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Dissection and discussion of science and science issues made digestible for public consumption.

Dissection and discussion of science and science issues made digestible for public consumption.
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Dissection and discussion of science and science issues made digestible for public consumption.




Einstein A Go Go 24th November 2019

Einstein A Go Go - Sunday 24th November 2019 Dr Krystal, Dr Laura, Dr Ray and Dr Shane. Science news: DNA methylation of dogs to determine age, VR, The Mars Sample Return Project First Guest: Dr Srikanth Venkatesan Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering RMIT, “1.3 million cups of coffee drunk daily in Australia turned into concrete used in homes, driveways or office buildings”. MORE HERE Second and third Guests: Dr Diana Hansen and Dr Ann Ly WAEI. “Malaria discovery could lead to better...


Einstein A Go-Go - 17 November 2019

Dr Shane, Dr Lauren & Dr Euan It's a busy week in the studio this week with the EAGG team being joined by no less than 4 guests this week. The regular Einstein doctors and special guests discuss a range of topics in the studio this week ranging from; Healthy & Unhealthy bacteria, microbiology, nano particles, Vaccinations, the Mountain Pigmy possum and climate change specifically focusing on the all too familiar most recent bushfires here in Australia. Remember, “Science is everywhere”,...


Einstein A Go Go - 10 November 2019

Dr Shane, Dr Euan, Dr Jen and Chris KP discuss the symbiotic association between fungi and plants; effects of screen time on children; ice surface structure and the effect of airline travel on the climate. First guest: Dr Tiffany Howell, Latrobe University, talks about her study into the use of dogs to treat PTSD. Volunteer, Angela De Cata and the assistance dog Heidi are also in the studio for this discussion. Second guest: Kate Birch, Data and technology manager, Melbourne Genomics,...


Einstein A Go Go - 3 November 2019

Dr Linden and Dr Ray join Dr Shane in the studio. In news: Predicting Australian summers from the polar vortex above Antartica; Measuring lateral lightning strikes; Gravitational micro-lensing. First guest is Associate Professor Melinda T. Coughlan, JDRF Clinical Research Network Career Development Fellow from Monash University. Diabetes is a growing global health burden, with 422 million adults – or one in 11 people – diagnosed with the disease. A new discovery has the potential to slow...


Einstein A Go Go - 27 October 2019

Einstein A Go Go – 27th October 2019 Dr Krystal, Dr Ray & Dr Shane Science News: Earthworm biodiversity, rats racing cars, scrutinising research funding. First guest: Dr Christine Keenan, WEHI. Researchers have discovered a potential new treatment for asthma that works by targeting the cause of the disease, rather than just masking the symptoms. Second guests: Caitlin Doogan MDataSci, BSc (Hons), BBiomedSc. Center for Data Science Center for Organisational and Social Informatics Monash...


Einstein A Go-Go - 20 October 2019

Dr Shane, Dr Lauren and Linden bring you stories about why cartilage at extremities heal more quickly, how to make cows less attractive to flies. They interview Richard Fuller OAM, president of Pure Earth and chairman of the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, about his work raising awareness of the issues of pollution and its impact on health; in particular the effects of lead pollution. They also chat with Dr Yasmin Jayasinghe (MBBS, FRANZCOG, PhD), a Paediatric and Adolescent...


Einstein A Go-Go - 13th October 2019

In the studio this week are Drs Shane and Linden and Chris KP who discuss what's been in the news: ; Paleolithic people kept and preserved deer bone marrow; and The James Webb telescope will be able to see into the centre of our galaxy (and the black hole there). Today's first guest Blake Orr, Senior Scientist at ARPANSA (in the studio) talks his work and Fukushima. Today's second guest Megan Cook, Science officer at ARPANSA (in the studio) talks hot particles and radiation...


Einstein A Go-Go - 6 October 2019

Dr Shane & Dr Ray Science news to kick things off; including technological advancements in assist in the prevention of wildfires, the ongoing gift of data from NASA experiments and research techniques into the ancestry of sharks The Dr’s are joined by 3 guests from the Bionics Institute of Australia: The Bionics Institute team share insight into (amongst other things) the lifespan of bionic implants, the Vagus nerve, deep brain stimulation and the process of delivering drugs to difficult...


Einstein A Go Go - 29 September 2019

Dr Shane and Dr Linden are hosting a special panel of visiting students. Harry, Kate and Danni discuss AI in the medical industry, cat attachment bonds, feeding prehistoric babies, hydrogen production, deep fakes and electric eels.


Einstein A Go Go - 22 September 2019

Dr Shane, Dr Krystal and Dr Ailie present to discuss today’s theme - How to survive extinction. In new, 466 million years ago an extra-terrestrial asteroid collision caused an ice age on earth; Auto brewery Syndrome; Vale Professor Penny Whetton. First studio guest is Dr Mark Warne, Palaeontologist from Deakin University. Second studio guest is Dr Christy Hispley, Museum Victoria. Third studio guest is Douglass Rovinsky, PhD candidate from Monash University.


