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Women in the Arena is the celebration of everyday women living extraordinary lives in plain sight. We seek to inspire, encourage and challenge you to reach for the great heights you're made for.

Women in the Arena is the celebration of everyday women living extraordinary lives in plain sight. We seek to inspire, encourage and challenge you to reach for the great heights you're made for.


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Women in the Arena is the celebration of everyday women living extraordinary lives in plain sight. We seek to inspire, encourage and challenge you to reach for the great heights you're made for.






Do it afraid. On the other side of fear is triumph with Audrey Hinds

Audrey Hinds has always wanted to be a writer, but life and responsibility got in the way. Life stopped her from pursuing her passion until the ache in her soul could no longer be ignored. She wrote and published her first book "Hair with Flair", which became a best seller. What Audrey discovered along the way was a deep desire to help other individuals achieve their dream of becoming authors as well. Her brave step into the unknown became Parker & Co, a boutique publishing firm that...


Champagne, pandemics and small acts of kindness, ft. Michelle DeFeo

In 2020 when the pandemic changed all of our lives, Michelle DeFeo was faced with a huge challenge. As CEO of Laurent- Perrier US, Inc, it was her job to figure out how to keep the doors open and her employees on staff in the middle of a global crisis. With most of the restaurants closed and celebrations canceled, the market for champagne was in distress. In order to save their US business, Michelle did something radical...she put the people first. She considered the lives of her employees,...


Broken pieces means opportunity for reinvention with Ciera Day

GLO was developed because we must grow from fear and standing still. GLO believes that Faith without works is dead. Standing on faith is what has bought me through so much bad that has been in my life and to be able to grow and learn so that we can develop new ways for all women to WIN. We are Queens and no one should be able to tip our crowns, instead straighten the crown and keep pushing to win to the finish line https://www.glovision0818.com/


Unburden yourself from other peoples expectations with Sarah Bohdanova

Sarah Bohdanova is a cheerleader of women, croissant addict, and Italian by heart and stomach. She is a World Professional Semi-Finalist in Latin style dancing, an Award-Winning Coach, and an Entrepreneur. For almost 2 decades she's worked with hundreds of women between the ages of 16-65, and helped them find what feminine elements can be amplified in them, and given them skills and roadmap to get them there in record time. Sarah is the founder of The Femininity Project, and the creator of...


What would your life be if it could be anything with Diahnna Baxter

Diahnna Nicole Baxter is a certified Transformational Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Emmy Winning Storyteller (actress/writer/director.) Diahnna has been a student of mastering spiritual laws and a leader in transformation for over a decade. A ruthless storyteller with a compassionate heart, she addresses trauma as an opportunity for transformation through all of these mediums. “I help overachieving women of color shed sexual shame and trauma, so that they can embody their...


Your decisions are worth $5 trillion with Heather Cox

Heather Cox is a tireless advocate for diversity. She is a business executive, seminar director, public speaker and marketer whose business venture is helping to make the business world more closely resemble the real world. Heather co-founded Certify My Company after her own frustrating exposure to the certification process opened her eyes to the challenges facing small and diverse businesses. As president of CMC, Heather works with both diverse businesses and corporations. She assists...


Latina South- Stephanie Diaz on her journey to venture capital empowering others

Stephanie Diaz is a Partner at Atlanta-based Zane Venture Fund where she raises capital for early-stage tech startups. She’s also host of the podcast, She Conquers Capital, where she amplifies the voices of female CEO’s, venture partners, and angel investors. Let’s listen as Stefanie shares with us her journey to claiming the many facets of her voice as a Latina, a Mom, a financial whiz, and a dancer. She also talks about creating WOE, The Women Only Experience, a dynamic and diverse...


Latina South- Audra Agen on her podcast, hispanic heritage and living in the south(west)

Host Adela Yelton welcomes Audra Agen. An award-winning sales professional, Audra created 'Women in the Arena' podcast which celebrates women doing extraordinary things in plain sight. Audra is Latina and she lives in the South(west). Let’s listen as she shares with us how the entrepreneurial spirit of her Sonoran grandmother, and being the descendant of a Spanish explorer, both influenced her to create her podcast. https://podcast.latinasouth.com/


We get one ride with Delilah Buitron

Delilah Buitrón Arrebola “Delilah Muse” is a native Texan from Laredo and received her BA in Theatre and Television Communications from the illustrious Hofstra University in New York. Upon graduation, Delilah moved to Spain where she studied Spanish Classical and Flamenco at the Isabel Quintero Conservatory as well as at the internationally acclaimed Amor de Dios school of Flamenco. Delilah has since performed in Mexico City’s production and tour of Carmen,The Dallas Opera’s production of La...


