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Inspirational conversations with experts and personalities from the creative industry about pop culture, music, art, film, fashion, and entrepreneurship. Unknown Origins is on a mission to unlock everyone's creative potential by providing innovative solutions that build capability, drive audience engagement and capture brand love.​

Inspirational conversations with experts and personalities from the creative industry about pop culture, music, art, film, fashion, and entrepreneurship. Unknown Origins is on a mission to unlock everyone's creative potential by providing innovative solutions that build capability, drive audience engagement and capture brand love.​


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Inspirational conversations with experts and personalities from the creative industry about pop culture, music, art, film, fashion, and entrepreneurship. Unknown Origins is on a mission to unlock everyone's creative potential by providing innovative solutions that build capability, drive audience engagement and capture brand love.​






Martyn Ware on Musicianship

From forming the Human League, Heaven 17, and British Electric Foundation to record producer, Martyn Ware is a musical pioneer who has featured on recordings totaling over 50 million sales worldwide. Martyn founded Illustrious Co. Ltd. with Vince Clarke to exploit the creative and commercial possibilities of their unique 3DAudioScape immersive sound technology in collaboration with fine artists, the performing arts, and corporate clients worldwide. He is a Principal of Tileyard Education and...


Cherry Valentine on Performance Art

Cherry Valentine is a Performance Artist who grew up within a Roma Gypsy community in the North East of England, which fueled Cherry's creative instincts, curiosity for adventure, and freedom for expression. Cherry has blended a lifelong passion for understanding what makes the human mind tick by combining mental health nursing with fine art and fashion. Cherry emerged from RuPaul's Drag Race UK's success as an influential voice in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community by...


Deborah Lewis on Fashion

Ever since childhood, Deborah Lewis had an eye for fashion and design with a knack for translating what people desire to make them feel special and empowered into what they wear. As a Fashion Designer, she's spent over the last 20 years designing bestselling garments with some of the UK’s most influential retail brands. She established her own venture, no name design, and currently mentors start-up sustainable fashion brands to design, make, and produce saleable garment...


Creative Perspectives with ArtCenter College of Design

ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena is one of the most influential at preparing artists and designers to share their creativity with the world. Its Critical Practices in Graduate Media Design Practices MFA program is among the USA's top 20 graduate schools. Led by Department Chair; Maggie Hendrie - an industry pioneer who has deployed numerous interactive products, services, and strategies for a wide array of clients. Maggie hosts a discussion with her practice and Roy Sharples about his...


Gary Burt on Future of Retail

Retail is no longer about just transacting goods. It's about creating unforgettable experiences. Technology has enabled new ways of shopping on e-commerce, immersive digital experiences, and algorithms to detect what consumers are likely to buy based on their purchase patterns, social media behavior, and demographic data to deliver connected and personalized experiences virtually and physically. Amazon has disrupted the market by provided more convenient, accessible, and affordable options...


Dave Cronen on Future of Music

David Bowie predicted that music itself is going to become like running water or electricity," which in many cases appears to be ringing true with the music industry becoming increasingly technology-mediated, with tech titans Apple, Amazon, Google, and Spotify are providing more convenient, accessible, and affordable solutions for consumers to download and stream on-demand, making it possible to listen to music wherever and whenever we want. What opportunities has this created for artists...


Roy Sharples on Creativity

Creativity is the ability to make the invisible visible by making unique connections between disparate universes past and present to light the way into the future. Believing in yourself and your ideas, always moving forward and never giving up! Roy Sharples provides a perspective for the manifesto for creativity and the five principles for creating without frontiers. Web: Unknown Origins - Unlocking Your Creative Potential Twitter: Unknown Origins (@UnknownOrigins9) / Twitter Instagram:...


Jeremy Parker on Entrepreneurship

Authentic entrepreneurs can see the future coming and create solutions to problems we didn't know existed that make people's lives and society better. Jeremy Parker co-founded Swag.com to be the best place to buy quality promotional products that people actually want to keep. Where they have curated and streamline the entire buying and distribution experience. Growing the company in 2019 from selling $7M to eight figures in 2020. working with the likes of; TikTok, Facebook, Google, Amazon,...


Gary Burt on Future of Car

Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry by making the assembly line produce affordable cars for the masses, which changed society and how we lived and worked by making it quicker and more convenient to get around. This helped the economy prosper by giving birth to many businesses and spin-off industries, which created thousands of new jobs. Fast forward to the current day, where Tesla has manufactured battery packs at an affordable price for mass-market consumption to make...


