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The Goldstein on Gelt Show is a global investment and financial planning radio show designed to educate and entertain its listeners with financial strategies and investment tips. Investment advisor Douglas Goldstein hosts the weekly show, which can also be heard at, and is the director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd.,

The Goldstein on Gelt Show is a global investment and financial planning radio show designed to educate and entertain its listeners with financial strategies and investment tips. Investment advisor Douglas Goldstein hosts the weekly show, which can also be heard at, and is the director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd.,
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Petah Tiqwa, Israel


The Goldstein on Gelt Show is a global investment and financial planning radio show designed to educate and entertain its listeners with financial strategies and investment tips. Investment advisor Douglas Goldstein hosts the weekly show, which can also be heard at, and is the director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd.,




Creating a Retirement Plan

What are your unanswered questions about creating a retirement plan? Today’s show features a listener’s question about what he needs to do to create a retirement plan and create a long-term retirement strategy. Retirement planning is not “one size fits all.” Financial situations are often complex and intertwined with an individual’s personal finances. Some investment vehicles are better tools than others when planning for retirement. Should you invest in bonds? Dougrecently hosted a...


The Hidden Truth About Bonds

One of the characteristics of bonds is that they are predictable. That means, when you buy a bond you generally know how much income you will get and when. However, there are a series of unexpected risks associated with bonds. There are no guarantees in the world of investing. Before you begin to invest in bonds you should understand the possible risks involved. Doug created a free resource titled Risks of bond investing. The resource highlights different risks associated with bonds...


The Difference between U.S. and Israeli Bonds

Even though a bond is considered a loan to a corporation/government/municipality, different types of bonds function differently. In fact, there is a difference between U.S. and Israeli bonds. The difference between U.S. and Israeli bonds is specifically in municipal bonds. Municipal bonds are a specific kind of bond that are free from local, state, and federal tax. In an effort to get investors to support municipal bonds, they are frequently tax-free in America. However, these bonds are not...


The Basics of Bonds

Are you considering buying a bond? When investing in bonds there are a lot of components an investor should consider: What is unique to the specific bond you want to buy? What is its maturity? Yield to maturity is a defining feature of a bond because it determines an investor’s return of investment and interest. Make sure you understand what you are getting into before investing in bonds. Bonds are complex The Goldstein on Gelt Show has created a free resource titled What You Need to...


How to Get Started with Bonds

Bonds aren’t only for retirees. Most investors at every stage of life have bonds in their portfolio. Should you include bonds in your investment portfolio? Why should an investor have bonds? At what time in an investor’s life are bonds important? Bonds are popular since they give current income on a predictable schedule. This type of investment is fundamentally different than stocks. Bonds come with different risks and different rewards. Trying to understand the world of investing? Join...


Financial Lessons from Doug’s Desk

Have you heard the financial lessons of “Scatter Man” and “Generous Mom?” While identifying characteristics have been changed to maintain the privacy, there are important financial lessons to be learned from these two real-life investor stories. Learn why Scatter Man’s diversification techniques don’t work. Instead, Doug explains how to consolidate your money and how to put yourself in a position that will serve you and your investments. And, if you want to help your children, find a way...


The Financial Side of Israeli Divorces

Israeli divorces are different than American ones. Jay Hait, a licensed lawyer in both America and Israel, joins the show to discuss the financial implications of divorce in Israel. Learn what the most common financial mistakes made when getting a divorce and how to avoid them. Every couple needs a financial plan. Jay highlights some of the legal issue about Israeli divorces and stresses the importance of creating a binding agreements. Jay explains his own view on the financial aspect of a...


How A Woman Can Achieve Financial Freedom

What does financial freedom look like to you? Believe it or not, everyone has different definitions of what financial freedom is. What situation would you have to be in to feel financially secure? Linda P. Jones, the founder of Be Wealth & Smart VIP Experience, an online investment program that mentors woman financially, joins the show today to discuss common conceptions of financial freedom and how ordinary people can reach financial security. Listen to learn the three components of...


Debunking the Myth That It’s Hard to Open a U.S. Brokerage Account

Even though the United States is strict about opening U.S. brokerage accounts from overseas, if you’re not a money launderer or criminal, it is easy to open a U.S brokerage account from overseas. As a financial advisor specialized in cross-border financial matters, Doug has over two decades experience in opening U.S. brokerage accounts for people who don’t have an American address. Unsure why your address might impact your ability to open an account? Listen to Doug’s discussion with Joe...


