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We are women, living a full life, have a professional career in science or in some form or another have been involved in the industry.


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We are women, living a full life, have a professional career in science or in some form or another have been involved in the industry.




Never Underestimate that Fire in You

What motivates us to follow our passions and how do we achieve it? Come and engage in an enriching and lively discussion with Elizabeth Prenger, the mastermind behind the innovative postpartum product, Assicle, and the co-founder of FemHealth Founders. This conversation promises to offer unique insights and entertaining perspectives. Tune in on November 29th, 2023 at 7 am PT/10 am ET on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel or catch it later on your preferred podcast platform.


Encore Gratitude Attitude

Part 2 with my dearest friend Akasha Searcey! She's light, life and love! A continuation from our November 9th show but since it's Thanksgiving week, we'll be talking about Gratitude as an Attitude!


Inside the Schizophrenia Mind

Schizophrenia continues to baffle scientists and mental health professionals. While it's unclear whether genetics or environmental factors play a role, effective medication and treatment remain crucial for those affected. Unfortunately, the lack of understanding around this illness only adds to the suffering of patients and families. But one doctor, Steven Lesk, has spent almost forty years working with those impacted by schizophrenia and has developed a groundbreaking theory about its origins. In his book, Footprints of Schizophrenia, Dr. Lesk presents an evolutionary-based theory that incorporates neurological research, promising to revolutionize our understanding of this complex condition. By creating greater cultural awareness and provoking new psychiatric research, this book has the potential to improve countless lives.


Serving with Leadership

Serving through Leadership as we interview the remarkable Anita Spiller, Director of ESG at Tru Earth. Let's learn how we can channel our passion towards improving sustainability efforts for the betterment of our environment, and creating a global impact.


Encore A Magical Ski Resort

Disneyland is a universally beloved destination, offering a whimsical escape where even grown-ups can relive the wonder of childhood. However, few are aware that there was once a plan to build a Disneyland Ski Resort. On September 27th at 7 am PT/10 am ET, Greg Glasgow and Kathryn Mayer, authors of Disneyland on the Mountain, will join us to explore this controversial proposal and the protracted struggle that ultimately resulted to not happen.


What It Means to Be "The New Designer"

Designers hold a considerable influence on the world through the choices they make. However, there is an excessive emphasis on aesthetics rather than ethics in the design discourse. Manuel Lima, a renowned author and designer, aims to shift this focus with his book, The New Designer. He challenges commonly held myths and misconceptions about what defines good design and highlights the importance of designers taking accountability for the personal, societal, cultural, and environmental impacts of their work. It is essential for designers to avoid following standard templates and instead prioritize ethical considerations.


Modern Trauma Uncovered

We have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Christine Gibson, the esteemed author of The Modern Trauma ToolKit on our show! This literary gem isn't solely geared towards individuals who have endured trauma personally. It's an invaluable resource for anyone looking to bolster their resilience, practice mindfulness, and gain insight into their mental wellness.


Encore Embrace the Fearlessness of Your Mind

Unlocking the wealth of potential that lies dormant in the darker, more painful areas of our minds requires a conscious effort. Without this effort, it is easy to fall into a repetitive pattern that creates a sense of disconnection in one's life. Charryse Johnson is committed to offering an alternative to the typical self-help advice in Expired Mindsets. Her body-mind approach gives people the courage and resources to confront the roots of their patterns and open themselves up to new possibilities. Johnson fearlessly embraces the challenge of upending traditional approaches to mental health and cultivating an atmosphere of acceptance. As you read her book, you will be able to examine the complexities of your experiences with openness and insight.


Overcoming Grief: Finding Your Comfort Zone

The haze of grief can cloud our thoughts, leaving us feeling disoriented and in need of support. While grieving is a natural process, sometimes we require additional assistance. Children, in particular, may struggle to express their emotions surrounding loss. Fortunately, Comfort Zone Camp, created by Lynne Hughes, offers a distinct approach to aid families and children in their recovery from grief. Tune in on September 20th at 7 am PT/10 am ET to learn more.


