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Anything Ghost Show: sharing real ghost stories since 2006. Since 2006, Anything Ghost has been sharing people's personal paranormal experiences. The ghost stories are sent to Lex Wahl, who reads the experiences and occasionally adds music and effects to the background.

Anything Ghost Show: sharing real ghost stories since 2006. Since 2006, Anything Ghost has been sharing people's personal paranormal experiences. The ghost stories are sent to Lex Wahl, who reads the experiences and occasionally adds music and effects to the background.
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San Pedro, CA


Anything Ghost Show: sharing real ghost stories since 2006. Since 2006, Anything Ghost has been sharing people's personal paranormal experiences. The ghost stories are sent to Lex Wahl, who reads the experiences and occasionally adds music and effects to the background.




P.O. Box 527 Harbor City, CA 90710-0527


Anything Ghost Show #259 - A Home for Troubled Teens, The Farmer’s Wife, Spirits in the Petroglyphs and Other True Experiences with the Paranormal!

Shannonfrom June 2016 - Home for Troubled TeensKellieDinner GuestAutumn Teddy (US)PlaUnknown SoundsMarieSpirits in the PetroglyphsJenniferThe Farmer’s Wife


Anything Ghost Show #258 - A North Idaho Haunting, Philippines Church School Ghost, A Psychic’s Experiences with Ghosts and Other True Experiences with Ghosts!

AltaPhilippines Church School GhostJesseDad’s Ghost Visits Our DaughterJuleneThe Home I Grew Up InValerieIt was Next to My BedCGNorth Idaho HauntingLisaGhost in the HouseTericeA Psychic’s Experiences with GhostsJenniferWashington) – Evil Purring


Anything Ghost Show #257 - A Cameo Intro by the Legendary Brinke Stevens, Stories Include Alexandria Hotel's Lady in Black, Haunted Chapel, More on the Hog Hollow Farm, and Other True Ghostly Experiences!

It all begins with a cameo intro by renowned horror film actress, Brinke Stevens. AmandaThe Ghosts in Our HomeAlanaGrandpa’s GhostAmandaLucid Dream WarningDianaA Darkness in Our Colorado HouseVaughnelleLady in White GhostCarmAlexandria Hotel's Lady in BlackRoddQueen Mary Halloween GhostPaulyGhost Light Road: an Urban Legend ExperimentJonHaunted ChapelAndreaHog Hollow Farm from Episode #221AndreaHog Hollow Farm Revisited


Anything Ghost Show #256 - Stuck in Limbo, An Old House with Knockings, Bangs and Screams, A Cockatoo with an Attitude, and Other True Stories!

JaneA Cockatoo with Attitude BethanyFootsteps in the Night DeannaNo More Ouija Boards KarenNot Allowed Anywhere JolieOld Farmhouse Shadow Figure TimThe Spirits at Spring High School EmilyHaunted Courthouse Break:Summer Rain by Lex Wahl CoryAn Old House with Knockings, Bangs and Screams RachelGreat Grandfather's Ghost MariéShe Followed Us Down from the Attic


Anything Ghost Show #253 - Snapping in the Night, Haunted Institution, Putnam County, Indiana Haunting and Much More!

1. Mike (South Carolina) - Snapping in the Night 2. Oliver (St. Petersburg, Florida) – Electric Spirit 3. Cheyenne (San Antonio, Texas) - Tiffany 4. Ann (NJ, US) - Thank You Very Much 5. Anna (Midwest, U.S.) - Haunted Institution 6. Candice (Perth, Australia) - Aunt's Spirit Song Break: I Saw Three Ghost Ships (on Christmas Day) 7. Amanda (York, Pennsylvania) - Memories with the Paranormal and Granny’s House 8. Tracy (U.S.) - A Haunting in Putnam County, Indiana


Anything Ghost Show #252 - Haunted Barbie, the Honey Brook House, There's Something in the Attic and More!

