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Voice of the Fire - Episode 5: Markus Luukkonen

In this episode of Voice of the Fire we talk to Markus Luukkonen, the foremost Finnish performance storyteller about his development as a teller, his unusual tours (the "Wilderness Theatre") and collaborations ("Three Troubadours") and a new piece detailing the Kalevala, the Finnish Ur-epic. You can find more information about Markus on his website: https://markusluukkonen.com/ The "Three Troubadours" are touring all of this year and you can find out more about them here:...


Voice of the Fire - Episode 4: Uschi Erlewein

For the fourth episode of Voice of the Fire we interview the German storyteller Uschi Erlewein. Uschi is a strong willed, irreverent and independent storyteller for whom authenticity and personal expression are paramount. She calls herself someone who plays with stories - they are her instrument. In her world things sometimes stand upside down before they can stand on their feet. Stories don't need a moral, all the rules need to be broken before you can properly understand them. Her...


Embers: Outwitting Fate (India)

Once more we gaze into the embers of the fire for an Indian story. This one is a Tamil story and shows that in Indian folklore the wish to escape one's fate is at least as strong as it is in Western tales.


Whispers of the Fire: Imagination and Reality

Welcome to Whispers of the Fire - where we talk about random themes related to writing, storytelling and what shapes a story...or indeed our own reality. Follow me into a slight rant on an old theme: reality vs imagination. Let's find out why those two are not opposites but work hand in hand.


Voice of the Fire - Episode 3: Uramili

In the third episode of Voice of the Fire we talk to two documentary filmmakers from South India, Anushka Meenakshi and Iswar Srikumar, who have been working on the Uramili project for several years. In long journeys through their home-country they have documented, filmed and recorded hundreds of songs - work songs, death songs, protest songs, laments, songs of joy etc. - that are found in different regions of India. We know of the tradition that songs had in Western art and storytelling,...


Embers: Untold Stories (India)

Embers is an intermittent story. This could be anything, but mostly it focuses on the (bi)weekly theme of Voice of the Fire. This week it is India. Untold Stories is a tale of and about the Gond, an Adivasi tribe in Central India. If you are curious about the Gond, especially their folk art, pay this site a visit: https://www.deccanfootprints.com/collections/gond-art


Whispers of the Fire: What is that...a Storyteller?

Whispers of the Fire are little side-notes to the episodes of Voice of the Fire. They are room to play and wonder about certain themes and topics concerning storytelling. Here I talk about the traditional role of the storyteller and how he fits into society. Are traditional tellers really disappearing? Voice of the Fire is written and produced by Sebastian Buchner.


Voice of the Fire - Episode 2: Mehdi El Ghaly

In this episode of Voice of the Fire we take a look at contemporary storytelling in Morocco and talk to the Moroccan storyteller Mehdi El Ghaly about his drive, his stories and his life in a changing society. Traditional storytelling in Morocco is not dead, neither is it dying. It lives on in people who speak and adapt, who turn stories of djinn and queens into modern fables about people, about power and intelligence. Mehdi El Ghaly: The Tribe of Ten (TedX Marrakech)...