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Ketchup Packet Shortage, Bruce Arians, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen We start this show with a follow up report on the Ketchup Packet Shortage in restaurants across the country. We also discuss the healthy benefits of getting in the great outdoors, in the parks departments and in your community. Plus we take a look at the charity efforts of Superbowl Champion Coach Bruce Arians and The Bruce Arians Family Foundation and Elon Musk. The Adam Ritz Show […]


Red Gold Folds of Honor, Janet Jackson Charity, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen We begin this show talking about Red Gold Ketchup honoring Folds of Honor, with Red Gold donating a portion every bottle of ketchup sold to educate and support the children and families of our fallen heroes thru Folds Of Honor. We also report on a Janet Jackson Charity Auction. A percentage of all money raised will go to Compassion International, a child-advocacy ministry that works with churches across the […]


Random Act of Kindness With Shaq, Pet Anxiety, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen We begin this show with a recent Random Act of Kindness from Shaquille O’neal. Shaq paid off the balance of an Engagement Ring for a man in Georgia, reminding us all to do a Random Act of Kindness in our lives. We also report on the theft of the Louie The Lookout mascot costume in Chatanooga, Bike Path friendly cities, Pet Anxiety while you return to work, and […]


Daylight Savings Time, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen This weekend we ’spring forward’ with Daylight Savings Time, which not only means setting your clocks ahead to get an extra hour of daylight in the evening, but also means it’s time to hit up your home check list to make sure you’re ready fro spring. We go over a comprehensive list from changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, to making sure your fire extinguishers are full, and […]


Oates Song Fest 7908, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen This show begins with a report on Oates Song Fest 7908, a free virtual concert on March 20th to benefit Feeding America. Daryl Hall, Bob Weir, Sammy Hagar, Dave Grohl and more will perform during the free concert hosted by John Oates and his wife Aimee. We also talk about Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and the importance of scheduling a regular colonoscopy after the age of 50. The Adam […]


Charity Scams, The Giving Pledge, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen On this episode we begin with a warning from the FBI about Charity Scams in the wake of the winter storms that hit Texas. Millions of Texans are in need of assistance, and the scammers are taking advantage of the good hearted people who give. Make sure the charity you’re giving to is legitimate. Reports also include: The Giving Pledge, a group of wealthy people who have pledged to […]


Mars Rover Perseverance, GM Charity, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen We begin this show with the news of the Mars Rover Perseverance landing on Mars this week, and what it could mean for future generations. Other Headlines covered on this show include: The JJ Watt Foundation, General Motors supporting the homeless, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively giving $1 Million to Feeding America, and more. We also highlight Alex Trebek and Jeopardy donating a large amount of his wardrobe to […]


Winter Driving Safety, Seasonal Depression, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen On this episode, in the heart of winter, we cover Seasonal Depression and Winter Driving Safety. In addition to getting your car serviced, you can find a full list of car recalls at We also discuss a doctor’s recommendation to hold your breath as you walk by people to increase your chance of not inhaling aerosols and germs. For fun we cover a French Fry study, and a […]


Budweiser Vaccine Donation, Pay It Forward, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen On this episode we report on Budweiser, and that they will not advertise in theNFL Championship game for the first time since 1983. Budweiser will re-direct some of that money toward Covid Vaccine Awareness. We also report on Michael Fishman (DJ from Roseanne and The Connors) donating 500,000 masks in California, a line of 900 cars that ‘Paid It Forward’ by paying for the food of the car behind […]


15 and the Mahomies, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen This show kicks off with a story about Patrick Mahomes and the KC Chiefs working together on a great cause. The famous Quarterback Mahomes, and his foundation ’15 and the Mahomies’, have partnered with the Chiefs to get 500 Super Bowl backpacks filled with goodies and school supplies, to deserving children in the Kansas City area. We also report on a winter rescue in Canada, a new search […]