Food and self care are related with Camille Martin

Camille Martin is a woman like many of us. She has been on some sort of a diet since she was 12 and developed an eating disorder all in the attempts to fit in the mold that society pressures women to fit into. At 30, she decided that she no longer wanted to be controlled by the obsession with food and weight. She gave herself permission to stop the madness and as a result found herself again. Camille became a registered dietitian and made it her mission to help other women free themselves...


Balance doesn't exist with Amanda Collier

Amanda is both a professional and a mom, but discovered that hard way that her expectations of herself were unrealistic. You cannot be all things to all people, and trying to achieve "life balance" is impossible. After being diagnosed with postpartum depression, she realized that life harmony was a much more realistic expectation and started to make herself a priority. Amanda learned early on that the recipe for success is making sure she filled her cup before she tried to fill...


Lipstick and Psycho Therapy with Dawn Payne

Dawn Payne earned her BA in Sociology from Winston Salem State University in 2007. She went further and received her master’s degree from UNCG and the NC A&T Joint Master of Social Worker program in 2009. While enrolled at WSSU as a freshman she was called to active duty for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Dawn is highly decorated and has received numerous Marine Corps Awards. She served from 2001-2009. After serving the remainder of her time in the reserves, she pursued a career in mental health...


Self care is more than a spa day with Kris Nurse

Kris Nurse is a Learning and Development professional with over 20 years of experience in performance consulting, developing high-performing teams and leaders and inspiring company cultures that create a differentiating employee and customer experience. She designs personal and professional development programs that are unique to the organization, support the culture objectives and impact the entire employee lifecycle. https://www.mentalwellnessunleashed.com/


Don't settle for just a paycheck with Samantha Capaldi

Samantha is Phoenix based Sommelier, influencer, TV personality and online wine and social media consultant. She found her passion in wine very early and launched her in home wine tasting business, SAMANTHA SOMMELIER at age 23. Her sommelier-led virtual wine tastings are fun, laidback, and approachable! Any level of wine enthusiast can benefit from a sommelier guided tasting with Samantha. The fantastic thing about wine is there is always something new we can learn! She have been doing...


Mentoring the future with Farah Foustok

Farah Foustok is the Chief Executive Officer of Lazard Gulf Ltd. based in Dubai. She began working in the investment field in 1994. Prior to joining Lazard in 2014, she was Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of ING Investment Management Middle East from 2008. Previously, she was the Head of Asset Management at NBD Investment Bank. Farah was a senior fund manager at EFG-Hermes prior to NBD IB, responsible for managing GCC and MENA funds and portfolios. Farah spent five...


Journey from public assistance to CEO with Cynthia Williams Bey

Mrs. Cynthia Williams-Bey is a wife, mother of 5 beautiful children, prophetess, best-selling, award-winning author, international speaker, philanthropist, and business mogul. Born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, she is one of 19 children. Mrs. Williams-Bey is the CEO and founder of Heaven-Sent Child Care, which is a childcare facility based out of Richmond, Virginia, that provides services from 6 am until 12 midnight. Heaven Sent is just one of several businesses that she owns....


Give yourself permission to be excellent with Liz Whitehead

Liz Whitehead is an award-winning business development consultant that specializes in guiding diverse businesses to leverage their certification and benefit from corporate supplier diversity initiatives. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as certified business enterprises who are invested in making the most of their certification. She supports her clients in reaching their goals through facilitation, consulting, and one-on-one coaching. The recipient of awards including...


Be brave enough to walk alone with Ikimi Dubose

Ikimi Dubose, Executive Director of The Roots Fund Inc “Find what you love and let it kill you.” is the famous quote wrapped around a global knife tattooed on Ikimi’s back. Destined to be a lawyer to help her Brooklyn community, Ikimi ended up in Culinary school by accident. Securing her first job at the World Trade Center Marriott as a silver polisher, was a humbling and knowledgeable experience. Ikimi attended Johnson & Wales University, and after graduation utilized her time traveling...


You're worth it with Pamela Herrmann

Pam is a woman that embraces her unique place in this world. She thrives on being her authentic self and believes everyone, no matter who you are, brings value to this world in their own way. Listen to our conversation about life, the lessons you learn and how to always keep sight of your value.


We plan, life points and laughs with Laura Sheehan

You know how it goes, life happens when we are busy making plans. For guest Laura Sheehan, she knows this better than anybody and has made adapting to new surroundings an art form. When she graduated from law school, Laura thought her path was laid out in front of her. Boy was she wrong. Her life has taken an unexpected turn. Laura has found herself living in 8 different countries in 15 years as an "accompanying spouse" to her husband's career. Laura is now using her experience to educate...