Slate interviews Americans about their jobs.

Slate interviews Americans about their jobs.
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Slate interviews Americans about their jobs.




How Does Monopoly's Senior Director Do Her Job?

This week, we meet the "Queen of Monopoly" at Hasbro. Well, technically Jennifer Boswinkel's title is Monopoly Senior Director of Global Brand Strategy and Marketing. But she truly is the queen of all things Monopoly as it's her job to keep the 84 year old game relevant to today's audience. Jennifer and her team are constantly coming up with new versions of gameplay, new themes and new branding partnerships for the game you've had sitting on your shelf in some form or another since you were...


How Does the Head Designer for Magic: The Gathering Do His Job?

This week we go back to Wizards of the Coast to talk to Mark Rosewater, the head designer for Magic: The Gathering. Last week, Alison told Jordan all about creating the stories behind Magic cards. And it’s the job of Mark and his team to come up with the mechanics of those cards. Mark explains how, once he and his team come up with the creative concept for a particular Magic set, there are a lot of other things to think about. They have to figure out not only how that deck works on its own,...


How Does a Worldbuilder for Magic and Dungeons & Dragons Do Her Job?

Working’s peek into the business of fun and games continues this week when Jordan chats with Alison Luhrs who works for Wizards of the Coast, the part of Hasbro that is responsible for the classic fantasy games Dungeons and Dragons and Magic:The Gathering. Alison’s job is one you may never have imagined existed. As a narrative designer for D&D and Magic, she does the worldbuilding that brings these games to life for the fans. Alison not only comes up with characters and spells, but also...


How Do a Toy Designer and Toy Engineer Do Their Job?

This week, Jordan talks to a couple of Hasbro employees. John Warden and Lynsey Bernier work closely together to create Transformers and Beyblades. John is the designer and Lynsey is the engineer (aka the "reality check"). They tell Jordan about all the fun, nerdiness and math that goes into making toys. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


How Does a Firefighter Do His Job?

Since his first season as the host of Working, Jordan has wanted to interview a Firefighter. It’s a job everyone knows about, but the day to day of the work of Firefighter might not be so familiar to most people. Jordan sat down with Jason Powell, a Firefighter with Engine Company 69 in Harlem, to talk about his four years on the job and all the training, danger and cooking that goes into it. Slate Plus members get bonus segments and ad-free podcast feeds. Sign up now. Learn more about...


How Do Oyster Farmers Do Their Job?

Before heading out to Long Island to visit Widow’s Hole Oyster Farm, Jordan couldn’t even picture what an oyster farm looked like. So there was a lot to learn from talking to Mike and Isabel Osinski, the owners of the small family farm that supplies oysters to some of New York City’s most high-end restaurants. Mike and Isabel discuss how they went from developing financial software in the city to raising their children on an oyster farm, the lengthy life cycle of an oyster and the extremely...


How Does a Tugboat Pilot Do His Job?

When massive container ships arrive at a port city like New York, they find themselves in a tight space with lots of obstacles to navigate. Enter, ship docking pilots, the expert hands that guide these massive ships into place. This week, Jordan is talking to Captain Jeffrey McAllister of McAllister Towing. Jeffrey’s family has been in the tugboat business for decades, which, as it turned out, was a life that suited him and his wanderlust just fine. Over the years he worked his way up from...


Working for the Holidays: How Does a Fireworks Designer Do His Job?

If you're planning on watching a major fireworks display this Independence Day, there's a good chance it was designed by this week's guest. Phil Grucci, the CEO and Creative Director of Fireworks by Grucci, is the sixth generation in his family to design, manufacture and engineer firework displays. His family company has made a global reputation by putting on some of the world's most spectacular pyrotechnics shows, including this year's 4th of July fireworks display in Washington D.C. As...


How Does an Aquarium Director Do His Job?

What do you do with an architecture degree and a love animals? Well, as it turns out, running an Aquarium is a great option. This week, Working brings you another standalone episode with Jon Forrest Dohlin, Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium. Jon tells Jordan all about the joys of the job, like educating city dwellers about all the unseen wildlife around them, and the existential dread that comes with holding the lives of thousands of animals in your...


How Does a Recording Studio Designer Do His Job?

