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The RK3 Show is homebase for conversations with public speakers, storytellers, communicators and life transforming leaders.

The RK3 Show is homebase for conversations with public speakers, storytellers, communicators and life transforming leaders.


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The RK3 Show is homebase for conversations with public speakers, storytellers, communicators and life transforming leaders.






Ep 71 - Mastering Your Story With A Mastermind

Making it on your own is a myth. True success - accelerated success - comes from leveraging the efforts, strengths, resources, and mental capacities of others. In order to move forward, you've got to go with others. And one of the best ways to do this is through a Mastermind group. Our guest this week helps people to master their stories through masterminds. Wanda Booth is a business strategist who served for 25 years in the US Army. After moving back to civilian life, she realized her...


Ep70 - 7 Stories You Should Stop Telling Yourself

Who is the person you speak to the most everyday? The answer is YOU, yourself. You speak to yourself all the time! We have many conversations daily. And sometimes, we even pay attention to the words that we are saying :). All too often though, we aren’t intentional about the words we say to the person we speak to the most...YOU, yourself, the man/woman in the mirror. Well, it’s time to adjust those conversations. In this episode, I share the 7 critical stories you need to...


Ep69 - How To Create A Happy Business Story

"I believe that the results that show up in our life are just as important as the results that show up in your bank account." -- Che Brown, The Happy Entrepreneur Che Brown is the founder of The Happy Entrepreneur Sales Club. He is a globally-renowned giant in the sales world; he has cracked the once elusive code of entrepreneurial success with a game-changing model that unlocks unlimited financial potential power, and wealth. Listen and find out what are the keys to happiness and...


Ep 68 - Mastering A Story That Connects

Our guest this week bested 20,000 other Toastmaster contestants and was declared as THE Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, let's have a conversation with Speaker, Trainer, 2019 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking Aaron Beverly! 02:5303:5205:5406:4709:2311:1413:3414:28 SUBSCRIBE to The RK3 Show On: Apple PodcastsStitcher Google Play MusicSpotify, TuneIn Radio RESOURCES InstagramFacebookLinkedInemailFREE5-day Signature Story CourseThe Storyteller's Growth...


Ep67 - The Story of The Glass Ceiling

How does a woman deal with being great, being a professional, and being in a position naturally ASSUMED to be a man's position? Our guest this week was a star athlete for the UCLA and used to play for the Los Angeles Sparks and New York Liberty in the WNBA. She is currently an assistant coach for the Westchester Knicks, the affiliate for the NBA's New York Knicks. The franchise's first ever female assistant coach, she's a motivational speaker as well. Our guest today needs no further...


Ep 66 - Telling Your Story On Television

"In the football field, I had to use my physicality. Off the football fiel, I got to use my mentality." - Brian Mitchell Brian Mitchell is a former Super Bowl winning running back for the Washington Redskins. Brian had a successful 14-year career in the NFL and made a transition after his career to analyst, motivational speaker, and host of the self-named show The Brian Mitchell Show. Let's hear how Brian made it from the gridiron to the...


Ep65 - Words That Transform

"Words have power. What you say, you create." - Alicia Dunams One of the guests in a podcast I hosted way back 2014, Alicia Dunams is a good friend and has an amazing way with words. She's a bestselling author who has written numerous books and, for the past 10 years, has been helping others write their own bestseller! She works with busy leaders and aspiring authors who want to birth a bestseller in a weekend. She's a big believer in communication, storytelling, and the power of...


Ep 64 - How Many Ways Can I Share My Message?

How many ways do I need to share my message to make a mark? Where do I need to share it to make an impact? Our guest in Episode 64 is Brian J. Dixon. Brian loves to assure people that their message matters. He does this through helping authors, speakers, and aspiring messengers create a sustainable business and create online courses. He wants people to know that they do not have to be stuck in their miserable job and they can start a business they love. They can live a life they love...


Ep 63 - Stories Through The Eyes Of A Lens

What stories do people tell when they see you? What story do you tell when you see people? What lens shares the best photo and insight into your story? Growing up in a household of drug addicts and being a former felon himself, who would have ever imagined our guest ever getting past these challenges and thriving? He’s an author. He’s a nationally published, award-winning, corporate and commercial photographer. He was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey where his interest for being an...


Ep. 62 - From The Heart - George Floyd, Amy Cooper & More

In this episode, I speak from my heart about recent events. I speak from hurt but I also speak from hope! I hope it makes you think. I hope you find it valuable.


