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Women in the Arena is the celebration of everyday women living extraordinary lives in plain sight. We seek to inspire, encourage and challenge you to reach for the great heights you're made for.


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Women in the Arena is the celebration of everyday women living extraordinary lives in plain sight. We seek to inspire, encourage and challenge you to reach for the great heights you're made for.






Societies' scorecard for women is untenable with Jenn Farrer

Jenn was like many of us- on the career fast track to climb the corporate ladder. Then at 26 a life changing event occurred that forced her to rethink everything- she had a massive stroke that caused her to have to relearn everything she knew. Today I speak with her about that event and how it changed her life's focus and what's really important. https://www.rewireinc.com/ Go check out all of our episodes on our website: https://womeninthearena.net/ If you are ready to tell your story or...


My favorite "F" word with Sarah Olea

Sarah Olea makes things happen. She connects people to the right opportunities at the right time to create magic. She makes it look easy...but it is anything but. Fueled with the pride of the ability of making something out of nothing, she drove everything she had- her business, finances, relationships, health- to the breaking point. After everything she had achieved, what she thought she wanted wasn't what she had built. The fast track LA/NYC lifestyle with high profile clients wasn't what...


Quit your day job (by text!), not your daydream and other declarations of independence with Nada Buhendi

How many of you have felt drained by your life, your job and everything in it? Did everything feel joyless at that point, although everyone around you thought you had it all? What if everything you worked for wasn't what you wanted at all? What would happen if you just stopped and quit? That's exactly what this week's guest did. Nada Buhendi had been working her entire life for things she didn't want, provided her no joy and worse...left her feeling empty. She finally had enough and...


Brave enough- the landmark equal pay lawsuit with the Boston Symphony with Elizabeth Rowe

Elizabeth Rowe is a lot of things, talented, intelligent, performer and an unexpected social justice advocate. As the principle flutist with the Boston Symphony, she performs at the highest levels all over the world; however, she was not paid the same as her male counterparts. Elizabeth made the gut wrenching decision to file a lawsuit against her employer because it was simply something she could not ignore. In the middle of what was the most difficult season of her life, a surprising...


Raising the next generation of men- expanding horizons beyond stereotypes with Kara Forney

Kara Forney is a successful business executive, entrepreneur, founder of The Bump.com and mother of two boys. As a mother, she realized that her experience as a "boy mom" didn't always fit in societies' narrative. In 2022, fueled by her desire to shed light on all of the varying experiences of raising boys, she created and published Boy Moms: Collective Tales of Mothers and Sons. This is a collection of essays by moms and their stories of the joys, challenges and significance of raising the...


The art of disruption with Laurel Mintz, J.D/MBA

Laurel Mintz didn't start out as a disruptor. She did what many of us have done; she did the things that were expected. Laurel attended one of the most prestigious law schools in the country...and hated it. She didn't really want to be an attorney, but had no idea what else to do. Then fate stepped in. Her father became ill and Laurel needed to step in and run his company. It was then that she discovered her passion of being an entrepreneur. Laurel created her first company and hasn't looked...


Playing not to lose is very different than playing to win with Kimberly Spencer from Crown Yourself

What role do you play in your life? Are you stuck in the drama triangle? Do you feel as if your life does not look like what you want? If you answered yes to any of these question and want to be the Queen Bee in your life, then join Kimberly and I as we talk about: Have pen in hand and be ready to take notes because you don't want to miss a moment of wisdom that Kimberly has to share with us! https://crownyourself.com/ Go check out all of our episodes on our website:...


Love & Science- Using science to attract the relationship you deserve with Dr. Duana Welch

Dr. Duana Welch believes that relationships, especially the right ones, are too important to leave up to chance. Approaching your love life with a proven scientific method is much more likely to have a successful outcome. Dr. Welch has written the book with this approach; Love Factually, 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do. This week she shares some of the methods that she has used herself to attract the right relationship in her life. While she approaches this topic with humor, Dr. Welch is...


I see the unseen, the forgotten and overlooked with Sherea Burnett

When I met Sherea, I knew I was meeting a rare person. She is intelligent, kind and goes out of her way to see those that others would prefer to ignore. As Sherea says, she takes care of those that make us feel uncomfortable; those that been systematically marginalized over generations and have had the game rigged against them. She points out that they are people deserving of respect and kindness and they could be any one of us. When you hear her story, you can't help but be inspired. Be...


Building an empire one scoop at a time with Katy Flannery & Gwen Burlingame of Beckon Ice Cream Co

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Katy and Gwen think that it's really the desire to be included. Katy Flannery and Gwen Burlingame are the founders behind Beckon Ice Cream, whose journey started with a simple idea; Katy just wanted to enjoy ice cream with her family without getting ill. What they discovered along the way in building their brand was so much more than ice cream; they discovered an entire community of female entrepreneurs that have been under represented and...