Einstein A Go Go - 15 September 2019

Einstein A Go Go - Sunday 15th September 2019 Dr Lauren, Dr Linden and Dr Shane. First Guest: Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla, Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow Director, ARC Green Manufacturing Research Hub Director, Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology UNSW. “Revolutionising recycling science to enable global industries to safely utilise toxic and complex wastes as low cost alternatives to virgin raw materials and fossil fuels” Second Guest: Dr...


Einstein A Go-Go - 8 September 2019

Dr Shane, Dr Jen and Chris KP bring you stories about new research into taking The Pill during puberty and potential links with depression, and new theories of the shape of the T-Rex skull. The team interview Khashayar Khoshmanesh, PhD, and Peter Thurgood, from the Mechanobiology & Microfluidics Research Group in the School of Engineering at RMIT University, whose group is developing organ-on-chip systems for studying diseases. They also chat with Dr Ludovic Dumée and Marie Enfrin from...


Einstein A Go Go - 1 September 2019

In the studio this week are Drs Linden, Ray, Laura and Shane who discuss what's been in the news: Evolutionary Biology island effect on Alor, Indonesia in an ANU study, use of VR in pain management; Hayabusa2 spacecraft lands MASCOT probe on Ryugu (a 900m asteroid); and Dr Laura is one of this year's Eureka Prize-winners for outstanding early career researcher. Today's first guest Professor Sharon Lewin (in the studio) from the Doherty Institute talks about her research in HIV and...


Einstein A Go Go - 18 August 2019

Dr Shane and all the regular crew members packed the studio for week 1 of the Radiothon “‘SUBSCRIBE TO CONTINUE’” a high paced, fun filled show. The team serve up short snippets of science news, read out subscriber names and above all invite you to join the fun and to celebrate another Radiothon! Remember, “Science is everywhere”, including: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts & every Sunday at 11a.m AEST on RRR 102.7mHz FM


Einstein A Go Go - 4 August 2019

Dr Linden, Dr Laura, Dr Ray and Dr Shane. Science news: Oxytocin and starfish, animal/human hybrids, mapping the shape of The Milky Way, First Guest: Associate professor Heloise Gibb, Australian Council Research Future Fellow, Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution, School of Life Sciences| La Trobe University. The role of ants and insects in our changing environment. Second Guest: Professor Jenny Graves, Latrobe University. “Secrets of a sex changing fish revealed, we may take...


Einstein A Go Go - 28 July 2019

Dr Shane, Dr Ailie and Dr Ray bring you the week’s hottest science, including a review of the Apollo 11 movie, climate changes over history being localised, soft magnets, taking a bath to fall asleep faster, and what goes on at climate conferences. The team interview Dr Stephen Gensemer, Senior Research Scientist, Optical Systems with the CSIRO, about Satellite Optical Systems for Earth Observation Science, and CSIRO’s other space initiatives including the use of cubesats. They then chat...


Einstein A Go Go - 21 July 2019

In the studio this week are Drs Linden, Lauren and Shane. Today's first guest (via skype) Holly Griffith from NASA talks about the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing and her current work and on us going to Mars. Today's second guest (via skype) Tirtha Bandyopadhyay, Data 61, CSIRO talks about Multi-Limbed Micro-Gravity Maintenance Robots. This week in the news: Red wine and how people will deal with deep space travel, and anti-aging (on earth). Remember, “Science is everywhere”,...


Einstein A Go Go - 14 July 2019

In the studio this week are Drs Euan, Shane and KrisKP who discuss what's been in the news: Primroses listen and what they listen to, Bladder cancer and the immune response, Elizabeth Turtle has been givent the go ahead to have a drone helicopter fly to (Saturn's moon) Titan. Today's first guest (in the studio) Prof. Tissa Wijeratne, from The University of Melbourne talks about Migraines and the Migraine awareness walk. Today's second guest (in the studio) Lisa Sullivan from The Geelong...


Einstein A Go Go - 7 July 2019

Dr Shane and Dr Linden discuss hair loss treatment and plant biology. First guest: Amy Shira Teitel, tells us about her books and her recent work as a spaceflight historian. Remember, “Science is everywhere”, including: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts & every Sunday at 11a.m AEST on RRR 102.7mHz FM


Einstein A Go Go - 30 June 2019

Dr Laura joins Dr Shane in the studio. In news, the Lost Wallet Study - a world wide test for honest, 17000 fake lost wallets, 355 cities in 40 countries. More money lost equalled more returned wallets. Also, massive damage to the earth’s species due to the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs. One species to thrive was lichen who can photosynthesise without sunlight. Guest is Toby Hendy, professional YouTubers on “Why you should quit your PhD”. From the archives, an interview with...