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Italian Impact Weekly is a local radio show in the Pittsburgh area which streams live on a weekly basis. Claudio Reilsono and Steve Mancini have a great variety of guests. The show has a lot of impactful stories, with a very uplifting atmosphere. As they say, it is informative and entertaining at the same time!


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Italian Impact Weekly is a local radio show in the Pittsburgh area which streams live on a weekly basis. Claudio Reilsono and Steve Mancini have a great variety of guests. The show has a lot of impactful stories, with a very uplifting atmosphere. As they say, it is informative and entertaining at the same time!




IIW - Episode 39 - Peter Belmonte

In this week's episode, we interview well-renowned author, Peter Belmonte. Pete retired from the US Air Force after having served for twenty years, first as an enlisted man and then as an officer. He is also a veteran of Operation Desert Storm. Pete has written numerous historical books about Italian-Americans and their service such as Italian-Americans in World War II (2001), Calabrian-Americans in the US Military During World War I, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (2017-2019), Chicago-Area Italians in World War I: A Case Study of Calabrians (Fonthill Media, 2019), and United States Army Depot Brigades in World War I (with Alexander F. Barnes, 2021), plus several other books. This is a very interesting and informative episode that we know you will enjoy!


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 38 - Amani D’Ambrosio

This week we interview Amani D'Ambrosio. Amani is an up and coming golfer who has set a goal for himself to become a Major champion! He is well on his way as a successful golfer with Barry University. In this interview, we talk with Amani and learn about his approach but more importantly, what drives him.


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 37 - Vince Papale

This week we interview the great Vince Papale. It was 1976 when this 30 year old, a teacher and coach at his HS Alma mater, part-time bartender and die hard Eagles fan decided to act on a whim and a dare and entered the unprecedented public tryouts for his beloved Eagles. He played 3 seasons with his beloved Philadelphia Eagles. In 2006 Walt Disney Pictures continued their triumphant tradition of motivating sports stories with the release of INVINCIBLE. It’s a stirring football drama starring Mark Wahlberg as Vince Papale, an ordinary guy who, against all odds, takes his shot at every fan’s fantasy of going from the grandstands to the gridiron. In this interview, we talk everything from sports to personal life and the movie to life after football. Vince is a real life inspiration and we know you will enjoy this one!


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 36 - Howard Mincone and Hank Edwardo

In this week's episode, we interview 2 great entertainers. Howard Mincone is a comedian, juggler, quick-witted emcee, and much more. Hank Edwardo is without a doubt one of the best accordionists in the area. These 2 were absolutely wonderful to speak with and we know you will have a great time listening to this week's show! So, sit back and be entertained.


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 35 - Christopher Corchiani

In this week's episode, we interview the great Chris Corchiani. Chris was selected by the Orlando Magic with the 9th pick of the 2nd round (36th overall) in the 1991 NBA draft and was the first NCAA Division I player to record 1,000 assists in a career. He went on to play in the NBA as well as in Europe. However, it's what he did after his playing career was over that truly demonstrates what a success Chris is. Chris is a great family-man, proud of his Italian heritage, and a smart business leader who is very disciplined and inspirational to others. We know you will enjoy this one!


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 34 - Vince Ornato

This week's episode features Vince "the artist" Ornato from Pittsburgh. Vince is a local Pittsburgh artist but studied and painted in many areas under the tutelage of several greats. He also further honed his skills painting caricatures in Italy. He has created some local masterpieces but more importantly, he has a life story that is its own masterpiece. Enjoy this wonderful interview with one of Pittsburgh's great artists!


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 33 - Horatio ‘Hersh’ Petrocelly and Melissa Marinaro

This week Claudio interviews two fantastic guests: Horatio ‘Hersh’ Petrocelly, owner and operator of the Olive Tap Pittsburgh Franchise. A great interview that is more than just olive oil! Hersh has some great stories and memories that we know you will enjoy. The second guest is Melissa Marinaro, the curator of the Italian American Collection at the Senator John Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh. Melissa gives a wonderful update on a lot of events happening at the history center which celebrate the Italian-America culture. We hope you enjoy and we hope to see you at some of the events!


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 32 - DJ Thielen

This week's episode is a very entertaining talk with motivational speaker and successful real estate investor, DJ Thielen. DJ is a former pro baseball player who has seen life's highs and lows up close and personal. In this episode, DJ talks about his Italian roots as well as providing his philosophy on how one can stay positive and upbeat no matter what life throws you. This is a great episode and we're sure you're going to enjoy it!


