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Episode 14: Halloween Bonus

BOO, we're back! We couldn't resist hopping on the mic one last time considering scares are currently the reason for the season. This time around we have our biggest guest ever . . . former vice president of programming at SyFy, dating coach, host of the Dates & Mates podcast, and psychic love expert Damona Hoffman!!! Damona stops by to tell us all about her own paranormal history, experiences running SyFy's GHOST HUNTERS, and to give Thomas a message from beyond . . . Special Guest:...


Episode 13: Season Finale: What Did Taylor Say?

It's the final episode of Season One!!! Ending on lucky number 13, we've had a blast stirring spirits of both the liquid and paranormal variety with you these past few months. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and we're going to take some time to regroup, as it seems like this could actually grow into something big? In any case, we're leaving you with a bang, as Allie Perison comes on to tell a truly sobering tale about how a vengeful entity haunted her childhood friend . . . with...


Episode 12: 8/10

For what we're officially claiming to be the penultimate episode of the pod's first season, we take a slow ride down to the Centennial State to explore the weirdness of Denver. A creepy airport! A Satanic stallion! The possibly haunted house of our beloved, mentally sound, entirely uplifting guest Brandon Karsh. Plus, an update about the Ranch Ghost you won't want to miss . . . Special Guest: Brandon Karsh.


Episode 11: Triangle Boy

Y I K E S. Hadley and Thomas get the most lost in the sauce they've been for quite some time due to our special guests: the Dirty Birds! In the first trial run of the fan-to-guest pipeline, dedicated listeners Eileen and Kayley hop on the mic to tell stories of voodoo, fatherly ghosts, alien abduction, and more! And drink soju. Mamma mia did we drink a lot of soju. Special Guests: Eileen Cho and Kayley Krok.


Episode 10: Haunted Happy Hour

We thought we'd do something a little different for Episode 10 and offer you three shorter "one-offs" for a super spooky variety show! First Adam tells a chilling yarn about a ghost across the pond in Shropshire, England. Then Carter joins us over the phone to talk about the Bathroom Presence in his freshman dorm, in addition to spinning the spooky tale of Satan Mask. Last but not least, Lucas drops in for another mask tale hailing from the Aloha State, in addition to giving us a very...


Episode 9: The Man Who Comes with the Tree

On Episode Nine we welcome Coco Harlan, who legitimately has some of the scariest stories we've ever heard. Like, really. Hadley almost cried. Having been the stage manager for her high school's theater department, Coco was exposed to the various spirits haunting the stage, almost all of which seemed to mean the students harm . . . Special Guest: Coco Harlan.


Episode 8: With Special Thanks to Tommy Ryan

On Episode Eight, we welcome local icon Tommy Ryan, whose birthday party set the wheels behind this podcast in motion. He finally has a chance to bring his paranormal story to the world after Hadley rudely kept his tale on the shelf during the recording for her original paranormal podcast, AROUND THE CAMPFIRE. Special Guest: Tommy Ryan.


Episode 7: Donut Friend

We welcome Angelina to the show, and surprise ourselves by having a wholesome conversation about religion and how spirituality intersects with the paranormal world! Plus Thomas makes a total ass of himself on air and we continue to discuss what Hadley's looking for in a man. Whether you're here for the strange figures that won't stop jumping in front of your car, the creepy ghost of a little girl looking to play (we hope), or maybe just a good old fashioned interaction with the Lord, we're...


Episode 6: Sweat Rag

The true fans out there will remember Jerry being mentioned in Episode 3, "V Haunted," as Olivia's equally spooky friend who helped her navigate having a wayward spirit in her apartment. As a follow-up, we were lucky enough to get Jerry on the show to run us through his most memorable supernatural experiences in our sweatiest episode yet! Whether you're here for the tormented spirit of a life cut short, an evil presence bearing a suspicious similarity to one of the internet's most...


Episode 5: Would You F*** a Ghost?

Get ready to clutch your pearls, dear boos, because we REALLY let loose on this more conversational episode with special guest Zach Shucklin. Is it problematic to expose yourself in a house haunted by underage spirits? What's it like to come out in the afterlife? Would you f a ghost? Buckle up for what's sure to be the most salacious episode we'll ever record! Special Guest: Zach Shucklin.


Episode 4: A Bumpy Ride

On this episode of STIRRED SPIRITS we're joined by a very special guest . . . Hadley's mom! Deborah spins us several spooky tales and we get mom-drunk on margaritas. Whether you're here for the red-headed woman that won't stop following you, or perhaps a more friendly ghost trying to let you know all is well on the other side, we're happy to welcome you to the show. Special Guest: Deborah Dion.


Episode 3: V Haunted

STIRRED SPIRITS aims for a three-peat as we bring on Olivia, who is V Haunted, as the title would suggest. By far one of the spookiest people we've ever encountered, whether you're here for imaginary friends with unclear motives, a large, life-like doll that Hadley and Thomas CANNOT handle, or a wholesome spirit dog that only wants to protec, we're happy to welcome you to the show.


Episode 2: The Dirty Bird

In the follow-up to their blistering podcast debut, Hadley and Thomas are joined by Joseph "Jack" Simpson, who tells of the strange occurrences that regularly happened in his childhood home. Whether you're here for the tall, thin man at your bedpost, whatever's haunting the staircase, or aliens (why not!), we're happy to welcome you to the show. Special Guest: Joseph "Jack" Simpson.


Episode 1: Commit to the Bit

On the inaugural episode of STIRRED SPIRITS, introductions are made, drinks are poured, and Hadley and Thomas scare themselves silly by telling the stories of their own haunted pasts. Whether you're here for the Tall Man, the haunted dressing rooms of Ann Taylor Loft, or the Ranch Ghost, we're happy to welcome you to the show.


Season One Teaser

A teaser to whet the appetite as the release of season one rapidly approaches!