Victoria Milne on Advertising

Advertising Planners set the communication strategy for advertising campaigns by coming up with inspirational ideas that capture an audience's imagination, setting the goals and objectives, define target audiences, the message and tone in which a campaign should be expedited. Encompassing quantitative and qualitative research, brand positioning, and the marketing campaign to win an audience's hearts and minds by driving behavioral change. Victoria Milne provides a perspective on creativity...


Gary Burt on Future of Work

We exist in time where change is constant, and there is no going back. But just how radically improved will the new world of work be due to what we have experienced from a global pandemic? How has the global pandemic impacted how work is done, what changes has this brought, and are these changes sustainable? How is this affecting creativity, innovation, and collaboration? What will be the jobs of the future, and where will people work? Is this the end of the monolithic organization and...


Eddy Rhead on Modernism & Publishing

The Modernist Society is a creative project and community of interest company that seeks to change people's perceptions of Modernist architecture and design by producing accessible events and products which celebrate the bold, brutal, and beautiful. It has five chapters located in Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, and Birmingham dedicated to celebrating and engaging with twentieth-century architecture and design through publishing, events, exhibitions, and creative collaborations....


Roy Sharples & Gary Burt on Creative Societies

Metropolises inspire creativity as a space for social integration, dreaming, making, and doing, where citizens can realize their full potential to live more enriched, fulfilled, and happy lives. Combined with the chemistry of individual human ingenuity, major creative breakthroughs are a social process that occurs when a diverse community of like-spirited, purpose-led, and mission-driven creative people comes together. Roy Sharples and Gary Burt provide a perspective on Creative Societies...


David Llama on Creative Direction

And so the ancient proverb goes: Tell me a fact, and I’ll learn, tell me a truth, and I’ll believe, but tell me a story – and it will live in my heart forever. Storytelling is about making meaningful connections and helping people make sense of themselves and the world they live in by observing the world around you and turning what you see into entertainment and insights that spread. Combined with a knack for envisioning the creative vision for brands and products by producing art, designs,...


Anita Kunz on Illustration

An illustrator is an artist who applies their imagination to enhance the written word and expound concepts by providing visual representation and meaning. Anita Kunz has created art that has been internationally shown and published for four decades. Famous for her covers for the New Yorker Magazine, Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, the New York Times Magazine, and many others. Her work has appeared in numerous galleries and museums and she has won many awards for her work. Anita was named as...


Brian Smale on Photography

Authentic photographers are artists who use the camera as a wand to blend their artistic eye with technical know-how by capturing snapshots in time that demystify the complex to convey its verbal description. Award-winning freelance photographer Brian Smale provides perspective on the harsh truth of the camera eye by portraying some of the world's leading businessmen and women, scientists, inventors, and politicians. Assignments for magazines such as Fortune, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fast...


Roy Sharples & Gary Burt on Utopian Futures: A World Rebooted

Imagine if the world was rebooted to its factory settings. Not a hard reboot, where everything was erased, but one that would reset our way of living, allowing us to return to the previous setting and ignore the changes made in recent years. What would you do to reset based on what you've learned from the history of time and do differently if you had no constraints? We currently stand in the midst of a global pandemic. Whilst it has had a devastating effect on the world, it has also shown...


Brian Homman on Production

From being the creative bridge between brands and the talented team at Loaded Pictures, which he co-founded, to overseeing all aspects of video production, motion design, animation, and branded content across a diverse range of clients from Microsoft, T-Mobile, Fox Sports, MTV, and McDonalds to Pizza Hut, AT&T, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He was also part of the production team that made The Foo Fighters first promotional video. Brian Homman provides perspective on being on the...


Spencer Stander on Entrepreneurship

Spencer Stander founded a charity that worked with the fashion world to plant trees: Cool Green Fashion for Forests. He is a coveted artist with galleries holding his work in the Art District of Downtown LA, Laguna Beach, and Cape Cod. He plays in a band and has performed at The Whiskey A GO GO and even The Crocodile here in Seattle. He has placed music in Warner Brothers Features and Network advertising campaigns, including the Lord Of The Rings network premiere. He holds 2 Official...


Dave Gartenberg on Culture & Organization Effectiveness

Culture is the engine that drives our momentum. It is the sum of what we feel, believe, and do, shaping and defining our work's input and output. A culture is defined by the people who live and operate within it. When people come together in service of something greater, they retain their own unique personalities, passions, hopes, and dreams - it is their shared experiences, and constant interactions between themselves make up a culture. Dave Gartenberg has been at the forefront of industry...