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"Travel Punks" is about ordinary people on a global stage, swapping tips, talking shit, and expanding the horizons of what is possible.


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"Travel Punks" is about ordinary people on a global stage, swapping tips, talking shit, and expanding the horizons of what is possible.




#12: Tys Sniffens | Off-the-Grid Adventures and One-Bag Luggage Solutions

Today's guest on the Travel Punks Podcast is Tys Sniffens, founder of Idea Mountain and inventor of The Journey Travel Packing System. From a yert on his off-the-grid compound, Tys flips the script and starts interviewing me as we discuss dance-shoe shopping, losing my luggage between Berlin and Stockholm, and the ingenious backpack-within-a-backpack modular design of the Journey, the only luggage a seasoned traveler really needs. You can buy the Journey Travel Packing System at


#11: Lisa Szkatulski | Irish Quarantine and the Benefits Trap

Today’s guest on the Travel Punks Podcast is Lisa Szkatulski, author of Faithful Nomad: Seven Rules for Finding Your Path … When There Is No Destination. We talk about the most impactful country she ever visited, why job benefits are bullshit, and how incurring $115,000 worth of medical bills before the age of 35 changed her outlook on life. Connect with Lisa on Instagram at @faithfulnomad or check out her story at


#10: Reneé​ La Tour | An unexpected year in Malaysia for a Fancy Nomad

Reneé La Tour is a self-style fancy nomad and a co-founder of Business Finance Blueprint, a coaching program that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to build a laptop-only business in the lucrative business and equipment finance niche. In this episode, Paul and Reneé talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic turned her stay in Malaysia (a country Paul won’t even visit because of a Joaquin Phoenix movie) from one month to an entire year. They also talk about her family’s struggles with drug addiction, rideshare adventures in defying local transit laws, and how massive Malaysia sometimes feels like a little sister to tiny Singapore. Connect with Reneé on LinkedIn to check out her free master class on equipment finance entrepreneurship to see if Business Finance Blueprint is right for you.


#9: Jean Devlin | Colombian Dance Festivals and Human Design Charts

Jean Devlin is one of the founders of Austin Body Collective. In this episode Paul and Jean admire the view, discuss crashing a dance festival in Colombia (she has tickets, he does not), and Jean reads Paul’s Human Design chart in front of a live microphone, God help him. Check out her work at or on Instagram at @austinbodycollective.


#8: Dylan Ogline | Laptop Nomads and the End of College

Dylan Ogline is the founder of Ogline Digital, a seven-figure digital marketing agency. He is also the founder of the digital entrepreneurship training program Agency 2.0. We talk about what it’s like to run his business from the balcony of his condo in Bangkok; shit on boomers for the eleven-millionth time; contemplate the end of the orthodox system of American education; and reminisce about his childhood in rural Pennsylvania, getting drunk in the back of a limo owned by his family friends’ chauffeur company. Learn more about what he has to offer at


#7: Aran Gahribpour | Forbidden Tango and Trippy Airport Decorations

Aran Gharibpour is a teacher of Philosophy born and raised in Tehran, the capital of Iran. We talk about his trip home to Iran during this pandemic; how the Doha Airport seems to have been decorated by a Swiss guy on a bad Walt Disney acid trip; one of several reasons why you shouldn’t go rock climbing on the Iran/Iraq border; and the underground tango scene in a country where dancing is illegal.


#6: ZeeOverSeeZ | There’s a Party in Ramallah, But You Can’t Fly There

Ziad Bader is the founder of ZeeOverSeez. We discuss when the fuck we will be able to travel again. We also solve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and commiserate on the trials and tribulations of the toughest job in the world ... YouTube Travel Blogger. Check out Ziad’s travel stories on Instagram at @zeeoverseez and on Youtube at ZeeOverSeeZ.


#5: Paul and Carson | Credit Card Knife Fights and Sticking Up Retail Stores

Paul and Carson discuss the knife fight in progress between travel credit card issuers, offer woefully inexpert opinions on the coronavirus pandemic, and how we all now look like we’re about to rob every restaurant and retail store we approach for curbside delivery. Follow them at @paulgreenamyer and @creditcarson.


#4: Yahda Daniels | Bodybuilding and Boarding School Bucket Showers

Yahda and I discuss her sport—the diet, the briefs, Schwarzenegger, and the prevalence of steroids—as well as growing up in Nigeria, building character through bucket showers at a rural boarding school.


#3: Jean and Lindsey | Shitty Airbnbs, Cuddle Dancing and How Not to Be Hitler

Jean, Lindsey, and I discuss shitty Airbnbs, cuddle dancing, not “should-ing” yourself, listening to your spleen, and how not to become Hitler even if you and Hitler share a birthday. Check out their brand-new, cutting-edge health, wellness, yoga, and dance studio at


#2: Marissa Mattys | Ayahuasca Healing and Kathmandu Nipple Massages

Marissa and I discuss dealing with creeps at the World Series of Poker, the challenges of being a liberal in Trump’s America, her work at an Ayahuasca clinic in Peru, and accidentally ordering an erotic massage not once, but twice in Kathmandu. See her one-hour comedy special at


#1: Carla B | On Being Black and Unarmed in London

Carla is a lawyer, dancer, and fashion designer with dual citizenship, raised in the US and living in London. We talk about her expatriation, the "Joker" movie, and the difference in race relations and safety concerns across the pond.