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Award-winning journalist Vicki Gonzalez hosts daily interviews with community leaders, advocates, experts, artists and more to provide background and understanding on breaking news, big events, politics and culture in the Sacramento region and beyond.

Award-winning journalist Vicki Gonzalez hosts daily interviews with community leaders, advocates, experts, artists and more to provide background and understanding on breaking news, big events, politics and culture in the Sacramento region and beyond.


Sacramento, CA


Award-winning journalist Vicki Gonzalez hosts daily interviews with community leaders, advocates, experts, artists and more to provide background and understanding on breaking news, big events, politics and culture in the Sacramento region and beyond.




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COVID-19 Cases, Vaccination Rates In Sacramento County / Covering The Olympics With KCRA’s Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Mike Domalaog / CapRadio Summer Concert Series Update

The delta variant is driving up cases of COVID-19 and it’s troubling in Sacramento County, where less than half of residents are fully vaccinated. The Tokyo Olympics are officially kicking off this week and a local reporting duo joins us with 20 years of experience traveling around the globe covering the Games. Plus, an overview of CapRadio’s summer concert series as it wraps up. Today's Guests Dr. Olivia KasiryeDeirdre FitzpatrickMike DomalaogHearst TelevisionJennifer ReasonSummer Concert...


Cultural Burning, Wildfire Suppression / Implications Of DACA Ruling / Sacramento Theatre Company Acting Classes

For more than a century, cultural burning was banned by state and federal governments. Now, indigenous tribes are working side by side with officials, teaching others about the important role fire plays in wildfire management. Plus, what the ruling against DACA means for undocumented immigrants protected by the law, and a conversation with the Sacramento Theatre Company about acting classes and summer plans. Today's Guests Training ExchangeCultural Fire Management CouncilElizabeth...


Extreme Heat Threatens Chinook Salmon / Net Neutrality Future, California Considerations / Tiny Desk Contest Check In

PPIC senior fellow Jeffrey Mount and senior biologist Mike Belchik with the Yurok Tribe explain why recent extreme heat waves and drought risk a near-complete loss of juvenile salmon in the Sacramento River. Maggie Reardon with CNET also updates net neutrality under the Biden Administration, and we learn more about the local entrants for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. Today's Guests Jeffrey MountMike BelchikMaggie ReardonNick BrunnerNPR Tiny Desk Contest


How Rising Inflation Affects Northern California / Critical Race Theory Explained / Summer Movie Scene, Cinema Changes

Prices for goods and services in the U.S. were up 5.4 percent in June compared to last year, marking the largest spike in inflation since 2008. So how is that playing out in Northern California? And critical race theory: what it is, what it isn’t, and why the 40-plus-year-old idea has become a political football. Plus, a look at the summer movie scene and how the pandemic has affected the film industry and changed theaters. Today's Guests James BeckwithVida RobertsonChristian Blauvelt


California Wildfires: Your Questions Answered

On Thursday, the CapRadio Insight team, in collaboration with the California News Hub, worked to answer your wildfire questions as part of a special one-hour broadcast. This special was aired on public radio stations across California. Californians are facing what could be a historic wildfire season yet again. From the coast to Southern California, the Central Valley up to the North State, we’ll answer your most pressing questions about wildfires. Guests: CapRadio state government...


Rising Economic Pressures For Landlords / A Conversation With A Veteran Firefighter, Merced County COVID-19 Update / Tahoe State Of The Lake Report

Rent protections have been in place since the start of the pandemic, leaving many small landlords facing economic pressures when it comes to paying their bills. A Cal Fire Battalion Chief also explains how wildfires have evolved during his decades-long career as a firefighter. Plus, we get an update on Merced County’s vaccination efforts and how the health department is monitoring the Delta variant, and summarizing Tahoe’s State of the Lake report from UC Davis. Today's Guests Chris...


Sacramento Mandatory Housing / Rebuilding After Wildfire / FEMA Wildfire Eligibility Investigation / Sacramento Teacher Flies With NASA

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg discusses his proposal to adopt what he calls a first-in-the-nation right to housing for those living outdoors and an obligation for people to accept housing when offered. Camp Fire survivor Stephen Murray also shares the long road to rebuilding and healing, and we learn more about why FEMA rejected 95% of aid applicants during California's 2020 wildfires. Plus, Sacramento-area teacher Domina Stamas on being selected for NASA's "Airborne Astronomy...


’Political? ?Junkie?’ ??Ken? ?Rudin?? / U.S. Teacher Shortage / How To Navigate 'Noise' That Affects Human Judgment

The pandemic has exacerbated an already alarming teacher shortage across the U.S., with many educators burned out and rethinking whether to stay in the profession; we explore the issue and solutions. A pair of behavioral scientists also explain what “noise” is in professional judgment and why it affects everything from criminal justice to medical treatments. Plus, the latest in the nation’s political landscape, including plans by Democrats to expand voting as Republicans push for limits in...


Lava Fire Live Update / COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic For People With Neurodevelopmental Conditions / After the Assault Reporters Notebook / Holiday Travel Planning

The UC Davis MIND Institute has rolled out a COVID-19 vaccine clinic, custom-made for those with neurodevelopmental conditions; we take a look at its unique features and its importance right now. An infectious disease expert and a AAA spokesperson explain what you need to know if you’re planning on traveling this holiday weekend, with airfares, gas prices, and hotel rates surging amid ever-changing pandemic guidelines. Plus, a reporter’s notebook breakdown of CapRadio’s After the Assault...


