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The Goldstein on Gelt Show is a global investment and financial planning radio show designed to educate and entertain its listeners with financial strategies and investment tips. Investment advisor Douglas Goldstein hosts the weekly show, which can also be heard at, and is the director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd.,

The Goldstein on Gelt Show is a global investment and financial planning radio show designed to educate and entertain its listeners with financial strategies and investment tips. Investment advisor Douglas Goldstein hosts the weekly show, which can also be heard at, and is the director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd.,
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Petah Tiqwa, Israel


The Goldstein on Gelt Show is a global investment and financial planning radio show designed to educate and entertain its listeners with financial strategies and investment tips. Investment advisor Douglas Goldstein hosts the weekly show, which can also be heard at, and is the director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd.,




What is the High Cost of Keeping Your U.S. Citizenship?

Do financial laws make U.S. citizenship a burden for American expats? Curtis Poe, a writer on U.S. expat issues, explains why many banks don’t want U.S. citizens as clients and describes the difficulties American expats may face in getting jobs. Get a link to a free resource specially geared to American expats about opening a U.S. brokerage account from Israel. Does the discrimination that American citizens face abroad make it worthwhile for expats to renounce their U.S....


Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Top Investor?

To become a top investor, you need to develop certain personal qualities. Award-winning speaker and author Corey Poirier explains why personal passion and knowing your goals are necessary for financial success. Find out why learning how to deal with failure is important to success. For more information about Corey Poirier’s public speaking course, click here. Follow Corey Poirier’s other work at - and on Twitter @thatspeakerguy. Today’s show features...


Is There a Secret to Successful Early Retirement?

Thinking of early retirement? Darrow Kirkpatrick, author of Can I Retire Yet? and Retiring Sooner, shares how he retired early (age 50) and discusses the investing strategies to make early retirement possible. Find out how to estimate how much money you’ll need in retirement. If you retire early, consider when your pension payments will begin. Should you apply to claim Social Security early (age 62) or wait until you later (age 70), when the benefits are greater? Listen to the show to...


Is There Really Such Thing as Socially Responsible Investing?

Many investors find the idea of socially responsible investing (SRI), appealing. What makes a company socially responsible? How can you solve ethical dilemmas that can arise in business? Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky, head of Darche Noam institutions, explains how Jewish thought can answer some of the most difficult moral questions in the investment world today. Should you invest in a self-driving car company that pre-programs its cars to kill pedestrians? Is it appropriate to invest in a...


Why Investors Need to Know About Inflation and Unemployment?

Do the government’s inflation and unemployment figures really give an accurate picture of the economy? Economist John Williams defines inflation and unemployment statistics and explains what these figures reveal about living standards. How do inflation and unemployment statistics affect investors, especially if those investing in TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities)? Follow John Williams at and on Twitter @shadowstats. Also, in this financial podcast, find...


How to Avoid Drowning in Student Loan Debt

One of the biggest problems facing young adults today is student loan debt and the cost of higher education. David Carlson, founder of the millennial personal finance blog Young Adult Money and author of Hustle Away Debt, discusses whether debts incurred by tuition fees are really worth it. Find out how to get out of debt, what “side hustles” are, and how they can help you improve your financial situation. Follow David Carlson at: and on Twitter:...


Watch out for this investment mistake

Are you looking to avoid making investment mistakes? Then, this week’s episode is for you. The first thing to do if you want to avoid investment mistakes is to understand your financial portfolio and clarify your financial goals. Every investment should be understood as simply one part of the financial picture. Coordinate your investments and make sure that you are diversified. Download the free resource Watch out for this investment mistake to help you avoid making common investing...


3 Steps to Stop Your Retirement Nest Egg from Breaking

How should you manage your retirement nest egg? Managing your retirement portfolio is complex and it’s different for every retiree. Every investor wants to keep their nest egg safe. What is the best way to protect your nest egg from breaking? How should you manage your money at each stage of your retirement? Listen to the podcast to discover the three things you can do to stop your retirement nest egg from breaking. Download the free resource 3 Steps to Stop Your Retirement Nest Egg...


How Tax Laws Can Help in the Fight Against Terrorism

American tax laws originally enacted to combat money laundering and terrorism adversely affect the millions of American citizens living abroad. Colleen Graffy, a former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Professor of International Law at Pepperdine University, explains why FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) restrictions are unfair to law-abiding U.S. expats. Did FATCA lower the value of U.S. citizenship? Follow Colleen Graffy on Twitter...


Three Investment Goals – Which One is Yours?