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 31

It's that time of year - fall. That means football. In this episode, Claudio and Steve talk about some of the best Italian-American football players. They can't make it through the list, there's more than you think, but you'll love who they discuss and what makes that person such a favorite. We hope you enjoy!


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 30 - Patrick Campesi

This week we interview Patrick Campesi, an up and coming leader in the Italian-American community. However, Patrick isn't located in your traditional areas known for having large numbers of Italian immigrants. In fact, we learned just how deep those roots in the American south grow. Also, Patrick is not only involved with local Italian-American organizations, such as being the President of his local ISDA lodge, he is also an international real estate consultant. In this episode, we discuss many topics with Patrick such as immigrants from Italy who went to the southern US and worked the fields to buying property in Italy. Please tune in and if you enjoy, feel free to share!


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 29 - Michael Angelo DiLauro

This week we interview award winning producer/director Michael Angelo DiLauro. He served as Director of the Academic Media Center and Associate Professor of Media Arts (2006-2018) and retired with Emeritus status at Robert Morris University. His feature documentary film, “Prisoners Among Us: Italian American Identity and WWII”, was awarded the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the New York International F.F. and Montreal F.F. DiLauro’s “La Mia Strada” an ethnic journey, was screened at the Palestrina F.F. in Italy, Atlantic City F.F. and was awarded a Silver Medal from the Media Communications Association-International F.F.


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 28 - Frank Di Piero

This week we interview Frank Di Piero who was born in Chicago and is of 100% Italian origin. Frank is also the host of the wonderfully successful podcast "Keepin’ It Real with Frankie D". This episode provides some great insight into how we can maintain the Italian culture when we are so far removed from our immigrant ancestors.


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 27 - Armand Buzzelli and Rocky Romano

This week we have 2 great guests! Armand Buzzelli, author of "Rosie's Red Sauce" and Director of Campus Recreation at Robert Morris University and Rocky Romano, a member of the Board of Directors for the "West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival". This festival can draw as many as 100,000 people. A lot of good conversation and you will be surprised just how big the West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival can be! In fact, their site notes: "Top-named entertainers can be found on the main stage during the Festival. Previous years, Festival goers have enjoyed such notables as Tony Danza, Kathy Mattea, Jo Dee Messina, Steve Augeri, Joey Dee and the Starliters, and Frankie Avalon - all free of charge to the public". Thank you again to our 2 great guests.


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 26 - Wayde Marsico

This week, Claudio and Steve interview the great Wayde Marsico. Wayde is the CEO of Marsico Sports Group and Mr. PA Football. Per their website, In 2008, they hosted their first football combine, in 2010, they started the Mr. PA Football program, in 2013, they started the Mr. and Miss PA Basketball program, and in 2018, they started their first 7 on 7 football travel team. Afterwards Claudio and Steve discuss the Annual Italian Sports Hall of Fame banquet for the Pittsburgh chapter which was recently held. An interesting and very informative episode.


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 25 - David Finoli

This week's guest is David Finoli. David was named the 2018 Pittsburgh Magazine's Best of the 'Burg Local Author of the Year and has written or contributed to 33 books. This is a great interview which dives into everything about how eBooks have change publishing to David's approach to successful writing. A truly entertaining and informative discussion!


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 24 - Dom Perry

Claudio interviews Dom Perry. One of his former baseball players but now the Office Managing Partner at Wessel and Company. Claudio and Dom have a great conversation about how to handle challenges in order to be successful.


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 23 - Cathy Phillips

Claudio interviews Cathy Phillips – Ambassador to Organic Market in Oakmont, PA. Claudio and Cathy have a great time discussing her work and approach to organic markets.


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 22 - Anthony and Nicole Vigilante

Claudio and Steve interview Anthony and Nicole Vigilante (successful business owners and proud residents of New Kensington, PA). Anthony and Nicole are very passionate about their community and show the importance of investing in smaller communities that are struggling. The result of their efforts, a more vibrant and enjoyable place to live for all!


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 21 - Leandra Mancini, Ida Reilsono, and Salvatore Merante

Ok, time to bring on the kids and see what they think of this whole Italian culture thing. This is a fun interview with Leandra Mancini, Ida Reilsono, and Salvatore Merante. Listen as they show how young folks are indeed interested in their roots and keeping traditions alive. You'll definitely enjoy this one!


Italian Impact Weekly - Episode 20 - Joe DeGuardia

This week we interview the great Joe DeGuardia (Founder of The Law Offices of Joseph M. DeGuardia and Star Boxing). Joe is a former boxer turned lawyer turned promoter...listen to this interview which truly inspires you to keep going. Never quit. This is a very inspirational interview and Joe brings a lot of hard life lessons.