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“The Drive” is an iconic sports-talk radio show in Denver history featuring some of the most entertaining personalities to ever crack a microphone over the years. The current iteration of “The Drive” is hosted by Zach Bye, who brings years of radio experience and unmatched authenticity to the program each day. His partner, Phillip Lindsay, is the embodiment of our city. Phil grew up in Denver, starring at running back for Denver South High School. He went on to break records at the University of Colorado, before becoming a Pro Bowler with the Denver Broncos. Phil’s energy and enthusiasm matched with Zach’s passion and precision creates Denver’s can’t miss show on your drive home, 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekday afternoons!


Longmont, CO


“The Drive” is an iconic sports-talk radio show in Denver history featuring some of the most entertaining personalities to ever crack a microphone over the years. The current iteration of “The Drive” is hosted by Zach Bye, who brings years of radio experience and unmatched authenticity to the program each day. His partner, Phillip Lindsay, is the embodiment of our city. Phil grew up in Denver, starring at running back for Denver South High School. He went on to break records at the University of Colorado, before becoming a Pro Bowler with the Denver Broncos. Phil’s energy and enthusiasm matched with Zach’s passion and precision creates Denver’s can’t miss show on your drive home, 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekday afternoons!








The Drive | Hour 1 | 09.26.23

Hour 1 of The Drive is getting more info about Dan Lanning and what his team used for motivation. Did CU respect Oregon heading into last week’s game? Phil says it’s time to play football! | What happens if Denver loses to Chicago Bears? Zach and Phil go through what winning or losing to Chicago could mean for Denver’s future. Why are people saying “tank” all of a sudden? | Phil talks about why he now sees things differently about his CU Buffs now that he’s put football behind him. Coach Prime and the Buffs have work to do but how should Buffs Nation view it? Could the viewership go up this weekend even after the Oregon-CU latest ratings? | Crypto Currency has become bad currency! The Denver Broncos have become Crypto Currency and Zach explains why! Will the Broncos defense ever turn around unlike crypto?


The Drive | Hour 2 | 09.26.23

Hour 2 of The Drive has a father-like moment with Travis Hunter. What does that say about who Coach Prime is as a man? Phil talks about what it’s like to have a coach who treats each young man like a human being. What does 5-Star CB Cormani McClain need to do to turn things around at CU? Our ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter joins The Drive. Adam compares the Broncos loss to Miami to a special loss in 2000. Where does this loss stack up in Broncos History? Was it disrespectful to keep Russ in late in the 4 quarter? Where does Denver go from here? | The Denver Broncos have the highest paid WR room in the NFL. Their biggest play maker is Marvin Mims. So why isn’t he getting more playing time? | The guys predict the CU schedule the rest of the way!


The Drive | Hour 3 | 09.26.23

Hour 3 of The Drive opens with Hot Take Tuesday! Who could be on the trading block if the Broncos lose vs Chicago? Could a star player request a trade if he keeps getting disrespected? | Will the Broncos be at the Shedeur vs Caleb battle in Boulder this weekend? Should they plan to be there? Zach talks about the Cardinals scouting Caleb vs Arizona St. this past weekend. | Trevor Siemian looks to join the NY Jets Practice Squad. Zach and Phil talk about Trevor Siemian’s stint with the Broncos. Could Trevor turn things around for the NY Jets if he starts vs Denver in Week 5? | The Oregon Ducks took the win vs CU personal. Evidence came out that showed why Oregon took it to CU. Dan Lanning responds to the motivational factors that came about.


The Drive | Hour 4 | 09.26.23

Hour 4 of The Drive gets to the Broncos and their NFL Power Rankings. Hot Take Tuesday is brought to you by Papa Murphy’s! Our Denver 7 Broncos Insider Troy Renck joins The Drive. Troy talks about how bad the Broncos vs Dolphins game was in person. Who are the real leaders on the Denver Broncos? How long will it take for the Sean Payton version of leaders to show up? Troy gets into why Sean left Russ on the field vs Miami in the 4 quarter. Were the Buffs out of line for their pregame antics vs Oregon? | The defense is terrible right now for the Denver Broncos. Who's most responsible for this terrible output? | Adam Schefter came on The Drive earlier in the show. It was so good we had to bring it back!


