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Since 2006, Anything Ghost has been sharing people's personal paranormal experiences. The stories are sent to Lex Wahl, who reads the experiences and sometimes adds music and effects to the background.

Since 2006, Anything Ghost has been sharing people's personal paranormal experiences. The stories are sent to Lex Wahl, who reads the experiences and sometimes adds music and effects to the background.


San Pedro, CA


Since 2006, Anything Ghost has been sharing people's personal paranormal experiences. The stories are sent to Lex Wahl, who reads the experiences and sometimes adds music and effects to the background.




P.O. Box 527 Harbor City, CA 90710-0527


Anything Ghost Show #273 (Part One) - The 2020 Mega-Macabre Halloween Special

AJ (U.S.)Ledgeview, My Haunted Childhood HomeArcadia,OhioRailroad Conductor Ghost (1890) HelloMerilee & Irin (San Antonio, Texas)Ann (New Jersey, US)Haunted MuseumsAngelia (Esparto, California)Haunted House in Esparto, California HelloNeil and Nicola (Blackpool, England)Erica (US)Haunted Basement in a New York BuildingTJ (Oregon, US)Restaurant Ghosts HelloSarah (Toronto, Canada)Denyse (Virginia, US)Haunted House in Mundelein, Illinois HelloRebecca (Waco, Texas)Katie (US)The Contorting...


Anything Ghost Show #273 (Part Two) - The 2020 Mega-Macabre Halloween Special

Sylvia(Anthony, New Mexico)Haunted High School HelloCooper (Jackson Hole, Wyoming)Alta (Philippines)School Restroom GhostIsabella (Minnesota, US)Mysterious Whistle HelloEric (Cincinnati, Ohio)Alice (US)My Haunted HouseCheryl (Ohio, US)My Beloved Sister HelloGonçalo (Portugal)Brian (Vancouver, BC)The Almost Ghost HelloMimi at Dream Detective Podcast (Seattle, Washington)Kathy & Lexi at Eclectic Stories of the Paranormal (US)Our Paranormal ExperiencesDouglas (US)The Man in the Red...


Anything Ghost Show #272 - A Philadelphia Church Ghost Answers the Phone, Grandma’s Haunted House in Florida, a High School Erected on Old Cemetery Grounds, and Many More True Stories!

JamesGhost at Grandmother’s House in Punta Lora, FloridaSonnyA White Light in My CarBrianBidding-FarewellPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaGhost Answers the Phone in the Church He HauntsAlanaOur Song From BeyondKariHaunted Clown Mask and a Ghostly Encounter at the Winchester CastleIredell,NorthCarolina,USMysterious Falling Rocks at the Louis Day Family HomeErikaShadows in the CornerAlexThe Ghosts of the Meldal, Norway RectoryMarion,IndianaHigh School Built on Old Cemetery Land HelloFresh (use the...


Anything Ghost Show #271 - The Six O’clock Ghost, Tan Stan, the “Hi” Ghost in a Houston Haunted House and Other True Stories!

PaulBelgian Hotel Room GhostChrisShadow in the RoomAlanaFriendly PassengerAngelaThe Six O'clock GhostJulieGhost PupRobinTrapped in the Haunted HouseMichaelSecurity Guard Sees GhostLisaThe “Hi” Ghost in a Houston Haunted HouseEricTan Stan from Episode #150 HelloFresh (use the code anything80)Anything Ghost Graphic NovelAnything Ghost VIP Ghroup


Anything Ghost Show #270 - A Haunted House in Austin, Texas, Memphis Mist, Death Echo, Ghostly Foreman and Other True Stories.

1. Julia (London, UK) - Please Remember Me, and A Friendly Visitor 2. Jessica (New York, US) - Visits from Kelly 3. Jason (Buffalo, New York) - The Cursed Marble 4. Jessica (Austin, Texas) - Haunted House in Austin, Texas 5. Anything Ghost Archive from Episode #106 - Manager John from the Gag The Manager Podcast 6. Jeremy (Colorado, US) – Shadow Person 7. George (Bendigo, Australia) - Friends and a Ouija Board 8. Devon (Pensacola, Florida) - Death Echo 9. Dave (Utah, US) – Otto’s...


Anything Ghost Show #269 - An Evening at the Beekman Tower in Manhattan, Haunted Tucson Arizona Home, Ghost Experience in the Philippines and Other True Stories.