California’s Budget, Recall Updates / Teaching Consent At Young Ages / Vegan Food Options At Cookouts

California’s budget legally crossed the deadline, but there’s still more negotiating to go; we break down the highlights and get an update on the looming recall election. Plus, why people of color have a harder time reporting sexual assault, and how to teach your children about consent and why understanding at a young age is beneficial. Today's Guests Nicole NixonElaine WhitefeatherWEAVEBrittany BrayDr. Vikki Petersen


How To Be An Ally Of Sexual Assault Survivors / Omar Ameen / Community Of Writers Celebrates 50th Anniversary

In partnership with CapRadio’s podcast series After the Assault, we share advice on how to be an ally for survivors of sexual violence. Also, we discuss the thrown-out extradition trial of Omar Ameen, an Iraqi refugee living in Sacramento, falsely accused as an ISIS hitman. But after more than two years in jail, and despite a federal judge ordering his release, Ameen remains in federal custody. Plus, CapRadio Reads shares the 50th anniversary of the Community of Writers poetry workshop in...


Living With Trauma After Sexual Assault / New Recycling Proposals In California / LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health

Roughly 44% of women and a quarter of men have experienced sexual assault, and there’s no timeline for healing; we discuss living with the trauma of sexual assault and how survivors find support and build resilience. LGBTQ+ youth were also hit hard by the new realities during the pandemic, and a Medical Director at the Child Mind Institute walks us through the issues. Plus, a look at a pair of new potentially impactful recycling proposals in California. Today's Guests Dr. Emily DworkinBob...


UOP President Chris Callahan / Sexual Assault Investigation Process / Managing Re-Entry Anxiety

Months after being named the president of University of the Pacific, Chris Callahan found himself leading the school through the pandemic; we discuss what his hopes are for the return to school in the fall and how he thinks COVID-19 changed higher education. Also, after a sexual assault, victims who choose to report the crime have a difficult time getting justice, and why some people are choosing to keep their masks on even after getting vaccinated. Today's Guests University of the...


Investigation Into Gavin Newsom’s Fire Prevention Efforts / Collecting Evidence In Sexual Assault Cases, Data On Processing Rape Kits / California’s Agriculture Amid Drought

DNA evidence after a sexual assault can make or break an investigation, but the rape kit backlog continues to be an issue statewide; we’ll dive deeper into why and explore solutions to process samples faster. Plus, how California’s severe drought is impacting agriculture in the years to come and what farmers are doing to adapt. Today's Guests Scott Roddhis investigation into Governor Newsom’s promise to increase fire prevention in the stateDr. Angela VickersEmily ZentnerJosué Medellín


California National Guard Wildfire Concerns / How Sexual Violence Affects The Brain / National Park Photographer

In partnership with CapRadio’s new podcast series After the Assault, we break down the lasting impacts that sexual violence has on brain function. The California National Guard also shares first-person accounts of preparations, concerns, and advice for wildfire season. Finally, photographer Ellis Williams shares their national park journey as a Black activist and veteran, while documenting their hormone replacement therapy to help others on their gender expression journey. Today's...


After The Assault Podcast Overview / Supply Chains Issues Across Country, California / COVID-19 Impact On Nature, Wildlife

Supply chain issues are causing shortages and price increases for a variety of products across the country and in California more than a year into the pandemic; we discuss the issues in the global supply chain and what a return to normal looks like. Healthcare reporter Sammy Caiola walks us through what you can expect with the new CapRadio podcast After The Assault, and we take a deep dive into the variety of ways the pandemic has impacted nature and wildlife in California. Today's...


Extreme Heat In Northern California / What's New At SMF Post-State Reopening / CapRadio Reads, After The Assault / Previewing CapRadio’s Summer Concert Series

Northern California is experiencing extreme heat just days before the first official day of summer; we learn more about how long the high temperatures will last and how to protect yourself. An official with the Sacramento International Airport also walks us through what the rules are when flying following the state’s reopening. Plus, CapRadio kicks off its After The Assault podcast, and Classical Announcer Jennifer Reason previews the station’s Summer Concert Series. Today's Guests Craig...


California Proposed Budget / Decline In Routine Pediatric Vaccinations / The Nation’s Inflation Rate Explained / French Film Festival’s Return To In-Person Showings

While COVID-19 vaccinations are top of mind for many some 15 months into the pandemic, routine vaccination rates for kids have gone down since the country first went into lockdown; we learn why this could be concerning with an infectious disease specialist. Inflation is also at 5%, and we discuss what this means and if a comparison to the Great Recession is accurate. Plus, a look at how the Sacramento French Film Festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Today's Guests Phil TingDr....


California Reopening / “DRUNK: How we Sipped, Danced, And Stumbled Our Way To Civilization” / Balancing Reopening Spending With Debt

CapRadio Reporter Sarah Mizes-Tan shares a live look at Sacramento on the morning of California’s official reopening. California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly also answers questions about the state’s reopening and plans going forward. Author Edward Slingerland discusses his new book “DRUNK: How we sipped, danced, and stumbled our way to civilization,” and happiness researcher Dr. Elizabeth Dunn offers advice to balance spending and debt as California reopens. Today's...


Climate Change Impact On COVID-19, Deadly Diseases / Body Shaming Girls And Women / History, Significance Of Juneteenth

This year, June 19 will mark the 156th anniversary of Juneteenth, commemorating the day slavery was ended in Texas in 1865; we discuss the significance and how it highlights the dearth of Black history education in the U.S. A sociology professor at UCLA also walks us through the ins and outs of body shaming after a Florida high school altered yearbook photos to hide breast cleavage in some 80 female students. Plus, a look at how climate change is making outbreaks of deadly diseases and...