The Drive | Hour 1 | 09.25.23

Hour 1 of The Drive is at a lost for words on how the Broncos let Miami score 70! Zach and Phil discuss how tough things will be moving forward for the guys on this team. Are the Broncos not giving effort? | The Buffs got boat raced vs Oregon! Phil goes through why the Buffs should’ve seen this coming. What should CU learn about the Pac-12 from their loss to Oregon? | Where does Sean Payton go from here? Could training camp have been too tough? Phil wants to know who’s responsible for the players since they haven’t gotten better year over year. | Could VJ be on his way out of Denver again? How much of this is his fault?


The Drive | Hour 2 | 09.25.23

Hour 2 of The Drive wonders did Sean Payton disrespect Russ by leaving him in the game in the 4 quarter. Opponents are coming to Russell’s defense, but the guys explain why Sean Payton is up to something! Phil talks about what the plane ride back should’ve been like. Could Sean Payton’s approach be hurting the culture in the building? | The guys recap the horrendous loss the Buffs took on Saturday. Did the Buffs confidence get rattled vs Oregon? Why are a lot of people turning on CU? | Should the idea of tanking come into play for the Broncos at 0-3? Phil explains why as a player, thinking like that can’t be the answer. Are teams properly developing backup QB’s?


The Drive | Hour 3 | 09.25.23

Hour 3 of The Drive talks about how Russ is coming along! Who’s getting the fair end of the stick? Could Sean Payton be worse off with the Broncos than he would be by himself? | Did Dan Lanning cross the line with his pregame speech? Before that, should Coach Prime embrace the tough road ahead? Could the coaching “brotherhood” be offended by his style? | What is Greg Penner thinking right now? Could he be stopping by Sean’s office? | Zach and Phil show CSU and Air Force some love! Keyshawn Johnson indicates that Oregon got some help from other coaches in college football. Phil explains why CU needs more dawgs, not more stars.


The Drive | Hour 4 | 09.25.23

Hour 4 of The Drive tries to make sense of what the Broncos did Sunday vs Miami. PS2’s father came to his defense but what good does that do if the Broncos don’t trade him? Phil takes everyone into the locker room after those comments. Did Mike McDaniel handle the 70-point win correctly to close the game? Our Senior Broncos Writer Andrew Mason joins The Drive. Should Mike McDaniel have set the All-Time regular season single game scoring record? What led to the flow of issues? Mase tries to explain how the Broncos missed so many tackles. What is the body language saying with the Broncos right now? Where does VJ stand right now with the Broncos? | Zach and Phil listen to Broncos HOF Shannon Sharpe go off on the Broncos. Could this be a sign that the Broncos are losing respect nationally right now? | Colin Cowherd emphasizes that Sean Payton will win the war. Could this be Russell's last year in Denver?


The Drive | Hour 1 | 09.22.23

Hour 1 of The Drive quickly recaps its weekend plans! Will the Buffs be able to respond to the hype of Oregon? Should doubt be creeping in? | Justin Simmons is trending towards being out. How could that help Tua and the Dolphins explosive offense? Zach explains the numbers from Miami’s offense that could pose extreme problems for Denver. Breaking News comes out about Justin Simmons and his status for Sunday. Zach and Phil react! | CU is the epicenter of the College Football universe and the numbers back it up. Zach and Phil talk about how much money CU has made in three weeks from just national coverage alone! Could High School recruiting become irrelevant? | VJ talks about how the Broncos D is ready for the matchup with the Miami Dolphins. Zach and Phil react to his comments!