BethDancing with GrandpaNicoleThe Honey Brook HouseEdwinaDadLynneThere's Something in the AtticChristineLove Lost Sundownerby Lex WahlMariaand BrotherFrom Episode #102, Haunted Elementary SchoolRyanFrom Episode #117, My Mom's StoriesLuisaHaunted Barbie


Anything Ghost Show #251 (Part 1) - An Anything Ghost Halloween, Part Two

(Part 1): 1. John (Chicago, Illinois) - Dad’s Halloween House 2. Kris (Washington, US) – Haunted Pizzeria 3. Ben (Wilmington, NC) - A Porthole in Our Home 4. Alana (US) - Children's Cemetery Story - x 5. Christian (Donna, Texas) – Haunted Texas Home 6. Angelica (Denver, Colorado) - Grandpa's Ghost 7. Christine (U.S. ) - Scary Dream and Korean Superstitions - x 8. Elina (Latavia) - Go Home 9. Conroe (Texas) - Ouija Ghost 10. Tyler (Mooresville, Indiana) - Country Road Shadow...


Anything Ghost Show #251 (Part 2) - An Anything Ghost Halloween, Part Two

(Part 2) 21. Leslie (Eastpointe, Michigan) - The Thing in the Window 22. Sarah (North Carolina, US) - Haunted High School Theater 23. Dianne (Southern California) - Joshua Tree Halloween 24. Susan (Indiana, US) - Childhood Haunted House 25. Don (Atlanta Georgia) – Sister’s Ghost in Dublin, Ireland 26. Haunted New Jersey #81, July 3, 2009 ©Anything Ghost 2006-2018. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized use will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. No content of Anything...


Anything Ghost Show #250 - An Old Haunted Office Building, a Policeman Sees a Ghost, a Child Has Repeated Visits from a Ghost, and Much More!

1. Autumn (Wilson, New York) – Old Brick Building Where I Work 2. Gemma (Manchester, England) – Harry Did It 3. Heather (Edmonton) - Sproule Bed and Breakfast - Movie Trailer: The Haunted (1963) 4. Diana (Frisco, Texas) - Pet Sitter Experience 5. Emily (Missouri) – Unwanted Guest 6. Precious (Philippines) – Stop! 7. Emily (Middleburg, Florida) - Growing Up in Southern Alabama 8. Leah (Independence, Montana) – The Door Jiggler 9. Sgt. Mike (Canal Winchester, Ohio) – Ghost Patrol 10....


Anything Ghost Show #249 - Caretakers at the Baker Hotel, Haunted Home in Lima New York, Theater Ghosts in Humboldt, and Much More!

DanielHaunted Home in Lima, New YorkAlanaSpecial GiftsAnnieGhost Under the BedMaxHooded Shadow FigureJeffEVPSharonGo to Your Mother, She’s CryingSammiParanormal ExperiencesCodyKentucky HauntingGaryMandyAndrewCaretakers at The Baker HotelKendall–readingZack’s storyTheatre Ghosts: A True Ghost Story


Anything Ghost Show #248 - A Haunting at Christchurch Mansion in Suffolk, a Creepy Room Behind a Fireplace, the Little Girl at the Top of the Stairs, and Much More

DianaPet Sitting HauntsDawnIs Something Following Me?CasLittle Girl at the Top of the StairsDannyThe Maid at Christchurch Mansion in Suffolk, U.K. Link to mentioned URL ChristinePine Ridge Dude Ranch Link to mentioned URL DavidTexts from the Dead?StephanieHaunted PharmacyMarcyShadow FeetCassandraHaunted Childhood HomeJosephThe Room Behind the Fireplace


Anything Ghost Show #247 - A Cameo Intro by Brinke, A Queen Mary Ghost, A Haunted Florida Home, Shadow People Experiences, and Much More

1. Naomi (U.S.) – Queen Mary Ghost Followed Me Home 2. Kensi (Florida) - Haunted Florida Home 3. Miguel (El Paso, Texas) – Scary Voice in My Earphones 4. Amanda (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) – Shadow People in the Bedroom 5. Jolie and Jack (Seattle Washington) - Coming of Age Ghost Story 6. Lisa (U.K.) – Flying Basket 7. Rod (California, US) - Hollywood Ghost Tour #2 8. Jae (Florida) - The Loop


Anything Ghost Show #246 - Message from Beyond the Grave, Devoured by Flies, a Queen Mary Ghost, and Many More!

