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A comedy podcast from an introvert on all things underestimated. Political, absurd, informative.

A comedy podcast from an introvert on all things underestimated. Political, absurd, informative.
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A comedy podcast from an introvert on all things underestimated. Political, absurd, informative.




A Significant Bummer To Ring In The New Year

If you can't embarrass yourself in the service of a friend, then what good are you really? Even if that friend is covered in fur and purrs when you pet her. This is a short update on what's been going on with me, and where the pods are headed in 2019. Thank you for listening.


Underestimated Overhaul: Announcements

This is a short one. I talk about what's next for Underestimated, what to expect for the rest of 2018, and how the show will be changing in 2019. Follow the pod @underestipod on Twitter and @underestimatedpodcast on Instagram. You can email the show at underestimatedpodcast@gmail.com. The views expressed by the host in Underestimated: A Podcast are those of the host and not those of anyone else, any employer, or any other entity.


Underestimated Cultural Ephemera: The Bizarre Food Mascots We’re Exposed To As Children

This week, I dive into some of the weird stuff we're exposed to as kids that informs, in some ways, who we grow up to be. I cover two Detroit area staples in this episode: Milky The Clown, and Major Magic's All-Star Pizza Revue. Follow Underestimated on Twitter @underestipod and on Instagram @underestimatedpodcast. The view expressed in Underestimated are that of the host, and are not those of any other entity. Reference Links: General Understanding Megalophobia or the Fear of Large...


Underestimated Art: Aerial Performance & Circus Arts, An Interview with Anne Ryan

In this week's episode, we have an interview with Anne Ryan, founder of the Ann Arbor Aviary. We discuss aerial performance and circus arts, body positivity, and creating the safe spaces we want to see in the world. You can find the Ann Arbor Aviary at www.a2aviary.com, and you can follow the Aviary on Instagram @a2aviary, and also on Facebook at The Ann Arbor Aviary. Check out the art for Anne's episode on underestimatedpodcast.com. Additionally in this episode: A brief recap of the...


Oversized Underestimated: A Halloween Special with Horror Writer MontiLee Stormer

This week we take a break for our brains with an absurdly long but totally worth it Halloween special! I am joined for an amazing conversation with horror writer MontiLee Stormer where we cover everything from women in horror, to accessibility for writers, and the history of Paradise Valley in Detroit. You'll also hear stories from people about their favorite costumes, unforgettable Halloweens past, and creepy, disembodied whispers about body in the closet. You'll even hear an interview...


Underestimated Occupations: Ophthalmic Photography with Mark Croswell

A Halloween costume from 1987, an interview with Mark Croswell about a very underestimated career, ophthalmic photography, and a short, very liberal section on hope. Disclaimer: If you prefer not to listen to descriptions of eyes, eyeballs, autopsies, or anything like that, perhaps skip this episode. You can follow Underestimated on Twitter @underestipod and on Instagram @underestimatedpodcast. You can email the show at underestimatedpodcast@gmail.com. If you like what you hear, please...


Introducing Underestimated

From the mind of an analytical, neurotic nerd, Underestimated is a comedy podcast about politics, anxiety, & all things underestimated.