Ep 61 - Age Is A Number But You Shouldn't Pay Attention

"You're too young, you're not old enough. You're not ready." How can you break through when you're limited even before you had the chance? Our guest today made his voice heard and opened the doors himself instead of waiting for it to be opened for him. He was raised in poverty and is a college dropout with little formal education. Now, he helps entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses. Listen as Andy Audate shares how age is just a number when it comes to...


Ep 60 - 3 Reasons It's Good to Reuse Your Stories

When you find yourself in a rut and running out of new content to share, what do you do? Do you force yourself to come up with a new one regardless if it is uninspired or do you wait until inspiration strikes? Most of us hold back or get stuck because we feel the need to constantly create new things. For years in my business, I've been creating and generating content until I have nothing new to say. Then I would hide until I can find something new to provide. But then I realized as I...


Ep 59 - The Stories Money Tells

“Numbers tell a story and they never lie.” – Lisa Anderson My guest today loves numbers! She’s a CPA, strategic business advisor, million dollar mentor, and is the President of Anavo Transformation Solutions. She helps small businesses and entrepreneurs transform their money stories from trouble to topnotch; moving business owners from sobbing to seven figures. If you want to know what story your money is telling, let Lisa Anderson help you...


Ep 58 - Delivering Stories That Stand Out

People pay attention to what grabs their attention. What do you do to make your story stand out? We have a highly-engaging episode for you this week. My guest today is a best-selling author, an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning championship speaker, and has happy clients and customers in 81 countries around the world as a communication coach, consultant, and expert. She has been on ABC, NBC, Fox, and all the other -BC's! She loves to help people who are smart enough to realize...


Ep 57 - Turning The Page and Unlocking Your Next Chapter

Do you ever feel stuck like you're in an eternal loop a la Groundhog Day? How do you turn the page and move forward to your next chapter? Our guest today can help you get unstuck! He is an Author, Executive Coach, and a Relationship Architect. He helps men and women achieve success by viewing their lives as a story. Dr. Johnny Parker can help you "Turn the Page," define your purpose, and accomplish great things in life! 04:3506:1007:3210:3813:5316:1517:18 SUBSCRIBE to The RK3 Show...


Ep 56 - Leading Like A President

How many US Presidents have you had the privilege of connecting with in your lifetime? Our guest today is the man, the myth, the legend who has been able to connect with at least FIVE (5) American Presidents! Anton J. Gunn is a hip-hop loving speaker, author, and has been a leadership advisor to some of the biggest brands in the United States of America, including former US President Barack Obama. Today, he will share with us his story, his belief about service, what inspires him to be a...


Ep 55 - Being Heard When Everyone Else Is Speaking

How do you get heard when everyone else is talking at the same time? We are experiencing a new normal today - where we have to stay home to keep safe and as a result, everyone wants to keep in touch or share something virtually. But can too much of a good thing be bad enough? In today's episode, I want to share with you a few things you can do to still be able to share your message when everyone else is speaking. 04:2305:0506:28Zoom-itis07:2308:01Tip #109:52Tip #211:47Tip #313:20Tip...


Ep 54 - Communication, Cars & Christ

Are you really being authentic and sharing all of you in your business or in the marketplace? Our guest today is David Villa, the founder and CEO of IPD, a marketing media and training firm that works with companies of all sizes and industries across the United States. He has over 20 years of national sales and executive management experience. Since the company was established in 1995, David has been responsible for pioneering, growing, and scaling IPD into one of the nation's leading...


Ep53 - Meeting A Need They Don’t Know They Need

What do you do when you know people need to change but they don't know they need that change? This bestselling author and boss lady found a way to offer a novel service for professional speakers. She and her team help professional speakers by handling all the extra details regarding their event so you can focus on sharing your message more effectively. Let her team help you! Layna Ware has a story, let's hear it. 05:1006:0807:5509:1510:3813:0415:4917:1419:09 SUBSCRIBE to The RK3...


Ep52 - Stories From The Football Field

How many obstacles have you had to overcome in pursuit of your dream? Does your mind control you or do you control your mind? Our guest this week was a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears. He also became known as an ESPN analyst for 21 years, a cancer survivor, and is now an inspirational speaker who has an amazing story. Merril Hoge has a story, let's hear it! 04:3805:5207:2408:1609:5210:5612:4415:3717:0118:47 SUBSCRIBE to The RK3 Show On: Apple...