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The RK3 Show is homebase for conversations with public speakers, storytellers, communicators and life transforming leaders.


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The RK3 Show is homebase for conversations with public speakers, storytellers, communicators and life transforming leaders.






Ep89 - Telling Your Story Without Fear

How do you get rid of fear? Is there a real way to get rid of it or do you just find a way to deal with it? Our guest today is an expert on this topic. He is a speaker, leadership coach, and best selling author with over 19 years of experience in speaking, leadership development, and organizational management. He's known for his authenticity, his humor, and his engaging presence. Mike specializes in fostering personal and organizational awareness allowing the audience to personalize...


Ep88 - Making Your Story Sticky

Is your story forgettable? When you share your story with people do they remember it? Steve has been impacting the lives of people from all walks of life for 14 years. He is a renowned, peak performance, expert, keynote speaker and author. He has delivered hundreds of presentations to companies, associations, conventions, sports teams, churches, leadership conferences. As a dynamic speaker and motivator, Steve partners with corporations, professional organizations, and entrepreneurs to...


Ep87 - Are Your Story Skills Soft As Steel?

Seriously, why do people keep referring to speaking and communicating as "soft"? It's crucial and critical but we talk about them as soft. Dennis is a leading expert in the construction industry with more than 30 years of experience. he's the author of the highly praised book "Soft As Steel" which focuses on the vital importance of developing and valuing soft skills. He has dedicated himself to providing business leaders in all industries with the tools to be successful, not just in...


Ep86 - What Is Your Voice Brand?

Our guest today is the founder and CEO of Audivita Studios. Audivita Studios is a virtual collective of creative and production talent that helps publishers, authors, entrepreneurs, influencers, business professionals, and thought leaders connect their voices to the world and grow their brands and businesses with original podcasting, audio books, and video. David has been the creative director, music composer, and producer for content for radio, TV, film, and podcast for more than 30...


Ep85 - The Story of the Sage Stage: How To Do Virtual Events Well

It's the last month of 2020 and several of you may be thinking, "When can we get back to the energy and the vibe of in-person events?" That's what we need, right? Or is it? Our guest today has reason to be excited with virtual events. Blue Melnick runs SAGE Event Management with his wife Bari Baumgardner. SAGE specializes in helping speakers, authors and influencers leverage the live and virtual event space to launch a seven figure (or multi-seven figure) coaching business in three days...


Ep84 - Your Message Matters... Really

Do you ever wonder if people are listening as you speak? Most people try to keep their stories to themselves because they do not feel how important their message is. Yes, your voice matters and your message matters. Today's guest is Jonathan Milligan, author of "Your Message Matters: How to Rise above the Noise and Get Paid for What You Know". He's also a speaker, blogger, online business coach, and he spent the last decade guiding and directing creative professionals on how to pursue...


Ep83 - Can I Be Funny On-Demand?

How easy is it to be funny on-demand? Our guest in Episode 83 is a natural in comedy. She is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, motivational speaker, Huffington Post contributor, and cast member of the Fashion Hero TV show airing on Amazon Prime. She is also the author of "Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale", "The Story Formula", and other books. Let's hit our funny bones with amazing speaker and comedienne extraordinaire, Kelly...


Ep82 - The Stories We Tell

Are you left-brained or right-brained? How do you shift from a logical career to a creative, highly right-brained career? Our guest in Episode 82 is an AWESOME dude. He attended Florida State University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in accounting. He even became a licensed CPA! But then he realized that that wasn't where he needed to be. He decided that in order to fulfill his purpose he had to pivot to that world of storytelling. In December of 2004, he took a step of...


Ep 81 - Becoming A Celebrity CEO

I have a fabulous speaker as a guest today! He is the founder of Smart Hustle Media and he is an in-demand commentator on marketing technology mindset startups and more. Let's all listen to Ramon Ray and learn how to become a celebrity CEO! 05:5507:1309:0912:3215:1316:5018:3020:01 SUBSCRIBE to The RK3 Show On: Apple PodcastsStitcher Google Play MusicSpotify, TuneIn RadioRadioPubliciHeartRadio Amazon Music RESOURCES The Celebrity CEO: How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive by Building a...


Ep80 - 5 Ways To Appear Confident On Screen

Some people just seem confident on camera when they have to deliver a presentation virtually or even just doing a livestream. They have this suave, this panache, the charisma - something that they seem to have been born with. These days it is crucial to be so confident on screen because with the current pandemic, we all need to be online. Maybe the big question here is: are you hurting your brand when you show up without confidence on video Lets talk about Five ways for your authentic...


