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Each episode of "Music Raygun" explores a different musical artist, topic or concept. Hosts Paul Ciampanelli and Kirk Pynchon watch and discuss related music videos, TV clips, commercials, interviews and other pop-culture ephemera on YouTube.

Each episode of "Music Raygun" explores a different musical artist, topic or concept. Hosts Paul Ciampanelli and Kirk Pynchon watch and discuss related music videos, TV clips, commercials, interviews and other pop-culture ephemera on YouTube.
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Each episode of "Music Raygun" explores a different musical artist, topic or concept. Hosts Paul Ciampanelli and Kirk Pynchon watch and discuss related music videos, TV clips, commercials, interviews and other pop-culture ephemera on YouTube.








50: Grab Bag V

It's the 50th episode of "Music Raygun." Can you believe it? Did you think we'd last? Did you expect us to make it this far? Is anyone even listening? Anyway, the first 50 were only the beginning. There's a lot of "Music Raygun" still to come. But this time, we're opening up the old grab bag once again. That means the theme of this episode is no theme at all. We're talking about a random assortment of music we like. And we hope you'll like it too. To see the videos we watch in this episode,...


49.5: Miniepisode 22

Welcome to 2019, raygunners. Kirk has stories from his holiday vacation to Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The "Don't @ Me" takes come fast and hot. And who will win the first "Music Raygun" trivia quiz of the new year?


49: Dance III (w/ Isabel Nelson)

It's our third dance-themed episode. And that means the lovely Isabel Nelson is back in the room. She pops and locks with fellow dancer Kirk and uncoordinated buffoon Paul. This episode has got Janelle Monae, the movie "Fast Forward," and a "Soul Train" line. It's got Christine and the Queens, "Dance Fever," and soul music on "The Lawrence Welk Show." Plus so much more. You're going to want to see all the actual dancing from this episode's videos. So be sure to check out the video playlist....


48.5: Miniepisode 21 (w/ Isabel Nelson)

It's Christmas Eve, and our dear friend Isabel Nelson has returned to the show for some holiday cheer. Everyone's got something to say for "Don't @ Me," and the takes are piping hot. So to cool the tension, we also brought back our newest segment, "Trading Card Corner." You'll leave this episode knowing more about the New Kids on the Block than you ever wanted to know or should know. Merry Christmas!


48: Happy Holidays II

Merry everything and happy always to you raygunners. It’s that special time of year when, for some people, the spirit of Christmas somehow transforms a lot of music that normally would be cheesy and unlistenable into something warm and cheerful. Kirk and Paul are two of those people, so here’s another holiday treat of an episode. Even if you don’t like Christmas music, there’s something here for you to enjoy. Like Kool Moe Dee. Or Tom Waits. Or GG Allin. What says Christmas better than GG...


47.5: Miniepisode 20

Paul and Kirk celebrate the holiday season by discussing the rumored Prince jukebox musical, sharing their galaxy-brain "Don't @ Me" takes, and competing in a over-so-fast trivia "contest" in which one of them fails so badly that most of the quiz is just an expo mission.


47: Nile Rodgers

We’re taking a look at the career of Nile Rodgers, the genius guitarist, songwriter and producer behind Chic as well as hits from by Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, David Bowie, INXS and Daft Punk, all of whom are featured on this episode. And that’s not even to mention the hits he wrote and/or produced for Madonna, Duran Duran, the B-52s, Bryan Ferry, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and more. Nile Rodgers is a titan of music and an interesting character, and this episode is lots of fun. To see the...


46.5: Miniepisode 19

Feeling festive? Kirk and Paul are both excited for the holiday season. Kirk has some thoughts about how getting older has affected his outlook on the holidays ... and on hip-hop. In "Don't @ Me," someone in Kirk's life contributes a hot take, and Paul's take takes list form. Then Paul tries like hell to break Kirk's winning streak in the music trivia quiz. Will he succeed? Probably not.


46: TV Theme Music

We’re doing something different on this episode of “Music Raygun.” Instead of talking about pop music, we’ll listen to some classic TV themes. From which TV shows, you ask? Here are some hints: a working-class sitcom from the ‘70s, a working-class sitcom from the ‘80s, a British sci-fi show from the ‘60s, a children’s show from the ‘70s, and more. But hey, you ask, don’t you cover any pop-culture shows from more recently than the 1980s? Hahahahaha, what the heck podcast do you think you’re...


