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Guests talk about their passions and I work in questions that address sustainable living.


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Guests talk about their passions and I work in questions that address sustainable living.




Anna Maiche

Anna Maiche Actor and environmental + wildlife activist spent her childhood moving from France, to the Ivory Coast to Cuba, and Jamaica. At 10 she was accepted into the school for the National Ballet of Cuba and at 19 was accepted into the trainee division of a ballet company. She fell in class resulting in a career ending surgery. Thus began her intro into acting starting with an acting class in New York! She moved to Vancouver and trained with Mel Tuck before heading to LA to start her...


Jeff Nemeth

Jeff Nemeth is the founder of True Story Leadership, a consulting company where he helps fellow humans on the journey of life through coaching address mental, emotional and spiritual health. His passion is supporting people live their lives on their terms.


Sorel Haruf

Sorel Haruf is passionate about living life as a modern mystic and works in the realms of spirituality, healing and teaching. She has been offering sessions as a Healing Practitioner since 2000, when she was trained as a Gaia Energy Worker. Since then, she has received training as an Angel Therapy Practitioner in 2008 from Doreen Virtue; and training in Past Life and Between Life Soul Regression Hypnotherapy in 2009 and 2010 from Dr. Linda Backman. She's been a teacher of many different...


Shelly Gottschamer

Shelly works at the intersection of sustainability and business. She is an apparel supply chain veteran who understands the reality of how social and environmental policies translate on both the factory floor and the bottom lime. Starting with Levi’s, Shelly has served in sourcing and sustainability roles for leading global brands; including Patagonia, Crocs and Canada Goose. Her industry work includes chair or co-chair with the Social and Labor Convergence Program and the Accelerating...


Bonnie Ballantyne

Bonnie Stetson Ballantyne is a global citizen, currently residing in Longmont, CO, USA. At 80, she has had 20+ occupations from dishwasher (1986 - The Mark Singer) to international business development (US West 1986 to 1993). She sees life as an adventure, an opportunity acquire her most valued asset - knowledge. You could say her twin passions are learning and growing. Bonnie believes that if, we focus on sustainable solutions rather than recurrent problems, searching out and implementing...


Darlene Rooney Episode 2

In our first episode Darlene and I discussed her passion, Forest Therapy. In this episode we delve into everyday impactful actions we can all take that nurture a connection with our environment.


Greg Nance

Greg Nance is the CEO of Dyad Mentorship and Chairman of Moneythink, organizations that have helped students earn over $27M in university scholarships. His work has been recognized by President Obama as a "Champion of Change." Greg loves endurance challenges and he has solo climbed Mont Blanc, swam across the Nile River, and run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. Next up, Greg is celebrating 3,000 days sober by running 3,000 miles across America to create a documentary exploring our...


Nichole Jones

Nichole Jones is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and a Life Coach. Her passion is helping people create their lives through coaching and therapy. Guiding clients back to self-love, worthiness and compassion is the cornerstone of her work. She provides 1:1 as well as group support through her upcoming « Remember Self-Love » program.


Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is the Author of Broken: A Love Story, the true tale of her friendship with northern Arapahoe Traditional Healer and quadriplegic Horse Trainer Stanford Addison, and teacher of all levels of zoom-based creative writing classes.


Darlene Rooney Episode 1

Darlene Rooney is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide based in Longmont, CO. She is passionate about guiding people to find their heart’s intelligence through opening the senses and connecting with the natural world. This brings calm and balance to the nervous system and a deep sense of inner peace.


Tez Steinberg

Tez Steinberg tells us about his passion for endurance sports and sustainability. Visit his website for more information about his record setting trans Pacific solo-row and the scholarship he created.


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