When was the last time you thought about your investment goals? Every investor has a different reason for investing. The three primary reasons for investing are Once you know why you are investing, it is easy to find the most appropriate investments to meet your goals. The free resource Three Goals of Investing – Which One is Yours is a comprehensive overview of the primary reasons behind investment portfolios and how investors can shape their portfolio based off their specific...


How to Manage a Multi-Currency Lifestyle

Are you a cross-border investor living a multi-currency lifestyle? Specifically, do you live in Israel but your money lives in America? Living a multi-currency lifestyle comes with its own series of complications. You need to convert currencies, be concerned about volatility in different markets, and keep in mind economic shifts and investments in different countries. The Goldstein on Gelt Show was created for Americans living in Israel. In a regulated financial world, an investor needs...


Watch Out for This Investment Mistake

Have you ever made an investment mistake? Investors make mistakes without even realizing it. Take a moment to think about how you coordinate your investments, and what motivates your financial decisions. For instance, how do you decide to design your portfolio or diversify your accounts? Are you a DIY investor or do you prefer to use a money manager? Hopefully, by becoming a strategic investor you can learn to avoid investment mistakes. The free resource Watch Out for this Investment...


Is the Right Company Managing Your Money?

Who is managing your money? Who is giving you financial advice? How do you know you’re asking for advice from the right source? Any financial advice you receive should be customized and personalized to meet your current financial situation. The free resource Is The Right Company Managing Your Money explains how all of your investments should be reviewed and by who. Download the free resource: Is The Right Company Managing Your Money? Recently received an inheritance in the United...


When is the Best Time to Let Go of Financial Responsibility?

When should you let go of financial responsibility? When is it time to delegate some of financial responsibility to your spouse, children, or someone else close? The specific financial responsibilities to be delegated depend on your specific situation. Often they include, giving someone power of attorney, check writing ability, and/or trading authority. Letting go of financial responsibility is a process. The free resource When is the Best Time to Let Go of Financial Responsibility was...


Steps You Need to Take 5 Years Before Retirement

What are the steps you need to take before retirement? What are the critical things you must do before you clean out your desk at work? Hopefully you’ve accumulated a significant amount of savings to supplement your pensions before you retired. But how that money is invested may be even more important than the fact you have savings. An investor should consider their portfolio’s asset allocation and its tax efficiencies before retiring. What kind of situation is your portfolio in? Are...


The #1 Reason You Should Buy Stocks Now

Should you buy stocks now? Are today’s market conditions conducive to buying stocks? The truth is the market is unpredictable. There is no perfect time to buy stocks. No one really knows how the market will move, and there’s no guarantee of returns. So why should you invest in the stock market? There is one over-arching reason someone should invest in the market: if you think tomorrow’s financial future will be better than today. If you’re an optimist and think the best is yet to come,...


Are Mutual Funds Safe?

Are mutual funds safe investments? The word on the street is that mutual funds are “safe” because they are a diversified investment, but is that really true? Can mutual funds have risk? In other words, can you lose money with mutual funds? Listen to today’s show to learn more about mutual funds and the risk they have. What makes a fund conservative, moderate, or aggressive? How do smart investors use mutual funds to diversify their portfolio and minimize risk? It’s important to...


How to Make the Most Out of Your Parents’ Stocks

What is the first thing you should do after you inherit your parents’ stock portfolio? Start with a financial planning outlook. Take a moment to think about your own needs, and determine if the inherited stocks meet those needs. If not, then decide how to sell them and what to invest in instead. The important thing is that even though at one time the assets were your parents’ stock, you don’t need to keep the assets invested in the same stocks that they did. Instead, you should create a...


4 Things You Should Do to Have a Financially Successful Retirement

What do you need to do to have a financially successful retirement? Even if you’re lucky enough to receive a work and/or government retirement pension, chances are it won’t cover all your expenses. That is why folks increasingly depending on their investment portfolio to sustain their retirement. Have you set up your investment portfolio for success? The free resource “Do These 4 Things to Have a Financially Successful Retirement” is a must-read for anyone who wants a financially...


Three Tips for a Successful Investment Portfolio

Everyone wants a successful investment portfolio – but the definition of a successful investment portfolio is different for everyone. What would need to happen in order for YOU to consider yourself successful at investing? Do you need to redefine your definition of success or redesign your portfolio? Download the free resource “Three Tips for a Successful Portfolio” which gives three simple tips to help optimize your portfolio to help it meet your investment goals. Remember, a successful...