachel and Courtney go in depth on mothers, fathers, big brothers, and big sisters, and how they influence our writing and our lives. Chelsea Horne joins us with her flash piece entitled "Goldfish Mother" and an interview on her inspiration.


Episode 2: The Trump Edition

This month, we celebrate immigrants, minorities, and the LGBTQ community with compelling readings and discussions about gentrification in DC, the election last year and how it has affected DC writers, and how writers can contribute to their communities. Plus, we interview writer and community organizer, Danielle Evennou, and hear one of her steamiest poems!


Episode 1: Introduction to The Inner Loop

Episode 1 introduces The Inner Loop through readings inspired by the Woodlawn Estate and Pope-Leighey House, flash fiction, nonfiction, and poetry readings, and dramatic readings of exquisite corpses. We also hear Diana Veiga read her story "Summertime" in the studio and find out about the writing process, her inspiration, and the go-go era of DC.


The Inner Loop Radio: Coming Soon!

Introducing The Inner Loop Radio with Rachel Coonce and Courtney Sexton, providing you with local literature from Washington, DC, including readings, interviews, and discussions about the writing life! Episode 1 coming October 17th!