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A Marketing and Small Business podcast. Interviews from leading Digital Marketing experts on many topics including Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and more. Listen now or download for later.

A Marketing and Small Business podcast. Interviews from leading Digital Marketing experts on many topics including Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and more. Listen now or download for later.


Birmingham, United Kingdom


A Marketing and Small Business podcast. Interviews from leading Digital Marketing experts on many topics including Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and more. Listen now or download for later.








Sponsorship explained with Ken Ungar

Sponsoring a team, person or event can be a powerful way of getting your name out there and driving sales and leads but it can be a complicated business so I'm delighted to be talking to Ken Ungar, President & Founder of CHARGE Sponsorship agency . Ken explains the basics of sponsorship, how to pick the right person or team to sponsor and there's heaps of advice on avoiding problems and getting the most out of a sponsorship deal. You can find Ken on the CHARGE website, LinkedIn and Twitter...


B2B content marketing strategy help with Mark Colgan

Business to Business content marketing is a different beast to business to consumer content marketing, the sales process can be a lot longer, more involved with more authority and knowledge building content needed. At the same time we can't ignore that we are still marketing to people. In this episode I'm talking to entrepreneur and B2B startup mentor Mark Colgan who shares some of his 13 years of experience in B2B Sales & Marketing. We're talking about how to start building your content...


The current state of Google & SEO plus thoughts for the future with Erik Newton

Google's search results have been changing a lot over the last few years. There's been a big increase in zero click search where Google gives us the answer and the focus for site owners is now on website user experience and Google are guiding us on how they want websites to behave. In this episode I'm talking to Erik Newton, the Vice President of Marketing at Milestone Inc who shares his thoughts on the current state of Google Search & SEO. We talk zero clicks, website speed and what Google...


Staging a large virtual event with Elizabeth Irvine

The Content Strategy Collective was a large virtual event held by that involved many speakers, guests, sponsors, pre recorded and live talks, they was a lot going on. In this episode Elizabeth Irvine the VP of Marketing for MarketMuse talks about how the event came together, what software they used and also shares the pain points and successes. If you're planning to hold a virtual event then this is a must listen. Make sure you check out the MarketMuse YouTube channel for...


The State of Branding and Content Marketing with Andrew Hally

Bynder, a digital asset management platform, have recently released their latest State of Branding research. They've surveyed 1,600 marketing and creative professionals to work out the latest trends in branding and digital content creation. This is a fascinating chat with Andrew Hally their CMO who explains more about the research and how the pandemic has changed the content world. You can check out the report here and don't forget to connect with Andrew on LinkedIn. Can I quickly mention...


Writing and distributing a great press release with Mickie Kennedy

In a world of social media and instant everything press releases can seem a little bit old school but they never went away and can really help you increase brand exposure and generate sales and leads. They still work. In this episode I'm talking to Mickie Kennedy who's the founder of who distribute press releases to journalists and the PR wire network. It's a chat full of tips and advice on how to get ideas for releases, target them correctly write them and get results with...


How handwritten notes can build better customer relations with David Wachs

This is a brilliant chat about how handwritten notes can help build better customer relations and even increase leads and sales. David has founded Handwytten which uses a bunch of robots to write notes with real pens in authentic handwriting styles. David explains how it all works in the podcast. Make sure you check out the Handwrytten website and don't forget to connect with David on LinkedIn . Can I quickly mention is that Not Another Marketing Podcast is totally ad free and I'd love it...


Stock photography trends and picking the right photo with Dr Rebecca Swift

How much thought do you put behind picking the right images for your campaigns? Are you in a rush or do you spend too long trying to find the perfect image? Help is on hand from Dr Rebecca Swift, Global Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images. This is a fascinating chat and we cover topics like image trends, diversity, sustainability, authenticity and tips and advice for picking better stock images. You can read about Dr Rebecca's work & see the latest trends on the Getty Creative...


A Beginners Guide to Local SEO with Eric Seropyan

For local businesses like hairdressers, accountants, furniture stores appearing on the Google map is essential. Being found in Google based on your locality can make a huge difference to your stores footfall. In this episode I'm joined by local SEO expert and founder of This Is My South Bay Eric Seropyan who offers up a huge amount of tips, advice and insight on how to rank your local business in Google. You can find Eric at This Is My South Bay and also on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook &...