Encore Mary Lasker and her Crusade as told by Judith L. Pearson

In her remarkable new book, Crusade to Heal America, Judith L. Pearson unveils the captivating story of Mary Lasker - a woman of wit, resolve, and determined ambition to eradicate all human suffering. Lasker didn't merely view disease as an enigma to be cracked, but as a force to be conquered. She and her husband Albert began by establishing the Lasker Foundation, responsible for presenting yearly awards in medical research, as well as restructuring the American Cancer Society and driving an uptick in donations. Yet Lasker desired even more, and as she probed why 40% of World War II volunteers had been medically rejected, a single question sparked the beginnings of a grand plan: why hadn't the government funded medical research? Proclaiming herself a “catalytic agent”, she ignited an unstoppable crusade for better health among the American public. ? As a result of her tenacity, the National Institute of Health has now blossomed into the world’s premier research centre, though this accomplishment did not come without its dissenters. Tragedy struck with the passing of her husband Albert due to cancer, but Lasker only used this to fuel her fire. Before long, President Richard Nixon found himself in a quandary over how to stop Senator Edward Kennedy from attaining the White House, and it was Lasker's initiative of a moonshot against cancer that he used to resolve the situation. Her endeavors eventually paid off, as she secured $1.3 billion in funding for cancer research ($9.6 billion in today's terms) and enabled the previously always fatal illness to become a survivable one. ? Weaving together threads of American history, social standing, and subtle politics, Crusade to Heal America celebrates the unsung efforts of an incredible “fairy god-mother of medical research” who dedicated herself to bettering the lives of us all.


Paving the Road for Future Women Leaders

As we aim to lay the foundation for upcoming women leaders, it is crucial that we comprehend the evolution in our societal dynamics, determine the areas that necessitate transformation, and identify the fundamental leadership traits that hold significance in the present times. In this segment, we shall explore these facets as we delve further into the subject of leadership. Our mission is to leave an indelible impression, have our voices heard, and fearlessly pursue our ambitions.


Your Soul Earns a Living Too

We are delighted to welcome Jessica Kaskov, an author, speaker, life coach, engineer, and entrepreneur, as our guest. Her new book, Soul Salary, is a magnificent piece of literature that illustrates how our souls are paid for through the choices we make and the direction we take in life. Soul Salary symbolizes the benefit your soul obtains when you dedicate your time and energy to fulfilling your desires, mission, life purpose, and anything that gives you inner nourishment. Jessica Kaskov invites you to draw your own understanding of 'soul', be it your essence, identity, or something of spiritual significance. You can learn more about Jessica and Soul Salary at www.soulsalary.com. The website will link you to the assessment and questionnaires mentioned on the show.


Coincidence Not Coincidence - Trust the Process

Discussing the possibility that fate sends us messages through unexpected occurrences, it's not unusual to encounter repeating numbers, feel a familiarity with a stranger, or get a feeling of déjà vu. Such moments serve as signs that we're where we're supposed to be and we should follow our instincts.


When Resetting is Necessary to Leap

Despite having full lives, we feel that something is missing. We have loving families and close partners to provide us with the emotional diamonds of our hearts, and our children grow and develop in a wonderful way. Nonetheless, there's a lack of fulfilment - the creative drive that propels us out of our comfort zone and allows us to find solutions that can improve our lives. At times, it requires us to cut out aspects that don't bring us joy or progress. What steps can we take to reset and begin our journey towards success and fulfillment?


Encore The Current View: A Pediatric Physician's Window

Pediatricians are tackling a variety of issues now post pandemic and new concerns keep coming up. There are also many changes in how pediatric medicine is evolving. Today, we will hear from one of our good friends - a pediatrician in the Seattle, WA area, Dr. Ellen Passloff.


Encore Leadership at the Core

Continuing our leadership discussion. Today, we are with our resident executive coach Julie Hamilton of Core Rising. Our discussion will be wholistic and we will cover key points on being a leader, how to be a leader, stepping into a leadership role and more. Join us LiVE!!!


Encore Leadership Needs Transition Too

Wendy O'Shaughnessy is back on our show! We're continuing our leadership theme this month. Wendy and I will discuss the importance of leadership transitions.


Encore Snapshot of Leadership: Part 2

It seems that every where I turn or every conversation that I have had a common theme has been bubbling up. Leadership has been the theme. Today, we will have part 2 of this discussion.


Encore Snapshot of a Leader - Part 1

It seems that every where I turn or every conversation that I have had a common theme has been bubbling up. Leadership has been the theme. Today, we will have part 1 of this discussion.


Encore: Control of the Inner Critic: Get Unstuck and Live with Purpose

Have you checked in with your intentions for 2023? Did you go through a life event that significantly changed what and where you thought you were going to be? Your internal dialogue can side track you and you find yourself stuck somehow - as if you have no control of the outcome. Well, guess what - you'll need to snap out of it! And sometimes we need help! Our guest today is Shelley Bothell of Better Living Life Coaching. Shelley's story, just like the rest of us, is not a straight path. Her background in business, sales, IT - taking her from one coast to the other and then back. Through her life experiences, she has learned and discovered critical tools that really takes us to a journey in life with purpose. In her own words: You might be asking, who and why would anyone need a life coach and the answer is simple. We all need help in examining the thoughts we carry around in our minds. Few of us realize the toxicity in our thoughts and how those thoughts have been holding us back from growth, freedom and getting unstuck. Keeping us from living the life we want to live.