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Walking and Talking About Life
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Walking and Talking About Life




Episode 9

What is your focus for 2019? Are there any goals, aspirations or watchwords that you plan to direct your energy toward this year? I'm not too big on New Years resolutions, but I do conduct an annual review to gauge how my previous year went and I do set some aspirations for the coming year. As I walk through my beautiful little village of East Aurora, I share my watchwords for 2019. Ironically, both of them are Japanese terms...wabi sabi and kintsugi....


Episode 8

If you had to pick a location that had a "sense of place," where would that be? Is it somewhere you've visited, somewhere you live or lived? What gave it that sense of place? As I write this, it's Christmas Eve day in East Aurora, NY. Ironically, we thought we'd be having a green Christmas. It just didn't seem right...16 miles from Buffalo (which is usually the punchline in snow jokes) and all our snow was gone with a recent heatwave in the high 30s and low 40s. But just as I started...


Episode 7

If you could go back in time and view history as it was being made as opposed to experiencing it from a historical context, how do you think your views would change? That's what I was thinking about as I edited and reviewed Episode 6 of Thoughts on Walks. I wondered what my opinion of Elbert Hubbard would have been if I had viewed his life as his contemporary rather than someone removed by over 100 years. I know my opinion would have been quite different, but would I have been too critical?...


Episode 6

What is it like for you when you learn the "backstory" of a person, entity or event, and it gives you an entirely new perspective? If you learn something positive, it seems to draw you closer to that person. But when the new perspective is negative, sometimes you can walk away feeling fooled or taken advantage of. These days we project our story onto various types of social media, and those who follow us tend to judge us from just that one perspective. We control much of what they see. But...


Episode 5

Have you ever noticed how, when viewed from a distance or over time, many things in life are actually more connected than we may realize in the moment? We connect a few dots today. Dots between Michelangelo in 1500s Italy, Elbert Hubbard and other Roycrofters in early 1900s East Aurora, NY, a toymaker of the 1930s, artisans skilled in various trades worldwide, and even a contemporary author who lives and writes in Franklin Tennessee. Add in the sinking of both the Titanic and the Lusitania...


Episode 4

Be honest...would you really follow your passion if you had the chance? What would your life be like if you did just that? On today's Thoughts on Walks I continued with the story of Elbert Hubbard, the Roycroft Movement, and how their story effect various facets of my life and yours. From struggling with what to do in my "second half," to taking steps to create your my own world, Hubbard's story inspires me. He is certainly not without flaws, but who is? As you listen in to the show, what...


Episode 3

Do you look back to yesterday to gauge your today? I've found that I tend to use history as a lens for understanding my present...for assigning relevance to my life today. I talk a bit about that on this episode, and also begin a story about someone I tend to relate to in many ways...Elbert Hubbard of the Roycroft. Of course, he's easy to identify with as he's as multifaceted as we all are. I also emphasize the need for simplicity in my life, and how my family and I use our pillar of Freedom...


Episode 2

What are some of your favorite places to go? Today I took my dogs on a little romp in the snow at Knox Farm State Park. As usual, I have to stop and have a sip of coffee from time to time. I thoroughly enjoy my coffee on my walks. This is the press I use for my coffee that I mentioned. We talked a bit about Knox Park and I thought you'd enjoy some history about the farm, Seymour Knox, and links. Places mentioned: Knox Farm State Park Facebook Page Elm Street Bakery


Episode 1

Have you ever struggled trying to develop a new habit? About 6 years ago I set out to develop a new habit of early morning walks. It was just a test, and when I try something new or test something out that I think I might want to turn into a habit, I commit myself to 30 days. I figure, if it’s something I’m thinking so strongly about that I might want to incorporate it into my life long-term, then a 30 test period is something I shouldn’t have a problem committing to. So I started walking,...