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Radio Ecoshock weekly 1 hour 56MB (Stereo mp3) program featuring the latest science, authors, issues - from climate change, oceans, forests, pollution, Peak Oil, the economy, and peace.

Radio Ecoshock weekly 1 hour 56MB (Stereo mp3) program featuring the latest science, authors, issues - from climate change, oceans, forests, pollution, Peak Oil, the economy, and peace.


Midway, BC


Radio Ecoshock weekly 1 hour 56MB (Stereo mp3) program featuring the latest science, authors, issues - from climate change, oceans, forests, pollution, Peak Oil, the economy, and peace.






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Radio Ecoshock: O HEAVENLY GRID: The Burning Question

Our opening prayer “0 Heaveny Grid” (Firesign Theatre) is dedicated to the late and deceased COP27 climate conference in Egypt. Katrin Ganswindt from the German enviro group Urgewald reports oil, gas, and coal companies have announced expansion enough to break the future. From …


Radio Ecoshock: COPPING OUT Of Climate Action

From Johannesburg, Professor Patrick Bond exposes the Just Transition and dirty deeds done. Two reports from COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh Egypt, Daphne Wysham and Paul Beckwith call in. Daphne, former host of Earthbeat Radio, now heads Paul is a Canadian climate scientist …


Radio Ecoshock: UNBROKEN NEWS: Why Is the Arctic Suddenly Burning?

Guest Dr. David Gaveau on newly seen Arctic feedback. Alex rants on COP27 Climate Conference. Al Gore’s COP27 opening remarks: we are failing and no one believes we will do anything to stop emissions.


Radio Ecoshock: Your Body Is Partly Plastic. So Is Everything Else

Wired science journalist Matt Simon on his new book “A Poison Like No Other: How Microplastics Corrupted Our Planet and Our Bodies”. Julian Cribb author and science hunter: the 10 game-ending threats to humanity.


Radio Ecoshock: Racing to Climate Disaster

Three U.N. Agencies warn of climate disaster. Canadian climate scientist Paul Beckwith joins Alex to cover the latest science. From the Land Institute in Kansas, author and plant breeder Stan Cox talks climate and food in destabilized times.

Radio Ecoshock: Climate Endgame

Climate catastrophes continue to mount. New paper “Climate Endgame: Exploring catastrophic climate change scenarios” with Lead author Luke Kemp. Then Greenland ice expert Jason Box warns Earth is already committed to at least another foot of sea level rise, from Greenland alone, no …

Radio Ecoshock: The Return of Future Shock

Zoologist Michael Mehta Webster with cautious hope in his new book “The Rescue Effect: The Key to Saving Life on Earth”. Dr. Bill McGuire has a darker view. He talked about his new work “Hothouse Earth: An Inhabitant’s Guide” with Alison Green from …

Radio Ecoshock: Big Oil & Climate In Prison

Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben & friends on Egypt: the prison state where the COP27 Climate Conference will meet. But first: Big Oil – selling climate disaster. Author Geoff Dembicki with his new book “The Petroleum Papers, Inside the Far-Right Conspiracy to Cover Up …

Radio Ecoshock: Monsoon Failure – Marine Heat Waves -Tree Extinction

Could years of drought in India strike again, bringing famine and mass migration? New science says “yes”. Professors Gayatri Kathayat and Ashish Sinha explain. NCAR scientist Kevin Trenberth reports two marine heat waves right now. Endangered tree expert Malin Rivers with a survey …

Radio Ecoshock: Tipping Point Hell Approaches

UK scientist David McKay warns we approach multiple tipping points – maybe the most important warning of the year. From Stanford, Professor Rob Jackson, Chair of the Global Carbon Project, says controlling methane is our best chance for a livable climate. NCAR senior …


Radio Ecoshock: How To Live With Scary Climate News

Frightening news – about methane, and the Arctic – Sir David King. How people around the world react to bad news on climate, Nicole Wilcoxon from the Gallup Poll people. But how can we handle this black knowledge personally? With her training in …


Radio Ecoshock: Hitting Harder & Faster

As climate unravels before our eyes: lead authors and new revelations. Syee Weldeab: in a climate not much warmer than today, long-frozen methane on the sea floor released. Michelle Dvorak’s: Earth will cross 1.5 degrees of warming before 2030, and probably two degrees …


Radio Ecoshock: Weather Madness

Welcome back to a new season of Radio Ecoshock. Alex covers two months of weather madness in 10 minutes. Then top scientists Kevin Trenberth and Dennis Hartmann explain La Nina, the ozone hole, and probable futures.


Radio Ecoshock: Earth 7 Degrees C hotter by 2100 Possible (replay)

Grim science: without action, Earth could warm 7 degrees C by the year 2100. French Senior Scientist Olivier Boucher explains. Rising seas are a sure thing now. Will we retreat in panic or plan our way out? Interview with expert Dr. A.R. Siders. …


Radio Ecoshock: It’s Wrong To Wreck The World (replay)

From Oregon State University, Kathleen Dean Moore delivers an artful talk about our attack on Nature, and hope of reviving love instead. Recorded in Vancouver. With readings from her work & original songs by Libby Roderick and Tempting Eve.


Radio Ecoshock: Heat the Big Climate Killer (replay)

A Canadian heat wave overwhelms ambulances leaving almost 600 dead. The first medical diagnosis of “climate change”. Plus podcast Energy Vs Climate asking: “Is Heat the Greatest Climate Threat” with author Jeff Goodell, scientist David Keith, Ed Harrington & Professor Sara Hastings-Simon. New …


Radio Ecoshock: Climate Change Has Come (replay)

This is it. Ice melt in the Himalayas doubled just since year 2000. Report from Dr. Summer Rupper. While Europe & America swelter in unnatural heat, Greenland is melting a stunning 80% over previous estimates. It is all part of the biggest single …


Radio Ecoshock: Climate Rebellion & Deep Adaptation (replay)

Should we tell young people what we’ve done to the climate? Too late: they are telling us. The student rebel who started it all: Greta Thunberg, interviewed by the late Stuart Scott from Then Dr. Jem Bendell a well-known Sustainability Professor from …


Radio Ecoshock: Is The Micro World In Trouble Too? (replay)

The micro-world, as COVID swamps country after country. Explore with world expert microbiologist David Thaler – an American scientist working out of Basel Switzerland. Visible plants and animals are in decline globally. Is the microbial world in trouble as well? We can’t live …


Radio Ecoshock: EXTREME HEAT #3 – It’s Here. (replay)

Billions are suffering through extreme heat. Learn who, what, and why from our three scientists: from Hawaii, Camilo Mora, author of “27 Ways a Heat Wave Can Kill You”; from Australia Mat Santamouris on extreme urban hotspots and how to cool cities; and …