This week, Jordan returns to talk nerdy with Tim Crossley, partner and lead designer at Crossley Acoustics. Tim’s company designs and builds recording studios for the music, film and (of course) podcasting industries -- in fact, as it turns out, he built Slate’s own studio! Tim and Jordan get into all the detailed work and planning that goes into making a room sound “good”, from using acoustic modeling software to building and rebuilding custom resonators. You can email us at...


Working Classics: How Does a Queer Theorist Work?

In celebration of Pride Month, Working is revisiting one of its best episodes from the LGBTQ season. In this episode, Jacob Brogan talks to Elizabeth Freeman, a queer theorist and professor of English at UC Davis, about the ongoing role of gender and sexuality studies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


How Does a Longtime Comedy Cellar Comic Do Her Job?

To finish out the season on the Comedy Cellar, Laura talks to Marina Franklin a longtime Cellar comic. Marina has gone from comedy newbie to a comedy veteran on the Cellar stage. She has been working there so long not even she can recall exactly when she started. But the place has become like a home to her. Marina’s new special Single Black Female will be out next month. You can email us at Podcast production by Jessamine Molli. Learn more about your ad choices....


How Does a New Comedy Cellar Comic Do His Job?

This week, Laura Bennett talks to Ian Fidance, a comic who was passed at the Cellar just last year. For an up-and-coming comic and lifelong comedy fan like Ian, joining the tight-knit community of the Cellar is a true joy and honor. But as you’ll hear, it’s one you really have to earn. You can email us at Podcast production by Jessamine Molli. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


How Does The Comedy Cellar’s Outside Steve Do His Job?

On any given night, you can see a line that snakes down Macdougal Street of people waiting to get into the Comedy Cellar. And the man responsible for making sense of this mob of tourists and comedy fans is known as Outside Steve. Steve Fabricant runs the door at the comedy club, managing the reservations for multiple sold out shows each night, strategically placing guests in either the front or the back of the room and occasionally popping up in sitcoms. Learn more about your ad choices....


How Does a Server at The Comedy Cellar Do His Job?

This week, Laura returns to the Comedy Cellar to talk Aaron Nystrup, a manager and server who has been working at the iconic club for 10 years. Aaron talks about what it’s like to hear hours of comedy night after night, how he ended up on stage drunkenly singing with Dave Chappelle, and just what goes on at the Cellar’s famed comedian’s table Email us at Podcast production be Jessamine Molli. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


How Does The Comedy Cellar's Booker Do Her Job?

This week, Laura talks to Estee Adoram, a truly legendary figure in the comedy world. Estee has been the booker for the Cellar for nearly four decades, which means she's been a major factor in creating the club's incredible reputation. She's known some of many of favorite comedians since their early days on stage and has remained an essential part of what makes the Cellar so special. Email us at Podcast production by Jessamine Molli. This episode is brought to you by the...


How Does an MC at The Comedy Cellar Do His Job?

This week, Laura returns to the Cellar to talk to one of the comedians who has become a fixture on stage. Wil Sylvince is a New York comedian and regular MC at the Comedy Cellar. You can email us at production by Jessamine Molli. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


How Does The Comedy Cellar's Owner Do His Job?

For her first season hosting Working, Laura Bennett goes inside New York's Comedy Cellar, talking to the people who help make the comedy institution so legendary. And to kick of the season, she sits down with owner Noam Dworman to discuss what it was like taking the reins from his father, how he dealt the Louis CK controversy and what makes the Cellar so unique. Email us at Podcast production by Jessamine Molli. This episode is brought to you by Constant Contact. For a...


How Does Bon Appétit’s Video Food Director/Stylist Do Her Job?

To wrap up Working’s impromptu mini-season on the inner workings of Bon Appétit, Jordan talks to Rhoda Boone, the Video Food Director for Bon Appétit and Epicurious. Rhoda’s job encompasses so many things, you’ll never watch a food video the same way again. Not only is she the food stylist in charge of making sure every dish looks as delicious as possible, but she’s also responsible for planning out every step of the process to make sure each food element is exactly where it needs to be....


How Does the Editor-in-Chief of Bon Appétit Do His Job?

This week, Working returns to Bon Appétit to continue its spontaneous micro-mini season on the people who make the seminal food magazine what it is today. In this episode, Jordan talks to the man running the show, Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport. Adam talks about what it’s like to run a food magazine in the age of Instagram, how he edits recipes with home chefs in mind, and extremely precise daily coffee ritual. You can email us at Podcast production by Jessamine...