Anything Ghost #246 May 1, 2018 - Cassandra (U.S) – Baltimore Home Jose (Washington, U.S.) - Devoured by Flies Alan (California, US) - The Field J.J. (Los Angeles, California) - Message from Beyond the Grave Jonelle (U.S.


Anything Ghost Show #245 - Ghost at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the Panicked Man at Van Cortlandt Park, the Biker and Much More!

Links from #244: • The Anything Ghost VIP Ghroup: A one time $25 membership fee will give you access to the complete archives of Anything Ghost—dating back to that first night in 2006. Plus other features such as an early release of each new episode of Anything Ghost. • Anything Ghost Volume One: Ghostly and Creepy Experiences (book). Available at: Kindle iBooks Print Version! -------------- ©Anything Ghost 2006-2018. All rights reserved. No content of Anything Ghost, Anything Ghost...


Anything Ghost Show #244 - Celebrating Twelve Years of Anything Ghost with A Ghost at the Huntington Library, Haunted North Carolina Apartment, Valentine’s Visitor and Much More!

Slava (Russia) - Dark Russian House Steve (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) - Haunt Me If You Can Natalie (New Mexico, U.S.) - The Lawman in Cimarron, New Mexico Katerina (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) - Growing Up Ghostly Deirdre (Charlotte,


Anything Ghost #243 - Text Message from the Dead at Mesa Cemetery, the House on Somerville Drive, Haunted Car Dealership and Much More!

Content for #243: SammiTall Dark FigureMichael Beautiful Bedside PhantomJuliaText Message from the Dead at Mesa CemeteryLeah Kansas City GhostCassandraBedside Ghost SongBreakChristmas Time is EerieJessicaIndian Burial Ground House in Weston, FloridaKyle Haunted Car DealershipKailyAubrey’s GhostPhilippaHaunting at Hooe Lake in Plymouth, EnglandAnthonyDark Figure Watching Us and Other Texas StoriesAmyThe House on Somerville DriveRajivWho Beckons Corinne To The Summit Links from #243: •...


Anything Ghost #242 - Discovery Park Ghost in Seattle, Humane Society Ghost, Living in a Funeral Home, Creepy Sounds in Loch Haven, Virginia...and Much More!

Content for #242: Alex, Chloe, Grace LeightonThe Flat that Could Not Be FoundCeciliaHumane Society GhostLeaDiscovery Park Ghost in SeattleLeahThe Wisp in the WestinCruzLittle Boy GhostGeorgia The Restaurant GhostShannonThe Little Boy at the Bus StopLouisLiving in a Funeral HomeJeffWhispering from OutsideEdThanking CatShannonI Am HannahSofiPuzzling Phone DisappearanceOrion Ghost On My Brothers’ Bunk BedKailyCreepy Sounds in Loch Haven Lake, VirginiaCurtisFootsteps on the StairsMeredith I...


Anything Ghost #241 (Part One) - Happy Hallowdays! The 2017 Halloween Special. Headless Ghost, the Limping Woman of Dripping Springs, Ghost Car, and Much-Much-Much-Much More!

Content for #241 (Part One): AndyThe Poltergeist on Cartwright StreetEliseoThe Incorporeal Wagon & Other Strange Happenings MarthaThe Digging Witch in Yuma, ArizonaRogerBlack Cat GhostGreghe Abandoned House on Halloween MeganA Lifetime HauntedCollinHeadless GhostMarissaCharlie No-Face: A Local Legend SamThe Limping Woman of Dripping SpringsLauraDeadly DoppelgängerAlanaGhost Children in the HallJenLake Powell GhostDavidRainy CemeteryMistyAlone in the House CharlotteGhost...