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We Are EG is a podcast series produced by the CollabLab at Elk Grove High School, located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The podcast highlights stories from staff, students and community. Through our stories, we learn not only about ourselves but build a community that shares common ideas, values and history.

We Are EG is a podcast series produced by the CollabLab at Elk Grove High School, located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The podcast highlights stories from staff, students and community. Through our stories, we learn not only about ourselves but build a community that shares common ideas, values and history.


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We Are EG is a podcast series produced by the CollabLab at Elk Grove High School, located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The podcast highlights stories from staff, students and community. Through our stories, we learn not only about ourselves but build a community that shares common ideas, values and history.








S3E3: "It's a Safe Haven for People Like Me"

EG Fierce is a unique group at Elk Grove High School. Focusing on the issues facing young women, the group works with high school girls to build confidence, navigate social media and build healthy relationships. In this episode, we speak with two of the sponsors of EG Fierce, Kristen Lesniak and Anna Glinksi. Plus, member Elly Vazquez shares her insight.


S3E2: "I Love Dungeons and Dragons"

Elk Grove High School recently got a D & D Club. And D & D stands for "Dungeons and Dragons." On this episode of We Are EG, we speak to Jimmy Boadlin, a sophomore "Dungeon Master" who spearheaded the club. Through him, we learn a little about what D&D is and how it is played.


S3E1: "To Travel is to Live"

On this, the Season Three premiere of We Are EG, we sit down with social studies teacher Ioanna Lo Destro to discuss her greatest passions in life: travel and teaching. Visit http://www.weareeg.org for more information. Connect with us on Twitter and Instagram.


S2E12: "It's Something That's Actually Going to Help You in the Real World"

On this episode of We Are EG, we are going back to to the EG Auto Shop as a class works on some brakes and talk with Monserrat Castro, EG's first female to become ASE certified.


S2E11: "I Like To Make Negative Energy Into Power"

For this episode of We Are EG, I talked with Tuvshin Zuunbayan, an Elk Grove Sophomore whose love for wrestling has already carried him to tournaments around the world to places such as Mongolia and Japan. Tuvshin and I sat down to talk about his experiences growing up in a wrestling family, learning to pave his own path, and joining the EGHS Wrestling Team this year for the first time. Throughout our conversation I learned a lot about the physical and mental demands of the sport, as well as...


We Are EG - Special Review Request

A special thanks to all of your loyal listers! We could not do this podcast without you. We have many more stories to tell, but in the meantime, we ask you all for a small favor: please provide a review in iTunes. Reviews go a long way for us to expand our listenership. Just go to iTunes on your computer or phone, search for the "We Are EG Podcast" and write a review. It is that easy! On our next episode, we'll start reading the reviews on each episode of We Are EG!


S2E10: "We do more than autos down here. We do life."

Jeff Zdenovec has been teaching at Elk Grove High School for 18 years. He has been running a functional autoshop with the kids while at the same time offering advanced auto certification for his students. On this episode of We Are EG we talk to Mr. Z about his philosophy of education and spend a little time in his shop.


S2E9: "Keep Going With It, No Matter What"

Dino is a junior at Elk Grove High School, who is already making a name for himself in the DJ-ing world. Whether he's performing at a school function or a wedding, he is constantly spinning music and mixing beats of his own. In this podcast, he shares how he started getting into music and how it has evolved to him performing nearly every weekend. He also shares the process of creating his own music as well as his balancing his passion with his education. You can come see him live on Saturday...


S2E8: "There is a lot of eating and deep frying"

As the year is coming to an end, here are some stories of family and friend traditions to brighten your day! Music in the podcast was provided by: -United States Marine Band "Auld Lang Syne" from the Holiday Music Selections album (Creative Commons License 3.0) -Dee Yan-Key "holiday" from the "my christmas music" album (Creative Commons License 3.0) -


S2E7 Bonus: "Padre Lesniak"

On this special bonus episode, Margarita Caldera tells a story about how she used to call Steve Lesniak, "Padre Lesniak."