Understanding Estate Tax

When you die will your heirs need to pay estate tax? The distribution of a deceased person’s assets is a complicated process that may become more complicated when estate tax is involved. Ron Zalben, CPA at Aboulafa Avital Shrensky & Company law firm and frequent guest on The Goldstein on Gelt Show, shares insights on estate tax. Listen to learn if your estate will be subjected to estate tax, and what the current laws are. Did you, or are you anticipating receiving an inheritance? Doug...


How to receive an inheritance

If a loved one recently passed, do you know what you need to do to claim your inheritance? Israeli law requires heirs to have a transfer certificate to claim an inheritance. What is a transfer certificate? Where can you get one? Today’s guest has the answers… Ron Zalben, a partner at Aboulafa Avital Shrensky & Company, has extensive knowledge of estate tax laws and transfer certificates. Getting a certificate can be a tedious process, but it is necessary to claim or transfer any assets. Ron...


Why Do You Need a Power of Attorney?

What exactly is a power of attorney, and when would it come into play? Russell Mayer, a Senior Partner at Livnat Mayer & Company, explains what a power of attorney (POA) is and when people would typically need to use one. A power of attorney gives someone else the authority to handle your affairs in the event you can’t. There are several different types of power of attorney, and knowing which is the most appropriate can be complicated. In fact, Americans who recently moved to Israel may be...


Why is Having a Will so Important?

Why is it important to have a will, if it only comes into play after you no longer are alive? Russell Mayer, an estate attorney based in Israel, explains how the law distributes an investor’s assets after their death and why having a valid will makes a difference. Doug and Russell examine how a will works and who needs to be involved in creating it. Russell stresses the importance of each spouse having a separate will (some things just aren’t meant to be shared!). The death of a loved one is...


How to Make Money in the Stock Market Month is OVER!

How to Make Money in the Stock Market Month is coming to a close. Today’s show will be a recap of what The Goldstein on Gelt Show covered about the stock market during the month and what subscribers can expect next month. If you subscribed to The Goldstein on Gelt newsletter, Doug has sent you an invite to today’s webinar. If you did not have the opportunity to attend the free webinar, but want to watch, email me and I’ll send you a link to the replay. In the past month, Doug unpackaged a...


Why Stock Trading Isn’t a Great Way to Make Money

Are you considering stock trading as a way to make money? Don’t! While stock trading may pump up your adrenalin, it hasn’t necessarily been proven to drive up your market returns. If you’re wondering why stock trading isn’t as great as it is cracked up to be, download Doug’s free resource that explains why. The resource uncovers why stock trading is a bad investment strategy. Doug explains why stock traders don’t do well and what investment strategies do work. Download free resource: Here’s...


How to Choose a Mutual Fund

Do you know how to choose a mutual fund to best meet your investment goals? Doug just created The Mutual Fund Buying Checklist to help you choose mutual funds! Download it now! In a recent listener’s letter, Doug was asked if mutual funds were still a good investment. He was also asked if it is illegal for Americans living abroad to purchase them. Listen to today’s episode to get the answers. And remember if you are an American expat, you should always work with a cross-border financial...


The Benefits of ETFs

Do you know the benefits of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)? While some investors like to pick their own individually stocks, statistically their overall returns tend to be lower than someone who invests in a mutual fund or ETF. Listen to today’s episode to learn what to look for in choosing an ETF and how to use them effectively. Long-investors who want to hedge their bets may find that investing in ETFs is the answer to having a stress-free portfolio. Download a free resource that outlines...


So Many Stocks – How Do I Pick a Good Stock?

How does an investor pick a good stock when there are so many to choose from? What if choosing a stock didn’t have to be so complicated? Download Doug’s free resource to help you make educated stock choices. The eight-point list is complete with practical advice on picking stock. However, don’t only use this list as your criteria for choosing stocks. Investors should always work closely with a professional financial advisor to build their portfolio, making sure it will both meet their...


5 Signs a Widow is Going Broke

One of the biggest problems facing a widow (other than the devastating loss of their spouse) is the fear of going broke. Losing your life’s partner is a very emotional time. Many times a widow is faced with decisions she has never had to consider before, including financial decisions. If you are close to a widow, would you know if she were having financial problems or if she was facing the possibility of going broke? Doug created a list of signs that might possibly indicate a widow (or...


Protect Your Investments From Hackers

How do you protect your investments? Doug created a free resource containing ten steps to help you protect your investments from hackers. These ten steps are effortless and practical. Download Protect Your Investments from Hackers with These 10 Easy Steps. Keep all of your investments secure before investing. Download free resource: Protect Your Investments from Hackers with These 10 Easy Steps Do you want to become a better investor? Doug recently announced that he is creating an online...