Ep79 - Getting Greater Reach for Your Story with Facebook Ads

Tristen Sutton graces our show this week. He has become the Go To strategist for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for proven branding and marketing strategies that will drive their business to the top in their market space. After years of seeing low returns from traditional marketing efforts, Tristen himself decided to try something new and shifted his own efforts towards social media. With his success, he's been branded as the "Branding Jedi" on Social Media for his...


Ep78 - How To Make The Perfect Pitch

Can you just fall into the Perfect Career? My guest today is an attorney who experienced homelessness and had to fight her way back to success. She's a 13-time national elevator pitch champion, has been featured on Shark Tank, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, and the movie "Leap"! Her current clients include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, eBay, and more! Let's chat with the #KillerPitchMaster, Precious Williams and learn the precious...


Ep77 - Can You EmCee Me?

"Start Simple, Start Now." -- Daniel Ramamurthy (Dan Ram) Have you ever seen people amazing things and wondered how they got there and why not you? What are you going to do and what are you willing to give up, sacrifice, or do without in order to be in that position? Our guest is a man who goes by two syllables: Dan Ram. He is an Igniter (five-time TEDx speaker), entrepreneur, prolific speaker, start-up coach. He is AMAZING. He travels the world as an emcee as well; appearing on...


Ep76 - 5 Storytelling Techniques To Make You A Presentation ROCKSTAR

What's the best way to connect with almost any audience? If you haven't been listening to the show, it is through STORIES. If you can choose the right story, you are more likely to get the result you are looking for. Can you use stories in a corporate setting though? The short answer is YES. If you want to be a leader, a truly influential leader, it is best to tell your message through stories. But not just any story, it has to be the RIGHT STORY. How then do you tell the right story?...


Ep75 - Becoming A Visual Storyteller

A picture is worth a thousand words. But how do cameras, pictures, and storytelling transform in the hands of an expert? John DeMato is an expert in persuasive visual storytelling. He's a branded, lifestyle, portrait, and virtual photographer based in New York City. As a former television producer, he has over 20 years of production experience and has been featured as a lifestyle photography expert on several NBCUniversal daytime talk and reality shows like Maury. What is persuasive...


Ep74 - The Story of the Millennial Mastermind

My guest today is a millennial. A generation that has the wealth of information at their fingertips. Yet that advantage also brings its own set of challenges. How can you maximize the opportunity and power through the challenges then? Brad Mulvey is the founder of Millennial Mastermind and host of the Millennial Mastermind podcast. He created the podcast for the entrepreneurial millennial looking for tools, tactics, and inspiration to take their business and life to the next...


Ep73 - Designing A Story That Wins

"Master Your inner critic, resolve the root cause, create prosperity." -- Christopher Salem My guest today is dedicated to serving value rather than selling and is focused on results that matter. He's a business leader, advisor, keynote speaker, prosperity coach, wellness advocate expert. He found success over a 26-year career as a senior sales executive selling media, aircraft, investing in businesses, and implementing residual income platforms. But there have also been major setbacks...


Ep72 - How To Speak Like You Breathe

What is that thing you do so well that it is as natural as breathing? Our guest today has discovered that "thing" and has thrived after going through a major challenge in her life. Karen Donaldson is a Celebrity Communication, Body Language and Certified Confidence Coach, Sr.Executive Public Speaking Coach and International Speaker. Many of her clients call her the communication and confidence disruptor. She is an award winning, 3x Best Selling Author of books like "Speak Like You...


Ep71 - Mastering Your Story With A Mastermind

Making it on your own is a myth. True success - accelerated success - comes from leveraging the efforts, strengths, resources, and mental capacities of others. In order to move forward, you've got to go with others. And one of the best ways to do this is through a Mastermind group. Our guest this week helps people to master their stories through masterminds. Wanda Booth is a business strategist who served for 25 years in the US Army. After moving back to civilian life, she realized her...


Ep70 - 7 Stories You Should Stop Telling Yourself

Who is the person you speak to the most everyday? The answer is YOU, yourself. You speak to yourself all the time! We have many conversations daily. And sometimes, we even pay attention to the words that we are saying :). All too often though, we aren’t intentional about the words we say to the person we speak to the most...YOU, yourself, the man/woman in the mirror. Well, it’s time to adjust those conversations. In this episode, I share the 7 critical stories you need to...