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'I'll Just Keep Praying With You': An Unconditional Friendship Despite Spiritual Differences

Amy Brewer and Kathryn Furr are best friends, going through thick and thin together. But they have differences. Amy is an atheist and Kat is a Christian. They came to the StoryCorps mobile booth to talk about what they’ve learned from each other.


'I Can See The Goodness In You': Daughter Strives To Be Like Her Mother

Mauree Turner grew up in Ardmore and experienced racism at a young age. When she came to the Story Corps mobile booth in Oklahoma City, she talked about her mom’s influence on her identity.


'There Is A Bond Between Homeless People': Seeing The Blessings Of A Nomadic Life

Ouida "Jeannie" Eugenia Kaulaity lived in her truck for years. Some might consider homelessness a struggle, but Jeannie came to the StoryCorps mobile booth to talk to her case worker Marty Peercy about the ways she has been blessed by the homeless community in Oklahoma City.


Her Family's Formation Gives Her Hope For The Future

Adopted families, step families, chosen families. They come together and form in all sorts of ways, but they’re all families. Iva Hoskins came to the StoryCorps mobile booth in Oklahoma City with her mom Amanda Davis and stepdad (or 'pop') Matt Guillory to talk about how their family formed and what that might mean for her future relationships.


'She's There When I Need Her': A Special Bond Between An Athlete And A Coach

Thirty-eight-year-old Anthony Taylor plays A LOT of sports with his Special Olympics team, Moore Xtreme. That’s how he got to know his coach Jeanne Maulson. They came to the StoryCorps Mobile booth in Oklahoma City to talk about the special relationship they’ve developed and how it helps encourage them.


'You're My Sister, Forever': How Adoption Changed Both Their Lives

Rochelle Sims and Heather Moomey are sisters, but their relationship hasn’t always been great. Heather was adopted out of foster care when she was 10, and things were sometimes complicated, even resulting in a long period of estrangement. The sisters came to the StoryCorps mobile booth to talk about their relationship and how Heather inspired Rochelle to become a foster parent.


'I Was Lost': Overcoming Addiction, Crime & Homelessness To Give Back

Yvonne Munoz was angry when she arrived at ReMerge, a prison diversion program for women and mothers. She felt like the world had it out for her. But after she graduated the program, she realized she had something specific to give back: leadership from her own experience. Today, she works as an RSS, or guide, for women coming into the program. She came to the StoryCorps mobile booth with co-worker Kaitlin Black-Salinas to talk about overcoming and giving back.


'Mayberry Was Much More Sophisticated': Growing Up In Rural Oklahoma in the 1950s

Lee Reynolds spent part of his childhood in rural southeastern Oklahoma in the 1950s. He came to the StoryCorps mobile booth with his son Chad and talked about growing up as the son of the area’s only doctor.


'Don't Save This For Posterity, Just Save Your Posterior': Communication During the Vietnam War

Technological enhancements have made it easier for soldiers at war to communicate with loved ones back home, but it wasn't always easy. Bob Ford and Gean Atkinson came to the StoryCorps mobile booth in Oklahoma City and reflected on efforts to stay in contact with their families while serving in the Vietnam War.


Changing How People Feel About Themselves, One Haircut At A Time

You might not think of a haircut as a form of philanthropy, but that’s what Bruce Waight and his life partner Vanessa Morrison had in mind when they bought a 1960 Airstream travel trailer and turned it into En Root, a mobile barbershop. They came to the Storycorps mobile booth in Oklahoma City to talk about what inspired them to give back.


Her Interracial Marriage Opened Her Eyes To Racism

Amanda Williams' father is a member of the Cheyenne tribe, but her mother, Rebekah, is white. Amanda brought her mother to the StoryCorps mobile booth to talk about that interracial marriage and her first experience with racism in western Oklahoma.


'I Am Grateful That I Had You In My Life': An Aunt And Niece Reflect On Good Times, Hard Times

When thirty-seven-old Waneta Black was born with Down Syndrome, her aunt Lisa Shahan-Austin knew she was something special. Waneta and Lisa came to the StoryCorps Mobile Booth in Oklahoma City and reflected on the ways they have helped each other through some really difficult times.


'I Want To Fight With You, But I Can't Fight For You': A Teacher And Student In Pursuit Of A GED

Ngoc Nguyen was in the tenth grade when she dropped out of high school. It was following the Vietnam War, her dad was in prison, and she needed to go to work to support her family. Years later, after she had immigrated to Oklahoma, she went back to school to finish what she started…to get her GED, and that’s where she met her teacher Chris Myers. They came to the StoryCorps mobile booth in Oklahoma City to talk about their journey to help her complete her goal.


'I Want To Be President When I Grow Up': A Boy Expresses Love For His Country

It’s hard to find a more patriotic kid than six-year-old Asher Pitman. His parents, Beth and Jonathan aren’t quite sure where his obsession with American presidents came from, but it’s definitely there. They came to the StoryCorps Mobile Booth in Oklahoma City to talk about a few of his favorites.


A Former Oklahoma City Police Officer Recalls His Career Of Three Decades

Becoming a career police officer wasn’t the life Jack Powell dreamed about when he moved to Oklahoma City from rural Wanette. But eventually that’s exactly what he did. When he came to the StoryCorps mobile booth in Oklahoma City, he told his daughter Chandra about entering the force in the 1960s and the only time he fired his service weapon.


'Is This What I Want to Be Doing For The Rest of My Life?': Changing Careers To Fight Homelessness

On April 19, 1995, Dan Straughan went to work at the Federal Reserve Bank in Oklahoma City, just across from the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. He wasn’t a victim of the bombing, but that day, the impact, changed his life forever. He came to the StoryCorps mobile booth in Oklahoma City with co-worker Marty Peercy to talk about his journey from a secure job as a government employee to tackling the problem of homelessness in Oklahoma City.


'Getting High Didn't Make Anything Better': A Mother And Daughter Look Toward A Hopeful Future

Jaimee Lee and her 12-year-old daughter Melissa are getting a fresh start with ReMerge, a prison diversion program for women and mothers. Jaimee has struggled with addiction for years. When she and Melissa visited the StoryCorps mobile booth, they had a frank conversation about the effects of addiction on their relationship and their hopes for the future.


'How Did You Find Out About Being Black?': Growing Up In The South During The Sixties

In this week’s StoryCorps episode, Cynthia Calloway and her husband Roosevelt. They grew up on the opposite sides of Florida and had very different childhood experiences as young African American kids in the 1960s. They came to the StoryCorps mobile booth in Oklahoma City to talk about how those experiences shaped their outlooks on life.


Oklahoma Veteran Makes Sure Fallen Soldiers Have a Little Piece of Home

Michael Beach and his adopted grandfather Bill Freeman of Maysville came to the Oklahoma City mobile booth to talk about their shared experiences as veterans of the Navy. And Michael tells Bills about remembering his own grandfather and his quest to make sure all of the men and women from Oklahoma who have died on the fields of battle have just a little piece of home.


Moore Tornado Survivors Revisit That Fateful Day

It’s been five years since a second deadly EF-5 tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma. Vicki Hudoba lost her home in that tornado. She and her daughter Nicole Moore came to the Oklahoma City StoryCorps mobile booth to talk about that day in 2013 and how holding her infant grandson Luke held them together in the midst of devastation. This story was produced for KOSU by Rachel Hubbard and Dustin Drew, with interviews recorded at StoryCorps, a renowned nonprofit organization celebrating the stories of...