Relationship Marketing Strategies with Shauna Armitage

Relationship marketing, business advocacy are powerful strategies for the digital marketer but are we always doing things the right way? Are we being authentic? Can we do better? In this episode I'm talking to Shauna Armitage who is a freelance marketing director working with start-ups and helping them form their marketing strategies. Shauna offers vast amounts of insight and tips on how to grow your relationship marketing strategies. You can find Shauna on her website and on...


Measuring Marketing Return on Investment (ROI) with Len Ward

Discovering your marketing ROI can be difficult. There are so many channels and so many touch points with some of them offline. How to we reliably report the return on investment of our marketing efforts? In this episode I'm joined by Len Ward the founder of Commexis which is a consulting firm that helps organisations discover their true ROI. It's a fascinating chat which I think will make you think slightly different about how to report successes and failures to the board or your...


Sam Ovett explains how has Apple has changed it's email & advertising tracking

Apple have recently introduced third party cookie and tracking blockers to their PC web browsers and iPhones. A lot of marketers and advertisers are not happy as their stats and reports may now be different. Talking tracking can be complicated especially if you're more of a creative marketers than a technical one so in this episode I have Sam Ovett from Mobile Pocket Office who's going to explain things in normal speak. Sam's company focuses on building business and marketing automation...


What is the future of in person networking with Pieter Limburg

In person networking has obviously pretty much stopped during the pandemic but is it dead for good? Have we moved our networking online or do we still need some human interaction? In this episode I'm talking to Pieter Limburg, founder and CEO of Mobilo which makes a smart business card based on RFID technology very similar to how contactless payments work. Pieter offers up lots of tips and advice on how to get more out of your networking efforts and explains how Mobilo works. Visit the...


How Marketers Can Get Their Creative Juices Flowing with Brad Smith

Keyword matching, increasing search exposure, being a content production line - these are all things a marketer or copywriter has to deal with and it can drag the creativity out of you. In this episode I'm talking to Brad Smith about how to stay creative when we're basically just trying to feed algorithms with content. Brad runs a couple of content agencies and also a fascinating tool called Wordable that enables distraction free writing and looks after all the formatting of content &...


Storytelling in Marketing with Michael Murdoch and Robbie Dale

Storytelling is one of those buzzwords that floats around the marketing world and you see lots of marketing guru's on Twitter telling you to do 'storytelling'. But what does this really mean? In this episode I'm talking to Michael Murdoch and Robbie Dale the co-founders of Story Cube which they describe as a framework that helps organisations explain what they do through storytelling. It's a fascinating chat that give you lots of ideas on how to plan your content and sales strategies....


A Media Outreach Masterclass from Kris Ruby

For the 100th episode I'm delighted to be joined by Kris Ruby who has appeared on TV over 150 times covering big tech bias, politics and social media. She is also the CEO of Ruby Media Group, an award-winning public relations and media relations agency in New York. This episode is an absolute masterclass for marketers and PR folk as we delve into the expectations of media outreach from both the agency, client and publisher perspectives. We also talk about artificial intelligence and how its...


How to stage better virtual events & make them engaging

We've been to a lot of virtual events over the pandemic months and some of them have been soul destroying haven't they? And they're probably not going away so how do we make them more engaging? I'm chatting to Erica Maurer who's a partner with EMRG Media in New York which is a full service event planning and digital marketing company. It's a fascinating chat full of tips and advice on how to stage better virtual events and make them less like giant zoom calls. You can find EMRG online here...


Remote Marketing Apprenticeships. How to gain experience quickly.

Thanks for downloading. You need experience to get the job but you need the job to get the experience! This is a huge issue when looking at entry level jobs within the marketing world. How do you get that experience? In this episode I'm chatting to Moe Abbas, CEO of Acadium which offers digital marketing apprenticeships complete with mentorship so you can start building that portfolio and getting real world experience. You can find the Acadium website here and don't forget to check in...


Smartphone video marketing. How, and does it work?

Creating video for social media or your website can be a faff. It's time consuming and we don't always know if it works plus video can be really hard to do. Don't fear! Daryl Cygler is here to offer insight, tips and advice on how to do video better using just your smartphone. Daryl is the founder of Smartphone Video Marketing which helps small medium businesses create their own video marketing content without the need for video production companies, or expensive film equipment and all...


Website speed. How fast does our website need to be?

Google are having a big update in May and the focus seems to be on site speed and usability, especially when looking at websites on mobile phones, but how fast does our website really need to be? Kevin Wiles is a technical SEO and we chat about website speed and is it really worth saving half a second off your page load time. We also chat about the upcoming Google update in May and what it means for marketers. You can find Kevin on his website, LinkedIn or Twitter. Can I...