The Drive | Hour 2 | 09.22.23

Hour 2 of The Drive talks about Phil and his experience with Vic Fangio when he was in Denver! Was Vic a player-coach? Phil has a funny story about picking Vic up for a basketball game. Our 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joins The Drive from the beach in Miami. Mike details what went wrong in the Vic Fangio era. Mike brings insight to the vibes in the Broncos locker room right now. Mike gets into the amount of losing the Broncos have suffered recently. Mike gives his keys to the game for the Denver Broncos. Will Jaleel McLaughlin get more of an opportunity this weekend? Are the gloves coming off with Javonte Williams vs Miami? | Coach Prime could be hearing from the NFL according to execs polled by The Athletic. Should he leave college football? Could the NFL hurt his brand? After building what he’s built, why would Coach Prime leave for the NFL? | Phil talks about how fast Tyreek Hill really is! How have the Broncos matched up against Tyreek over the years? Who do you compare a guy like Tyreek Hill to? Will PS2 embrace the matchup vs Hill?


The Drive | Hour 3 | 09.22.23

Hour 3 of The Drive heads to Miami! The vibes are right, but should the Broncos be more focused on the game? Phil talks about how the city of Miami could sneak up on guys. Phil has a funny South Beach story about a former teammate! | PHIL In The Blank comes to The Drive on Football Friday! Here’s the first rendition of it. | The guys get into who needs to step up this week through a dark horse role. Phil gets into Part 1 of Melvin Gordon vs everyone. | Vance Joseph is being optimistic but how long does that work? How do the Broncos D minimize the penalties? Does the Broncos defense have complete trust in one another?


The Drive | Hour 4 | 09.22.23

Hour 4 of The Drive leads in with a table turning conversation about the Buffs and Broncos! Phillip Lindsay gives his Keys to the Game presented by Phil Long Ford. Brian Howell from The Boulder Daily Camera joins The Drive. Brian talks about CU not getting enough respect vs Oregon. How bad is the CU O-Line? How concerned should everyone be with the defense? What does a CU win look like this weekend? | Will Petersen and The Drive decide to pick games around the NFL! | It Trivia Time with a Twist! The guys have fun with trivia and making their picks for the weekend!


The Drive | Hour 1 | 09.21.23

Hour 1 of The Drive has fun with the moment when Phil crossed 1,000 yards rushing! Who lost a bet because of it? How much will Jaylen Waddle’s presence affect the game? Is this make-or-break time for the Denver Broncos? | The art of winning is a hard picture to paint. The guys go through the current painters on the Broncos who could paint a different picture. Are their enough playoff winners to change the culture? | Dan Lanning, HC of the Oregon Ducks, doesn’t retract his statement. Is this leading Coach Prime to play different mind games? | Could George Paton’s seat be heating up? Zach and Phil go through why his mistakes are catching up to him. Who will be the fall guy vs who should be the fall guy?


The Drive | Hour 2 | 09.21.23

Hour 2 of The Drive opens with why it’s time for Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy to step up. How can the Broncos get them more opportunities to make plays? How much of this is on Sean Payton?’s Jake Shapiro joins The Drive. Jake details the then and now of how Valerie Nichushkin got to this point. How did he respond to the media? Can he repair his image? Phil and Jake bond over the Buffs and what they could do this weekend. | Coach Prime did an interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report. How many quotes does he have now? Where will the guys be during Saturday’s game? | Sean Payton has been here before. It was the 2017, Minnesota Miracle, year! Can any comps be made from that team to this team? Phil goes back to his Miami Dolphins years to explain why momentum matters.


The Drive | Hour 3 | 09.21.23

Hour 3 of The Drive has the ultimate “What If” scenario. What if the Pac-12 had this level of success last season? Could the uncertainty have dissolved the Pac-12 anyway? How could this game vs Oregon grab the nation’s attention again? | What are the keys to slowing down the Dolphins high-powered Offense? How do the Broncos create a formula for winning instead of scoring points? | Should the Buffs look at beating the next two or splitting the next two? Can the Buffs Defense slow down Oregon’s offense? | How did the Broncos get to this point? Zach and Phil go through how the losing stench entered the Broncos franchise. Who will change/turn this thing around? What do the leaders of the Broncos D say about the Broncos as a whole?