Waffle House Challenge, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen On this show we highlight a recent story of a man who took The Waffle House Challenge, and paid it forward. Georgia resident Michael Carsley lost his Fantasy Football League, so he had to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House. He live streamed the event while he was there, taking donations. He raised $1000, and he gave it to his server as a tip. Maybe Karma will […]


Kenny Loggins Fighting Hunger, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen We begin this show with a report on Why Hunger, a charity partner of Kenny Loggins. Kenny has just partnered with to help raise $1Million during their annual #Hungerthon to End Hunger. And oh, by the way, Kenny just celebrated his 73rd Birthday this week on January 7th! We also report on healthy eating and resolutions… David Hasselhoff’s 1982 Trans Am, AKA KITT, from the show Knight Rider […]


Guy Fieri, University of Illinois Dial-A-Carol, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen We begin this show with a phone call to the University of Illinois and their Dial-A-Carol. Since 1960, you can call a U of I student and have them sing you a Christmas Carol. It’s free and 24 hours. Try it now at 217.332.1882. We also talk about the $22 Million Guy Fieri has raised for restaurant workers during these challenging times. Other topics include Ghost Kitchens, Self Driving […]


Jock Bartley from Firefall, Suicide Prevention, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen On this episode we speak with Jock Bartley from Firefall. The founding member and guitarist behind the 70’s hits You Are The Woman, Just Remember I Love You, and Strange Way, has performed to raise money and awareness for Suicide Prevention. Click to Listen to the entire 60 minute interview with Jock. The Adam Ritz Show is underwritten by Vibenomics. Learn more about this marketing company’s charitable initiatives and marketing […]


Feeding America, Cookies for Caregivers, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen On this episode we discuss the Feeding America initiative happening all weekend with Jersey Mikes Subs. 20% of every sale at Jersey Mikes on Saturday and Sunday November 21 and 22, will go to Feeding America. Feeding America is a leading organization working with Food Banks to help the 1 in 6 Americans suffering from hunger during the pandemic. We also look at a charity called Cookies for Caregivers, […]


Down Syndrome Ironman World Record, The Get Together Foundation, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen On this show we begin with the inspiring story of Nik Nikic, a 21 year old Special Olympics athlete who just became the first person with Downs Syndrome to complete an Ironman Triathlon. He beat the 17 hour cutoff, and is now recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. Congratulation Nic for this inspiring feat! We also discuss a holiday charity to help the less fortunate called The Get […]


Suicide Prevention, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen On this episode, we preview a conversation we had with Jock Bartley from the 70’s soft rock band Firefall. Jock has donated his time and talents to support Suicide Prevention. We also take a look at how the recent trick or treat season fared during the pandemic, and take a closer look at how Covid is affecting the College Football Season. The Adam Ritz Show is underwritten by Vibenomics. […]


Upcoming November Highlights, Movember, Why Hunger, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen This show kicks off November with a look at several events and topics of note that take place through the month of November, including: The Movember Campaign, with millions of men growing mustaches and beards for Men’s Health and Cancer Awareness. We also report on a Thanksgiving Virtual Race to support and Hungerthon, where you can participate in a nationwide virtual race on Thanksgiving Day, with a 5.4 […]


Halloween Extravaganza and Safety

Click the Play Button To Listen This is the Halloween Extravaganza episode! With Halloween coming up, we take a look at alcohol, drunk driving, costume responsibility, social media, sexual assault, and CDC Covid guidelines during this very social Holiday. Adam shares his top 3 Halloween Responsibility issues from being a college campus and fraternity consultant, which are covered quickly in the 5 minute video on this page.


NASA, Halloween Safety, and more

Click the Play Button To Listen On this episode, we report on a NASA partnership with billionaire Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines, to use his commercial aircrafts to launch Satellites into space. We also talk about Halloween and Trick or Treat Safety tips, with Halloween 2 weeks away. On an upcoming episode we’ll go over CDC recommendations that are being prepared now, for your family to have the safest Halloween possible. The Adam Ritz […]