S2E7: "Every Day We Can Make A Difference"

Margarita Caldera has seen it all. And through it all, she has been a fierce advocate for students, for accountability, for empathy and kindness. On this episode of We Are EG, Margarita discusses her philosophy of life and education. .. .. The music in this podcast was licensed through audioblocks. The song, "You Shine on Me" was written by Bamtone and his work can be found at https://www.songtradr.com/bamtone .. .. We Are EG can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Visit...


S2E6: "Everything Is On You"

Adolfo is an incredibly artistic junior at Elk Grove High School. His artistic talents began through graffiti; actually getting in trouble freshman year for tagging at his prior school. Through self-discovery and strengthening his faith, he has found that his artistic talents are better to be used towards good, even creating a mural with other students at his church. Through the art program at EGHS, he has learned more about realistic drawing. Now his interests have expanded to music through...


S2E5: "I Just Want To Be Nice To People"

Autumn is a junior at Elk Grove High School. She is a highly-motivated individual, working hard to excel in her AP classes. She is an athlete and an advocate. She is kind and always has a smile on her face. These are the things that her classmates and teachers would most likely say about her. But, that's not her entire story. In this episode Autumn shares the many obstacles she has had to overcome in order to be where she is today. Her story is one of gratitude and of strength; it is nothing...


S2E4: "I'm Always Up For A Good Scare Now And Then"

This is a special Halloween episode of We Are EG. In this podcast, we talk to some students regarding what scares them. We also discuss the more creepy aspects of Elk Grove High School and pay a visit to the dreaded freight elevator. .. .. All audio in this broadcast was licensed from Audioblocks and the Free Music Archive. The song "Halloween" is performed by The Haunted Corpse and was licensed through a Creative Commons license. .. .. Go to http://www.weareeg.org to see a video of Mr....


S2E3: "If You Want To Do Something, Then You Should Try and Do It"

Brian Mundorf, a first-shift custodian at Elk Grove High School, is a runner. Not just a casual runner, Brian has completed over 50 marathons and is twelve away from completing a marathon in every state. On this episode of We Are EG, Brian discusses running and the goals he has set for himself. .. .. .. The music on this podcast was provided by Podington Bear via the Free Music Archive. The tracks "Don't Go," "So It Goes" and "Violet" were licensed through a Creative Commons...


S2E2: "I found the person I am and who I want to be"

Keren is a junior in high school who has experienced more in her 16 years than most will experience in their life. When first entering high school, she was a quiet, introverted student who did what she needed to in order to be successful but didn't really engage with others, both peers and staff members. As the daughter of immigrants, Keren shares her struggles with connecting with others as well as balancing the responsibilities at home. She discusses the difficulties of overcoming...


S2E01: "Soccer is Life"

On this, the first episode of Season Two of We Are EG, we discuss how soccer shaped the life and career of Edgar Rivera, one of the Dean of Students at Elk Grove High School. From playing soccer as a small child, to playing in high school and college, to a professional career, we look at how all of this shaped Mr. Rivera's approach to education and discipline. More information can be found at http://www.weareeg.org .. .. Welcome to Season Two of "We Are EG." .. .. The music on this podcast...


S1E19 - "A Life Changing Experience. Period."

The Japanese Exchange Program has been an essential component of the Elk Grove High School Community for the last three decades. And the program's director, Cliff Darnall, is retiring this year. On this, the final episode of the 2017-18 season of We Are EG, we take a look at the Japanese Exchange Program. For pictures and more information about the Japanese Exchange Program, please visit http://www.weareeg.org. .. .. .. About the music in this episode: Madoka Ogitani provided two tracks:...


S1E18 Bonus "We believe in Your Neighbor Being Like Your Family"

Maram Safi inspired us so much with her story that we decided to capture more of it in a bonus episode. Previously she shared what it was like to navigate life as a young immigrant in a new country. Here, she inspires us with her reflection on her Palestinian culture and the traditions she holds dear. That, along with some words of wisdom for persevering through challenges in life, are included in this bonus episode that we hope you enjoy as well! The music in this podcast was provided by...


S1E18 "That's Just What I Want To Be When I Grow Up"

Maram Safi describes what it was like to move from Palestine to the United States and start school here as a second grader. She reflects on the people and classes along the way that inspired her dreams for the future.