1. Jamie (Charleston, South Carolina) – The Night Mother Died 2. John (New York, US) – An Evening at the Beekman Tower in Manhattan 3. David (Alabama, US) – An Alabama Haunted House 4. Kellin (West Virginia, US) – Friendly Dark Visitors in My Room 5. Sarah (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - CJ and the Haunted Sorority House 6. Clara (Arizona, US) - Haunted Tucson, Arizona Home Song Break: Summer Rain (Lex Wahl) 7. Karen (Ontario, Canada) - Bathtub Mystery Soap 8. Elizabeth (Northern...


Anything Ghost Show #268 - The Haunted Furby, Whispers at Eastern State Penitentiary, Evil in the Hospital and Many More True Experiences with Ghosts.

LaniThe Black DeerJoshMissing NickelJenniferThe Haunted Furby and Other StoriesTyA Call From the BeyondMarcWhispers at Eastern State PenitentiaryKarinaOut of Arm ExperienceErikDisappearing Toy TrainJennaTaking a ShowerAlanaA Loved One VisitsMikeSpirits Passing Through, and Evil in the HospitalHeidiMy Mother Called Song Break:Sundowner by Lex WahlHeidiA Haunted Apartment Best Fiends Care/ofAnything Ghost VIP Ghroup


Anything Ghost Show #267 - Haunted Utah Elementary School, Haunted PetSmart, a Haunted Apartment and Many More True Experiences with Ghosts.

BridgitHaunted PetSmartJessicaHaunted Utah Elementary SchoolJasminHelpful Ghost at the CemeteryMinaMother’s AppearanceBarbA Gentle ReminderBrittanyWillow Creek FarmFroma NavySailorThe Navy PA Storeroom GhostHeidiA Black Mist in the Attic BedroomHeidiHaunted Apartment Links: San Pedro Paranormal YouTube Page Anything Ghost VIP Ghroup


Anything Ghost Show #266 - The Ruskington Horror, A Cemetery Ghost Followed Me Home, the Suicide Ghost and Other True Ghost Stories.

MaryA Cemetery Ghost Followed Me HomeDevinSeeing BlueJamesMy Son’s Guardian AngelDavidStrange HappeningsLouieThe Ruskington HorrorKoryThe HeadAndrewThe Suicide GhostKimGoodbye NanaAvahThe Lion HouseAnnaGrandma's Visit Links: San Pedro Paranormal YouTube Page Anything Ghost VIP Ghroup


Anything Ghost Show #265 - The Thai Dancer Spirit, a Haunted Dunkin’ Donuts, The Little Boy in the Yard, and Several Other True Ghost Stories.

1. Crystal (North Tacoma, Washington) – Ghostly Imitator 2. Alli (US) - Ghost of My Great-Granddaddy 3. Ruth (London, England) - The Coffee Cup 4. Erin (London, England) – New Home Haunting 5. Chelsea (San Diego, California) – Haunted Dunkin’ Donuts and Hotel 6. Susan (Southern California, US) – The Little Boy in the Yard 7. Lani (Lonnie) (Whitesville, Kentucky) – Scout’s Salute 8. Brian (Chicago, Illinois) – Sleepover Scare and More 9. Reagan (Washington, US) – Voice on the...


Anything Ghost Show #264 - The Old Man in the Mirror, Ghostly Nurse, Something in the Algarkirk Bell Tower and Other True Stories About Ghosts.

MariaReflection of a FigureAlanaGhostly NurseKimGrandma’s Spirit Visiting My SonChrisSomething in the Algarkirk Bell TowerElizabethThe Whiskey Ghost The Cold, the Fear, the Surrender - by Lex WahlJeanieThe Old Man in the MirrorTerryThe Child HauntingGarrettGhostly Experiences in Texas Links: HelloFresh: enter anythingghost10Anything Ghost VIP Ghroup


Anything Ghost Show #263 - Ghost Dogs, Camp Cemetery, A Haunted Military Facility and Other True Stories for Your Winter Solstice Season!

Vangie (U.S.)Ghost at My Brother’s HouseSylvia (New Mexico, U.S.)Ghost DogsJeremy – (Oklahoma, US)Camp CemeteryJ. Angel (Texas, US)Ghost Stories from WorkJae (Florida, US)The Loop - read by Lex Song Break:Hallowed Goodbye by Lex WahlEric (Utah)Confessions of a Fixer - read by Lex Links: ANYTHINGGHOSTAnything Ghost VIP Ghroup


Anything Ghost Show #262 - The Cedar Grove Inn, Lizzy and the Tall Woman in Black, That’s Just My Friend Patches, and Other True Stories!