The Drive | Hour 4 | 09.21.23

Hour 4 of The Drive enters Take Over Time! The guys go over some names who could be apart of change moving forward. Coach Prime details his conversation with Jimmy Horn Jr. about his dad in prison. How important are father figures? David Furones, Beat Writer for the Sun Sentinel, joins The Drive. David details what losing Jaylen Waddle could mean for the Dolphins on Sunday. What’s the biggest weakness of the Miami Dolphins? How does the Dolphins fanbase feel about Bradley Chubb? How are the Broncos being viewed by the Dolphins right now? Phil talks about what it’s like to play alongside Tua Tagovailoa. | Valerie Nichushkin is back with the Colorado Avalanche. How did his teammates and coaches step up for him today? Did Val take responsibility for his comments? How long will this remain a story? | Deion and Shedeur are the talk of the college football world. The guys have multiple clips that should remind everyone that the Sanders Brand is just getting started in Boulder!


The Drive | Hour 1 | 09.20.23

Hour 1 of The Drive has a rejuvenated feel about the 2023 Denver Broncos! Could they actually go to Miami and win? How could the tone change if the Broncos upset Miami? | Shedeur Sanders is succeeding on and off the field. His NIL earnings are rising daily and Zach and Phil detail the numbers. Should this encourage college athletes to stay in school? Phil explains the importance of the CU Fight Song. | One thing the Broncos continue to struggle with is penalties. Zach and Phil talk about how certain penalties have already hurt the Broncos to start the season. Are the refs against certain Broncos players? | Story Time with Phil goes back to 2016 with the CU Buffs! What’s the correlation between the 2016 Buffs and 2023 Buffs heading into this weekend? What’s the one thing that could help CU vs Oregon that hurt them last week?


The Drive | Hour 2 | 09.20.23

Hour 2 of The Drive emphasizes the importance of climbing out of the hole for the Denver Broncos. How can the Broncos make sure Sunday’s loss doesn’t snowball? Did Saints’ WR Michael Thomas throw a shot at his former HC Sean Payton after Monday’s win? The Drive brings you HC Sean Payton’s Wednesday press conference. Is Coach blaming Russ? What does switching time zones do for teams traveling from West to East? | Coach Prime gives an update on Travis Hunter and where the missing production will come from. Is Cormani McClain mature enough to start right now? | Why is Russ struggling in the 2 half of games? Should the Broncos trust the run game more?


The Drive | Hour 3 | 09.20.23

Hour 3 of The Drive talks about Deion Sanders trade marking some of his catch phrases. Warren Sapp plans to join Coach Prime’s staff next season. What does this do recruiting wise for the D-Line? | Russell Wilson now stands alone with one stat specifically. Is he getting the proper praise for his accolades? Can it translate to wins soon? | Shedeur Sanders has Tom Brady and NIL at his disposal! Could college be ensuring why kids should always maximize their opportunities? How bad did the Pac-12 screw up? | Zach and Phil go through why the Broncos continue to have penalty issues. Where does the leadership come from within the Broncos locker room? Is Sean Payton setting the wrong tone?


The Drive | Hour 4 | 09.20.23

Hour 4 of The Drive explains why things need to change with the Denver Broncos and their minor miscues. How much did the Kareem Jackson's hit hurt the Broncos vs the Commanders? Senior Editor James Merilatt joins The Drive. How does the Broncos offense find their consistency? What’s the explanation for Russell’s tale of two halves? Could Sean Payton’s impatience hurt the Broncos? Can the Broncos find the balance they need to sustain their offensive pace? | CU has become so popular that it’s tough to keep up with! Warren Sapp wants to join CU’s staff and Coach Prime honored that. What could his presence mean for CU football next year? What will his role be with the CU Buffs? | Phil recaps the 2016 CU upset win over Oregon! Imagine what that season could’ve done for this season.