45.5: Miniepisode 18

Paul embarrassed himself in the last miniepisode, so there are corrections to make. Uncle Marc checks in to address a glaring omission. The "Don't @ Me" takes come fast, hot and spicy. Debuting in this episode, a new segment: "Trading Card Corner." And in the music trivia quiz, will Kirk continue his winning streak and humiliate Paul further? You probably already know the answer to that. So say yay, it's a new "Music Raygun" miniepisode! Now with extra mini.


45: Boy Bands

Back in January 2017, your hosts recorded what’s now the show’s lost pilot episode. (Paul accidentally destroyed the file trying to teach himself audio editing.) The subject of that episode: What was the first boy band? And that discussion came from Paul and Kirk having the same debate with their co-workers many months earlier. Now, finally, it’s our long-awaited boy bands episode. This ‘90s-heavy episode takes you from Menudo to One Direction, with most of the big names in between, and some...


44.5: Miniepisode 17

Kirk and Paul discuss the Halloween songs that too many basic beezies play at Halloween parties. Plus also they name which song needs to become more of a Halloween standard. Two short and spicy "Don't @ Me" opinions show how your hosts kind of sort of have the same brain. And the music trivia quiz doesn't end in a tie as predicted. Happy Halloween!


44: Halloween II

Clanking chains. Creaking door. Spiderweb. Boo. It’s Halloween. This time of year gives us an excuse to do what rock and roll was invented for: worshipping Satan. And that’s what we’re doing on this episode of “Music Raygun.” There’s a visit from the god of hellfire to bring us fire. Lou Reed tears the flesh from off of his own skull. The Beach Boys sing a Charles Manson song. And perhaps the most terrifying thing of all: Simon and Garfunkel. It’s the spookiest podcast of the year. To see...


43.5: Miniepisode 16

A question about a particular song reminds Paul why Twitter is fun, Kirk has a strong opinion about a movie he hasn't seen, Uncle Marc checks in and Paul tries to break Kirk's winning streak in the trivia quiz.


43: Bass Guitar

We’re gonna add some bottom so that the dancers just won’t hide. Get your thumb slapping and your finger popping because it’s time to take a deep dive into bass guitars and bass guitar players. We’re talking Verdine, Bernard, the Ox, Flea, Bootsy, Thunder Thumbs and more. There are Stingrays everywhere you look. And the question on absolutely every bass guitar player’s lips: What would River Phoenix think? All of that and so much more on this funky episode of “Music Raygun.” It’s on the one,...


42.5: Miniepisode 15

Paul and Kirk dip into the listener mailbag. Kirk talks about seeing Anita Baker in concert last month. The "Don't @ Me" takes are short but spicy. And the music trivia quiz this time is... well, just listen.


42: Off-Brand Picks

On this episode of “Music Raygun,” we’re talking about off-brand picks! What does that mean? The topic what Kirk’s idea, because even though he has a self-described “narrow” enjoyment of music, there is still plenty of stuff he likes that people may be surprised that he knows and really enjoys. Meanwhile, Paul’s tastes are broader in general, so his picks for this episode go pretty far afield of the show’s normal scope. Basically what that means is things get a bit weirder than usual in this...


41.5: Miniepisode 14

Paul and Kirk put a bow on the most recent regular episode with a few final thoughts about new jack swing. Kirk goes off the dome with a hot take for "Don't @ Me." Paul wrote his down. Plus: Will Kirk finally break his multiweek losing streak in the music-trivia quiz, or will Paul continue to crush him like a jelly bean? Thanks to RadioPublic for naming "Music Raygun" one of its Indies to Watch!


41: New Jack Swing

This episode has been a long time coming. Paul and Kirk talked about having new jack swing as a topic back when they first conceived of “Music Raygun.” Why did it take so long to get here? Because this is the most important music in Kirk’s life. And he needed a lot of time to marinate in exactly what he wanted to say about it. So steel yourself, because not every music podcast out there is treating Guy, Today and even Basic Black with this much reverence. To see the videos we watch in this...


40.5: Miniepisode 13

Paul and Kirk redress a couple of glaring omissions from a recent episode, answer the question of that "Last American Virgin" soundtrack song, and mark what would've been Michael Jackson's 60th birthday. All that plus "Don't @ Me" and the music trivia quiz.