SoniaNorristown, Pennsylvania, 2006Laurie(GBedtime CreatureJeremyGhost in My Old ApartmentTomI Saw My Own SpiritHenryThe Boy with the Mean FaceLaurieThe Church BasementLynetteCedar Grove InnGrahamLizzy and the Tall Woman in BlackChasityThat’s Just My Friend PatchesDavidMy Brother John Links: HelloFresh: enter anythingghost9Anything Ghost VIP Ghroup


Anything Ghost Show #261 - The 13th Annual Anything Ghost Halloween Special: Haunted Manufactured Home, Small Town Ohio Ghosts, My Friend Vincent Price, The Haunted Farm House and More True Stories!

SandraHaunted Manufactured HouseBradCabin 8DeniseMy Ghostly VisitorSullyThanksgiving NightCameeSmall Town Ohio GhostsMimiDream Sister StoryMaureenMy Friend Vincent Price MeganHaunted DreamsDaviaCondo Haunted by Dead OwnerOglalaThe Sound of CryingFeSisters Share a Dream Anything Ghost ThemeBradThe Haunted Farm HouseSarahGhostly Experiences Links: Anything Ghost VIP GhroupHelloFreshAnything Ghost Theme Artists: Oliver ThomasStu Mcloughlin


Anything Ghost Show #260 - Thailand Massacre Ghosts, Mystery in a German Cemetery, The House on Walnut Street and Other True Ghost Stories

TaylorThe House on Walnut StreetMatthewMother’s StayIzzyThe Ghost in the CabinTinaChristmas VisitorJenniferGhost TownsDaveMy Mother Could See the Other SideRebeccaGhost Experiences at My Relatives’ HomesChristiMy Grandmother’s PortraitMindyThailand Massacre GhostsFioanaMystery in a German Cemetery


Anything Ghost Show #259 - A Home for Troubled Teens, The Farmer’s Wife, Spirits in the Petroglyphs and Other True Experiences with the Paranormal!

Shannonfrom June 2016 - Home for Troubled TeensKellieDinner GuestAutumn Teddy (US)PlaUnknown SoundsMarieSpirits in the PetroglyphsJenniferThe Farmer’s Wife


Anything Ghost Show #258 - A North Idaho Haunting, Philippines Church School Ghost, A Psychic’s Experiences with Ghosts and Other True Experiences with Ghosts!

AltaPhilippines Church School GhostJesseDad’s Ghost Visits Our DaughterJuleneThe Home I Grew Up InValerieIt was Next to My BedCGNorth Idaho HauntingLisaGhost in the HouseTericeA Psychic’s Experiences with GhostsJenniferWashington) – Evil Purring


Anything Ghost Show #257 - A Cameo Intro by the Legendary Brinke Stevens, Stories Include Alexandria Hotel's Lady in Black, Haunted Chapel, More on the Hog Hollow Farm, and Other True Ghostly Experiences!

It all begins with a cameo intro by renowned horror film actress, Brinke Stevens. AmandaThe Ghosts in Our HomeAlanaGrandpa’s GhostAmandaLucid Dream WarningDianaA Darkness in Our Colorado HouseVaughnelleLady in White GhostCarmAlexandria Hotel's Lady in BlackRoddQueen Mary Halloween GhostPaulyGhost Light Road: an Urban Legend ExperimentJonHaunted ChapelAndreaHog Hollow Farm from Episode #221AndreaHog Hollow Farm Revisited


Anything Ghost Show #256 - Stuck in Limbo, An Old House with Knockings, Bangs and Screams, A Cockatoo with an Attitude, and Other True Stories!

JaneA Cockatoo with Attitude BethanyFootsteps in the Night DeannaNo More Ouija Boards KarenNot Allowed Anywhere JolieOld Farmhouse Shadow Figure TimThe Spirits at Spring High School EmilyHaunted Courthouse Break:Summer Rain by Lex Wahl CoryAn Old House with Knockings, Bangs and Screams RachelGreat Grandfather's Ghost MariéShe Followed Us Down from the Attic