Resilience is built one moment at a time with Suha Zehl

We all have those moments in life that change us forever. Some of them are of our own choosing, but then there are some that are chosen for us. This typically far more often than we'd like. It's in these moments and our responses that shape our destiny. Our guest this week has made changing her life from circumstances that have been handed to her an art form. Suha Zehl has reinvented herself many times, and somehow each version is better than the last. Her latest life changing pivotal...


2 Year Anniversary Special! Audra in the Hot Seat with Suha Zehl & Mike Miller

For our 2 year anniversary, I thought it would be fun to invite two of my friends to interview me. Nothing is off limits! Be sure to listen to hear some provocative, vulnerable and funny questions as Suha and Mike take turns with me in the hotseat! Go check out all of our episodes on our website: https://womeninthearena.net/ If you are ready to tell your story or want to refer someone, please email me at audra@womeninthearena.net ***Last thing- I'd love to interview the following...


Sex, menopause and the self love revolution with Lu in LuLand

Lou Featherstone is on a mission. Her mission is to encourage all women everywhere to love themselves as they are and live life out loud. And for once put yourself as a priority to chase those big crazy dreams or maybe just spend time alone with yourself to remember who you are. Lou is so serious about this mission, she is going on a cross country tour to meet other women along the way and create connections like never before. But of course, she's going to do it her way with all of her...


Break the rules with Marquita Wright

Being a woman comes with all of these unwritten cultural rules that we are expected to follow, especially if you are a mom. But who made these rules and why do we have to follow them? What would happen if we didn't? Marquita Wright is that rule breaker that decided that these old tired rules did not suit her and decided to do something crazy. She decided that being a mom while pursuing her passions made her a better, happier mom. One of her greatest passions is world travel and she wasn't...


Find your voice and discover your WHY with Laura Brandao

Laura Brandao is an accomplished woman who had a great thing going. Her life checked all the boxes- long, happy marriage, healthy grown children and a successful career. From the outside you would have thought that she was complete...until an unexpected WHY showed up. Laura discovered her passion and her WHY when she was a reluctant speaker at a conference. After she was done speaking, a line of women waited to speak to her, to thank her for representing them. It was in that moment she...


Your skills are worth more than you think with Asha Aravindakshan

Asha is a corporate executive, start up advisor and career strategist. She is also an architect of great change. In fact, she wrote the book on it. Asha's book "Skills, The Common Denominator" is a book about harnessing your skills and creating opportunity and change to live the life you deserve. From the beginning of the pandemic, to the Great Resignation, we are in a time of evolution. Asha walks you through the process of taking an inventory of what you like, what you're good at and what...


Women and money with LaWanna Bradford

This week my friend LaWanna Bradford joins me to share her expertise regarding money. It's an important topic to discuss to get us all in the habit of openly speaking about our finances as the statistics are staggering: LaWanna guides us on how to reverse these trends and how it is our responsibility to help our sisters close the gap. https://www.bradfordgroupmtg.com/ Go check out all of our episodes on our website: https://womeninthearena.net/ If you are ready to tell your story or want...


You can do magic with Karina Sanchez

Karina Sanchez has lived a remarkable life; from growing up in communist Poland to living in Latin America, her experiences have made her a woman of the world. Regardless of where she has been, her passion has been to help women connect to that magic that they were born with, magic that comes from living in the purpose that they were born with. Join me as Karina and I discuss engaging with that voice that may have been silenced and letting her be heard. The most incredible things happen when...


Catching up with Samantha Capaldi from Samantha Sommelier

This week we catch up to our friend Samantha Capaldi, one of our favorite wine experts. When she was on the show last year, she shared with us the journey of creating her own business and life on her terms. (You can find that episode here: https://womeninthearena.net/episodes/dont-settle-for-just-a-paycheck-with-samantha-capaldi/ Well, she's been busy and what a difference a year makes. Join me as I catch up with Samantha and hear all about the extraordinary things she has been doing in...


I pretend to be perfect; A Suicide Survivor's Story with Nicole Philips

Nicole Philips' life looks perfect on social media. She has a beautiful daughter, loving husband, a stunning home and a booming following. She looks like she has it all, but behind those squares lies the truth; Nicole is a woman in pain. She feels fear and sadness simultaneously, the feelings of unworthiness and doubt are her constant companions. Her life reaches a critical point when she made an almost irreversible decision. This is her story told in her owns words of her journey through...